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Found 22 results

  1. I'm sure this has been said here, probably by me. And probably ignored. But how do you reset a customer's password without using email again? Unless it's your first day on the interweb you know email is not reliable and people lose their emails. So there has to be another way. Obviously it should be an option for admins to do but I don't see the option for this still. I searched for it and the community search could not find a thread for it which is add weird and not allowing an admin to do this from WHMCS.
  2. We can no longer reset client passwords from the Admin area nor can our clients reset password from the login/forgot password area. Help!
  3. 1. Discover what our modules are up to! You can already view all previously uploaded advances and improvements at any time in our marketplace. What if you could also see what the next stages of development hide? This has just been made possible with the all-new section placed right next to the changelog. The implementation of Roadmap will show you that caring for customer engagement is one of the most important aspects taken into consideration at ModulesGarden. Want to know more and give the new feature a go? Continue reading on the ModulesGarden Blog! 2. Zendesk For WHMCS 2.4.0 You already know that we have a module in our offer that lets you include support tools powered by Zendesk into WHMCS and handle support tickets while bringing your clients unforgettable experience of customer care. Guess what - it’s just been updated with some fresh solutions! The description of the 2.4.0 update of Zendesk For WHMCS should start off with WHMCS users support - an addition which will send email notifications about the in-flow of new ticket replies to any user that participates in a conversation. Excited? Let us make you even more eager to give it a look. The latest version makes WHMCS user details fully synchronized with the Zendesk panel! See for yourself how easily you can up your customer service at an amazing 15% discount - give the changelog a thorough read! Read more about Zendesk For WHMCS 2.4.0! 3. Password Manager For WHMCS 3.0 - 25% OFF In the business landscape of today’s world, cyber security is a top priority. Safe and long passwords are a great start, however remembering complex keystroke combinations can be too much of a challenge sometimes. The answer to these concerns is here - Password Manager For WHMCS 3.0! The latest huge update introduces an overhauled user interface with a brand new look, as well as support for Lagom Client Theme and WHMCS "Twenty-One". This fabulous module for extended safety has already been flooded with positive reviews, so delve deeper into the subject and find out how we have elevated it to new heights! Read more about Password Manager For WHMCS 3.0! 4. PanelAlpha sets new trends in WordPress automation! Let us remind you of one more grand advancement - the next level in the development of our top-notch system for WordPress instances provisioning, PanelAlpha! The addition of Personal Hosting Toolkit will provide your clients with swift and painless control over their accounts by empowering them to handle domains, FTP accounts, DNS zones and more, all from the level of PanelAlpha. We all know how crucial a unique brand is nowadays. That’s why you will be able to customize the client area to fit yours however you desire with the Style Manager! Switch colors, enable shadows - from now on, you will be able to let out the inner artist. In fact, you can experience it right away via live demo, accessible at all times! Put theory into practice and see PanelAlpha in powerful action! Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  4. Hello everyone, Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Bascially after reviewing our video heatmaps we have found loads of drop offs on our checkout page due to potential new customers getting frustrted with having to keep inputting the password and security question IF the checkout form has any errors OR hasnt been filled out with all the required details. IF thats the case then the form refreshes and points out the errors. Now what we noiced is that the customer would the fill out OR correct the errors being pointed too and then submit BUT they dont fill out the password OR security question again as (I ASSUME) they think its already present when in fact its been cleared. Have seen potential customers going through the checkout form up to 10 times (I know right!) filling out the form and adding in missing OR fields that contain errors. Would be ideal IF they looked at everything and ensured that they filled out everything the first time round. A perfect customer alas thats not the case. SO trying to figure out how to keep anything inserted in the password and security answer fields at the very least saved AS they are for the personal fields (name + address) in case there is an error and the page spits out which errors those are. At the very least they wont have to add in those details again (as thats whats making them go round and round in circles!!!) Further, it would be great if that can also be applied to the card number and expiry field NOT the cvv tho for abovious reasons... I have checked the following files and cannot see where that removal takes place: js/jquery.payment.js js/scripts.min.js Also checked the HTML to see if there is any indicators there but cannot find anything. Pretty sure I am misssing something here i.e where the validation uccors maybe thats where those fileds are getting stripped? Any pointers to what I am missing OR how to implement that? I was thinking that dding in a class OR additional bootstrap class direct into the HTML field output would help?
