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Found 12 results

  1. We have launched our new module for all WHMCS users "Account Statement WHMCS Module". Now you can allow your customers to download their custom account statements from the client area only. How Account Statement WHMCS Module helps Web hosting companies? Avoid repetitive accounts statement requests from your customers by allowing them to download their account statement for the desired time frame via their account panel. Admin can send Bulk Account Statements to their customers by selecting a specific time frame provided in the backend. Admin can schedule auto account statements via email to all their customers monthly, quarterly, annually or on a specific day. Admin can easily manage the fonts, paper size of the account statement PDF from the backend admin panel. Admin can now set the type of invoice (whether paid or unpaid) that he/she wants to show to the customers via account statement. Find out more at: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4517
  2. For a while there I thought the bogus account creation was behind us. But in the past few months I've seen a major uptick in bogus European new account creation. Some bot out there are mass injecting new accounts nearly constantly. Anyone one else seeing this? I see no way to stop it. Anyone have recommendations on reducing the number of injected accounts into WHMCS? Thanks.
  3. What is suspend client account? The suspend client account module for WHMCS was created to ensure that admin can have better control over the client account for violation the policies or terms of service. In the new suspend client account module, WHMCS will have a new option beside the close account and delete account options. With this module, admin will be able to suspend and set client account for auto termination. Once the suspension has been approved, the client will receive a warning notification and will then finally automatically be suspended. The timeline for when these notifications gets sent out, as well as when the actual suspension takes place, can be set up under the client profile section. After the client has been suspended, you will have the option to pause their suspension (unsuspend the client). This will allow time for the client to make changes and send the proof of fixing the violation. When the time limit has been reached and the client has not made any changes to fix the violation, the client account will be deleted or closed depends on the setting you setup. Please note that when the client account is suspended, that the billing will not be stopped. In other words, even though the account is suspended, the client will receive their monthly invoice. Why do you need suspend client account module? If you fell that your clients do not follow the website policies, terms of service or there is suspicious activity in client account like logged in from another country or using a VPN. You need to act and suspense the client account and send the client a warning notification. You know that WHMCS have only 2 options in client profile and they are close account and delete account and they are not a good solution for this kind of situation. How it works? After activating the suspend client account you can configure the module to suit your needs by going to configuration and select the type of suspension also you can set account termination type and enter the number of days for closing or deleting the client account if suspended. You also can select the support department you want the client to contact support. From the reason messages section, you can create unlimited suspension messages or edit the existing one to use them within the module. By going to the client profile section and looking at the other actions menu, you will see suspend client account added to the menu by clicking on the link you will have the option to select a reason for suspending the account or enter a custom reason message also you can send email notification to the client about suspending the account. Features 3 types of suspension Logout the client if he tries to click any link 2 types of account termination Set the number of days for account termination Set the support department Suspend account reason message List suspended accounts Email notification For more details and screenshot visit the product page https://www.hardsoftcode.com/products.php?p=product&a=suspend-client-account
  4. Hey all I have a few clients who don't host either websites or email with me, just using my domain registration services and have me manage their DNS for them. Historically though, they have had one, or both, of their site/email with me, so I need to do some housekeeping! I found this post giving one example of how to manage these clients within WHMCS effectively, which would deal with onboarding a new 'DNS only' client and tidy up those existing clients. The post though is nearly 6 years old; has anyone else got any other ways to handle this scenario - which is creating a WHMCS account for a client who doesn't need web or email hosting, but their DNS records need to be managed. Thanks Matt
  5. I'm glad WHMCS finally came around to introducing this, however is there a way to convert our years and years of contacts/sub accounts into users?
