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  1. battles

    FB Messenger to WHMCS

    Looks good! I'm going to give it a try
  2. battles

    FB Messenger to WHMCS

    Hi All, How might I get email/ ticket notifications in WHMCS if a client sends a message on FB messenger? Is anyone successfully integrating the 2? The 2 channels seem disconnected now and I would like to integrate a bit better. TIA
  3. battles

    Pre-Sales contact form

    Thanks brian!, Wow - that's interesting... thanks for confirming I wasn't losing my mind... well.
  4. battles

    Pre-Sales contact form

    It's currently set on Six. Never have used a custom one.
  5. battles

    Pre-Sales contact form

    Our WHMCS pre-sales contact form isnt bringing any of the fields over except the message. All the fields are marked as "required" so you have to enter the info, but we cant tell who is actually sending the info! Emails come "from" our email to the email we set to receive. Not good.
  6. battles

    ENOM G Suite

    Does this module work? I've had mixed results. When I tested, I still had to go into the ENOM backend and accept and provision the emails and also sign into google admin. There's like no up-to-date documentation on it. Looking for others thoughts or experiences.
  7. battles

    Paypal subscription ID

    ok I will submit a ticket. It's definitely not creating the subscription ID. I think this would correct a lot of issues we have.
  8. battles

    Paypal subscription ID

    Thank you. So we have this set up, however I am wondering if the link is correct. The link goes to our front-facing WHMCS site - so like where clients would login/ where you would check for a domain, etc. Is it supposed to go to the admin area directory of WHMCS?
  9. battles

    Paypal subscription ID

    What generates the paypal subscription ID? I've tired to test with a product where PayPal is enabled, but the subscription number is never present. Perhaps Im not waiting long enough? Is it generated when a cron job runs or something?
  10. battles

    PayPal pain

    This particular client pays with PayPal, however there is no subscription ID on the product. So all the invoices dont get set to paid - although I see them in our paypal account incoming, Can I add a Subscription ID? Or how Can I sync this particular product?
  11. battles

    PayPal pain

    Interesting, thanks!
  12. battles

    PayPal pain

    I could use some help. Years ago we set up PayPal and also "PayFlow Pro" They are both running concurrently I believe. For clients who singed up years ago, the PayPal transactions are not automatically marked as paid and it's a huge pain in the a$$. We were on the phone with PayPal for a loooong time and they couldn't tell us how to fix this. How can we fix these old PayPal subscriptions? Do we sign them up with a "new" order and then would the subscription come in? Is anyone else using the 2 PayPal gateways? PayPal and PayFlow Pro simultaneously?
  13. Hello, 2 of our long term employees have noticed that just opening up the WHMCS login/admin page can take several seconds 30+ just to load. However, we've hired a new teammate and his accounts loads fast every time. We're thinking it's something to do with our user accounts having touched lots of data/products/tickets, etc compared to the new team member. Once the pages loads, everything is fast and great, it's always the login or refresh after sitting for a while. Can we clean up the user accounts in the database? Is any one else seeing this behavior?
  14. Whats strange is these have never had any associated modules. They are manually created products that are simply used for price and description.

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