  5. From WHMCS 8.0 i noticed that Custom Field of type password become encrypted, how ? when i get Custom Field ( type password ) value via my module to make account with this password i saw that password is encrypted i used decrypt($password) it works fine but when i change the custom field type to text so decrypt($password) will not work because password already decoded ( original value ) So my question is : how to get password from custom field ( type text btw this is not encrypted ) and from custom field ( type password encrypted ) because i need my addon to be compatible with both types Note : custom field of type text do not encrypt custom field of type password it become encrypted
  6. 1. Making Headway Towards Full WHMCS V8.0 Support As you most probably know, WHMCS V8.0 currently enjoys the beta status, and the stable version is only a matter of time as well. This can only mean one thing - we have once again put all our modules on the examination table! We are already releasing on a daily basis new WHMCS V8.0 and PHP 7.4 compatibility updates so catch up with all the latest releases, and stay on the lookout for more upcoming ones! cPanel Manage2 For WHMCS - v1.5.3 DirectAdmin Licenses For WHMCS - v1.4.1 Discount Center For WHMCS - v1.4.8 DNS Manager For WHMCS - v2.14.2 EURid Registrar For WHMCS - v1.3.3 Hosting Quota Notifications For WHMCS - v2.0.7 Name.com Registrar For WHMCS - v1.2.3 Password Manager For WHMCS - v2.2.10 Plesk Extended For WHMCS - v3.4.3 Quotes Automation For WHMCS - v2.1.3 Servertastic SSL For WHMCS - 1.4.4 Social Media Login For WHMCS - v1.3.6 Support Tickets Allocator For WHMCS - v1.3.4 Support Tickets Filter For WHMCS - v1.1.9 Unban Center For WHMCS - v2.3.2 WordPress Manager For WHMCS - v1.5.2 Browse the Complete Support List! 2. EasyDCIM v1.7.0 Release With the announcement of an all-new 1.7.0 version, EasyDCIM has once again hit the sweet spot by implementing a multi-purpose monitoring toolkit. This eagerly-welcomed feature simplifies greatly round-the-clock supervision of all devices and network ports, thereby allowing you to run your business without any risk of technical failure. This landmark event also includes the introduction of a brand new gear to a diverse collection of EasyDCIM-oriented modules. Advanced Monitoring For EasyDCIM has been designed to further extend the choice of actions to be performed within the area of monitors management. We also specifically recommend you check out the new mechanisms of system notifications, revisioned in such a way that you will never again miss any crucial change in the operation of your data center. Work Smarter Not Harder with EasyDCIM v1.7.0! Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  7. We give you not one, not two but three action hooks to override default passwords generated by WHMCS for service provisioning on third-party control panels like Plesk, cPanel, DirectAdmin and custom-made server modules. v1 randomly picks 10 characters from a-zA-Z0-9 and !@#$%^&*()-=+? v2 same as above but makes sure that at least one special character is included in the password v3 for extremely strong passwords. Individually define the number of digits, lowercase, uppercase and special characters to use. The resulting password will not use the same character twice
  8. Hi, I have set product type as 'other' and while ordering from clientarea it does not shows password field. Am I doing anything wrong ? WHMCS 7.10.2
  9. Hello, So just like a custom login page, I would like to use a custom password reset page that allows customers to reset their password. The integration code readily available within WHMCS made it a breeze to setup custom page for login but not so much for password reset. With some digging around, I was able to narrow down to the code below used on this WHMCS page - https://abc.com/password/reset/begin <form method="post" action="/password/reset/email/validate" role="form"> <input type="hidden" name="token" value="3f91d283a2546395d504d9d6cf0c218895584fca" /> <input type="hidden" name="action" value="reset" /> <div class="form-group"> <label for="inputEmail">Email Address</label> <input type="email" name="email" class="form-control" id="inputEmail" placeholder="Enter email" autofocus> </div> <div class="text-center margin-bottom"> </div> <div class="form-group text-center"> <button type="submit" class="btn primary-solid-btn"> Submit </button> </div> </form> I paste this code in a html file and test it out and it works intermittently but when uploaded to server (and after the custom redirections are taken care of for password reset), it does not work. I input the email address, and in following step it then displays a WHMCS 404 Oops Page instead of successfully sending password reset link over email. To add, my WHMCS is well setup and password reset feature worked just fine before I tried setting up custom page i.e. pwreset.php still works fine but custom page passreset.html does not I highly doubt the first two lines of the above code and I think culprit lies there. The value in 2nd line of code changes at every request and I have not been able to get my head around it on how to correctly implement it. Please help! Thank you in advance.
