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  1. Just working on our new site to be launched later this month! Visit and let us know what you think! Web Host Pro

  2. My onlinenic reseller account auto locks all new domains yet the lock toggle is not clicked in WHMCS. So it says not locked when it is locked. So when you try to change the lock status, it won't let you because it's not matched. Any idea how to fix this? If I could even change the locks status in WHMCS that would be better than needing to log into onlinenic and changing the lock status there to match WHMCS like I do now.
  3. We recently raised our domain price a little and was wondering how to update all the prices on the domains already registered. Obviously new domains have the new price but already purchased domains are not changed.
  4. No offence to the theme makers but non are very modern and clean which would be on par for what's high end now a days. You'll need someone to do a major customize on any prefab theme you get, which makes it's really hard to update with the changes. The struggle is real. Good luck!
  5. Just something I did recently that has helped. I added a drop down custom field with our support tickets asking if it's WordPress related. Saves from needing to ask and wait for a reply. In the options I included: Not sure,No,Yes
  6. Web Host Pro

    Red-H ; Web Hosting Services Inc.

    The page doesn't load for me here. Technical problems.
  7. Web Host Pro

    New Website & New WHMCS Theme

    That's amazing, good job! love the colors and graphics.
  8. Web Host Pro

    Can you do a search link to a FAQ hashtag?

    Wow, this one worked perfect! https://webhost.pro/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/tag/wordpress That's awesome, thanks!
  9. I would like to have a link that goes to the FAQ section and lists search results for a hashtag. Something like: https://webhost.pro/knowledgebase.php?action=search:wordpress The hashtag being: WordPress in this example. Is this possible at all?
  10. Web Host Pro

    Can I change the term Fraud to Review in WHMCS account status?

    That will do for now, thank you!
  11. Web Host Pro

    Can I change the term Fraud to Review in WHMCS account status?

    I guess I'll add a ticket, I don't think the WHMCS guys do the community 😪
  12. Web Host Pro

    Can I change the term Fraud to Review in WHMCS account status?

    The more I think about it, I would need the fraud status for other accounts that are for sure fraud. For the records. So what I would really need to do is change the MaxMind fraud checker to change the status to just Pending. Or create a new group called Review just for this reason. I can pay if someone can do this. Sounds like a possible hook could do it.
  13. Web Host Pro

    Can I change the term Fraud to Review in WHMCS account status?

    The MaxMind message was in there , thanks! Any idea how to change the status name Fraud to Review in WHMCS?
  14. I feel a lot of people get pissed when they see fraud, I think if the account status was review it would be better, Can I change this somewhere? I assume it's in the database somewhere? Also can we edit the MaxMind fraud alert error they see?
  15. I would love to have a direct icon in my WHMCS customer's product page for web hosting that opens cPanel and went directly to the icon location. For example, a Wordpress icon that open the softaculous Wordpress installer in cPanel. I added a yellow circle where I would like to add the icon on the screenshot 🙂 If there is some hard coding, do you know someone that can do it for a fee?

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