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  1. Hello everyone Hope all are fine. I am facing a really strange issue in my whmcs licensing. I have installed manually whmcs on a digital ocean VPS. I have a genuine license key of whmcs. Everything is installed but when I registering my license key with whmcs it's not registering with my Server IP. Not the domain name. As a result when I go to my admin portal by using the domain name it's showing that license error. But if I go by IP address then it's working. I have reissued the license many times still same issue. I can see valid domain name in there is my IP address not the domain name. How do I solve this issue? Can someone help please? Thanks
  2. Hello everyone. Hope all are doing fine. I am trying to install whmcs latest version in Debian 11 VPS. But i can't find any guide anywhere. Is someone give me some guidance how can I install whmcs in fresh Debian 11. I want to use nginx and Mariadb. Instead of Apache and mysql. If someone have some information for me please help me Thanks
  3. Hello hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe. can someone help me with some issue. basically i have made custom modules and hooks for version7 and now i installed version 8 nothing is my v7 modules are working. what will be change in the code to get it working for V8? i have 8.3.2 this version. its two files basically. for the payment module gateway. how can i get them working? thanks a million in advance
  4. hello Brian thanks again for your kind help i have done the changes. but now i have this output i need to display Subtotal without the Credit balance of the customer. this customer has 10 euros credit. so i need to see the subtotal 110 euros then credit will be minus and total due is 100 euros any idea what can i do? thanks a billion
  5. hello everyone. hope all are doing fine. can some one help me with correct my tpl file for the pdf invoice. basically what i am looking for is.... my product price is 55 euros which is included TAX . my tax rate is 21% so my product real price is 45.45 euros and 9.55 is TAX at the moment its showing like this which is accurate i know. but i want to hide that line 21.00% VAT from this pdf all i want it too looks like i dont want to remove the functionality just i want to hide the TAX thing from the invoicepdf here is my code <?php # Logo $logoFilename = 'placeholder.png'; if (file_exists(ROOTDIR . '/assets/img/logo.png')) { $logoFilename = 'logo.png'; } elseif (file_exists(ROOTDIR . '/assets/img/logo.jpg')) { $logoFilename = 'logo.jpg'; } $pdf->Ln(5); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, 'B', 15); $pdf->SetFillColor(255); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, '', 16); $pdf->Cell(100, 6, "My Bill Summary", 0, 1, 'L', '1'); $pdf->Image(ROOTDIR . '/assets/img/' . $logoFilename, 120, 25, 75); # Company Details $pdf->SetXY(15, 70); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, '', 13); foreach ($companyaddress as $addressLine) { $pdf->Cell(180, 4, trim($addressLine), 0, 1, 'R'); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, '', 9); } if ($taxCode) { $pdf->Cell(180, 4, $taxIdLabel . ': ' . trim($taxCode), 0, 1, 'R'); } $pdf->Ln(5); # Clients Details $pdf->SetXY(15, 70); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, 'B', 10); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, 'B', 14); if ($clientsdetails["companyname"]) { $pdf->Cell(0, 4, $clientsdetails["companyname"], 0, 1, 'L'); $pdf->Cell(0, 4, Lang::trans('invoicesattn') . ': ' . $clientsdetails["firstname"] . ' ' . $clientsdetails["lastname"], 0, 1, 'L'); } else { $pdf->Cell(0, 4, $clientsdetails["firstname"] . " " . $clientsdetails["lastname"], 0, 1, 'L'); } $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, '', 12); $pdf->Cell(0, 4, $clientsdetails["address1"], 0, 1, 'L'); if ($clientsdetails["address2"]) { $pdf->Cell(0, 4, $clientsdetails["address2"], 0, 1, 'L'); } $pdf->Cell(0, 4, $clientsdetails["city"] . ", " . $clientsdetails["postcode"], 0, 1, 'L'); $pdf->Cell(0, 4, $clientsdetails["country"], 0, 1, 'L'); if (array_key_exists('tax_id', $clientsdetails) && $clientsdetails['tax_id']) { $pdf->Cell(0, 4, $taxIdLabel . ': ' . $clientsdetails['tax_id'], 0, 1, 'L'); } $pdf->Ln(5); $pdf->Ln(5); $pdf->Ln(5); # Header Bar /** * Invoice header * * You can optionally define a header/footer in a way that is repeated across page breaks. * For more information, see http://docs.whmcs.com/PDF_Invoice#Header.2FFooter */ $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, 'B', 