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  1. they specifically said that ? because your quote from the support reply says something else to me, e.g you manually need to force the reissue... no doubt this will more automated in v8.2, but that's going to be someone else's problem! 🙂 I can still remember the uproar in here (in v6.3 I think) when they introduced, with no warning, the hardcoded remote WHMCS logo image in the admin email footers... you know what the upshot of all those complaints were? nothing.... even if you feature request to get it removed, it gets declined. the lesson being - if you don't like what WHMCS are doing, or going to do, then walking away might be the best solution... listening is not their strong point and when they've decided to do something, they can turn both deaf and mute. 🙉🙊
  2. in fairness, you chose the hook and didn't mention your invoicing setup. as hard as I try, I cannot make this hook fail - it's working with proformas for me... I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for that. I think either a) the hook isn't actually running on your server and/or b) your tax/invoice settings are overwriting the changes somehow.... I simply cannot reproduce the issue locally. enabling hook debug mode might be useful, as might tweaking the hook code to add a log entry upon successful running. does your site use 21 ? I thought it was a fully custom theme.... in any event, that's one for Support to deal with... the real test would be if the links fail with a clean version of Six or 21 - that should at least tell you if it's a template issue or something else.
  3. fwiw, it's showing your domain as valid to me. ✅ it can't be just logging into the admin area - they literally want a forced license reissue occurring every 10 days ? it will work the other way too... nobody can publicly (easily) tell whether anyone is using a nulled license - the script will seemingly give the same result whether it's not legit or because a legit user hasn't logged in and reissued the license (and who the hell will know that they now need to in order to keep the public appearance of the license being valid?) - this is ridiculous, but yet somehow no longer surprising.
  4. have you reissued the license ? in any effect, you should be contacting ModulesGarden's own support about this.
  5. using the API in a hook? <?php # TLD Pricing on Custom Page Hook # Written by brian! function tld_pricing_on_custom_page_hook($vars) { if ($vars['filename'] == "subpage" && empty($vars['tldPricing'])) { $results = localAPI('GetTLDPricing', array('currencyid' => '1',)); return array("tldPricing" => $results['pricing']); } } add_hook('ClientAreaPage', 1, 'tld_pricing_on_custom_page_hook'); just rename "subpage" to whatever your subpage filename is (without the. .php) and select your preferred currency ID value - the returned prices won't be currency formatted (e.g no prefix/suffix), but I assume you will already know what they are and so can be added manually, or you could loop through the results array and add them in the hook (if you had to!). using Data Feeds would be an option - but if you prefer to stick with the array format used elsewhere, then the API may be your best bet.
  6. how important is it to you to have leading zeros in front of the invoice number part e.g WTW202100014 ?? because if it isn't, then you could do this from the existing tax settings rather than using a hook, e.g WTW{YEAR}{NUMBER}
  7. possible? I don't see why not... not out of the box though, it would have to be coded one way or another. are you envisaging a sidebar with these headings, e.g instead of months ?? the real pain would be identifying which announcements apply to which one of more of those headings... if they were kb articles, you could use tags, but I think with announcements, you would have to use keywords in either the subject or the announcement itself... or define by announcement id which of them gets included in the relevant heading's results. i'd file this under doable, but would take some planning.
  8. if it gets below 2, I might get some promotional mousemats and pens made and send them to the WHMCS staff... but only if they behave themselves lol.
  9. @WHMCSModuleNetworks - you might want to check what you've changed your username to - it's against the guidelines to have WHMCS in the username and i've seen users banned previously for doing this (last week I think). 🙂
  10. yes - an admin was just viewing the Charging Structure Changes thread... as far as I can tell, no obvious changes have been made.
  11. if it were a default template, and you wanted to define the variable in the template, you might get away with using the code below in viewcart.tpl... {assign "country" $activeLocale.countryCode} you could come unstuck with a few languages - Arabic (Argentina), and China (Taiwan) - but your site doesn't use either of those languages, so should be irrelevant... English might be an issue too (re US/UK/NZ/AUS etc - it will default to GB)
  12. he's a director of the UK holding company that bought WHMCS too and AFAIK, still signs off on all hotfixes and releases. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/11926301 rather more interestingly, Matt started a new business in January 2021 - Restaurant Automation Ltd... https://restaurantautomation.io/ - it might be a similar to idea to what @snake currently does. it's using WHMCS for its knowledgebase - but ironically, the domain fails the WHMCS license validation test. so I think we can safely say that his focus is not 100% on WHMCS.
  13. Hi Danny, which thread was it? the one below ?? it was probably one of mine! 🙂 the HTML and PDF versions of the invoices are two separate templates - to show bank details in the PDF version, you will have to edit the invoicepdf.tpl template... either by hard coding the bank details into the template, or pulling the details from the database (which is what the HTML version does).
  14. there is an element of end of school year, teachers are having their own private party and nobody is around to keep the kids inline - but the relevant staff are still logging in... they should be aware of what's going on here.
  15. https://docs.whmcs.com/Domains_Tab#Default_Contact_Details
  16. it might be because proforma invoicing is enabled - i'll have to check this in the morning... or you could disable it and see if the hook runs.
  17. if the feature is disabled, then what you put in that field won't matter - it's the hook that's renaming invoices on creation, not this feature in WHMCS.
  18. it was more pre-sales wasn't it? anyway, they have their own forums and a contact form on their site.
  19. you might as well - the format field is empty, so you're not using the function.
  20. unless they were using the branded "Starter" version - I assume they will get moved up to the unbranded version at a slightly higher monthly cost.
  21. do you have a link or product ID where this is occurring ? for the life of me, I can't find one on your site... would be interesting to see if they're different values of just duplicates of the same values.
  22. which one? the implication of that Facebook page is that you just need an if statement to add a certain value to the returned JS variable if the current page is X.
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