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Found 97 results

  1. A new update of our Vmware module is released. the new 2.0.4 version is available to download. Whats New! New Feature: Now you can choose network adapter on which you want to create the new VM. Bugs Fixed: Delete IP from IP pool - Fixed - You can now easily delete IP's from IP Pool Checkout the module at: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/vmware-whmcs-module/
  2. Uptime Robot is one of the best uptime monitoring service’s which monitor website uptime from more than 10 locations. Even thought the main monitoring location is at USA – Dallas, it does have nodes in different countries. With the free account, you can monitor up to 50 websites (or “monitors” as called by Uptime Monitor) with five-minute interval between checks. If you want more monitors or lesser time intervals, you need to purchase their PRO plan. If the service finds any downtime, then it will alert you by emails. The Uptime Robot module for WHMCS will give you the ability to sell monitors to your clients with tons of features listed below Admin Features Setup number of monitors and number of interval for each product Create, suspend, unsuspend, terminate and change package for each product View all used and unused monitors form module dashboard View all up,down,paused monitors form module dashboard View all monitors events form module dashboard View all monitors products View monitor details view last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and all time Status View all alert contacts View a client alert contacts View and edit alert contacts email templates Client Features Create, edit and delete alert contacts Create, edit and delete monitors Update and cancel products Monitors HTTP,HTTPS,port,custom port,ping and keyword start,paused and disable monitors Select alert contacts for each monitor View his used and unused monitors form product dashboard View his up,down,paused monitors form product dashboard View his monitors events form product dashboard View monitor details view last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and all time Status View the product Page View all our works and Products
  3. Mercury is a revolution for WHMCS, a feature-rich platform designed to simplify user interaction. You can manage News, Docs, Changelog, Development and much more, in one place, quickly and intuitively. Discover / Purchase » Start spreading the News! Mercury provides you with a News section to communicate with your customers. Everything is perfectly integrated, with as many as 3 widgets available. Thanks to the author profile, signature, role and profile image are customizable by each administrator Scheduled automated publishing tool You will easily manage the creation and publication of news and establish a link with your readers. Documentation A Docs section always available to show your customers the features and the use of products and make learning faster. Each product is a category General categories for articles not concerning specific products Anchor navigation within the articles By providing detailed documentation, you will be able to simplify and streamline ticket support. Your customers will find most of the information they need here. Welcome to the Lab! Lab is a new concept. A meeting point where customers actively participate in product development. Make a request for a Feature or a Bug-fix in a few steps Get and organize customer feedback in a snap Rating system to rate existing features Dedicated widgets available, for a perfect integration Now you can focus on important things. Thanks to the ranking algorithm you will immediately know which features are most interesting for your users. A small revolution in your development model. Changelog? Done With Mercury comes one more big news. You can show everyone the evolution of your projects and inform customers about changes in your releases. Each release will have an associated changelog Real-time changelog creation interface Ability to add images to the changelog Intuitive and accessible frontend template, with dedicated widget Finally the changelog is gonna be quick to write and very easy to browse. Your control center Given the large number of features, you need a place to keep everything under control. The Dashboard is designed for this, Mercury at a glance. For each section, display what require your attention Add and organize notes on the fly directly in the to-do list The Dashboard is your starting point, an overview of what's going on and a quick access point for all of the Mercury sections. SEO Mercury automatically manages URL rewriting for News, Documentation, Lab and Changelogs to consolidate your presence on the web. Locale specific Friendly URL Safe from duplicate content Proper use of canonical URL We took care of everything even of the maleficent Black Hat SEO techniques implementing features that automatically detects and nullify these activities. Katamaze technology Mercury includes a number of proprietary technologies that enhance the user experience for both the administrator and visitors. SorTables for displaying data Multilingual content with HereLang Optimal data entry with MagicInput Discover / Purchase » Screenshots - Click to expand Discover / Purchase »
  4. I see this in Setup > Addon Modules. I use MailChimp; is it safe to delete the legacy module and am I correct in thinking it's the one shown in module/addons/admin? Cheers
  5. iRedMail Reseller WHMCS Module allows your to resell email services from the iRedMail. Benefits to your Clients: Clients can add new email address. Clients can add catch-all address. You can also manage your created email accounts like Clients can change password of account. Clients can add forward email address of web mail account. Clients can enable/disable web mail account. Clients can delete unnecessary web mail account. Admin Area Feature Admin can create Account Admin can suspend Account Admin can unsuspend Account Admin can terminate Account To know more about the module, visit: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/iredmail-for-whmcs/
