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  1. I don't know why it doesn't work. The plugin maker said to change the permissions on a file to fix it which didn't. He then said he couldn't fix it without my whmcs and ftp information which obviously I'm not going to give. I said ok we tried, can I get a refund since it doesn't work. He said no. It amazes how WHMCS lets scammers advertise on their website. Weird stuff
  2. So now the app makers of the password change plugin won't refund the payment even though it doesn't work. I've wasted hours on this and lost a new customer because WHMCS can't have a simple password change option for customers. It's insane how ridiculous things can be. Amazing
  3. This doesn't work and they will not refund you.
  4. These guys sold me a plugin that doesn't work and won't do a refund. Scammers. 

  5. So I bought the $25 plugin and it doesn't work. So now I've wasted over an hour, have a headache, and still can't change a customer's password. This is crap
  6. How can we manually change the password in phpmyadmin? This is a nightmare. Why make things harder for your customers?
  7. You really need to add this option back, people will have upset customers and or lose customers for something that should be so simple. Email is not always reliable, and can be blocked or have issues. How can you not know this?
  8. I have some old stuff in my htaccess file from an affiliate program I installed years ago. Is there a way to rebuild the htaccess file back to default? I have friendly URLS on and 301 redirects. Hoping WHMCS has a tool to rebuild the correct settings. I don't want to remove stuff that might cause an issue with WHMCS.
  9. Perfect, thanks. I just couldn't remember it.
  10. I removed the change language option but somehow a customer changed it on accident. What is the url for them to change it back to US English?
  11. Badges, we don't need any stinking badges. Sorry had to 🙂 That's prefect, thank you!
  12. Thanks for the reply! It's attached. The colored big link boxes. Pending orders, Tickets waiting, ect.. Once you click into a link the quick boxes disappear.
  13. I use the quick bar a lot and it unfortunately disappears when I'm on the support ticket page or account activation page. SO I have to click my home page logo to get back to it. Is it possible to have that available on all pages? Or maybe I'm missing something in the navigating when viewing a ticket to get back to: tickets waiting I have version 8.1.1 Also a little thing with the WHMCS admin on my IPhone S. It squishes the form content and spreads out the username in the ticket list. It's the third attached image. 8.1.1 is working really great! Thanks!
  14. Yeah, it would just be for a very few customers. Thanks, that’s awesome
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