  10. WHMCS Secure Credentials is a free add-on module that will provide a secure area for your customers to share sensitive information with your support team. Most WHMCS users use a simple text box for users to enter details about their services, this looks unprofessional and does not promote your business as caring about your user's data. With WSC Free & WSC Pro, users can enter details into the secure form. The details are then encrypted and held in your database. You can use the dedicated form to search for the user's login credentials by using the ticket number at which point they will be decrypted and displayed to you or view your customer's sensitive information directly from the WHMCS ticket interface. The end-user can choose to remove the details or, once the ticket has been marked as completed and closed the module will remove the details from your database automatically. Key Features WSC Free - Ideal for Web Host's Professional design, no more text boxes for important information Customers can add FTP, SSH, cPanel, WHMCS and .htaccess information Credentials are fully encrypted in your database Clients can update the credentials given at any time Clients can withdraw access by deleting the credentials given Support team members can import credentials and attach them to tickets All button text can be changed to suit your needs (please note the form fields cannot be edited. They can in WSC Pro) Easy editing of buttons via the template files (modified files included) Search for credentials using the ticket number Credentials are removed from the database once the ticket is closed Admin notification via log when a customer submits, updates or deletes credentials View customers credentials on support tickets WHMCS v7.X IonCube Loaders V10 PHP 7.2 Demo *Frontend / user demo - shorturl.at/bsDER *Backend / admin demo - shorturl.at/dfsxL Install Instructions https://docs.dev.gb.net/display/WSC/WSC Get It Free https://www.dev.gb.net/clients/cart.php?a=add&pid=2 Demo is of WSC Pro, not all features included in the free version.
  11. Hi, After upgrading to WHMCS 7.5 I have some encoding problem. Web hosting services (cPanel) passwords now are like this �*Y�Ks���. System charset is set to utf-8. Any help is welcome. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi All, Has anyone successfully worked out a way to generate a forgotten password email from the WHMCS API? It's all good to be able to login to the system but if the user has forgotten their password it's pointless getting them to sign into the WHMCS version of the site when you're using the API to make sure they don't hit that site in the first place? It seems strange that this isn't native to WHMCS already as it aligns with the login process of the normal page? Any help with this is greatly appreciated.. Thanks!
  13. There is always room for the extra safety measures! You will be thrilled to bits to know that our Password Manager For WHMCS module has been supplied with a tremendous variety of new components and performance enhancements! The freshly rolled out 2.2.0 version empowers your clients not only to share the access details among themselves but also set the master password that will protect the access to their sensitive data. What is more, customers will be able to assign additional passwords to owned products and services as well as place the limits on the access to their passwords for their contacts. Explore the complete changelog and revolutionize your approach to storing and handling access details with Password Manager For WHMCS 2.2.0! Learn All About Password Manager For WHMCS! Hop into a joyful bash as we wish a happy 7th birthday to the OpenStack and obtain all the OpenStack related modules and extensions with a massive 20% discount! Recently we have also released: Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS – v1.6.10 SolidCP Extended For WHMCS – v1.0.3 Rackspace Email Extended For WHMCS – v1.2.7 WebsitePanel Extended For WHMCS – v2.0.5 MSPControl Extended For WHMCS – v1.0.4 Zendesk For WHMCS – v1.7.1 MX Registrar For WHMCS – v1.5.5 IP Manager For WHMCS – v2.4.1 Proxmox Cloud Autoscaling For WHMCS – v1.1.2 Do You Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  14. Hello, IN my whmcs {setup => products/services => servers} I add a server for auto setup . But I forget to save this password in my pc . I need this password now ,but this password in this area is invisible and I cant see this password . => ***** How can see this saved password in my whmcs ? (what is easy way)
  15. Is there a way to make the new account password not require so many extreme things? I would like to just let the customer choose the password they want if possible. It's a little over the top the way it is now and can cause lost sales from the frustration. Thanks, Charles
