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  1. I would love to have a direct icon in my WHMCS customer's product page for web hosting that opens cPanel and went directly to the icon location. For example, a Wordpress icon that open the softaculous Wordpress installer in cPanel. I added a yellow circle where I would like to add the icon on the screenshot 🙂 If there is some hard coding, do you know someone that can do it for a fee?
  2. Yeah, these type of emails go to my gmail account on my phone which doesn't have filtering. Good idea though for my Thunderbird. I already Domain Sync Notify Only unchecked but it still sends the cron job emails. I at least changed it to once a day so they are not as bad.
  3. Since 7.7 I'm getting email alerts several times a day for transfer and expiration day syncs. Can disable these emails? I like having it going but I don't need messages each time it runs.
  4. Web Host Pro

    A couple mobile theme things with 7.7

    I think it's just normal Blend unless something was changed a long time ago that is being updated.
  5. Web Host Pro

    Error while searching for a domain

    I have this issue too, do you know what theme files needed to updated to fix this? I can't just upload everything I have too many custom files. Thanks,
  6. Hey, love the new upgrade, especially the hidden captcha! I just have two things not working too well on the default mobile theme. I have a full updated IPhone xs, and it does both things with chrome and safari. 1. When I try to create, suspend, or unsuspend a domain in the account section it pops up a dark gray screen asking to approve it but the buttons are not available to click at that point. (Image gray) 2. The search bar doesn't go away and covers up several icons. I think it is suppose to just pop up when you click the search icon but for me it's always there. (Image search)
  7. Oh I think I got it. I remove all the favicon data from the header.tpl file and added it to the templates/includes/head.tpl file and it seems to work for all pages now. Oh also for it to work on the customer login page I needed to add it uder {if $templatefile == "viewticket" && !$loggedin} on the head.tpl page as well. As for the admin page I can't find a place to change the header tags but at least the customers will see the new favicon now.
  8. It's the strangest thing. On only my admin login page and customer login page for WHMCS the apple touch won't refresh. I've add the proper <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/apple-touch-icon.png?ver=1.6"> with the version change to trigger an update to all admin section and template section header files but only on the admin login page and customer login page it will not refresh. Once you login and all other pages refreshes fine. Is there a header section for the login pages that is encoded? Or a pace I can add <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/apple-touch-icon.png?ver=1.6"> to a header file so it will refresh the apple touch icon? The orange icon is the old and the text icon is the new one that loads after you login. The actual log in page is stuck on the old. https://webhost.pro/clientarea.php
  9. Oh cool, so there is a module that manages the licenses from our WHMCS. That's refreshing to know 🙂 You wouldn't happen to know if more than one website can use this for one reseller? I mean if I work for a couple hosting companies can I use the one reseller account on them all?
  10. We are ready to add WHMCS as an addon within our WHMCS system. What is the most common way to do this? I assume I sign up for the WHMCS license reseller program and manually add orders as they come in and manually send the key to the customer. Or is there a way to automate the whole process?
  11. Wow, interesting thanks. I'll try it.
  12. It looks like WHMCS is terminated accounts that are the set past due but it's not removing the invoices. Is there a way for WHMCS to see if the account is terminated or cancelled and remove the invoice if it is?
  13. Web Host Pro

    Any idea where I can update this font awesome icon?

    That was it, awesome. It was the two arrows and I just added the new css code from Clouder. I wish I could just upload the new theme but I have too many custom changes to overwrite everything. I'm working on a system to upload the full theme and just overwrite my changes.
  14. Sorry I know this is not WHMCS core related but I thought maybe the main template uses the same js file to run the tables and someone might know the name of this font awesome icon that's missing or how to replace. If I knew what it was I could at least track it down that way. So far I can find where it is called from, what it is, or even how to remove it from showing it.
  15. Web Host Pro

    How do I remove the Website & Security drop down in my menu?

    Ah ha, that's why I couldn't find it, thanks!

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