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Found 30 results

  1. We've had our ENOM connection for years now. No changes to our default nameservers. Suddenly - we cannot register domains. Order Accept Encountered ProblemsNo nameservers are defined for the server this domain is assigned to. Please correct and try again. Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. Is there an option to toggle on DNS management by default for ALL clients/domain purchases?
  3. 1. cPanel Extended For WHMCS V3.10.0 The grand new update of cPanel Extended For WHMCS has arrived embracing a string of new possibilities raised by the freshly implemented User Manager section! With it, your customers are empowered to create additional users along with their email, FTP, and web disk sub-accounts. What is more, we have established support for Remote MySQL and ModSecurity. The first one permits customers to add remote host addresses that will allow visitors to connect to the MySQL databases. The second feature is responsible for protection of your clients' domains - they are free to decide whether it should be enabled or not. Learn more about cPanel Extended For WHMCS 3.10.0! 2. SMS Center For WHMCS V3.7.0 It’s common knowledge that untroubled flow of information both internal and external-wise is essential for smooth business operation. However, it is the skill of effective communication with both your teams and customers no matter the time and place that makes it truly stand out. Our newly released SMS Center For WHMCS 3.7.0 will offer you the choice of 7 more SMS gateways! With this prominent update, you can also bound customers to re-validate their phone numbers, access the archive of SMS messages, serve new events such as "Invoice Activation" and "Order Paid Activation", as well as make bulk status updates of the approval messages. Look into a more extensive account of the newly implemented changes! 3. Hetzner VPS For WHMCS V1.4.0 Our Hetzner VPS For WHMCS is already known to many, but after today it is very likely to win the hearts of the entire WHMCS community! This well-thought-out solution responsible for bringing automation into provisioning and management of Hetzner servers has just been bolstered up with some further optimizations. The 1.4.0 version introduces widely requested support for user data and floating IP addresses, as well as dynamic generation of hostname. Moreover, your clients are about to enjoy the freedom of ordering backups as an addition to the virtual machines. The richer the offer, the better! Eager to learn more? Look into the remaining benefits listed neatly in the module′s changelog! 4. Over the last weeks we have also released a greal deal of WHMCS V8.0 compatibility updates: Amazon EC2 For WHMCS - v1.2.2 Amazon Lightsail For WHMCS - v1.1.5 Client Profile Viewer For WHMCS - v1.7.2 DigitalOcean Droplets For WHMCS - v1.6.1 Enom Email For WHMCS - v1.3.7 Hosting Renewals For WHMCS - v3.2.4 InterWorx Extended For WHMCS - v1.0.9 OpenStack VPS & Cloud For WHMCS - v1.9.3 QuickBooks Desktop For WHMCS - v1.3.4 Payment Gateway Allocator For WHMCS - v1.1.13 SolidCP Extended For WHMCS - v3.4.2 Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  4. Is anyone still using eNom? How are people dealing with their constant price increases? They have become as unreliable a partner as cPanel. We got yet another email last night about price increases - unfortunately we still have a ton of domains with them and are kind of stuck. Does anyone have advice on how to transfer out en masse? ie some strategy for transferring out on renewal? Now in addition to the annual spend requirements, they have minimum registration requirements - ie you have to spend $x per year AND register x new domains to maintain your status. We have moved all our new registrations to Hexonet a few years ago because their prices are WAY better, so we register 0 new domains with eNom. I'm trying to rid ourselves of partners I consider unreliable like cPanel and eNom to not have to dread every email that comes from them and just waiting for the next price increase. As an aside, I highly recommend everyone reach out to Hexonet - their prices are dramatically better than even eNom's "Platinum Plus" tier, and they are very flexible. Support has been excellent (they reply in minutes, vs weeks from eNom), and their WHMCS integration is also much better.
  5. On my own reseller hosting account, I have added myself as a new client in WHMCS today and initiated a new domain purchase through the client area. I paid for the domain with Paypal successfully. Back in WHMCS Admin area, I can find my new account and my paid invoice, but under the "Domains" tab I see the domain I want to procure and the error message "Domain error - domain not found". I have attempted to register this domain using the "register" button with my chosen domain provider, eNom, but I receive the error message "Purchase price is greater than available balance". I have added $40 to my MarketConnect account and my domain price is $14.95, so there's more than enough to cover this transaction. eNom has been activated as my registrar, and their domain pricing has been synced in Products and Services. I'm out of ideas. Am I missing a step? Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone, So I am currently trying to build all in one widget that will display current balance from our domain registars, enom, reseller club and so on.. Can you please tell me is it possible and how to take api user and pw that are already placed into Domain Registrars(configureregistars.php) page. So we have registrars already configured and API details are saved somewhere. Is it possible to reuse somehow in widget code that saved api details?
