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  1. Badges, we don't need any stinking badges. Sorry had to 🙂 That's prefect, thank you!
  2. Thanks for the reply! It's attached. The colored big link boxes. Pending orders, Tickets waiting, ect.. Once you click into a link the quick boxes disappear.
  3. I use the quick bar a lot and it unfortunately disappears when I'm on the support ticket page or account activation page. SO I have to click my home page logo to get back to it. Is it possible to have that available on all pages? Or maybe I'm missing something in the navigating when viewing a ticket to get back to: tickets waiting I have version 8.1.1 Also a little thing with the WHMCS admin on my IPhone S. It squishes the form content and spreads out the username in the ticket list. It's the third attached image. 8.1.1 is working really great! Thanks!
  4. Yeah, it would just be for a very few customers. Thanks, that’s awesome
  5. I have a couple customers that pay late a lot but I don't want them to be suspended. Is there a way to completely bypass suspension for a certain customer? I've tried: Disable Automatic Status Update But that does not stop the suspension when billing is past due.
  6. https://example.com/?systpl=clientx&carttpl=six This example just shows the same main template I always use. Is there a way to have this testing url go to a specific page? Like https://example.com/?systpl=clientx&carttpl=six/index2.php The reference page doesn't list how to go to a direct page or what to do if the previewing temp late still shows the main template. https://help.whmcs.com/m/customisation/l/680995-previewing-a-template Thanks,
  7. Hi, We have a customer that is worried about the the WHMCS auto login bypassing the cpPanel 2FA. Is there a way to enable 2fa when using the WHMCS auto login from WHMCS to cPanel?
  8. Hi, The images for SolusVM use the IP with SSL to load. This does not work: <img src="" alt="Traffic Graph Unavailable"> This would work: <img src="https://123.hostname.com:5656/graphs/__client/__777/_bandwidth_4b337jit67i7ac0407dd23a-06250jfir67ij0f7b6aa0d17b.png" alt="Traffic Graph Unavailable"> For both these images: Traffic Graph Unavailable HDD Graph Unavailable SSL is only installed on the hostname, so hot linking to the images on the SolusVM server through the IP will always have an error. Is there a way to link to these images from the hostname? I changed the IP to the hostname in the server settings in WHMCS, but it auto changes it back to the IP.
  9. Thanks Brian, yeah I'm trying to avoid any changes that will just be overwritten with theme and WHMCS updates. It would have to be a hook to avoid it being overwritten with updates. But thanks for thinking about it though. Maybe in the future WHMCS will allow a way to disable forced validation for checking out.
  10. Hi, I would like if possible to not have WHMCS stop people from checking out from not inputting the correct options with VPS and Dedicated servers. I would rather just fix it when activating the account. The options are confusing and can be very off-putting for new customers. Thanks! Here is the options I would like to ignore if not correctly added at sign up. Basically all of them. You must enter a hostname for your server You must enter a prefix for both nameservers You must enter your desired root password Hostname (two dots needed eg: host.domain.com) servername.yourdomain.com Root Password Name Server 1 eg: ns1 (leave out the domain name) ns1 Name Server 2 eg: ns2 (leave out the domain name) ns2
  11. Yeah I think redirecting is more common, but now I'm kind of thinking it might earn more trust with the customer, and be less likely to have any errors with just an invoice. Maybe....
  12. We have two credit card processors. One is only for existing customers and one is for new sign ups. I was wondering if we could disable a processor just in the public checkout, but still have it for existing customers that have a product. Basically disable a processor in the main checkout, then have it when adding products after the customer has a product.
  13. I normally use Automatically take the user to the invoice, just wondering which is more common and maybe some feedback on why.
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