  6. PreMadeKB Released v1.1 - WHMCS Gift Card Module which can allow you to Create/Sell Gift Card with many features you may need to gain customer. Screenshot: - Admin Area - Gift Card Menu - Add Coupon (By Admin) - New Customer Can Redeem Coupon Price: $20/Year - Leased Owned: $199 (Free Lifetime Update/Support, We need loyal customer so do not charge upgrade/etc fees.) Full Info & Order Link (Instant Setup) Interesting Feature: New Client can redeem coupon but can't use it unless they do at lest 1 minimum transaction like Digitalocean gift code system. Your client will be need to do at lest 1 transaction like add fund or buy any product then can redeem coupon however existing customer can redeem it who made at lest 1 transaction. Features: An admin can create a Gift card from the Admin Area. An admin can remove a Gift card. An admin can view active gift codes. An admin can see the coupon used from Client Profile >> Edit Profile or by logging as client and editing the profile. An admin can see the coupon used from Client >> Redeem Gift Card. The same gift code can be used unlimited times by your different different client unless you remove your Gift card. An admin can add a Gift card as a Product and sell it (it is fully automated). An admin can create two types of Gift codes. By default, he can create a one-time use only Gift code that will expire after the first use and if he selects the "Unlimited" option, it can be used by many customers and will not expire unless he removes it from the Gift Card Admin Section. However, a single customer can only use a Gift code one time. An admin can customize a template of Gift Cards from the WHMCS Email Template Section. An admin can hide the "Buy Gift Card" link. Client A client can apply a Gift code while placing an order. A client can apply a Gift code while creating a new account. A client can Redeem a Gift Code from Redeem Gift Code. He would need to loginto view this menu. Can purchase a Gift Card. A client can view the status of code used by him/her from the Redeem Gift Code Page. If a client purchases a Gift Card, it will be automatically added to the "Redeem Gift Card" page and an email will a Gift Code will be sent to their email also. New customers can redeem a Gift Card while placing an order or using the Redeem Gift Code page but can't use Gift Card Funds unless they purchase a product, add funds or make a transaction. What it means is that a customer must create at least 1 transaction using any available payment method. Buy Gift Card Option is Available, Fully Automated. You can sell it at your price and also set value of Gift Code. Installation is so easy, We have added a PDF with step by step instruction and soon video tutorial and demo will be available.
  7. We have launched our new module for all WHMCS users "Account Statement WHMCS Module". Now you can allow your customers to download their custom account statements from the client area only. How Account Statement WHMCS Module helps Web hosting companies? Avoid repetitive accounts statement requests from your customers by allowing them to download their account statement for the desired time frame via their account panel. Admin can send Bulk Account Statements to their customers by selecting a specific time frame provided in the backend. Admin can schedule auto account statements via email to all their customers monthly, quarterly, annually or on a specific day. Admin can easily manage the fonts, paper size of the account statement PDF from the backend admin panel. Admin can now set the type of invoice (whether paid or unpaid) that he/she wants to show to the customers via account statement. Find out more at: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4517
  8. Get flat 50% OFF on all modules with Annual subscriptions from WHMCS Global Services. Waiting for what? Grab this offer today! Use Coupon Code: INDEPENDENCE50 Purchase your Modules at: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/user/wgmcsglobalservices/products
  9. We have successful launched Alipay Cross Border Payment Gateway Module for WHMCS users. Now you can easily accept payments from your customers reciting in China. To know more about the plugin, visit: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4537
  10. G'Day all, I've written a provisioning module which appears to cause WHMCS to freeze when you exit the module_CreateAccount() function, either manually in the admin screen but more importantly, when you make a payment for the product and WHMCS automatically runs module_CreateAccount() I log everything and my modules create function is returning "success" so the issue appears to be AFTER the module exits back to WHMCS. Is WHMCS expecting something else to occur AFTER the CreateAccount method exits? Sid
  11. Title says it all. How do I get system url in a variable inside a module I am developing?
  12. Curious to see if anyone else has tried using the new provisioning module capabilities associated with a product addon (not a product). The standard provisioning actions like create/terminate are working just fine. But I'm trying to create a button that opens a custom page with a custom page template and I can't seem to get the code right -- it always just loads the product's page rather than my custom page. Here's the relevant code: function module_domainreports(array $params){ return array( 'pagetitle' => 'Domain Reports', 'templatefile' => 'domainreports', 'vars' => array( 'test1' => 'hello', 'test2' => 'world', ), ); } function module_ClientAreaAllowedFunctions() { return array( "Domain Reports" => "domainreports", ); } function module_ClientArea(array $params) { return ' <form method="get" action="clientarea.php"> <input type="hidden" name="action" value="productdetails" /> <input type="hidden" name="id" value="' . $params['serviceid'] . '" /> <input type="hidden" name="modop" value="custom" /> <input type="hidden" name="a" value="domainreports" /> <button type="submit">View Reports</button> </form>'; } I do have a domainreports.tpl file in my module dir. It's got a single line of text in it. Am I simply doing it wrong?