  7. Hi Guys, I want to offer free web hosting for my potential clients, However when they purchase it I would like them to type in their site name which would then be a subdomain of my site. For example (elliesbuisness.example.com). How would I automatically set this up so it creates it as a subdomain on go daddy or enom, then uses it on whmcs with the free hosting plan. Many Thanks, Conor
  8. I am utilizing ENOM for space names, and Enom likewise conveys reestablishment updates notwithstanding the ones that WHMCS conveys, which is clearly somewhat irritating and furthermore befuddling since they have various directions. I have inquired but the results are not fruitful as to whether it is conceivable to handicap theirs, yet they state no, it is additionally impractical to change their update messages either.
  9. Hi, I am doing basic tests, at the moment simulating the purchase of a hosting plan with a domain name. As a registrar for the domain I use Enom in Test mode I can choose the hosting plan and see the availability of a domain name but when I accept the cost of the domain and try to continue, the form stops responding. On the side of Whmcs I see no errors, I don't know where to look for a record ... I use the token for the test environment, configure Enom as a registrant and associate it as a registrant for the domains in which I test (.com) Where can I see what is happening? Thank you! Regards
  10. Hello there I thing it is hard-coded, but just to make sure! It is not possible to translate picture below. I think those info comes from DOMAIN REGISTRAR, if so we should live with that. I have searched on client area languages and did not find nothing.
  11. Hello there How can we activated domain suggestion to our domain search on client area?. So when client made a search for domain that is not available it will auto return Domain Suggestions names. I have read WHMCS docs, but did not help a lot. https://docs.whmcs.com/Domain_Suggestions I am using ENOM registrar I want to have suggested domain bellow search like this print from other hosting provider. There is any options in General setting I am missing to tick? It do never prompt to any suggestion in my website 😐 Thank you!
  12. Does this module work? I've had mixed results. When I tested, I still had to go into the ENOM backend and accept and provision the emails and also sign into google admin. There's like no up-to-date documentation on it. Looking for others thoughts or experiences.
  13. Customer's section and from the admin all get the error when trying to change any WHOIS details" We're getting this error when trying to update WHOIS with ENOM: "Registrar Error AuxBilling contact details are not valid." Not sure what AUX billing has to do with the WHOIS update page, there isn't even a section for AUX billing.
  14. I'm getting this error when attempting to transfer a .com.au domain (we use enom): The client is an existing client. I noticed there were a few extra fields in the place new order/domain transfer screen, One field that was required was "Registrant ID". Never seen that before. Help please? Order Accept Encountered ProblemsA new registrant contact is required by one or more domains in the list. Please provide the parameters, or use PreConfig
  15. We just finished updating the Enom Security to v2.0.0 to work on WHMCS v7.x and PHP 7Find Out More About Enom Security For WHMCS!Screenshot: Click Here Sale Price: Owned License: $21.99 USD Click HereClick Here To View All WHMCS Addons By WHMCSServicesDo You Need Custom Development? Click HereLatest Release:Client Notifications 5.0.2Partial PayPal Payment 2.1.2Affiliates Plus 1.0.2SMS Manager 5.0.0Ticket Notes 1.0.0Coming Soon:Email Verification Plus 6.0.0Ticket Number Restriction 2.0.0PayPal Extended 4.0.0
  16. I cant seem to get .net.au domains to show up to allow registration with ENOM. I've added it to Domains/pricing but it's not appearing in the client area, nor can you register it. Any ideas? TIA
  17. I'm in need of setting an A-record to a specific IP when certain set of products is ordered. Enom and using their API. Would I create a hook?
  18. We've set up the ENOM api connection and mostly all is going well. Except occasionally I see there's a couple "Pending Module Actions" on our WHMCS dashboard and in that sections there's always a failure: Enom/ RenewDomain There is already an open order for this domain. When I go to that client's info. I see 2 of the same domain in their "domains" section. How might I correct this? TIA!