15); $pdf->SetFillColor(239); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, '', 12); if ($customfields) { foreach ($customfields as $customfield) { $pdf->Cell(75, 6, $customfield['fieldname'] . ' ' . $customfield['value'], 0, 1, 'L', '1'); } } $pdf->Cell(75, 6, "Invoice Number " . ' ' . $invoiceid, 0, 1, 'L', '1'); $pdf->Cell(75, 6, "Bill Issue Date" . ' ' . $datecreated, 0, 1, 'L', '1'); $pdf->Cell(75, 6, "Payment Method" . ' ' . $paymentmethod, 0, 1, 'L', '1'); $pdf->Ln(10); $startpage = $pdf->GetPage(); # Invoice Items $tblhtml = '<table width="85%" bgcolor="#ccc" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" border="0"> <tr height="30" bgcolor="#efefef" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:center;"> <td width="80%">' . Lang::trans('invoicesdescription') . '</td> <td width="20%">' . Lang::trans('quotelinetotal') . '</td> </tr>'; foreach ($invoiceitems as $item) { $tblhtml .= ' <tr bgcolor="#fff"> <td align="left">' . nl2br($item['description']) . '<br /></td> <td align="center">' . $item['amount'] . '</td> </tr>'; } $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#efefef" style="font-weight:bold;"> <td align="right">' . Lang::trans('invoicessubtotal') . '</td> <td align="center">' . $subtotal . '</td> </tr>'; if ($taxname) { $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#efefef" style="font-weight:bold;"> <td align="right">' . $taxrate . '% ' . $taxname . '</td> <td align="center">' . $tax . '</td> </tr>'; } if ($taxname2) { $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#efefef" style="font-weight:bold;"> <td align="right">' . $taxrate2 . '% ' . $taxname2 . '</td> <td align="center">' . $tax2 . '</td> </tr>'; } $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#efefef" style="font-weight:bold;"> <td align="right">' . Lang::trans('invoicescredit') . '</td> <td align="center">' . $credit . '</td> </tr> <tr height="30" bgcolor="#efefef" style="font-weight:bold;font-size:16px;"> <td align="right">' . "Total Amount Due" . '</td> <td align="center">' . $total . '</td> </tr> </table>'; $pdf->writeHTML($tblhtml, true, false, false, false, ''); $pdf->Ln(5); $html = "<h2 style=\"color:red;\">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Please pay by ${duedate} </h2>"; $pdf->writeHTML($html, true, false, false, false, ''); $pdf->Ln(10); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, 'B', 15); $pdf->SetFillColor(239); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, '', 10); $pdf->Cell(125, 6, "Failure to pay your account in full may result in loss of service.", 0, 1, 'L', '1'); $pdf->Cell(125, 6, "Reactivation of your service could take up to 7 days and will incur a fee. ", 0, 1, 'L', '1'); $pdf->Ln(10); # Notes if ($notes) { $pdf->Ln(5); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, '', 8); $pdf->MultiCell(170, 5, Lang::trans('invoicesnotes') . ': ' . $notes); } /** * Invoice footer */ can someone please help me in this issue.. i really need to solve it Thanks a million in advnace
  6. hello members. happy new year. i came up today with a very important question. i am using whmcs for my ISP. currently only selling broadband to residential customer. so i put in automation >>billing settinggs ..14 days. which is working perfect no problem i am going to add a phone service with the broadband too. so the broadband and phone bill will be together in one invoice. so for example customer billing start at 8th of August. so as per current system its generate invoice on 26th of July which is 14 days but when i will be start the phone service i need to generate the invoice on the same day service expired because i need to add the phone usage bill from the previous month so plan is customer will get the invoice on 8th of the August even its his date expired. and he have 7 days to make payment of the bill. and if he dont pay within 7 days his service will be suspended on the 8th of the day so what value i should put instead of 14 days in the automation settings? 0 ? because i want he get the email invoice the day his line going to be expire i can't do any test as its on live sytem so please someone help me with guide thanks a million
  7. Hello everyone. greetings from me again. i need to print out monthly sales report to submit tax office and the way whmcs sales tax liability report print its not possible to submit. there is no company name showing and also we dont work with clients name so i dont need to show the client name in the report. also after print out the report it showing in the top the whole whmcs admin link and whmcs printer friendly report. is there any chance i can customize the pdf report? like the way we customize the pdf invoice Hope someone can help me on this issue Thanks again