  16. Was the option "Disable MD5 Clients Password" removed out of the current version of WHMCS ? Because I still see it listed in the docs as being available still. See http://docs.whmcs.com/Security_Tab#Disable_MD5_Clients_Password
  17. These days, when data sharing has become a regular and widespread occurrence, all manner of personal details, with particular reference to logins and passwords, must be kept absolutely safe. The security of sensitive data will be preserved stably with our Password Manager For WHMCS! Upon the newest update, the core of the module has been rebuilt exhaustively to ensure flawless performance and splendid ease of use! Version 2.1.0 unites outstanding features and a modernized interface to render data storage and management both highly intuitive and utterly secure! Changelog - v2.1.0: New Feature: New client area template New Feature: New addon module view New Feature: Define type of access to client passwords Changed: Display password on request only Improvement: Rewritten core Improvement: Simplified sharing of access details Bug Fix: Minor tweaks Find Out More About Password Manager For WHMCS! Only till the end of March you can get a unique discount and find yourself among the first customers to enjoy the gains of software development revolution! Do not miss out on this unsurpassed opportunity! See what's on the list of latest releases: Advanced Billing For WHMCS – v3.0.2 Coming soon: SMS Center For WHMCS – v2.0.0 Zimbra Email For WHMCS – v1.3.0 Quotes Automation For WHMCS – v1.1.0 Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  18. Hi, I have a custom create module for my program and I'm wondering how I can have the WHMCS password post to my create module. So if a new user types "test" as their WHMCS password, I would like it to be posted to my create script so they will have the same password in my program. Right now I'm using a randomly generated password and it's confusing users with 2 different passwords. Thanks, Christian
  19. Each day, millions of Internet users are exposed to risk of stealing their access details. According to research performed by Identity Theft Resource Center in just 2014 over 83 million records were exposed, many of which contained usernames and passwords. That is why it is so important to invest in a reliable solution which will ensure the safety of sensitive data storage and management. Our Password Manager For WHMCS was designed to precisely this end. The module offers a high-level security of data which we achieved thanks to an advanced two-way encryption mechanisms using encryption keys. We are proud to announce that we have released version 2.0 of Password Manager For WHMCS with new possibilities to manage passwords in a safe way. Just take a look: Changelog - Version 2.0.0: New Feature: Create access details categories New Feature: Assign clients and administrators to categories New Feature: Define categories of access details New Feature: Display and manage clients access details on client summary page New Feature: Display and manage clients access details on ticket view New Feature: Password view permission for category members New Feature: Notify upon password change New Feature: Send password change reminder Improved: Refreshed interface Are You Interested? ♦ Order Password Manager For WHMCS Now! Do You Need More Information? ♦ Read More About Password Manager For WHMCS Are You Looking For A Complete Documentation? ♦ Visit Password Manager For WHMCS Wiki Do You Want Us To Install And Configure The Module For You? ♦ Tick 'Password Manager Installation Service' Field While Ordering The Product Searching through tickets consumes too much of your everyday time? Download our Support Tickets Displayer For WHMCS entirely for free and see for yourself how quick and easy it can be! Coming Next: SMS Center For WHMCS WWD GoDaddy For WHMCS 2.2 Multibrand For WHMCS 1.6 Do You Need Custom Software Development? Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create an adequate addon, an entirely new module or even a complete system! We can advise how to solve your problems and propose an optimal solution for your business. ♦ Contact us today! We will prepare for you a free quote, ETA and more details within 24-48 hours. For more information about our promotions, products and company activity - join our social networks! ♦ Forums ♦ Blog ♦ Facebook ♦ Twitter ♦ Google+ ♦ LinkedIn ♦ YouTube
  20. Hi When a new service is created in WHMCS it automatically generates a password for the service. Is it possible to tell WHMCS to not use certain characters? For example capital I and lowercase l Because when the password is emailed to the client and with the default font in outlook its impossible to tell the difference between an I and an l. Generating a high number of support tickets and password resets. Any ideas Ian
