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  1. What is suspend client account? The suspend client account module for WHMCS was created to ensure that admin can have better control over the client account for violation the policies or terms of service. In the new suspend client account module, WHMCS will have a new option beside the close account and delete account options. With this module, admin will be able to suspend and set client account for auto termination. Once the suspension has been approved, the client will receive a warning notification and will then finally automatically be suspended. The timeline for when these notifications gets sent out, as well as when the actual suspension takes place, can be set up under the client profile section. After the client has been suspended, you will have the option to pause their suspension (unsuspend the client). This will allow time for the client to make changes and send the proof of fixing the violation. When the time limit has been reached and the client has not made any changes to fix the violation, the client account will be deleted or closed depends on the setting you setup. Please note that when the client account is suspended, that the billing will not be stopped. In other words, even though the account is suspended, the client will receive their monthly invoice. Why do you need suspend client account module? If you fell that your clients do not follow the website policies, terms of service or there is suspicious activity in client account like logged in from another country or using a VPN. You need to act and suspense the client account and send the client a warning notification. You know that WHMCS have only 2 options in client profile and they are close account and delete account and they are not a good solution for this kind of situation. How it works? After activating the suspend client account you can configure the module to suit your needs by going to configuration and select the type of suspension also you can set account termination type and enter the number of days for closing or deleting the client account if suspended. You also can select the support department you want the client to contact support. From the reason messages section, you can create unlimited suspension messages or edit the existing one to use them within the module. By going to the client profile section and looking at the other actions menu, you will see suspend client account added to the menu by clicking on the link you will have the option to select a reason for suspending the account or enter a custom reason message also you can send email notification to the client about suspending the account. Features 3 types of suspension Logout the client if he tries to click any link 2 types of account termination Set the number of days for account termination Set the support department Suspend account reason message List suspended accounts Email notification For more details and screenshot visit the product page https://www.hardsoftcode.com/products.php?p=product&a=suspend-client-account
  2. Hello all, I was testing my licensing addon, and i deleted the product associated with a assigned license. It was removed from the test client portal, but now under addons>license manager, i have a license i cant remove since there is no remove/delete button. Am i missing something or is there another step i must do to remove the inactive license ? Thanks for your time, BOF
  3. WHMCS Addon - Staff Knowledgebase ################### Knowledgebases are great for storing and sharing information, how to guides, company information, basic server layouts, etc, but some articles should not be available to the public. With the staff knowledgebase addon module for WHMCS, you are able to keep your internal KB articles separate and private from your public WHMCS knowledgebase. No need for hidden but still publicly available categories as there is no client side access to the articles in this knowledgebase. Features: Categories – organize all your articles in to buckets Sub categories – buckets within buckets Articles can be assigned to multiple categories Parent articles – have an article that extends another article? The parent article links one article to another and the parent article is shown on “child” article’s page. Uses the same text editor as the native WHMCS knowledgebase, which allows you to setup lists, bold text, or increase font sizes without using html markup. No client side access Search keywords in the body or title of the articles with partial or exact matches on keywords Requires: WHMCS 7.6+ and works with 8.0+ PHP 7.2 and above Don’t delay, get KBing today! WHMCS Marketplace Listing: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4767-whmcs-staff-knowledgebase
  4. When clients sign up for your services, you may use configurable options to customize their services. Those options show up within the WHMCS cart's product configuration page. Sometimes it isn't clear what a configurable option is for based on the label. With this module, you can now add descriptions to configurable options so visitors have as much info as they need. You can even hide inputs on the product configuration page in the cart. Order now: $25 / yearly | View on the Marketplace Features Add descriptions to configurable options for visitors to see Hide inputs within the product configuration page in the cart Descriptions are displayed within: A tooltip that is shown when the input is hovered over A specified class - such as the bootstrap alert classes or any other CSS class Resize input containers to make those inputs larger or smaller - based on the input's container Input options can apply to all products or specific products
  5. Hi All First of all, I cannot locate any hook that is triggered upon changing a Client's Ownership. UserEdit is fired but seemingly BEFORE the User is assigned the Client, and no Client details are passed to the hook (I access them directly via de DB). Any suggestions on how to trap this event? Thank you in advance.
