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  1. Result URL for Payments

    Hi guys, I've almost finished developing a custom payment gateway, however when I submit and it posts I've set the return url(not the callback) to /viewinvoice?id=#### and there is a problem somewhere The callback is separate and is set to modules/gateways/callback/nabtransact.php But it returns me a page with no CSS and a login box which suggests it's logged out or lost the login cookie in the process. The address bar shows the payment gateway target but the page does not correspond. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks
  2. Custom Payment Gateway Question

    Hi @Logicmaker Softwares I've changed quite a bit of the code as the original wasn't working as designed. It's now posting to NAB, but I'm getting an error when it executes so I'm not entirely sure why it's failing, i'm guessing a field doesn't correspond with what it should. Waiting to hear back from the bank. I'm not up for paying for a custom produced payment gateway, so if anyone else from Australia is interested in giving me a hand to get it finished I'd be grateful. More up to date files are attached to this post. nabtransact.php nabtransact callback.php Direct_Post_Integration_Guide.pdf
  3. Custom Payment Gateway Question

    Hi Andrew, Thanks for getting back to me. I realized that I hadn't completely read the callback file instructions. It's cleared a few things up for me. If I setup a third party gateway I'll be stuck with having a redirect to the bank's payment page(I'd prefer to keep them on my own site if possible), however I do see what you're saying about the plain text, do you think making sure everything is over HTTPS is secure enough to keep it as a merchant gateway? If I was to set it up as a third party gateway is it worth trying to iFrame it ? or just load as a new window and then process the payment? Thanks for your help.
  4. Custom Payment Gateway Question

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to integrate my WHMCS install with my banks payment gateway, they don't have the best documentation but I think i'm on the right track. I've got the preferences sorted and I think i'm most of the way there on getting the capture correct. But there are a few things i'm confused with, mainly the result url? The callback file is used for 3D secure transactions only is it not? I've added what I've done and the integration guide from the bank, hoping someone can take a look and let me know what I should use as a result url, The service doesn't allow for refunds automatically and I've removed the 3D secure function also. Just looking at getting the capture right then I can copy the concept to the other function, Also the documentation from WHMCS is a little lacking. How do we know what parameters are available and for something like the URL i've defined with the test & the live how do I reference the value of that variable? Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thanks. nabtransact.php Direct_Post_Integration_Guide.pdf
  5. Get Customer Files via API?

    Sorry to bump an old thread but does anyone have any examples of how we can extend the usage of the API ourselves? Learning by looking at the supplied API commands isn't really a working solution because it's all in smarty tags. I think this would be a fairly simple solution to get done, after that happy to try my luck at a few other ideas to try and expand the usability of WHMCS and post my results for whoever else may be looking for them. Thanks.
  6. API - Create a button for cPanel Login?

    Hi Andrew, Sorry to bump an old thread but is there a way to use AutoAuth with a goto pointing towards the cPanel login?? Otherwise is it possible to store the autoauth credentials so that when it tries to authenticate it will login automatically and not prompt for a login?? Looking for any other suggestions you may have on this also. Thanks
  7. Get Customer Files via API?

    https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/ability-to-request-invoice-pdf-by-api Thanks for the followup brian, if you have any previous experience getting this done through writing your own extension to the API please let me know, I'm interested in getting the feature going and if I need to teach myself to extend the functionality I will. Thanks.
  8. Get Customer Files via API?

    Thanks for responding guys. Andrew, I think he may be making a point that often features requests seem to take a while to get implemented. For instance , getting a simple invoice link via PDF has been asked for , for over 12months and has been 'under consideration' for a multitude of months, and has not been even put onto the roadmap; i'm sure that there are more pressing issues that need to be done but it would be nice for a few of the more simpler requests to be more actively updated. Thanks again for responding nonetheless.
  9. Get Customer Files via API?

    Hi Guys, Has anyone managed to access customer files via the API? I'm not sure if there is an API call already for it(if there is, it isn't in the doc's). Otherwise has anyone written one themselves that they are willing to provide insight on?? Thanks.
  10. API - Create a button for cPanel Login?

    Thanks for the response Andrew, yeah I'm creating my own client area using the API to get all the details. I know I probably can't get a direct login button, but is there no way to authenticate using OAuth or something else and then just try redirecting to the page? Currently they verify their login using the API and then their Client ID & rest of the details are returned which I use to grab their details out of the DB. Any additional help on this is great.
  11. API - Create a button for cPanel Login?

    Any help with this would be great as I can't find anything in the API docs? Thanks.
  12. Hi All, I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction to create a button that will link to the specific customer cPanel. I've got the service details, etc displaying but i'm unsure of the best way to add a button to the page that will take the user to the cPanel screen that the service is related too. I'm guessing I'll need to get an authentication key of some sort but i'm unsure of the steps that I should be taking to get this done. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Configurable Options vs Custom Fields vs Addons?

    Hi Brian, Thanks for your response. I only just remember i'd posted this. I'm going to send it through as a bug / feature request. Because even if you order 3 of the same thing if a single one has a custom field, you should just multiply all components of the single product order.
  14. Hi All, I want to set up custom fields based on the quantity of a product that the user order, as an example A customer orders 3 Name Badges and 3 Custom Fields appear allowing text entry so that the Names can be typed in, I'm using it to name servers that are under management, but if I do it with Custom Fields from the admin portal it comes up with only a single custom field which doesn't help me. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Last Login to via API?

    Hi All, Just thinking about this further. We can use a php script such as "$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']" and pass that to the login variable to enable it to update the IP address of the client. I believe WHMCS uses something similar as it is able to determine where the connection is coming from when it is on the direct WHMCS portal. I think it would make it look a bit more professional to be able to show when the last login was and where it came from. Any help with this is appreciated.

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