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  1. Hi @kang28ivan, This could occur in two scenarios: 1. The daily automation task not running on your installation. Check these guides to verify that: https://help.whmcs.com/m/automation/c/195647 2. The order was manually assigned to an affiliate after the client paid. This is normal and manually paying out the initial commission is the correct thing to do in this situation. Subsequent recurring commission will be paid automatically.
  2. Hi @ZeProf2Coding, Please begin your troubleshooting by following these steps: https://help.whmcs.com/m/troubleshooting/l/678235-troubleshooting-a-blank-page-oops-error-message
  3. Hi @asil, Please begin your troubleshooting by following these steps: https://help.whmcs.com/m/troubleshooting/l/1007451-troubleshooting-a-404-page-not-found-error-in-the-admin-area
  4. Hi @spido0, These are called "integration links" by cPanel. If your hosting account is no longer connected to a WHMCS installation to remove the links, then there is a cPanel API command which might work instead: https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/DD/WHM+API+1+Functions+-+remove_integration_link https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/DD/WHM+API+1+Functions+-+remove_integration_group
  5. WHMCS John

    Paypal Subscriptions Changes

    Hi @JimJ, Thanks for passing this announcement along. Subscription modification is not currently a feature of the WHMCS PayPal module, so I can confirm that no code change is required in WHMCS as a result of this. PayPal Billing Agreements is an alternative product which can provide more flexible billing options. There is a module for this in the Marketplace which may be of interest: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/330
  6. Hi @D3vil, Thanks for your report. We are aware of this change, and will be including this change in our next update. The internal case number for this is CORE-13244. In the meantime @brian! has kindly provided an immediate update you can apply.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    An issue has been identified in the 7.7.1 release - published on 11th February 2019, that can result in a GoCardless transaction being recorded more than once. This occurs when the server does not acknowledge the transaction within the GoCardless timeout period. This hotfix applies only to 7.7.1
  8. Hi @xyzulu, Your case is logged with the development team following your ticket, and this is still the case now. I'm pleased to hear that the CSS changes allowed you to complete the approval process, that us helpful for us to know. It was interesting that Google required approval for the apps, as we do not use any sensitive scopes. But it appears it may be related to the use of a logo on the consent screen. So another potential workaround in the meantime might be to leave the logo blank when creating the OAuth Credentials consent screen.
  9. Hi @ju5t, CURLINFO_CERTINFO is used to obtain the certificate information for display. If this is empty, you're correct that WHMCS will also be unable to retrieve certificate data. Thanks for your feedback regarding the help article on that point, I have passed that on to the documentation team. The Help > System Health Check status page has a version check to advise on the appropriate version of cURL to return this data. We are also tracking the specific environments with this flaw. As yet we've been unable to reproduce on stock CentOS7 repos we set up for testing this. But please do keep that info coming: PHP version OS OS Version CURL Version Output from Test Script In 7.7.0 we added PHP path detection logic to the cron command on the Setup > Automation Page, to help users in EasyApache Multi-PHP environments specify the same PHP binary for web and the CLI. In 7.7.1 we fixed an illegal mix of collations error which was reported. This specifically applied to older installations of WHMCS made where the server's default database charset/collation was not utf8. The Collation error now being discussed is unrelated to certificate validation; it would not prevent the SSL check on page load or cause false positives/negatives. But does stop the checks being performed in the background by the daily automation tasks. The `mysql_charset =utf8` line is standard on all installations since v5.3 (released in 2013) so most people should have it. It's presence is recommended. Case CORE-13267 has been opened to investigate how this error could be negated for installations with an latin1 charset.
  10. Hi @xyzulu, In order to use the Google Sign-in feature, it is not necessary for Google to review the integration. In my tests, creating a credential set does not require approval: https://docs.whmcs.com/Configuring_Sign-In_using_Google Therefore I'd be interested to hear the details of your project which necessitates this? Were you able to gain approval with the CSS changes suggested in this thread? These are the kind of changes we were be considering, so it will be good to have confirmation.
  11. Hi @DennyS and @Vox WHMCS is looking for a "51" error code from cURL to determine that no SSL certificate exists. Provided a success response is returned, then cURL evaluates the certificate is valid, and WHMCS will report the same. What response code do you get when performing a cURL connection test from the WHMCS server to the domain in question please?
  12. WHMCS John