  6. Mercury is a revolution for WHMCS, a feature-rich platform designed to simplify user interaction. You can manage News, Docs, Changelog, Development and much more, in one place, quickly and intuitively. Discover / Purchase » Start spreading the News! Mercury provides you with a News section to communicate with your customers. Everything is perfectly integrated, with as many as 3 widgets available. Thanks to the author profile, signature, role and profile image are customizable by each administrator Scheduled automated publishing tool You will easily manage the creation and publication of news and establish a link with your readers. Documentation A Docs section always available to show your customers the features and the use of products and make learning faster. Each product is a category General categories for articles not concerning specific products Anchor navigation within the articles By providing detailed documentation, you will be able to simplify and streamline ticket support. Your customers will find most of the information they need here. Welcome to the Lab! Lab is a new concept. A meeting point where customers actively participate in product development. Make a request for a Feature or a Bug-fix in a few steps Get and organize customer feedback in a snap Rating system to rate existing features Dedicated widgets available, for a perfect integration Now you can focus on important things. Thanks to the ranking algorithm you will immediately know which features are most interesting for your users. A small revolution in your development model. Changelog? Done With Mercury comes one more big news. You can show everyone the evolution of your projects and inform customers about changes in your releases. Each release will have an associated changelog Real-time changelog creation interface Ability to add images to the changelog Intuitive and accessible frontend template, with dedicated widget Finally the changelog is gonna be quick to write and very easy to browse. Your control center Given the large number of features, you need a place to keep everything under control. The Dashboard is designed for this, Mercury at a glance. For each section, display what require your attention Add and organize notes on the fly directly in the to-do list The Dashboard is your starting point, an overview of what's going on and a quick access point for all of the Mercury sections. SEO Mercury automatically manages URL rewriting for News, Documentation, Lab and Changelogs to consolidate your presence on the web. Locale specific Friendly URL Safe from duplicate content Proper use of canonical URL We took care of everything even of the maleficent Black Hat SEO techniques implementing features that automatically detects and nullify these activities. Katamaze technology Mercury includes a number of proprietary technologies that enhance the user experience for both the administrator and visitors. SorTables for displaying data Multilingual content with HereLang Optimal data entry with MagicInput Discover / Purchase » Screenshots - Click to expand Discover / Purchase »
  7. Securing WHMCS We're pleased to announce we're working on releasing our second free module for WHMCS. In case you missed the first, it's named Plesk Checker. It lets you quickly identify problems in the integration between WHMCS and Plesk. This time we want to open source a script we used internally for years to help our customers to fix compromised installations of WHMCS. Here is the dashboard (click to enlarge). Watchdog Features The script performs file system integrity checks to detect: Compromised files that could potentially threaten your core install (eg. malwares, files with injections) Intruders. Unknown files that require your attention as they could be legitimate scripts of backdoors Missing files that could cause unexpected errors Anomalous and suspicious files buried deep within directories You can inspect all findings to take the appropriate actions but the module can also be configured to automatically deal with such files. The module verifies checksums of all .php files and performs checks every X hours. When a compromised file is detected, optionally the module can automatically take any of the following actions. Neutralize file so that it can't be used to harm your system (quarantine) Send notifications to selected administrators Watchdog Settings All settings can be changed from the following simple and intuitive interface. Please keep in mind that the module is not ready for use as we're still working on it. It won't take much time since we're "converting" a stand-alone script to make it work as a WHMCS Addon module. Get Involved! Follow the project on Github to send suggestions and be the first to use it once it will be ready for use! Follow Us on Github Looking for other free scripts? Take a look at our huge collection of Action Hooks and Reports for WHMCS.
