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  1. Thanks I will do. I also tried to place the order on the customers behalf from the client screen and ran into the same error thanks!
  2. We've had our ENOM connection for years now. No changes to our default nameservers. Suddenly - we cannot register domains. Order Accept Encountered ProblemsNo nameservers are defined for the server this domain is assigned to. Please correct and try again. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. OK - it was a combo of CloudFlare and friendly URL settings. I have it proxied through CF and have it set to "Basic URLs" and appears to be working now. Oy.
  4. This is so weird. So - we have this proxied through CloudFlare. I un-proxy'ed it this AM and now it seems to be working? I've now switched the proxy back on to see if it again breaks it. We turned the proxy on, because we are changing domains for our WHMCS install and I want to utilize their url forwarding cause it works slick - you have to have it proxied through CF in order for that feature to work.
  5. Thank you I will open up a ticket with them. I have no idea what happened, but Im getting more tickets that clients are unable to update their credit cards.
  6. Thank you. I have done that, but still seeing issues. This is what I see if I try to reset a password as a client: https://my.domain.com/password/reset/email/clientarea.php clientarea.php is in my public_html folder. Oops! We couldn't find that page Please try navigating using the options below.
  7. I guess I'm dumb. I was assuming the WHMCS updates also pulled in the Six changes?
  8. https://my.domain.com/account/paymentmethods/add This is the URL I am presented with when I try to add a payment method as the client - there is nothing after the /add It logs you out.
  9. Thanks all. I am using Six. I have never changed it in years.
  10. Client reporting that they cannot add a new payment method - credit card. I can reproduce. i am also seeing strange issues. When I "Login as Client" I can see that I am masquerading as them, however when I go to add payment method, I get a login screen. I've never seen this behavior before. I am also now getting a Oops 404 I've I try to reset a password as a client would on the front facing portal.
  11. huh? 0365. I'm using pop import method. our support@ domain email / tickets are working fine. our billing@ is not working
  12. I'm changing email accounts for our billing department created in WHMCS. Using an 0365 exchange account. Have entered username, pw, port, smtp server all correct. I can get tickets created, but replying to them in WHMCS - nothing comes out. Our support email is just fine. Same port/smtp server settings. What do I need to look for?
  13. Yeah. I just called them. They dont offer it any longer.
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