  21. If you are looking for the way to improve your security and your customers experience, our new module is a solution for you! ModulesGarden Password Manager For WHMCS as the name suggests allows to store and manage passwords in a convenient and safe way. Module lets you also decide who will have access to particular passwords. Another interesting functionality is possibility to integrate with your client area to allow your customers to view passwords shared with them and give them the opportunity to manage their own passwords. We made every effort to make Password Manager For WHMCS as flexible and easy to use as possible therefore this is a very handy tool for both you, your staff members and your clients. We are aware of fact that security is very important for each one of us. Therefore through usage of advanced two-way encryption mechanisms module offers high level security for your valuable data. Even if unauthrized person will gain access to your WHMCS or database, he will not be able to decrypt the data without your custom encryption key. Purchase Password Manager For WHMCS to easily manage your valuable data and significantly increase the level of data security in your company. Features Share Access Details With Multiple Clients Share Access Details With Administrators With Specific Admin Roles Store Personal Access Details Which Are Only Visible To You Stores Access Details In Encrypted Format Extended Permissions For Admin Role - Allow Access To All Non-Personal Passwords Revoke Access (Visibility) Of The Password From Clients/Administrators - With One Click Normal Administrators With 'Configure Addon Modules' Permission Are Unable To Change Extended Permissions Adding Note To The Password Provides A Colorized Display Of Access Details Within The Admin Area Links To The Website Or The Login Page Of The Password Displays Owner Of Password Additionally Easy Integration Multi-Language Support Supports WHMCS V5 and Later Module was created in cooperation with Star Network and Promotion Ltd. Click here for more information. Are You Interested? ✔ Order Password Manager For WHMCS Now! Do You Need More Information? ✔ Read More About Password Manager For WHMCS Are You Looking For Complete Documentation? ✔ Visit Password Manager For WHMCS Wiki Check Out Also Our Other Products: ✔ Rackspace Cloud Servers For WHMCS ✔ cPanel Manage2 For WHMCS ✔ DNS Manager For WHMCS ✔ cPanel Extended For WHMCS ✔ Rackspace Email For WHMCS ✔ Rackspace Email Extended For WHMCS ✔ Advanced Billing For WHMCS ✔ WWD GoDaddy Domains For WHMCS ✔ DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS ✔ Google Apps For WHMCS ✔ Parallels Plesk Panel Extended For WHMCS ✔ Zimbra Email For WHMCS ✔ cPanel Pack For WHMCS ✔ Zendesk For WHMCS ✔ Resellers Center For WHMCS ✔ Liquid Web For WHMCS ✔ Liquid Web Load Balancer For WHMCS ✔ Storm On Demand For WHMCS ✔ Storm On Demand Load Balancer For WHMCS ✔ Storm Servers Billing For WHMCS ✔ SolusVM Extended VPS For WHMCS ✔ SolusVM Extended Cloud For WHMCS ✔ SolusVM Extended Reseller For WHMCS ✔ eNom Email For WHMCS ✔ Proxmox VPS For WHMCS ✔ Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS ✔ MX Registrar For WHMCS ✔ NIC IT Registrar For WHMCS ✔ IP Manager For WHMCS ✔ Domains Reseller For WHMCS ✔ Parallels Cloud Server For WHMCS ✔ Proxmox Cloud For WHMCS ✔ Hosting Renewals For WHMCS ✔ Report Generator For WHMCS Coming Next: Product Linker For WHMCS - Module will allow you to combine two or more products together. In this way your customers will be able to order two products (or more) as a one product. For example a VPS server and a cPanel license (with cPanel Manage2 For WHMCS module) or two web hosting accounts on two separate servers, and so on. Possibilities are endless! DirectAdmin Licenses For WHMCS - Along with Product Linker For WHMCS module will allow you to automatically provision a DirectAdmin licenses for a client once he orders a product of your choice. For example a VPS Server with a DirectAdmin license. Parallels Key Administrator For WHMCS - Along with Product Linker For WHMCS module will allow you to automatically provision a Parallels licenses for a client once he orders a product of your choice. For example a VPS Server with a Parallels license. Do You Need Custom Software Development? ✔ Don't hesitate any longer! Contact us now! For more information about our promotions, products and company activity visit our Forums, Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ ! ✔ Forums ✔ Blog ✔ Facebook ✔ Twitter ✔ Google+
  22. Due to an administrator username change, my mySql database username changed. This broke both WordPress and WHMCS. In WordPress, I just had to go into wp-config.php and find where it had the old username and update it to the new one. Is there a file in WHMCS somewhere that I need to go into and update the mySQL username? Is there anything else I need to do to fix it? When I try to connect now, I get Critical Error Could not connect to the database
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