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  1. Hi All, Does anyone know if it is possible to make a payment through a custom gateway from outside the WHMCS system? I want to let users pay with a credit card using my custom payment gateway through my own website rather than the WHMCS website, since the API does not have any function built in for payment of invoices from the remote API I was going to try and reference the payment gateway file directly. Is there a clean way to pass through the variables that the payment gateway is looking for or should I $_POST the variables and then just overwrite whatever the gateway file is looking for so that I don't need to change the gateway code that currently functions? Not sure if I will have to manually run the remote API command to AddInvoicePayment to the system depending on whether it is processed or not. Thinking about it like that could this be seen as a functional way of completing a payment? If someone has a cleaner/simpler solution I'd be happy to hear it? Thanks in advance
  2. How to use hooks to update invoice

    Hi @sol2010, I feel your pain. If you do want it for a particular user I can't imagine it's harder than adding an IF statement at the top of the hook to compare the client ID with your clients ID and then add accordingly. Please let me know if you do get it working as I haven't had the chance to try implement this in my own installation yet. Thanks.
  3. How to use hooks to update invoice

    Hi @DougK94, Yeah i've seen those, however not happy to spend $70 to get something that is a basic function. And if WHMCS decide to change their stance on however the module adds that fee then it will stop working. + trying to increase my skills when it comes to writing code so would be nice to do it myself. Thanks Anyway
  4. Hi All, Has anyone had any experience with a hook updating an invoice? I want to use InvoicePaidPreEmail to append a credit card fee to the invoice. I understand WHMCS is not willing to budge on per Gateway charges, but I can disclose to my customers that there is a credit card fee of x% and then send the right payment value to the bank, once it returns as approved I can then append it to the invoice and prior to the email being sent it will now include the charge on the invoice. Any help with this is appreciated.
  5. Access Data via SQL over the Remote API

    Hi, Yeah I understand the point of the API, however unfortunately with WHMCS making the decision to remove all custom API's and there being no default API to retrieve the files that are listed on a clients account, i'm forced to start looking for alternate ways to extract the data. Unless you know how to activate custom API's on the newer versions of WHMCS? In terms of the SQL access I was thinking even maybe just doing a html include on a file that had the DB credentials so that I don't need to store them in an additional spot incase the credentials change or the installation moves I won't have to worry about updating multiple locations.
  6. Hi All, I've been looking for a while to find a solution to how I can display users files in a remote API session. Just wondering if anyone has any experience accessing the database across the remote API, I'd rather not write into the page credentials to access the DB, as secure as it may be. As the API seems to have a few gaps in functionality, I'm planning on running SELECT * FROM `tblclientsfiles` WHERE userid = apiuserid Which will give me the information I need to display links to each of the files and their titles. Any help or examples on how to interface with the DB is much appreciated.
  7. Hi @carlswart, Completely makes sense. Thanks for posting some assistance ! Hopefully I can get it working with the reversal also. It's a shame it isn't built in functionally to WHMCS though. Would look much better where the Taxes are listed rather than as a line item. Thanks again for your help !
  8. Hi @brian!, Thanks for your response. I kind've understand the logic that it's probably not that high up WHMCS priority list because they don't allow it in their home country, however the primary language in the UK is also English yet WHMCS displays in various other languages, suggesting that they are happy to not limit their service to what suits the UK only. https://www.businesscompanion.info/en/quick-guides/pricing-and-payment/payment-surcharges This site also suggests that you are allowed to surcharge for other forms of payment, e.g. Cash / Cheque / Commercial Debit & Credit Cards. I'm not really a fan of paying for a solution like that, because at any point in time as with the custom API's WHMCS could remove the ability for the third party application to work.
  9. Sorry to hijack this thread, but in the reverse way to what's been suggested, Could using a promotion hook be reversed to add a secondary tax to an invoice? Currently for Australia I have GST. But if we could use a hook to add a reverse 'Promotion' then we could +2% as an additional tax.(Purpose is to charge a fee based on a gateway choice - which has been a request for almost as many years as the above request, so not holding my breath..) Any help with this is great. Thanks.
  10. PDF Invoices via API

    Upon further investigation I believe this error can be attributed to WHMCS stupidly disabling Custom API's in 7.4 without providing a real platform for external users to fix 'feature holes' within the system. Using Modules isn't really a convinient way to solve the issues that have been brought about by restricting the use of API calls. If anyone has any insight on this I'd be happy to test it out. Thanks.
  11. PDF Invoices via API

    Hi Guys, A much asked for feature over the last few years for API users has been the ability to retrieve PDF Invoices from the system. I stumbled across a link from The Wandering System Admin who has done a great job at dissecting the system and getting it to spit out a PDF invoice. (http://thewanderingsysadmin.net/?p=35) However I'm having a bit of trouble getting it working. I've created the request and passed it $username,$password & a static invoice ID of 10 however I'm getting a response of, I've created the api request file in /includes/api/genpdffile.php however it's still not working. Happy to drop the working code once I get it, because I know a few people are looking for it on here, and WHMCS support are yet to implement this natively. Thanks to anyone with any ideas. Anyone can follow the ticket if they want to keep updated on the issue.
  12. Result URL for Payments

    After looking at logs it seems that the return URL is being called from the IP address of the payment processor which is causing a lost session for the user, does anyone have any best practice ideas for how this should be resolved ??
  13. Result URL for Payments

    Hi guys, I've almost finished developing a custom payment gateway, however when I submit and it posts I've set the return url(not the callback) to /viewinvoice?id=#### and there is a problem somewhere The callback is separate and is set to modules/gateways/callback/nabtransact.php But it returns me a page with no CSS and a login box which suggests it's logged out or lost the login cookie in the process. The address bar shows the payment gateway target but the page does not correspond. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks
  14. Custom Payment Gateway Question

    Hi @Logicmaker Softwares I've changed quite a bit of the code as the original wasn't working as designed. It's now posting to NAB, but I'm getting an error when it executes so I'm not entirely sure why it's failing, i'm guessing a field doesn't correspond with what it should. Waiting to hear back from the bank. I'm not up for paying for a custom produced payment gateway, so if anyone else from Australia is interested in giving me a hand to get it finished I'd be grateful. More up to date files are attached to this post. nabtransact.php nabtransact callback.php Direct_Post_Integration_Guide.pdf
  15. Custom Payment Gateway Question

    Hi Andrew, Thanks for getting back to me. I realized that I hadn't completely read the callback file instructions. It's cleared a few things up for me. If I setup a third party gateway I'll be stuck with having a redirect to the bank's payment page(I'd prefer to keep them on my own site if possible), however I do see what you're saying about the plain text, do you think making sure everything is over HTTPS is secure enough to keep it as a merchant gateway? If I was to set it up as a third party gateway is it worth trying to iFrame it ? or just load as a new window and then process the payment? Thanks for your help.

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