  8. thanks brian for this help. i was thinking to delete the whole invoice... completely remove each data from the system so then i can generate new invoice for the client. but found its not possible with whmcs thanks again brian
  9. Hello everyone. how are you? i need some expert help for my whmcs. basically i have setup a product with billing cycle quarterly with price of 150 euros. the customer used that for almost 2 and half months. now system generate an invoice for 150 euros again for the next 3 months. and now customer rang me and said he would like to go for monthly payment which is 55 a month. problem is invoice is generated and if i cancel the invoice system will not be generating any more invoice for him. so what can i do now? i need to remove or cancel that 3 months invoice and generate him a monthly invoice can someone please help with some idea. i am sure lot of people face this issue before Thanks very much in advance for reading my post
  10. hello members, hope all are fine. i have just installed fresh whmcs latest version and i am missing the login to cpanel button from the action menu on client area. any idea why? can someone help with the issue? Kind Regards Mahim
  11. hello thanks for reading my text. i have whmcs latest version and what is the issue is i can see the cron not generating the monthly invoice. i have a customer who have an active product due at 08/08/2020 but i cant understand why the cron is not generating the invoice when its suppose to be generate 14 days earlier. but if i click on the customer dashboard generate due invoice i can see system create the invoice for that client. so can someone guide me what can be issue?? i can see in the logs but i can't find any issue at all 😞 dont know what to do just to let you know i have customized pdf invoice . is that giving any issue? thanks a million in advance. please stay safe
  12. Hello Everyone. hope all are fine. can someone help me to modify this code a little so i can achieved what i am looking for. basically i have hook file for a client custom field. what the hook does is when i create a new customer its create a random 8 digit number for the custom field Account Number. its fine until now but the problem is 1. This hook doesn't check the existing value in the database , so there is chance to create the duplicate account number and we cant allocate same account for two customer. 2. once the Account created and we have the account number then any admin or staff can modify the client details form and easily change the account number. and this is another dangerous point. we cant change the account number for any customer. once we create the customer we will have permanent account number for that customer. so what can i do in this case with this hook? i have given the code in here. thanks again in advance <?php use Carbon\Carbon; if (!defined("WHMCS")) die("This file cannot be accessed directly"); function AccountNumber($vars) { $userid = $vars['userid']; $command = 'UpdateClient'; $values = array( 'clientid' => $userid, 'customfields' => base64_encode(serialize(['Account Number'=>rand(11111111,99999999)])) ); $results = localAPI($command, $values); if ($results['result'] == 'success') { logActivity('Success : Customer ID set successfully to User # '.$userid); } else { logActivity('Error : Customer ID could not be set to User # '.$userid.'. Response : '.$results['result']); } } add_hook("ClientAdd",1,"AccountNumber");
  13. hello old post freshen up again. did someone found the way to work with this? i am having same issue with my .com.bd domain so may be someone have idea what to do? thanks
  14. Hello everyone Can you help me something on this please. In my invoice list I have changed the button name from Unpaid to Make-Payment. Because what I want is when my customer click on this make payment button it will be take them direct to payment page instead of viewinvoice page.. Because I have put a button to download the pdf invoice so my customer can download the pdf invoice if they want to see it. But I really need to skip the viewinvoice page. So if I have PayPal as a payment method for that invoice then when client click on that Make-Payment button it will be take them to PayPal directly. Can someone help me with the code in the template file. Thanks a million in advance Please see the current invoice list page
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