  13. The module just gives this error when I click it in the addons section addon Lara Fraud. When I click on the addon Lara Fraud Control i get There is no admin output for this module It also does not seem to work. It's supposed to move fraud orders to a new section and well it does the same as if the addon was not there.
  14. The popularity of Plesk has been continuously growing since 2016 - especially among WHMCS users. Having this undeniable fact in mind we could have not acted otherwise than to exploit the full potential of this marvelous control panel. In a nutshell, our module will let you automate the provisioning of web hosting accounts and supply your clients with a whole range of tools for their proficient handling right inside your WHMCS system! We will not elaborate on all the changes introduced in the new Plesk Extended For WHMCS 2.8.0 module in detail because this post would have been way to extensive but we will focus on some of the key changes like: Application Auto Installer - allow your clients to choose an application that will be installed upon web hosting account creation Backups - enable your customers to create, schedule, manage and download backups Spam Filter - simple, remote management of SpamAssassin rules Find Out More About Plesk Extended For WHMCS 2.8.0! Make sure you upload and activate our completely free ModulesGarden Widget For WHMCS and grab your 20% promo code for the module hidden inside! /// Keep track of our modules that are already compatible with the latest WHMCS V7.2! Read More At Our Daily Updated Thread! /// Recently we have also released: Quotes Automation For WHMCS - v1.2.4 Do You Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  15. Most of entrepreneurs understand the great significance of clear communication - not only in business. Nowadays, it does not surprise anyone that communication between service provider and customer should not only be fully comprehensible, but also lightning-fast and well-tailored to the needs of the recipient. Having all these in mind, we have improved one of our products which is an indispensable part of successful communication between you and your clients. With the latest SMS Center For WHMCS 2.2.0 you will be able to improve your control over new orders, explore the possibilities of one more SMS gateway, customize your two-factor authentication and more! The best moment to improve the communication with your staff members and beloved clients is now! Delve Into The Latest SMS Center For WHMCS! Recently we have also released: EURid Registrar For WHMCS – v1.1.6 with support for the latest API! Do You Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  16. M-BIT Hosting quota notification module will send an "Disk Quota Warning" e-mail to your customers if their hosting plan disk usage reaches a certain percentage. You have the option to set the percentage limit that will trigger the notification and you can choose how often to repeat that message. It's a simple module but it's quite handy. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Would you like to know more? » Read more about the Hosting quota notification module Do you have questions about the module? » Contact us
  17. The best just got better! We are filled with immense pride to announce a next milestone in the 3rd generation of world's best solution for products and services reselling in WHMCS - Resellers Center For WHMCS 3.1.0b! With the latest version of our module you will be able not only to offer two different models for collecting payments from end clients but also to fully empower your resellers to make the most of their business through your dedicated Reseller Area. Are you ready to redefine reselling in your business? Are you ready for a real game changer? Learn More About The Next Generation Of Reselling! Supposedly, the latest PHP 7 is way more efficient than its predecessor and if combined with neat optimization - guarantees amazing results. Can a piece of software work even two times faster than before with the latest PHP support on board? Time To Find Out! Do You Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  18. ModulesGarden Support Tickets Limiter For WHMCS is a module that will come in handy for every WHMCS admin. It will allow you to control the access to your support and charge fees for creating tickets in certain departments. With Support Tickets Limiter For WHMCS you will be able to sell products and addons containing support credit points used for creating support tickets in specified departments. The module allows to set different prices for opening tickets dependent on chosen departments and even ticket priority. For instance, your clients will be able to order your product along with product addon containing certain amount of credits allowing to create 5 general tickets with