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  1. I would just put a spacer div between the two buttons and you can adjust the height to suit your needs... <?php # Modify Sidebat Footer Hook # Written by brian! use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaPrimarySidebar', 1, function(MenuItem $primarySidebar) { $invoicesummary = $primarySidebar->getChild("My Invoices Summary"); if (!is_null($invoicesummary)) { $footer = str_replace(array("col-xs-6 col-button-left","col-xs-6 col-button-right"),"col-xs-",$invoicesummary->getFooterHtml()); $footer = str_replace("/div><div","/div><div style=\"height: 5px\"></div><div",$footer); $invoicesummary->setFooterHtml($footer); } });
  2. I don't think so....only with default templates. if the concern is the email being seen in the client area, then you could use a ClientAreaPageEmails hook and remove those messages from the array... if it's more that no one sees it in the admin area, then you'd probably have to query the db and remove it from the table.
  3. https://docs.whmcs.com/Linking_to_WHMCS#Setting_the_Language_or_Template_via_the_URL though it's not working... which is curious. I suspect that's what solved it - not necessary updating, but undoing whatever you did in those templates. remember that unless you rename/duplicate them, an update will overwrite any customisations you make to those templates.
  4. you awkward .... ðŸĪŠ is there content of the message that you can filter on, e.g a specific string or sentence that will be used only in this email, that you don't use elsewhere in other templates ?
  5. how about using the EmailPreLog hook point to abort logging when the email is sent ?
  6. then the next step is to see how the page looks using a clean version of Six and standard_cart - I just tried it locally on a v8 dev and it's showing the category translations on the mobile as expected... I just tried to look at your site using Six, but I assume that the Six theme has been renamed or deleted?
  7. there wouldn't really be a file/template you can edit.... well maybe sidebar.tpl, but the coding would be a pain. a quick way to do this would be to use a hook.... <?php # Modify Sidebat Footer Hook # Written by brian! use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaPrimarySidebar', 1, function(MenuItem $primarySidebar) { $invoicesummary = $primarySidebar->getChild("My Invoices Summary"); if (!is_null($invoicesummary)) { $invoicesummary->setFooterHtml(str_replace(array("col-xs-6 col-button-left","col-xs-6 col-button-right"),"col-xs-",$invoicesummary->getFooterHtml())); } });
  8. are you using Dynamic Field Translations for the product group names or another method ? https://docs.whmcs.com/Easy_Translation
  9. don't put any spaces in - just jeep it simple and memorable so you know what it does. no. it runs automatically by itself. that's good to hear! 🙂
  10. looking at their site statement that they are no longer developing, and the fact that their addons have been removed from MP, I think you may have to look elsewhere.
  11. it's an action hook - therefore, you just need to create a .php file in /includes/hooks, paste the code from the latest version into it and save... there is no need to add any code to the homepage.tpl template - the hook does all the work. 🙂
  12. it's possible I suppose.... what happens if you try the redirection example in the docs...? https://docs.whmcs.com/Client_Area_Navigation_Menus_Cheatsheet#Changing_where_a_Menu_Item_Points_To
  13. they're still fixing bugs - nothing majorly new is being added with these maintenance releases. the issue I found is not caused by new code, its old code that they haven't bothered updating to account for changes to the Smarty Security Policy - so i'd lay the blame more on the testers rather than the coders. I logged in this morning to find 100+ new post modifications.... wtf! I suspected it had been quiet the last few weeks for new posters... many of them have been waiting in moderation for THREE weeks - this has been going on for months now and it's hardly rocket science to approve a post. imagine handing over your hard earned money for a WHMCS license, posting in their forums and waiting three weeks for an answer - during which time, they've probably either moved on from WHMCS, contacted support direct or are swearing to themselves under their breath. this is the utter contempt that WHMCS has for their users in 2020. .. I could go on with more examples.
  14. do you mean you want to show whois info to a client when they make a search ? https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4795-whois-for-clients
  15. custom orderform theme or main theme - or are you using Six & Standard Cart ? note: this post was 3 weeks in moderation -that is a disgrace to treat customers like that. 🙄
  16. that hook would remove the entry from a the sidebar.. if you wanted to remove it from the menu, then you'd probably need to use a PrimaryNavbar hook instead. if you're using a custom theme where the menu is on the left/right hand side and vertical, it will still likely require a PrimaryNavbar rather than a sidebar hook. I would recommend creating a new php file for this hook, as it's highly possible example.php would be automatically replaced during an update.
  17. the output wouldn't include retweets, only your own tweets... the above is from v8.0.3 - if I try it on v7.10.2, then it doesn't work - regardless of twitter username... perhaps it's using twitter functionality that's been deprecated ? note: this post was 3 weeks in moderation -that is a disgrace to treat customers like that. 🙄
  18. use Language Overrides to modify the strings - don't edit the original language files. $_LANG['orderForm']['haveQuestionsContact'] = "Have questions? Contact our sales team for assistance."; again, the answer should be to use Language Overrides - but WHMCS includes hardcoded two brackets in the output, so changing the strings wouldn't be much use... so two options - you could edit checkout.tpl and remove the placeholder text, or use a JS hook to remove/change the placeholder text.
  19. a WHMCS client area page can usually be considered as a header (header.tpl), the main body (specific .tpl for that page's purpose) and a footer (footer.tpl) - so logos, menu etc would be in header.tpl, but it will call various sub-templates, e.g includes/navbar for the top menu (i'm thinking of the Six template layout) - but navbar.tpl is just used to output the navbar array - the array(menu) is normally modified using hooks not by manipulation of the template.... though if you're replacing the navbar with your own menu system, then that might not really matter.
  20. i'm not seeing this in v7.10.2 - are you using a custom theme ?
  21. there was a similar issue in the thread below I think... maybe the solution in there (last post) might help your situation.
  22. you might have to try yourself and see... the release notes says that it's no longer included.... https://docs.whmcs.com/Version_8.0.0_Release_Notes the implication of which is that WHMCS probably won't have tested whether it works or not... even if it works now, I wouldn't be optimistic that it would continue to work in the long-term.
  23. https://docs.whmcs.com/Automatic_Updater#Setting_a_Temporary_Update_Path
  24. I take it from the variables, that this code is in an email template... so options are limited... and even more limited in v8.... if the above works for you then it's fine to use it... I suppose a slightly shorter method would be to use in_array.. {if !in_array($service_first_payment_amount,array("ÂĢ0.00","₮0.00","0.00lei"))} which says that if $service_first_payment_amount does NOT contain a 0.00 amount, then do something.
  25. if you're just renaming it, you can use Language Overrides to replace the string in your language file(s). $_LANG['navStore'] = "Store"; follow the instructions in the docs, and you can add the following to your overrides files.. $_LANG['navStore'] = "Web Hosting"; remember to make the changes to all the language files that your site uses - you can either use "Web Hosting" in them all, or use a local translation for each language.
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