  8. Hello everyone. i hope everyone is doing great. i need again some help from the community. hope someone correct my invoicepdf tpl file so it can complete my demand. i have done some modify but i can't understand how to fix some more. i want to make my invoice like this and this is my current code. its already modified mostly <?php # Logo $logoFilename = 'placeholder.png'; if (file_exists(ROOTDIR . '/assets/img/logo.png')) { $logoFilename = 'logo.png'; } elseif (file_exists(ROOTDIR . '/assets/img/logo.jpg')) { $logoFilename = 'logo.jpg'; } $pdf->Ln(5); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, 'B', 15); $pdf->SetFillColor(255); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, '', 16); $pdf->Cell(100, 6, "My Bill Summary", 0, 1, 'L', '1'); $pdf->Image(ROOTDIR . '/assets/img/' . $logoFilename, 120, 25, 75); # Company Details $pdf->SetXY(15, 70); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, '', 13); foreach ($companyaddress as $addressLine) { $pdf->Cell(180, 4, trim($addressLine), 0, 1, 'R'); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, '', 9); } if ($taxCode) { $pdf->Cell(180, 4, $taxIdLabel . ': ' . trim($taxCode), 0, 1, 'R'); } $pdf->Ln(5); # Clients Details $pdf->SetXY(15, 70); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, 'B', 10); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, '', 9); if ($clientsdetails["companyname"]) { $pdf->Cell(0, 4, $clientsdetails["companyname"], 0, 1, 'L'); $pdf->Cell(0, 4, Lang::trans('invoicesattn') . ': ' . $clientsdetails["firstname"] . ' ' . $clientsdetails["lastname"], 0, 1, 'L'); } else { $pdf->Cell(0, 4, $clientsdetails["firstname"] . " " . $clientsdetails["lastname"], 0, 1, 'L'); } $pdf->Cell(0, 4, $clientsdetails["address1"], 0, 1, 'L'); if ($clientsdetails["address2"]) { $pdf->Cell(0, 4, $clientsdetails["address2"], 0, 1, 'L'); } $pdf->Cell(0, 4, $clientsdetails["city"] . ", " . $clientsdetails["postcode"], 0, 1, 'L'); $pdf->Cell(0, 4, $clientsdetails["country"], 0, 1, 'L'); if (array_key_exists('tax_id', $clientsdetails) && $clientsdetails['tax_id']) { $pdf->Cell(0, 4, $taxIdLabel . ': ' . $clientsdetails['tax_id'], 0, 1, 'L'); } $pdf->Ln(10); $pdf->Ln(10); $pdf->Ln(10); # Header Bar /** * Invoice header * * You can optionally define a header/footer in a way that is repeated across page breaks. * For more information, see http://docs.whmcs.com/PDF_Invoice#Header.2FFooter */ $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, 'B', 15); $pdf->SetFillColor(239); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, '', 12); if ($customfields) { foreach ($customfields as $customfield) { $pdf->Cell(125, 6, $customfield['fieldname'] . ': ' . $customfield['value'], 0, 1, 'L', '1'); } } $pdf->Cell(125, 6, "Invoice Number " . ': ' . $invoiceid, 0, 1, 'L', '1'); $pdf->Cell(125, 6, "Bill Issue Date" . ': ' . $datecreated, 0, 1, 'L', '1'); $pdf->Cell(125, 6, "Billing Period" . ': ' . $datecreated, 0, 1, 'L', '1'); $pdf->Ln(10); $startpage = $pdf->GetPage(); # Invoice Items $tblhtml = '<table width="70%" bgcolor="#ccc" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" border="0"> <tr height="30" bgcolor="#efefef" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:center;"> <td width="80%">' . Lang::trans('invoicesdescription') . '</td> <td width="20%">' . Lang::trans('quotelinetotal') . '</td> </tr>'; foreach ($invoiceitems as $item) { $tblhtml .= ' <tr bgcolor="#fff"> <td align="left">' . nl2br($item['description']) . '<br /></td> <td align="center">' . $item['amount'] . '</td> </tr>'; } $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#efefef" style="font-weight:bold;"> <td align="right">' . Lang::trans('invoicessubtotal') . '</td> <td align="center">' . $subtotal . '</td> </tr>'; if ($taxname) { $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#efefef" style="font-weight:bold;"> <td align="right">' . $taxrate . '% ' . $taxname . '</td> <td align="center">' . $tax . '</td> </tr>'; } if ($taxname2) { $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#efefef" style="font-weight:bold;"> <td align="right">' . $taxrate2 . '% ' . $taxname2 . '</td> <td align="center">' . $tax2 . '</td> </tr>'; } $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#efefef" style="font-weight:bold;"> <td align="right">' . Lang::trans('invoicescredit') . '</td> <td align="center">' . $credit . '</td> </tr> <tr height="30" bgcolor="#efefef" style="font-weight:bold;font-size:14px;"> <td align="right">' . "Total Amount Due" . '</td> <td align="center">' . $total . '</td> </tr> </table>'; $pdf->writeHTML($tblhtml, true, false, false, false, ''); $pdf->Ln(5); if ($status == 'Unpaid'){ $html = "<h2 style=\"color:red;\">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Please pay by ${duedate} </h2>"; $pdf->writeHTML($html, true, false, false, false, ''); $pdf->Ln(10); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, 'B', 15); $pdf->SetFillColor(239); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, '', 10); $pdf->Cell(125, 6, "Failure to pay your account in full may result in loss of service.", 0, 1, 'L', '1'); $pdf->Cell(125, 6, "Reactivation of your service could take up to 7 days and will incur a fee. ", 0, 1, 'L', '1'); $pdf->Ln(10); } # Notes if ($notes) { $pdf->Ln(5); $pdf->SetFont($pdfFont, '', 8); $pdf->MultiCell(170, 5, Lang::trans('invoicesnotes') . ': ' . $notes); } /** * Invoice footer */ ============================ can someone please correct the code so my pdf invoice will be looks same like the image i provide thanks everyone and plesae stay safe
