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  1. We recently integrated MailChimp. We exported an imported our clients to the audience list which went fine. Issues: 1. Can I export a list of users who have previously opted out - but only through WHMCS? Cause right now, even people who have previoilsly opted out via WHMCS, show as "subscribed" in mailchimp. 2. Also - POST integration with MC I am not seeing NEW users opt in / opt out changes reflected in MailChimp. Is there a delay in that communication? New users added to WHMCS show this on MC: This person is only eligible for transactional emails.
  2. battles

    WHMCS v8 rumors

    Yes my post just happened to come when 7.9 was released (ish).Yes - I'm aware there can be something after a .9 "major" release.
  3. battles

    WHMCS v8 rumors

    I’ve been waiting- as most of you have for so many features, better GUI (admin and client areas) just everything really. Instead we get the same tired old GUI, some throw away modules, and lately a whole lotta bugs. So - what v8 gonna look like? WHMCS is now backed by a big company with a lot more resources. Time to make a product we all want.
  4. battles

    tweaking "overdue" invoices

    I think there is a bug. We have a business partner who also uses WHMCS - not related to us, different servers, et al. We notice in our client area in their WHMCS install - the same things is happening. We have both updated to the latest.
  5. battles

    tweaking "overdue" invoices

    Thanks brian!, Ugh - no we've not over written anything ever on these panels - strictly default from day one.
  6. Hello, Can someone help me set this to project a better experience for our clients? My clients wonder why in their portal area - there are invoices that show as "overdue" when in fact they are not. See attached. It doesn't look very good and I get it from their perspective. It;s not "overdue" it's due in XX days. The attached are the 2 "overdue" and when they are actually due. We invoice 30 days in advance.
  7. Geesh - ok. Hopefully that fix comes soon. These are pretty important.
  8. Ticket Feedback Comments have disappeared after 7.8. Ratings are still there, not client feedback
  9. battles

    Quotes Accepted - no notifications sent

    Thanks Christopher. Got it.
  10. Where can I set up notifications for quotes getting accepted?? Im not getting anything if a client accepts a quote.
  11. battles

    FB Messenger to WHMCS

    Looks good! I'm going to give it a try
  12. battles

    FB Messenger to WHMCS

    Hi All, How might I get email/ ticket notifications in WHMCS if a client sends a message on FB messenger? Is anyone successfully integrating the 2? The 2 channels seem disconnected now and I would like to integrate a bit better. TIA
  13. battles

    Pre-Sales contact form

    Thanks brian!, Wow - that's interesting... thanks for confirming I wasn't losing my mind... well.

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