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  1. has your license support & updates package expired?? v7.9 was definitely released in January 2020.. I can't have dreamt it! https://docs.whmcs.com/Version_7.9.0_Release_Notes
  2. the latest version is v7.9.2 and v7.10 will be out of beta sometime in April. generally, updating WHMCS won't remove old orderform templates... e.g if you originally installed v5 and have been updating since then, you'll still have the old orderform templates as options (though most of them won't work 100%)... from the link below, I can see that you still have the comparison orderform - anyone installing WHMCS now, wouldn't have that old template as an option. https://billing.neltek.com/cart.php?a=add&domain=register&carttpl=comparison that's it. 🙂
  3. you must already have standard_cart installed because that screenshot above is from your site... and i'm assuming it's for your installed version. 🙂 there's no point using the latest version of your template if you're still using v7.7.1 - if you update WHMCS, then that will install the updated version of standard_cart. you can download latest and previous versions of Six & standard cart from the WHMCS GitHub site, but there's no point doing that unless you're telling me the standard_cart version you have installed is outdated for your WHMCS release.
  4. cpanel passwords can be decrypted from the database - but once a client password is added, it's encrypted one-way and there's no way back.
  5. you can't - they're encrypted in the database... if a client forgets what it is, they would need to reset it via the forgot password link...
  6. brian!


    it would generate a popup window - are you blocking popup windows in your browser?
  7. if we keep it simple and make it a bootstrap alert for now, then the hook code would be a variation of the one I posted in the thread below... you wouldn't particularly need a SQL query for this... <?php add_hook('ClientAreaHomepage', 1, function($vars) { $client = Menu::context('client'); $activeorders = $client->orders->where('status','Active')->count(); if ($client && $activeorders > 0) { return '<div class="text-center"><div class="alert alert-success" role="alert">You can order without fraud check - click <a href="cart.php">here</a>.</div></div><br />'; } }); so if the user has active orders, then an alert is shown on the homepage... if the user has no active orders, then the message alert isn't shown. ... and if you still want to make it into a homepage panel (widget), then the first three lines inside the hook code would be the same, you would just need to follow the panel examples in the docs...
  8. Hi Ian, your default orderform is using vertical steps - that template is very old, deprecated and hasn't been shipped with WHMCS for many years.... certainly spotlight and sale tags won't appear in Vertical Steps, they would only appear in Standard_cart... btw - ignore that there are 4 spotlights on the same row (you won't see that!) - I tweaked the output code to get them on the same row to save space on the image dimensions. other than using vertical steps instead of standard_cart, I can't see much else wrong with the ordering process.
  9. brian!

    Adding No. Of Days Of Invoice Generation To Invoice

    to an existing invoice ?
  10. it looks good - though I don't think that it's using WHMCS any more. 🙂
  11. brian!


    add {debug} to the template - that will generate a popup window of the arrays in the template and check the $products array to see what these values are for each product - remember to remove {debug} from the template when you're finished.
  12. brian!


    it would be {$product.configoption3}
  13. brian!


    did you delete your other hook ?
  14. brian!


    the hook will add those values to the array (it's not currently doing any validation on the results), and returns the modified array to the template. you can then edit products.tpl and output them wherever you want to inside the foreach loop on the page, e.g {$product.configoption1}
  15. brian!


    you mean the products.tpl template file ?? and you're talking about the moduleconfigoptions ? e.g the values in the tblproducts database table ?? you do realise they may be different/empty depending on the module assigned to the product ???
  16. brian!


    where/when do you want to use them ?
  17. brian!


    https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks/getting-started/ three points to remember are... these hooks need to use existing hook points - so where you've used 'memory' and 'ssd' in your add_hooks, these need to refer to a relevant hook point listed in the index, e.g ClientAreaPageCart etc - what you want to do, and especially where/when, will determine the correct hook point to use. usually, you would use the hook to return the results array back to the template and then output the results in the template - generally, echoing wouldn't work and you definitely wouldn't have any control over where the output would be by using that method. i'm confused as to what you're trying to do, but if this is the cart, the template should already have access to configoptions 2 & 3 already without the need for a hook.
  18. 6 Years, 23 Votes - https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/add-configurable-options-to-bulk-pricing-updater that probably depends on the quantity of changes required, e.g the number of services that need updating... if it were only a few, i'd probably do them manually, so change CO pricing, ticking the Auto Recalculate on Save checkbox and saving changes... if there are a lot of services to update, then it might be worth looking at the UpdateClientProduct API, and using that to loop through an array of service IDs and recalculate the recurring price... though i'd certainly recommend doing that just for one service at first, because you're effectively running an SQL update query and so the database will be updated (remember to take a backup first!). also, there's the Auto Recalculate Prices addon - there used to be a demo available for it, but that's been removed by the developer... I remember it being a very confusing addon to use. (going from a quick play with the demo).
  19. brian!

    View Suspended Accounts

    can orders be suspended? accounts can be, not sure about orders. so you have Continuous Invoice Generation disabled ?? https://docs.whmcs.com/Invoicing_Setup#Continuous_Invoice_Generation if a service has been suspended, you should be able to see it from the Product/Services link in the Client tab of the admin area - either filter on the suspended status or you can add status=suspended to that URL (which will change dependent upon your Friendly URL settings).
  20. brian!


    technically, you're just changing the next due date on an invoice - which you can do from the invoices page in the admin area, e.g via the options tab on an individual invoice. I suppose the easiest way for them to request this would be to open a ticket with one of your support departments. off-hand, I can't think of any addon that does this, though the process could be automated with a hook etc if you think that you're going to get a lot of these requests and don't want to manually complete the above process each time.
  21. brian!

    WHMCS 7.0.3 php compatibility

  22. this might be better suited to a support ticket... if you get your license directly from WHMCS - https://www.whmcs.com/support/ if you get your license from a reseller / host - https://www.whmcs.com/reseller-support/ ... but what version of WHMCS are you using, which payment gateway module - and if the gateway is third party, have you checked that the gateway is compatible with the version of WHMCS that you're using.
  23. no - it's just a MySQL database like any other... are you 100% sure the details that you are entering are correct and that optionally your IP is whitelisted for remote SQL access ??
  24. brian!

    TLDS shown by default

    you can edit the domainregister.tpl template..
  25. it might be worth checking what service #125 was originally.... because even if #125 was originally cancelled, it wouldn't (shouldn't) have been deleted from the tblhosting table, just marked as cancelled. so the bug is why did this new order seemingly use/overwrite an existing cancelled service entry in tblhosting ?? my suspicion would be something third party, or manually caused, rather than a specific bug within WHMCS.

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