  9. Ticket sensitive data module for WHMCS protect the support ticket sensitive data by creating secured custom fields and store the sensitive data encrypted in the database. Give your clients a safe system to send their sensitive data secured by using the ticket sensitive data module and creating secured custom fields for each support department and store the sensitive data encrypted in the database, also the module send notification email to client and staff every time a new sensitive data have been added or updated. Features Staff and client email notification Attach data to staff and client email Allow staff and client edit data Delete sensitive data if ticket is closed Select which language to use and create fields with multi languages Box color for the sensitive data fields Update fields if department changed Create different fields for each department View list of all sensitive data stored in database Disable field if the ticket is closed and the option delete data uncheck Edit email templates Hide the field name from sensitive data form Two type of fields - text and textarea input Fields display order Disable or enable the field Changelog Rewrite the code from scratch Improve the UI for admin area Improve if the ticket is closed the sensitive data will be deleted New move emails to WHMCS email templates New attach data to staff and client Email New allow staff and client edit the sensitive data New color picker for fields box, name and description New if department changed also the fields change New disable field if the ticket is closed and the option delete data uncheck New hide the field name from sensitive data form Removed the email templates from the module Removed use support department email as default sender For more details and screenshot visit the product page https://www.hardsoftcode.com/products.php?p=product&amp;a=ticket-sensitive-data ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The users banning manager module for WHMCS give your system a powerful tool to block unauthorized login attempts for x time and notify the website administer about the failed login attempts. The administer can setup the limit of the failed login attempts and setup the number of days the user will be ban also administer can setup how can receive the notification. The users banning manager module use WHMCS banned Ips feature to work if the module detect unauthorized login attempts it will insert the IP of the user in WHMCS banned Ips then block the IP. Features Setup the number of failed attempts Setup the number of banned days Select the administrator to receive the notification Disable module by entering 0 IPs reports IP lookup Admin email notification Email notification template Changelog Rewrite the code from scratch Improve the UI for admin area Improve disable module by entering 0 Improve Select the administrator to receive the notification Improve move emails to WHMCS email templates New IP lookup For more details and screenshot visit the product page  https://www.hardsoftcode.com/products.php?p=product&amp;a=users-banning-manager
  10. What is Top Notification? The Top Notification is a module for WHMCS that allows you to display an attractive notification bar on top of the website. You can notify site visitors in their new releases, offers, messages, news, etc. with the notice on your site more effectively. The module is sensitive and rich in resources that are built to simplify the user of need. You can put the notification on your website header side as needed. It has highly customizable color settings, scheduling option, multilingual translation, etc. The module is a premium, but his great potential worth in value. Features Custom Notification: You can customize all your notifications in your preferable way. Fix bar to the top of the page: You will be able to add the notification bar fixed to the top of the page Multi Language: You can select two or more languages options. Animated color or single color: You can select one, two, three or more color for your notification. Remember cancellation: if the visitors close the notification and start browsing the website the