  6. I have bought a domain on behalf of a customer, through my hosting provider. I would like to attribute this domain to my customer's WHMCS account for invoicing and renewal purposes but I'm not entirely sure how. The WHMCS system is also hosted on the same hosting provider. Not sure that's relevant, probably not. I have done a search to see if there are other posts but I've drawn a blank and I can't find it in the manual, or maybe I'm misunderstanding how to explain it. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Hello Everyone. hope all are fine. can someone help me to modify this code a little so i can achieved what i am looking for. basically i have hook file for a client custom field. what the hook does is when i create a new customer its create a random 8 digit number for the custom field Account Number. its fine until now but the problem is 1. This hook doesn't check the existing value in the database , so there is chance to create the duplicate account number and we cant allocate same account for two customer. 2. once the Account created and we have the account number then any admin or staff can modify the client details form and easily change the account number. and this is another dangerous point. we cant change the account number for any customer. once we create the customer we will have permanent account number for that customer. so what can i do in this case with this hook? i have given the code in here. thanks again in advance <?php use Carbon\Carbon; if (!defined("WHMCS")) die("This file cannot be accessed directly"); function AccountNumber($vars) { $userid = $vars['userid']; $command = 'UpdateClient'; $values = array( 'clientid' => $userid, 'customfields' => base64_encode(serialize(['Account Number'=>rand(11111111,99999999)])) ); $results = localAPI($command, $values); if ($results['result'] == 'success') { logActivity('Success : Customer ID set successfully to User # '.$userid); } else { logActivity('Error : Customer ID could not be set to User # '.$userid.'. Response : '.$results['result']); } } add_hook("ClientAdd",1,"AccountNumber");
  8. Dear community, You recently gave us plenty of feedback regarding our products. This allowed us to narrow down the focus to the things you need the most in our software. Thank you! Today we would like to hear your opinion on yet another matter. Do you use our Account Synchronization For WHMCS module? If so, please answer a few simple questions and help us understand how you are feeling about such features as account export/import. Take the 1-minute survey!
  9. Hi All, Has anyone successfully worked out a way to generate a forgotten password email from the WHMCS API? It's all good to be able to login to the system but if the user has forgotten their password it's pointless getting them to sign into the WHMCS version of the site when you're using the API to make sure they don't hit that site in the first place? It seems strange that this isn't native to WHMCS already as it aligns with the login process of the normal page? Any help with this is greatly appreciated.. Thanks!
  10. I can seem to find where in the hooks files you would add another link to show up in the account section of the top menu. https://webhost.pro/index.php It looks like it's called: TMSecondaryNavbar.php But when I add a new hook there nothing adds to the menu. Thanks, Charley
  11. Delete/Close Account is a WHMCS addon module! which can give an option to your website clients, through which they can delete or close their account. Obviously, there is an option in the module settings for admin that clients' account should be deleted or closed. If client deletes his account or closes his account, then an email will be sent to all the Admin users that a client has requested to delete or close his account. Another email will be sent to the client that his account will be deleted or closed in a certain date that the admin can setup from the module settings. If the client did not login to his account in that date the system will deletes or closes his account. Features Delete or close account option Setup a certain date to delete or close account Google new Captcha Admin see all the deletion or closing request form module home page Admin can cancel or delete the client request Ask client to enter his password before processing the request Client need to confirm the request before processing Email send to admins and client Client can cancel the request if he login to his account Client can't browse the website if he login to his account View the product Page View all our works and Products
  12. This is a Premium Accounting Module to work within WHMCS. It is designed for Sales and Distribution Companies whom can use this module to manage their supplier purchases, customer sales, stock control, accounting ledger, tax and faulty equipment returns under warranty. CloudAccounting is organized in a multiple document menu interface divided into different modules, which are all fully integrated with each other. All selections are fully access controlled by the WHMCS User Administration system, as well as system wide access control for items like margins, costs, creation of accounts/stock items and selling below suggested retail etc. Together they provide a total solution to the administration difficulties in any industry. Features Include: An Orders module comprising of Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Branch Orders. Quotes can be drawn into Sales Orders, which can be drawn into Invoices. A Debtors Module which provides for