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  1. Running Version: 7.9.2 Am I the only one with this odd random issue, related to clients' with credit cards on file, but the auto payment fails processing? I get a couple of these a month and it's quite embarassing - expecially when auto suspension suspends them. So client calls, freaking out, asking why their CC did not work. I go to invoice and pay with CC on file and it works without issue. Now arguably, client was sent a gazillion late payment emails but you know how that goes - I'm still the bad guy (even though they ignored the 1/2 dozed "going to suspend you soon emails). Thoughts?
  2. I would have sworn there used to be a feature in the client area allowing client to enable or disable credit card auto payment. Am I missing where to enable this for client management? :: Yes, I'm aware that the client can check the box to allow for or disable autopayment at the time of payment. That's not my question. Thanks!
  3. No fully clear what you did here. You went to each client page that was set to "X" what is "x" And you set the clients that had "x" set to "y" What is "y"? Thanks.
  4. Ok, so since the update/fix, I've had many clients complain that their recurring credit card payments that were recurring nicely for years before are now not being auto paid (so they are getting late and past due balance notices). Yes, I can manually run the card in client's account "after the complaint" but I feel an avalanche building... Your experience?
  5. @wintech2003 They say they are not monitoring or replying to support questions here. Can you please report back here once they reply to you? I'd love to hear what they say as well.
  6. Our biggest concern is the error page - surely we can work up a patch for that? From one of the fellas above: "...but such a critical issue as not being able to view your customers' summary should have been fixed as soon as possible." Imagine the embarrassment, when a client calls me by phone to pay a bill and I can't' even view their account... or take payment.
  7. Has anyone been able to contact the MyWorks Software people recently? My tickets are not being replied to now, and I'm getting an increasing number of complaints about auto payments not processing. What are you folks doing or have experienced since the MyWorks Software failure began? Just looking for options to an increasingly alarming situation. Thanks.
  8. After updating to 7.8.2 I found that searches for clients using PayPal billing agreement option for payment could not be searched for without returning a 404 page. If you are using the MyWorks PayPal Billing Agreements Module try random searched on clients to see if you are experiencing the same issues. I'm assuming that auto / recurring payments may not be processing as well, but not 100% clear on that yet. The people at MyWorks Software are working on a fix.
  9. Not having used AWS Lightsail How much does it generally cost the host to host a 1gb website with a 50gb bandwidth usage a month account for client? Thank you.
  10. Question. Is this fixed in 7.7.1: Troubleshooting PayPal Subscription payments not being applied correctly
  11. Since upgrading to the latest version and switching to Invisible reCAPTCHA the bogus account signups have only gotten worst. I've switched back to v2 Checkbox to see if that makes a difference. It's just apparent that WHMCS has had a backdoor for signups that bypasses the CAPTCHA entirely for some years now. Am I the only one still experiencing this maddening situation where I wake up each day and find dozens of bogus European new account signups? And to make matters worse, I don't see a mass delete option on the View/Search Clients page. That seems a bit nutty to me that no one has thought of including an option to select and delete multiple accounts...
  12. The hosting industry has learned the hard way (for some) that SSL certificates are "necessary" and must be free to improve the overall Internet among other reasons. It would appear that WHMCS's holding on to charging for two-factor authentication follows the same wrong thinking. You folks at WHMCS need to take on the mantle of security and give everyone open access to two-factor authentication "now". This hold out to make a few bucks on security is frankly sickening. We need to give everyone as secure an experience as possible hosting wise. And I do believe that WHMCS forcing people to charge for login authentication, like SSL, is simply thinking too small. I know you guys are better than this. Sure make your few dollars on the duo thing. No one begrudges you on making a few bucks on more features. But seriously, let's get out of the stone ages and think 2020 security. Give our customers open access to secure their accounts out-of-the box, without having to jump through hoops or "pay a toll" to be secure. It's simply the right thing to do. What say you?
  13. Well worth the cost and the developer is "extremely" reponsive (over the course of years). Can't imagine anyone doing real business using WHMCS without this app.
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