notification will not show again. Publish date and expiry date: You can schedule the date the notification to start and ends for all notifications. Display the notification for all pages: There is an option for notification to show on all pages or only show in a single page. How Does It Work Access the module home page Click on “add new notification” It will bring all columns to be filled; Title: Only the admin can use this column to add lists of titles of notifications to display on the pages. Message: Input the message to display, also you can add HTML tags if needed. Display: Choose the page where you want the notification to display. Date: Schedule all notifications according to when you want it to start and stops. Alignment: Select maybe you want the message to show by the left or center or right hand side of the notification bar. Remember Cancellation: Mark this to allow the visitors to be able to cancel notification if they wish not to see the notification when browsing the websites other pages. Colors Type: Choose animated color or single color according to how you want it to be attractive to your visitors. Multi-Lingual Translation: Select your visitors’ region language; you have more than one language options. Click save and it will return to the homepage of the module You will see three options in front of your notification message you composed “Disable, Enable and Delete”. Click Enable to start the notification message, click disable to stop the notification message, and delete to delete the notification. For more details and screenshot visit the product page https://www.hardsoftcode.com/products.php?p=product&a=top-notification
  11. Hi there, I've come across an error I can't seem to find a solution for. From this page: https://**WHMCS INSTALL** /admin/configaddonmods.php?activated=true when I save an addon configuration, I get the following error: Error Updating Value On the page: https://**WHMCS INSTALL**/billing/admin/configaddonmods.php I've turned on error reporting and I don't get anything more verbose - just this. I upgraded to the most recent release to see if I could resolve it. The update went smoothly but the error is still present. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this would be appreciated. Thanks! Amber
  12. Hi I have just upgraded to WHMCS 7.10 and enabled the Weebly Free Plan as an Addon to Hosting Packages. The Weebly MarketConnect Config Pages have an option to add the Free Plan automatically to any Hosting Plan selected by customers, but this is not working. Also it is ignoring the addon weighting and therefore the FREE Plan is at the bottom of the Paid Plans in the Addon List. Any ideas how to change this behaviour ? Many Thanks Giles
  13. I am very excited to announce my first stand-alone WHMCS Module, the SwiftModders WHMCS Feature Requester, is now available for purchase! This module will give your clients the ability to submit feature requests for your products and services from within WHMCS. The module allows for you to set up product groups and your clients will only be able to access feature requests for the products they actively own via the groups. There are also many more features that come with this initial release: Vote Up/Down Requests: All your customers and staff will be able to vote up or down specific feature requests they have access to view. Comments System: Each feature request will allow other customers or staff to respond and discuss the viability of the request. Anonymous Posting: For customers that want to maintain a level of privacy, enable the ability to post their feature requests and comments anonymously. Product Groups: Create specific product groups so your clients can only submit feature requests for the products they own. Moderation Queue: Require an admin approve submitted feature requests before being posted to the public. Request Categories: Setup feature request categories that can either be specific to a product group or globally used throughout the system. Email Preferences: Your customers will have easy access to disable specific email notifications from the feature requester module. Admin Role Centric: Using pre-built WHMCS admin roles, you can set permissions for specific actions like moderating, editing and deleting feature requests. User Rules & Ban System: Specify rules that your customers must follow before allowing them access to the feature requester system. For more information on the Feature Requester product, please visit the product page. For more information on how to use the Feature Requester module, please browse the documentation. If you have any pre-sales questions regarding the Feature Requester module, please do not hesitate to email sales@swiftmodders.com or use the live chat when available. For any technical issues with the product, please open a support ticket.