invoicing, payments, post dated cheque management, credit limit management and reconciliation facilities. It also has a point of sale module that can handle up to 20 tills. The normal age analysis and statement processing is provided. A Creditors Module that provides for Goods Received Vouchers, Debit Notes, Import GRV’s and Expenses Incurred for accounts other than stock purchases. It also has a Faulty stock module that provides for sending and receiving of faulty stock to and from suppliers. It allows for reporting on outstanding stock at suppliers and turn around time. A General Ledger module which provides for Cash Book, Journals, bank reconciliation, cheque and bank transfer entry and VAT reporting on an invoice basis. A Workshop module that allows for the controlling of client stock on the premises. Stock can be booked in for repair with fault descriptions etc. The same stock can then be sent away for repair if needed. The module is linked to the serial number tracking system and swap outs, either by yourself or the supplier is catered for. Full reporting on the status of items are provided for easy answering of customer queries. Jobs can be assigned to technicians and reporting can be used to manage it. This module also allows for incoming support calls to be logged (no stock attached) and the response managed with the system. A further 10 warehouses are available to manage stock in different locations. Grouping facilities like category and bills of material are available. Extensive reporting on sales, turnover, margin as well as stock age analysis and sales person reports are available. An Inventory (Stock) module that allows for 5 different kinds of stock, e.g. Normal trading stock, Stock used for swop outs, Faulty stock, Stock currently residing at suppliers (waiting to be repaired, swapped out or credited) and Technician Stock. Serial number tracking, both incoming and outgoing is available for all or selected stock items. This allows for easy tracing of paperwork, warranty claims and returning stock to correct suppliers. The tracking system provides for swap out, even between different items as well as goods swapped out by supplier for different items. Full reporting on the serial number tracking systems is available. Advanced cash flow reporting is available with outstanding cheques and incoming post dated debtor cheques. Budgets on the income statement and full reporting up to balance sheet is provided. Credit Terms maintenance for debtors and creditors Fully integrated with WHMCS extending it's billing features to advanced accounting, a must have for any business! Additional Information: Hosted in your secure WHMCS environment, not cloud hosted Usable in any industry, medical, car dealerships, retail stores, manufacturing, food etc Client area self-care portal with advanced functionality, download statement, pay invoices, etc Multiple branches enables perfect control for franchises More features underway. Constant improvement. Supports WHMCS V5.0 or later Contact us now for more information: sales@otelafrica.com CloudAstrix website: http://www.cloudastrix.com Product page for CloudAstrix SPE: http://cloudastrix.com/cloudaccounting/ Other CloudAstrix products: CloudAstrix Business Edition- CloudAstrix BE is a VoIP Module to work within WHMCS. It is designed for VoIP Service Providers whom want to provide Hosted PBX or On-Site PBX Service to Enterprise. CloudAstrix Service-Provider Edition- CloudAstrix SPE is a VoIP Module to work within WHMCS. It is designed for Wholesale VoIP Service Providers whom can use this module to provide LCR Based VoIP and Billing Services. CloudAstrix SPE Airtime Module - This self-provisioning server module allows your VoIP clients to purchase airtime credit and gets it loaded automatically after payment via the payment gateway of your choice. It is a cost effective function for ISPs who have a large number of clients, and extremely convenient for clients in various time-zones who can purchases airtime according tot heir budget 24/7/365 online. CloudAstrix CloudRadius- CloudRadius is an advanced RADIUS web management application aimed at managing hotspots and general-purpose ISP deployments. It features user management, graphical reporting, accounting, a billing engine and integrates with GoogleMaps for geo-locating. Upcoming CloudAstrix modules for WHMCS: CloudAstrix SysAdmin - An easy to use GUI which maintains multiserver security, health and other functions. CloudAstrix CloudHaul - A WHMCS integrated cloud based backup software which allows ISPs to provide a file backup service in the cloud. Many others! ================================================== Who is CloudAstrix? CloudAstrix is a division of OTEL Telecoms. OTEL Telecoms is a South African government licenced first tier Voice and Broadband operator with an established national VoIP and fibre network infratructure. OTEL Telecoms provides Carrier Grade VoIP Switches, Billing Systems integrating Radius, and direct voice interconnection to Telecom companies and ISPs worldwide. OTEL Telecoms has been doing business with WHMCS since 2008. The group has been in existence since 1994 With over 20 years of experience in growing resellers and ISPs into formidable forces via providing stable and innovative infrastructure, partnering with OTEL Telecoms to grow your business is the clear choice. For more information, please visit http://www.otelafrica.com ================================================== The OTEL Team
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