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Found 19 results

  1. We can no longer reset client passwords from the Admin area nor can our clients reset password from the login/forgot password area. Help!
  2. This Action Hook function will restrict logged-in clients access to your client area if they have one or more overdue invoices, only the following pages is accessible: - My Invoices - View Invoice - Manage Credit Card - Add Funds - Mass Pay Download Installation: Upload this file inside /includes/hooks/ directory. Customization: You can specify how many overdue invoices client can have before a restriction taking place (line #25).
  3. We have just released a new version (1.0.8) of our ClientX. This new release brings in Some New Features, Improvements and Bugs Fixing. Kindly have a look at the changelog: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/clientarea-template/clientx/ New Feature: 1). Announcement section added on client area homepage. It can now be managed from addon module. Bug Fixing: 1). Payment gateway images not coming while uploading it according to gateway name. > Fixed 2). Some of Sidebar icon miss while changing the URL from address bar. >Fixed 3). Blank Page coming up while activating and deactivating in addon module. > Fixed 4). Date sorting in service list page, domain list page, invoice list page, quotes list page, email list page and support ticket list page is not working properly. > Fixed 5). Client subcontact detail is not updating. > Fixed 6). On checkout page social media sign in button is not coming up. > Fixed Improvement: 1). On Register page "SIGN UP" and "LOGIN" button text can now be changed according to language variable. 2). Client menu My Emails, Security Settings and Logout text can now be changed according to language variable. 3). All Bootstrap data table pages info text, Next and Previous Button can now be changed to language variables. 4). On product listing page "Domains" text can now be changed according to language variable. 5). Billing Cycle text can now be changed according to language variables and price is shown only with currency prefix. Now price will be shown in both currency prefix and suffix. 6). Remove text coming dynamically in register domain page can now be changed according to language variable. 7). By default no sorting is there in service list page, domain list page, invoice list page, quotes list page, email list page and support ticket list page when page load first time.
  4. We are giving flat 30% off on ClientX WHMCS Client Area Template. To Avail this offer, please use this coupon code: THEME30 Buy Now at: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/clientarea-template/clientx/ Dashboard: Domain registration Page: Order Page: Custom Order Form Template: Many Other Pages
  5. At the end of the year, I am working on a customer care campaign, to get a list of customers for this campaign, I need to know specifically how much each customer has spent on my services. From the papers there I can come up with the right strategy. But I couldn't find ways to test that figure. So would be grateful if someone showed me how to get a customer spending report. Thank you
  6. I receive several phone calls daily with potential clients, most evetually become clients however I usually manage notes for these clients in text files until I have enough information to fell like I need to create an account for them. Is there any plugin or perhaps a WHMCS feature I missed which would allow me to create a client just to keep notes on when I only have a phone number and a first name for example?
  7. Hi, i wanted to know that how can i restrict users with unverified email addresses from accessing client area until they verify their email addresses.
  8. Good morning community Register a domain from my "Domain Reseller" panel, how do I add that domain to my client's account on my WHMCS? so that web hosting and domain are notified together. thanks for your help
  9. Hi guys, My client's product details page has Usage statistics box. But it ain't showing any usage. All clients same, even their package has disk limits. Is there anyone who encountered and solved this? Thanks all. BR, Nyamkhand
  10. Dear guys, I am new to whmcs and am currently customizing my whmcs interfaces. There is one thing I want to change in add contact page is the phone number field. I don't want it to be 88123456. Can I change it? It is not in language files. Where can I find this and modify it? Any solution and answer would be great. Thanks, BR, Nyamkhand PS: attached SS
  11. Hi All, We have released the new version of our ClientX WHMCS Client Area Template. Here is the changelog for the same: New Features Codegaurd page added in store Available Credit Balance can be seen on the Invoice, Add Funds Page New Pad Locks Added in SSL Products and Services Improvements RTL improvements Side Menu Bar Links Can Now be Open in New Tabs Bugs Fixed Captcha WHMCS Version Check Issue Fixed Sidebar Scroll Issue Fixed Sidebar menu icons issue fixed To know more about ClientX, visit: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/clientarea-template/clientx/
  12. Hi everyone, I created an account for a new client. I set them up with package 1. I later changed it to package 2, which shows fine in WHMCS client profile, however, in cPanel they are still provisioned with the original package. What do? Thanks.
  13. Hello, I know this sounds "old school" but we like to send clients a card or gift via postal mail service a couple times per year. Is there a way to print mailing labels? If not, any clever ideas how to make this happen? Thanks in advance! Ken
  14. Dear WHMCS experts, I hope you're all well. I have a question on how to remove the current contact for a client, and promote a contact/sub-account as the main contact. The original contact has left, and I need to have the sub-account as the point person now. I can't seem to find a way to do this, any ideas or work-arounds to accomplish what I'm trying to do? Thank you!
  15. Hi everyone. So I have a major issue with getting in average 5 registrations every day by spam bots. Here is a screenshot from today: These 5 new clients are from bots registering in my site and I can't seem to prevent it. I have added recaptcha to the register page, and even so, they are still registering and appear as ACTIVE. Can someone PLEASE help me? It's not right to get countless of registrations by bots. How can I prevent it? Thanks for your help.
  16. Hello My client can not change his address from the client area. When he tried to edit the address, it says that the email address is already in use. How can my client change his address? Is there any filed I need to check to allow my client to change his address? Thanks.
  17. Is this a possible but on the latest update 5.3.11 or am I missing something? When a registered client submits into the system, it doesn't associate the ticket with their account. The email addresses match. I have both of these unticked: Clients Only: Only allow registered clients to open tickets in this department Pipe Replies Only: Require all tickets to be opened from the client area If this is the correct setup, I will submit a bug report. Thanks
  18. Hello, Earlier today when Client Signup Emails where sent, the users info was displayed in the e-mails so they can login. Now, emails that I "resend" from the customer profile page: Resend > Client Signup Email It simply sends their email address and a bunch of asterisk for the password. The code used in the template is set with the default: Email Address: {$client_email} Password: {$client_password} Any help would be appreciated.
  19. How can I list or check clients that have credit?
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