  14. What is magic login link? Magic login link module for WHMCS is a new way to verify a user’s identity without actually requiring a password to login. magic login link is both safe and simple, increasing the likelihood that the average person will secure their account. magic login link lock down your accounts and are much easier to use than traditional credentials. You may already be using a form of magic login link without realizing it. For example, if you are using a thumbprint or Face ID to open your phone, you are using a form of magic login link. Keep in mind that a magic login link doesn’t necessarily mean a password isn’t assigned to the user. Your phone still requires you to set a password or a PIN, but you do not need to enter one every time you unlock your phone. Why do you need it? The Magic login link method provided by HardSoftCode Web Development Services will send the client an email with a “magic link,” or a link that will log him into WHMCS client area with a click of a button. This way, the magic login link requires the client to have access to the actual email account associated with the client account, providing another layer of security. The module works for clients it doesn't works with contacts How it works? After installing the magic login link module, the admin can setup the module and manage how it going to work. You can enter the number of hours for the link to expire also allow only verified clients email and allow only login from the same Ip that requested the magic link the admin can enable or disable any of these settings from the module general settings. The module replaces the login page TPL file and add the magic link button under the login form. Clients can start requesting magic link by click on the button and adding their registered email to receive the magic link. Features Setup number of hours for the link to expire Allow only verified clients email Allow only login from the same Ip Replace the login page TPL Use magic link one time View all link request reports Editable email template Multi language Add company name on form Forgotten your password link For more details and screenshot visit the product page https://www.hardsoftcode.com/products.php?p=product&amp;a=magic-login-link
  15. What is Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage (including collaboration on files), and application integration. The service integrates with the company's Office 365 subscription office productivity suite and features extensions that can integrate with non-Microsoft products. Microsoft Teams is a competitor to services such as Slack and is the evolution and upgrade path from Microsoft Skype for Business. Teams allows communities, groups, or teams to join through a specific URL or invitation sent by a team administrator or owner. Teams for Education allows admins and teachers to set up specific teams for classes, professional learning communities (PLCs), staff members, and everyone. Within a team, members can set up channels. Channels are topics of conversation that allow team members to communicate without the use of email or group SMS (texting). Users can reply to posts with text as well as images, GIFs and custom made memes. Direct messages allow users to send private messages to a specific user rather than a group of people. Why do you need Microsoft Teams Notifications? The unofficial Microsoft Teams notifications module for WHMCS give you the ability to receive notifications in Microsoft Teams app with a setting rules that you can setup from the notifications section in WHMCS admin area. You may select multiple events within any given event category for example ticket, invoice, order, service, domain and API. This module only works for admin staff it doesn't work for your clients. How it works? After installing the Microsoft Teams notifications module for WHMCS you need to register at Microsoft Teams website https://products.office.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/group-chat-software and create an Incoming Webhook by going to Apps > Search for Incoming Webhook then setup the webhook until you get the webhook URL after that enter the webhook URL in the Microsoft Teams notifications module also you can add a theme color with hex color codes. From the notifications section you can create a new notification rule from there you can select a rule name and choose an event also you may select multiple events within any given event category for example ticket, invoice, order, service, domain and API. You can apply some conditions to the notification to restrict when the rule is executed. Features Setup rule based events and triggers Receive notifications by channel Webhook integration Welcome message View button in notification Theme color for notification box For more details and screenshot visit the product page https://www.hardsoftcode.com/products.php?p=product&amp;a=microsoft-teams-notifications ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What is Workast? Workast is a “Slack-first” collaborative task management tool. It is used by teams to create tasks, organize daily work, manage projects and track productivity. Workast brings a 360° view of what teams are working on to help them get more work done. Workast is based in Los Angeles, California. Workast makes it super simple for you to manage any type of project. We integrate with your communication tools and apps that you already use so your team members don’t need to sign up to another application. Spaces are completely customizable so you can create stages for each project based on your needs. Share files, update statuses, assign tasks and set due dates so everyone in the team knows exactly what needs to be done to keep your project moving forward. Why do you need Workast Notifications? The unofficial Workast notifications module for WHMCS give you the ability to receive notifications in Workast app with a setting rules that you can setup from the notifications section in WHMCS admin area. You may select multiple events within any given event category for example ticket, invoice, order, service, domain and API. This module only works for admin staff it doesn't work for your clients. How it works? After installing the Workast notifications module for WHMCS you need to register at Workast website https://my.workast.io/slack/install and create an Incoming Webhook by going to Apps > Manage Apps then install incoming webhook. Get the webhook URL after that enter the webhook URL in the Workast notifications module. From the notifications section you can create a new notification rule from there you can select a rule name and choose an event also you may select multiple events within any given event category for example ticket, invoice, order, service, domain and API. You can apply some conditions to the notification to restrict when the rule is executed. Features Setup rule based events and triggers Receive notifications by space Webhook integration Welcome message View link in notification For more details and screenshot visit the product page https://www.hardsoftcode.com/products.php?p=product&amp;a=workast-notifications
  16. Hello there I am looking a simple way to add an addon to massive client that has a specific product ACTIVE. I know I could be doing that open on single client and add that addon one by one manually. So maybe other knows a way to do that on a better way. I have created this addon and it is a free ADDON, so want now to add it in all wanted client, and this addon should honor client product billing cycle, because it is free and client will only has this free ADDON if he has this SERVICE\PRODUCT ACTIVATED. Client 1: Product is Hosting Silver (30-08-2019 - 29-08-2019) monthly Will add Addon Standard Support (30-08-2019 - 29-08-2019) monthly Client 2: Product is Hosting Silver (10-09-2019 - 09-010-2019) monthly Will add Addon Standard Support (10-09-2019 - 09-10-2019) monthly Client 2: Product is Hosting Silver (15-09-2019 - 09-09-2020) year Will add Addon Standard Support (15-09-2019 - 09-09-2020) year PS: all clients already had product activated, so I only need to add addon to that product on existing client, doing that one by one I know the way 😃 I want to do that because in that way clients will know and better see it that they have FREE support integrated in their product and our company, so on every invoice they will see displayed there Standard Support FREE with price ZERO and matching with product billing cycle... Email and invoices will looks like this: items: Hosting Silver - www.testdomain.com (14-09-2019 - 13-03-2020) 45 USD Addon - Standard Support (14-09-2019 - 13-03-2020) 0 USD ------------------------------------------------------ Sub Total: 45,00 USD Credit: 0 USD Total: 45,00 USD I want to display clients on every invoice that they also has support on my services, they already know that, but I want to have it displayed. It could be done by PhpMyAdmin SQL, how? I accept better idea or advice too. 😃
  17. Favicon manager module lets you add a favicon image to your WHMCS website. Favicon is a small icon image or logo displayed in the address bar of a web browser. By using this Module, you can easily upload and change favicon icon on your WHMCS. You can create favicon icon for each page or only use one favicon icon The favicon manager module is free. You can download the favicon manager module from the product page. The favicon manager module is encoded with ionCube if you want the source code you can buy from the product page Favicon Manager Module Features Very simple and easy to use. No complex menus or setting. Just upload an image and change your website's default favicon logo. Enable or disable the favicon on the website. Create favicon icon for each page on the website. Compatible with WHMCS version 6.x.x View the product Page View all our works and Products
  18. Most addons have a capital letter under the billing date line but the super speed addon is not capitalized. How can I change this so they are all capitalized or all lower case.