medium priority or 3 tech tickets with high priority. That is just a simple example. How will you use the module in your business? Module Features: Add Support Credit Points Upon Ordering A Product Or A Product Addon According To Defined Rules Remove Support Credit Points Upon Ticket Creation Block Possibility To Create A Ticket When Client Has Insufficient Amount Of Support Credit Points Support Credit Points Stored Per Department - Support Credit Points From One Department Cannot Be Spent On Another One Admin Area Features: Define Required Points To Open A Ticket Depending On Department And Ticket Status Create/Edit/Remove Rules Enable/Disable Rules View Support Credit Points Owned By Clients Modify Amount Of Support Credit Points Owned By Clients Client Area Features: View Currently Owned Support Credit Points Per Department View Support Credit Points Required To Open Selected Ticket Rule Configuration: Rule Name Type Of Rule - Product, Product Group Or Product Addon Items Upon Ordering Which Support Credit Points Are Added Support Department - Define For Which Support Departments Support Credit Points Should Be Added Rule Billing Type - Support Credit Points Will Be Added To Client's Account At Each Billing Cycle Or Only Once Amount Of Support Credit Points To Be Added Rule Status Additionally: Multi-Language Support Supports WHMCS V5 and Later Are You Interested? ♦ Order Support Tickets Limiter For WHMCS Now! Do You Need More Information? ♦ Read More About Support Tickets Limiter For WHMCS Are You Looking For Complete Documentation? ♦ Visit Support Tickets Limiter For WHMCS Wiki Do You Want Us To Install And Configure The Module For You? ♦ Tick 'Support Tickets Limiter Installation Service' Field While Ordering The Product Check Out Also Our Other Products: ♦ Multibrand For WHMCS ♦ Rackspace Cloud Servers For WHMCS ♦ cPanel Manage2 For WHMCS ♦ DNS Manager For WHMCS ♦ cPanel Extended For WHMCS ♦ Rackspace Email For WHMCS ♦ Rackspace Email Extended For WHMCS ♦ Advanced Billing For WHMCS ♦ WWD GoDaddy Domains For WHMCS ♦ DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS ♦ Google Apps For WHMCS ♦ Parallels Plesk Panel Extended For WHMCS ♦ Zimbra Email For WHMCS ♦ cPanel Pack For WHMCS ♦ Zendesk For WHMCS ♦ Resellers Center For WHMCS ♦ Liquid Web For WHMCS ♦ Liquid Web Load Balancer For WHMCS ♦ Storm On Demand For WHMCS ♦ Storm On Demand Load Balancer For WHMCS ♦ Storm Servers Billing For WHMCS ♦ SolusVM Extended VPS For WHMCS ♦ SolusVM Extended Cloud For WHMCS ♦ SolusVM Extended Reseller For WHMCS ♦ eNom Email For WHMCS ♦ Proxmox VPS For WHMCS ♦ Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS ♦ MX Registrar For WHMCS ♦ NIC IT Registrar For WHMCS ♦ IP Manager For WHMCS ♦ Domains Reseller For WHMCS ♦ Parallels Cloud Server For WHMCS ♦ Proxmox Cloud For WHMCS ♦ Hosting Renewals For WHMCS ♦ Report Generator For WHMCS ♦ Password Manager For WHMCS ♦ Product Linker For WHMCS ♦ DirectAdmin Licenses For WHMCS ♦ Parallels Key Administrator For WHMCS ♦ Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS ♦ Name.com Registrar For WHMCS ♦ DMCA.com For WHMCS ♦ EURid Registrar For WHMCS ♦ Liquid Web Private Parent For WHMCS ♦ Storm On Demand Private Parent For WHMCS ♦ Rage4 For cPanel ♦ Unban Center For WHMCS ♦ OpenStack VPS For WHMCS ♦ Asterisk VoIP Center For WHMCS ♦ Team & Task Organizer For Magento ♦ SoftLayer For WHMCS ♦ GPN DATA For Magento ♦ Advanced Synchronization For WHMCS ♦ Server Switcher For WHMCS ♦ Time Tracking Center For WHMCS Coming Next: WebsitePanel Extended For WHMCS Interspire For WHMCS Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS 2.0 Advanced Synchronization For WHMCS 1.5 CRM For WHMCS Multibrand For WHMCS 1.5 Domains Reseller For WHMCS 1.5 Autoscaling For WHMCS Would you like to know more about the upcoming modules? Ask on our Forums! Do You Need Custom Software Development? Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create adequate addon, entirely new module or even a complete system! We can advise how to solve your problems or propose an optimal solution for your business. ♦ Contact Us Today! We will send you the quote, ETA and more details within 24-48 hours. For more information about our promotions, products and company activity visit our Forums, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube ! ♦ Forums ♦ Blog ♦ Facebook ♦ Twitter ♦ Google+ ♦ YouTube
  19. hello i'm trying to accept an order as a test on whmcs but i get this error everytime. i've tried to clean database orders and try again, but it didn't work. "0 order(s) accepted successfully, but 1 order(s) failed (Order Number(s): 4). See the Activity Log for more information: System Activity Log" In system activity log: "Module Create Failed - Service ID: 4 - Error: (XID edavn3) The domain “hgghfghh.net” already exists in the Apache configuration."
