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WHMCS Global Services - hacked and doing nothing about it

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2 hours ago, bullten said:

I am asking WHMCS to start something like this as they understand their software, modules lol.

@bullten picks up gun and shoots himself in the foot with his own argument - if they understand it so much....

  • why are there long outstanding bugs in the core software that never get fixed ?
  • why does every major release need a maintenance release to within a fortnight to fix the newly introduced bugs ?
  • why does it take them three weeks to write a one-line change of URL in a hotfix for pre-v7.6 releases ?
  • why do feature requests take upto five years to get implemented ?
  • why do some new features get introduced with no beta testing, no pre-announcement and seemingly no public requests for it through the usual channels ?
  • why during beta testing is there no documentation on new features ? they publicly release into general availability and LATER release the documentation - by which time the bugs are already in place and they've moved on to the next feature.

I could go on, but I fear that i'd just be wasting my time explaining it to you. 🙄

11 hours ago, bullten said:

A business idea for WHMCS they can setup a basic security call at chargeable price. Meh leave it its useless to explain to someone who follow other company policies and happy with that.

you seem to assume that we're all saying WHMCS is great, their business is great, we agree with how they do things - many of us believe the opposite... except we're wise enough to grudgingly accept that WHMCS is what it is and it sadly isn't going to change.

plus the idea of relying of WHMCS for basic security is the equivalent of you picking up the gun and shooting yourself in the other foot. 👣

24 minutes ago, bullten said:

You cant convince me for it because I am very clear to the point I am talking. Its impossible for me to convince you because I know at what points you are talking. i do understand everything but still its not "impossible" 

the only person who annoyingly keeps on throwing the word "impossible" around is you - WHMCS isn't a democracy, you (or I) don't have any say on what's going to be implemented... they're not going to be swayed by a post here; they're not going to make a rod for their own back by doing what you suggest.

24 minutes ago, bullten said:

I am paid to explore around, fall into conversation and learn things. I can argue with you 24x7 if you want to 😛

how sad - some of us are paid to DO things with what we've learnt - others seemingly just want to talk to hear their own voice... so i'll plonk you on the ignore list and walk away from the thread - it's now becoming pointless. headshake.gif



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1 hour ago, brian! said:

so i'll plonk you on the ignore list

I haven't heard that term since my Usenet days. How nostalgic! 

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Someone always come in and defend its ally 🙂

I stick to my words and accept things and things I would like to change. I don't care someone agrees to it. If you want to have conversation with me or quote then I will defiantly reply. I also cannot force a company to change its functioning as per my wish atleast i can move around and say what I feel have to be changed based on scenario.

Dont look around my site buddy its support is very different to what you presumes.

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Hi all,

Following a dialogue with WGS, I have now re-activated the Marketplace listings.

It is my understanding that the source of the intrusion has been identified and an update published to address it.

I would recommend all users of the Client-X theme apply the 1.0.6 update.


Note: WHMCS has not conducted an audit of any WGS code. This message should not be considered an endorsement.

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