  19. Hi! I’ve purchased a third party addon, pre made WHMCS kb articles, but now my knowledgebase is realy slow. Looked into the database and saw that the ID’s are starting from 2001. Could the ID be a problem?
  20. hey everyone i really need help so i want to make a login page but its not free to register and you need to buy the premium plan license key to login so you login with the license key you get and you get access to everything but i dont know how so please help me, i did make a login form and a database and a user and it has to be on PHP, so if you want just give me the codes and instructions and i will do it your help is very appreciated
  21. Hi, I have been testing the mailchieenmp integration. and I found 2 issues. 1) If by mistake you dont create a list right after you setup the mailchimp API key, you wont be able to do it after... There MUST be an option to create a list after the API key has been saved. I had this problem and I was forced to disconnect the mailchimp connection and make it again to be able to add a list. 2) When I try to add the list , I receive this error.. Any idea? type - Schema describes string, NULL found instead vendor - Schema describes string, NULL found instead Thanks!
  22. Hi, We are using UnBlockIp free addon module to unblock IP addresses. It was working fine until few days when it stopped to unblock IP addresses blocked on our latest added server and it stopped work from the client area. From the client area it doesn't unblock any IP address. Version of UnBlockIp addon module is 1.91 and our WHMCS version is 5.3.14. Can you please suggest me some fix or recommend some other module as alternative of UnBlockIp? Thanks in advance.
  23. Hello, i purchased this addon but never used it yet. I have a question about how it works. We have always worked with fixed packages. If any customer bought more disk space we edited the account by hand. Every time we update a package from the server, all accounts with that package are updated to the new values and we must then go account by re-adjusting the disk space of those who had bought more space. With the "Configurable Package Addon" enables, what happens to accounts that have more disk space when a package is updated on the server? Is there a cron that modifies those customers who had bought more disk space? Thanks
  24. M-BIT Hosting quota notification module will send an "Disk Quota Warning" e-mail to your customers if their hosting plan disk usage reaches a certain percentage. You have the option to set the percentage limit that will trigger the notification and you can choose how often to repeat that message. It's a simple module but it's quite handy. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Would you like to know more? » Read more about the Hosting quota notification module Do you have questions about the module? » Contact us
  25. Use ?aff to link to any WHMCS page or external page not part of your WHMCS installation. Version 1.4 is now available which adds the ability to exclude affiliate comissions based on the product billing interval. For example, you may want to offer affiliate comissions on annual sign ups but not monthly sign ups, now you can do that by editing the product and navigating to the "Other" tab.See our latest announcement: http://anveto.com/announcements/6/Anveto-Affiliate-Anywhere-Plus-14-Now-Available.html Features: - Use ?aff on any whmcs page - Exclude affiliate commission based on billing plan (Monthly, Annually, etc.) - Detailed documentation and source code for implementation on an external non-whmcs page (4 lines of code) - Included Wordpress plugin to make installation super easy - Domain whitelist to prevent abuse Installation Once you purchase this addon you will need to upload it to your modules directory and configure it so that an administrator can access it's page. Once there you will be able to add a domain to your whitelist, the domain of your whmcs installation works by default. You can add as many domains as needed. You will find the php snippet that needs to be included on your non-whmcs pages on this same page. There is also an affiliate.php with this same code snippet included inside your downloaded file. We are here to help you if you have any problems and can be contacted by phone, email and live chat. A complete installation and configuration can be purchased for $50 during checkout. Anveto Affiliate Anywhere Plus encoded version is a one-time cost of $19.99 with unlimited support and updates and can be purchased here: https://anveto.com/members/cart.php?a=add&pid=31 If you are interested in the unencoded version, it can be purchased for $199.99 here: https://anveto.com/members/cart.php?a=add&pid=32 I have made a new thread from the original as I was unable to edit and some things are no longer relevant. See original: http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?100119-Anveto-Affiliate-Anywhere-Plus
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