  20. So, I've been looking into this a little bit... Diving into it. The "fraud" module is kind of laid out like a module. Noticed the following functions: getConfigArray() return configarray() doFraudCheck($params) return results() getResultsArray($results) resultarray() When I configured the getConfigArray() and setup the array as such: function getConfigArray() { $configarray = array( "Enable" => array( "Type" => "yesno", "Description" => "Tick to enable My Fraud Module" ), ); return $configarray; } //end configArray when I select the fraud module from the list, it wont display the option. Any help?
  21. The wooden box with a slot in the top is no longer going to be the single source of truth for companies. Companies have always had some type of customer suggestion box at their place of business. Nowadays, with the rise of social media, these little boxes almost seem silly: does anyone fill these out anymore? With customer suggestion module for WHMCS, you can implement a customer suggestion box within minutes and start collecting suggestions from your customers in an instant. These suggestions can also be solicited from customers and be used to improve and optimize a business for success. Features 3 type of suggestion buttons Suggestion description for widget Option type ex. Idea, Problem, Product, Praice jquery lightbox for sending suggestion Admin view and manage suggestion View the product Page View all our works and Products
  22. Manage the WHMCS admin dashboard with your favorite widgets and customize their window appearance. Widget Manager module is a single click place for all the widgets of your WHMCS to get them on your dashboard. Widget Manager helps you to place and manage your widgets to your WHMCS admin dashboard and forms easy access. This widget manager lets you customize the WHMCS admin dashboard widgets. You can customize the widget window for its title, description, permission, display order etc. Features Change widget title Change widget description Change widget permission Change widget columns Change widget wrapper Change widget display order Disable the widget View the product Page View all our works and Products
  23. Login with social media is a WHMCS addon module that allows your clients to register and login with their social media accounts. This WHMCS addon module seamlessly integrates with your existing registration system so that your clients don't have to start from scratch. It helps increasing your WHMCS Clients registration rate by simplifying the registration process for new clients and provides permission-based social data retrieved from the social media profiles. Your existing clients can furthermore connect their account to one or more social media and can then use these social media accounts to login without having to remember another username/password combination. Features Facebook Login Google Plus Login Twitter Login Linkedin Login Register new account with social media Login to account with social media Connect account with social media No monthly fees Unlimited clients Independent on library View list for all connected accounts custom buttons View the product Page View all our works and Products
  24. Client activity notification module for WHMCS will power up your system with 8 new notification email templates to send admin and client any activity happens on the client area. So if the any client register on WHMCS an email will be sent to the authorized admin. As you know if any client changes his details a notification email will only be sent to admin but with the client activity notification module if the client change his details the admin and client will receive a notification email for change client details. From module settings you can authorized admin who will receive the activity notification emails and check/uncheck any notification email you and client want to receive the client also have the ability to check/uncheck his own notification emails from the client area and see all the activity log for his account. Features Administrator permission you can set who can receive notification emails Administrator can receive client register notification email Administrator can receive client change password notification email Administrator can receive client login notification email Administrator can receive client failed login notification email Administrator can check/uncheck any of the notification email to be send or not send to admins Administrator can prune activity notification logs from module settings Administrator can view a list of all the client activities Administrator can check/uncheck authorize any of the notification email for clients Client can receive client change details notification email Client can receive client change password notification email Client can receive client login notification email Client can receive client failed login notification email Client can check/uncheck any of the notification email to be sent to him Client can view a list of all his activities log View the product PageView all our works and Products
  25. I am developing an addon module, and it also uses a hooks.php file. I have two hooks: AdminAreaFooterOutput and AdminAreaHeadOutput. My module also includes a lang/english.php file, and I have that working for the main part of my module, now i need to get it working for the hooks file. I have searched the forums and have found many posts relating to the use of Lang::trans. However, in pretty much all cases it says the language string needs to be added to the Language Overrides files. Since this is a module, I'd like it to work without needing any modifications to the main language overrides files. I would rather use the language files distributed with my module for this purpose. So how can I use the text strings from my module/lang/ folder in my hooks.php file?

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