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  1. Hello, 2 of our long term employees have noticed that just opening up the WHMCS login/admin page can take several seconds 30+ just to load. However, we've hired a new teammate and his accounts loads fast every time. We're thinking it's something to do with our user accounts having touched lots of data/products/tickets, etc compared to the new team member. Once the pages loads, everything is fast and great, it's always the login or refresh after sitting for a while. Can we clean up the user accounts in the database? Is any one else seeing this behavior?
  2. Whats strange is these have never had any associated modules. They are manually created products that are simply used for price and description.
  3. Ok I got this sorted - IP change in API!
  4. I am now also getting TONS of these alerts after update An automatic renewal attempt was triggered for this service but failed. The renewal will not be attempted again automatically. Please resolve the error and try again. Client ID: 85 Service ID: 3681 Product/Service: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Domain: xxxxxxxx Error: Module Not Found These are mostly occurring on 1 or 2 products that we have. There is NO module associated with this product. What is going on? I notice now on all these products that I get a spinning wheel when you go the Module settings tab of the product. Spins and spins
  5. I am seeing "Registrar Error" on all our domains after upgrading. We use ENOM.
  6. I'm getting this error when attempting to transfer a .com.au domain (we use enom): The client is an existing client. I noticed there were a few extra fields in the place new order/domain transfer screen, One field that was required was "Registrant ID". Never seen that before. Help please? Order Accept Encountered ProblemsA new registrant contact is required by one or more domains in the list. Please provide the parameters, or use PreConfig
  7. Disabling all Market Connect products fixed the issues. So why is Market Connect products breaking all non-market connect products in 7.5?
  8. All products add to cart links now broken after update: https://oururl.net/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=2 Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. Please go back to the previous page and try again.
  9. battles

    IP, server inventory management

    Yeah to me inventory management is just keeping track of assets - no functionality over machines other than possible collection of OS, IP, etc. Subnets, serial numbers, when hardware was ordered, put into production, what parts were replaced etc etc - is what I am after. Device 42 does this really really well. It may be overkill for our needs - probably more geared toward enterprises with a huge server footprint and lots of people ordering gear. yeah Device42 gets way up there I just confirmed that anything with an IP is a "device" to them. I'm so tired of that pricing model. It's rampant in this industry. Integration with WHMCS is a plus for sure, but im open to outside solutions.
  10. Looking for recommendations on rack/inventory management. Trying Device 42 now and it's nice, but with virtual machines counting as devices. The price is going to skyrocket for us. I've seen this, but reviews are mixed and looks like not a lot of dev going into it: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/rack...er-whmcs-adon/ Looked at racktables too, but looks clunky. Anyone using something they like? I want to manage IPs, VLANS, hardware, parts, etc.
  11. battles

    iDNS letters *

    Thanks bear, Yeah it's ridiculous. the KB was what I am working on. cheers
  12. battles

    iDNS letters *

    Hi all, We've had a lot of clients get the iDNS domain expiration letters in the mail. Other than enabling privacy (which doesn't to work after their information has been exposed for even a day - or less.) from an opt out perspective, can they do anything to cease the unsolicited mail? Thanks
  13. Ok thanks Scott - I think we had a could clients WHOIS exposed for like a hour and they are STILL getting phone calls, paper mail, and emails. It's crazy. I know it's all scripts and bots, but relentless.
  14. Does 1. apply if I place an order on behalf of the customer from the back end?

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