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  1. The last thing I want to do is look at a weebly logo all day.
  2. That's what I was thinking too. Thanks!
  3. Hi, Sorry odd question here. I have a couple VPS main systems that would be great If I could see the load levels in the "Network Status" section. The issue is the servers don't have Apache. They are just used for the main VPS management system.
  4. Setting default payment term

    I would love to delete this post lol. The issue was the code &billingcycle=annually was &billingcycle=Annually I copied it from the price page in the admin. ;\
  5. Setting default payment term

    Not sure if it's too old to post here but I'm trying to do this as well and the option posted above is not there. I found this in my order.tpl <h4>Choose Payment Term</h4> <select name="billingcycle" class="form-control"> {foreach $product->pricing()->allAvailableCycles() as $pricing} <option value="{$pricing->cycle()}"{if $requestedCycle == $pricing->cycle()} selected{/if}> {if $pricing->isYearly()} {$pricing->cycleInYears()} - {$pricing->yearlyPrice()} {else} {$pricing->cycleInMonths()} - {$pricing->monthlyPrice()} {/if} </option> {/foreach} </select> I changed {$pricing->cycleInMonths()} - {$pricing->monthlyPrice()} to {$pricing->cycleInYears()} - {$pricing->yearlyPrice()} but no go. Also the &billingcycle=annually works on hosting and reseller plans but not on VPS or Dedicated. Basically if you don't choose a domain it doesn't work.
  6. Here is the thread I was trying to do:
  7. I added a hook file to try and change the title tags on each domain per a thread here. I removed the bad hook called titles.php and the site is still down with this message: Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. Please go back to the previous page and try again. The template cache folder is empty and I've tried it from multiple locations and computers. I've rebooted apache and the server and no help. Once the bad hook file is gone how can it still crash the whole system. The site is Web Host Pro Any ideas how to fix it?
  8. I found the fix, I need to manually add the customer in Stripe and add the cart type and customer code in the tbl-clients table for the customer.
  9. I added the hotfix but it's the same issue. Didn't make it worse though. It looks like the error now each time is: Invoice ID => 12345 User ID => 123 Amount => 89.91 No such customer: cus_hyu5g6u7he6 (not the real code, just an example) No such customer. I manually added the customer with Stripe but that did not help 2. I noticed the local customer Remote Gateway Token is not the same as what's in Stripe. I updated the token in phpmyadmin and sent an invoice to see if the customer can pay now. Fingers crossed.
  10. Hi, actually it says no such customer: Invoice ID => XXXX User ID => XXXX Amount => 10.99 UserID => XXX customer => XXXXX error => No such customer: XXXXXX
  11. I did the hot fix but now I get this: Capture ErrorThe capture was not successful. Please check the gateway log for more details. ------------------------------------------------------------ So I checked the log and it says the card expired. But the card is listed as expired in 2020!
  12. When trying to update a card I keep getting this error: The following errors occurred: Remote Transaction Failure. Please Contact Support. I have gotten a couple times before. This transaction was an AMEX if that matters. I'm using the latest stable version of WHMCS and most other payments go through fine. When I check stripe the transaction never makes it to their system because they have never record of it. Any idea how to trouble shoot this? Maybe an error log with more details somewhere?
  13. Hi, I just upgraded to 7.3.0 and have two issues I noticed right away. 1. When I try to insert a FAQ into a support ticket. The pop up screen just redirects to the home page when I click on a category link. 2. On my FAQ page there is double space for each category box on the right. You can see them to the right https://webhost.pro/knowledgebase.php They seems to be double the proper height.
  14. Adding an affiliate hook under the account menu?

    Oh wow sorry, i tried to search for that posting but couldn't find it so I thought it was removed. I'll contact them.
  15. Hi, I am trying to add a link tot he affiliate login page under the account menu section. Just like the log in hook for the main section. I would like it to be under the: login register lost password (Affiliate Login) Thanks for any help. I've checked the TMSecondaryNavbar.php file but can't see what to add. I tried to add this: $primaryNavbar->getChild('Company') ->addChild('Affiliate Login', array( 'uri' => 'affiliates.php', 'order' => '20', )); But it crashed the whole site. Thank you, Charles

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