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  1. just bumping this up in case anything new is out that might help.
  2. Oh sorry, yeah the sym link broke. Thanks!
  3. I added the status script for WHMCS just like every other server. But on my newest server it always shows a 404 error: https://lv117.webhost.pro/status/ I uploaded the script to the right location and ran: chown -R nobody:nobody /usr/local/apache/htdocs/status I checked and the permissions and ownership is correct. Any idea what it loads as a 404 when it's there?
  4. Oh I got it, Just make the default plan space show for none and so fourth...
  5. Hmm, it looks like it makes the space the total amount not including the base plan amount already. Any ideas how to have the Configurable Package Addon include the base plans features so the extras will be in addition? Maybe make configurable options for each plan that includes the preset amount in the total?
  6. I just added the Configurable Package Addon and I'm added the option to add 10GB and 50GB to an existing plan. Will this add more disk space to the base plan or overwrite the space the plan has? Can the Configurable Package Addon add on top of a plans settings or does it have to start from ) to work?
  7. My registration page is jacked up

    Sorry, it was a missing div tag on the clientregister.tpl page. Adding recaptcha triggered it. I'll also stop posting my template questions here, thanks guys!
  8. Hi, Not sure when or how but the registration page got really messed up. I can't tell what template file it uses because the page is encoded. https://webhost.pro/register.php The phone number icon is not on the top and the entire footer is too short which I think just needs a </div> to close the body tags Thanks for any help.
  9. When I try to cancel a Paypal subscription with the Subscription ID cancel subscription button on the product page it always: An Error Occurred Subscription Cancellation Failed Yet I can issue refunds and everything is connected correctly with Paypal. Gateway log: TIMESTAMP => 2018-05-14T17:45:22Z CORRELATIONID => Numbers and letters are here ACK => Failure VERSION => 3.0 BUILD => 39949200 L_ERRORCODE0 => 11552 L_SHORTMESSAGE0 => Invalid profile ID L_LONGMESSAGE0 => The profile ID is invalid L_SEVERITYCODE0 => Error
  10. Renew now option broke

    A customer wants to renew domains that expire in a month. They have tried everything, but none of the 'renew' buttons seem to work. They even tried two web browsers. I had another customer the next day not be able to use the renew now option as well. It seems to just hang on the loading part of the process and time out.
  11. Can you have a SolusVM KVM VPS root password sent in an email?

    Oh I found a way to show in the customers account manager product page. Good enough
  12. Can you bulk remove client profiles?

    Wrong post, not sure how to remove.
  13. Hi, I got bombarded by some Chinese jerks that filled up a ton of my client profiles. There is about 150. I know a captcha would help but I don't want to make things worse for our actual customers. Is there a way to remove bulk client profiles with certain variables? In the View/Search Clients section all I see is a bulk email option. I wish so much there was a bulk user remove option
  14. Hi, We use SolusVM, with KVM for our VPS. The issue is new account get the account log in details but not the root password that is made when the VPS is set up. I've tried: {$service_password}but it's just the VPS login not the root password. SolusVM has a custom field called: rootpassword So maybe? {$rootpassword}
  15. Paypal IPN stopped working recently

    I found the language fix, I change it to utf-8. I'll know if that worked in a couple hours. Interesting. In the paypal log most payments went through fine, just a couple failed for the IPN. Is there Paypal IPs I can add to my firewall to help the IPN get access? Oh I found them: https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/what-are-the-ip-addresses-for-live-paypal-servers-ts1056 ipnpb.paypal.com

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