  19. Our hosting company was recently bought by another, and we were migrated to a new server with the assurance that our IP addresses would be unaffected, but after the migration, I started getting the "User not permitted from this IP address" from eNom when a domain purchase or sync was attempted. I thought I'd post what I've learned about finding the problem because I didn't find it in the other posts about this error. If you're getting this error, and you have already contacted eNom to have your IP whitelisted as described in the documentation, the first step is to identify what IP address is being used by your server for outgoing cURL traffic. You can do so by using SSH to log into your hosting account and then running one of the following commands: curl -L http://cpanel.net/showip.cgi or curl ifconfig.me The next, and hopefully final, thing you have to do is to submit a support ticket to eNom to have that IP address whitelisted. Visit eNom Help Center. Click "Launch the Support Center" button and submit a new ticket. Enter the following information: Subject: "Add IP" or "Change IP" Question: Type the IP address(es) you wish to add or change
  20. I've noticed recently that when a customer uses the DNS Management menu option to edit DNS entries for their eNom domain (that uses eNom's free DNS service), a bug has appeared. When the user clicks DNS Management to view/edit the DNS entries, after their legitimate DNS entries, there is a new line being added, with a single digit number appearing in the 'host name' column, and the same number appears in the 'address' column. This number is usually equal to the number of DNS entries the customer has. See the attached screen shot, to give a better idea of the issue: The worst part about this bug is that if the customer tries to edit any of their normal DNS entries, it will result in an error UNLESS they first ERASE the bogus numbers being added at the bottom! I am seeing this in 6.3.1 and also 7.0.3. Anyone else? - Scott
  21. We are running the latest 5.3.12-release.1 and we have found what we believe is a Bug with the wrong error being reported back to the Admin user. This relates to the Enom module for Domain renewals. Under normal circumstances when you pay an invoice that has an Active Domain renewal in it the system will make the following API calls: getcontacts -> getdomaininfo -> extend These can be seen from the Module logs. However, if the getdomaininfo call fails with "CURL Error: 7 - Failed to connect to reseller.enom.com port 443: Timed out" it attempts to call updateexpireddomains which generates an error from Enom back to the Admin user. The error from Enom is "This is an active domain, hence no need to renew it." So, the error we are told about via email is "This is an active domain, hence no need to renew it." but in fact, the real error was "CURL Error: 7 - Failed to connect to reseller.enom.com port 443: Timed out" which you would only know about if you have Module logging turned on. Regards Mark Donne
  22. Hello all, Anyone based in the UK, when transferring a .co.uk domain into your ENOM account...do you get charged? Also, do you get charged for transferring in a .com? Just wondering if we have an issue or not....I cannot find any information about the exact prices charged by WHMCS Domains. I know I can look in the ENOM TLD Pricing, however, that for instance says we would be charged for all transfers in...but for .co.uk TLD we don't. I have tested and if I go to our ENOM account and order a transfer for either a .co.uk or .com it says cost os $0.00, however after transfer the cost goes to $9.75 for the .com and stays at $0.00 for the .co.uk..... Anyone know anything about this?
  23. Hi, eNom will start sending out renewal notices for all domains that their resellers have sold. The only way to opt out of this is filling out some questions. Unfortunately I cannot answer all of them, and I think one of the requirements cannot be met using WHMCS Here are the questions: Will the WHMCS email logs suffice? Any help finding the correct answers to these questions (and setting up the expiration notices) is appreciated.
  24. I had a fraud guy somehow manage to get 5 domains registered with my Enom API. Is there anyway to get that payment back? I assume it's lost forever. I've set everything to manually review now.
  25. Hello! Today we prepared for you one module update and one free widget. Both for WHMCS. 1. Let's begin with eNom Email For WHMCS 1.2. We used the latest eNom API to implement new features and improve existing ones. Changelog - Version 1.2.0: New Feature: Manage email forwarding New Feature: Define Catch-All email forwarder New Feature: Define additional TLDs & gTLDs Changed: Extended TLDs list Changed: Improved interface at the client area Are You Interested? ♦ Order eNom Email For WHMCS Now! Do You Need More Information? ♦ Read More About eNom Email For WHMCS Are You Looking For A Complete Documentation? ♦ Visit eNom Email For WHMCS Wiki Do You Want Us To Install And Configure The Module For You? ♦ Tick 'eNom Email Installation Service' Field While Ordering The Product 2. Now the widget. The free widget in fact. We already have 5000 satisfied customers and on this occasion we decided to prepare for you something extra! We developed ModulesGarden Widget For WHMCS and put 10% promo code inside it. The code is applicable to any module from our offer. The widget will inform you when there is ModulesGarden's module update available and will keep you up to date with the most recent news. In addition, you will gain access to special promo codes available for widget users only! Admin Area Features: View Active Promo Codes And The Most Recent News Check If Your Modules Are Up To Date Quick Redirection To Changelog Of Each Outdated Module Show/Hide The Latest ModulesGarden Post On Twitter Additionally: No Installation Required - Upload, Activate And Use! Supports WHMCS V5 and Later Why Should You Use The Widget And What About The 10% Promo Code? ♦ Find Out More! Do You Need More Information? ♦ Read More About ModulesGarden Widget For WHMCS Are You Looking For A Complete Documentation? ♦ Visit ModulesGarden Widget For WHMCS Wiki Coming Next: Release List For October-November-December Do You Need Custom Software Development? Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create adequate addon, entirely new module or even a complete system! We can advise how to solve your problems or propose an optimal solution for your business. ♦ Contact Us Today! We will send you the quote, ETA and more details within 24-48 hours. For more information about our promotions, products and company activity visit our Forums, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube ! ♦ Forums ♦ Blog ♦ Facebook ♦ Twitter ♦ Google+ ♦ YouTube
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