    iOS App

    Hi there, I'm pleased to confirm that the iOS app can be used to accept orders, place new orders and look up client details. It can also be used to manage services, answer support tickets and create invoices, announcements and much more!
  13. Hi @mytamhuyet, This is not an official feature of WHMCS, however there are a number of after-market customisations which may be of interest: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/2966 https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/3158 https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4833
  14. WHMCS John

    POP3 Connection Error

    Hi there, If you are still experiencing this issue, can you please provide some information about your email server to help troubleshoot: Server OS and Kernel version: Mailserver and version (eg. Dovecot) Control Panel and version (if applicable eg. cPanel, Plesk etc) POP Port (as entered into WHMCS Setup > Support > support Departments > Edit)
  15. WHMCS John

    Invoicing Frustrations

    Hi @happydog5954, The Invoice Selected Items button is used in two locations in the WHMCS admin area, it will override any invoice generation settings and force the next invoice to be generated immediately: https://docs.whmcs.com/Clients:Billable_Items_Tab#Invoice_Selected_Items https://docs.whmcs.com/Clients:Summary_Tab#Invoice_Selected_Items If you'd like the invoice to be generated as normal for the due date and don't wish to wait for the daily automation tasks, click the "Generate Due Invoices" link on the client's Summary tab or Admin Dashboard.
  16. Hi @HarryAdney, After changing the assigned product manually, please click the "Change Package" Module Command button to send the command to the server.
  17. WHMCS John

    Paypal error for specific products

    Hi @anandarup, This is probably because a one-time payment is being made for the domains, but a subscription is being created for the products. It sounds like your PayPal account needs upgrading to accept PayPal subscriptions.
  18. Hi @comauHOST, Here is the technical documentation regarding this requirement: https://www.enom.com/api/Domains Topics/AU_ES_PE.htm If your registrar does not yet require them, please refer to the following documentation to remove the fields: https://docs.whmcs.com/Additional_Domain_Fields#How_do_I_customise_the_fields_that_are_displayed.3F
  19. WHMCS John

    Domain sorting and filtering

    Hi @rjsorto, I can certainly see how implementing two systems for users to choose from is appealing. From an implementation PoV it's more nuanced. It would essentially double the amount of work we would be committing to for the life of the feature; double the work creating the two distinct logics, double the testing for every release, double the ongoing maintenance, and there is an after-sales support cost in the added complexity too. Therefore before implementing any feature we carefully weigh up the cost to benefit ratio when making decisions about how new features operate. That said, we like to be responsive to user feedback, so if there is a demonstrable demand for change which tips the equation in favour of the benefit side (via the feature request system, here on the community, or from our in-person conversions with users) then we can certainly consider it for the future. I hope that provides a little more insight into the decision making process we follow 🙂
  20. WHMCS John

    Domain sorting and filtering

    Hi @rjsorto, Namespinning engines do not check actual availability in real-time so as to provide fast suggestions. This is true of tools from eNom, ResellerClub, Verisign etc. We therefore added the check upon adding to cart to prevent users from adding unavailable domains to their cart. The feedback we received from users is that faster loading results are more important than accuracy.
  21. Thanks for providing this example, it's most helpful. It's interesting to hear that "ubuntu18" is a value you would have accepted in the hostname field, because it sounds more like a server name than a hostname to me. In this event what was your typical procedure? For example would your staff need to contact the customer to determine the full hostname they want to use and then manually adjust it before provisioning the service?
  22. Hi all, I'm interested to hear what kind of values you are using in the Hostname field that are not accepted by the validation introduced in v7.6? What is the use-case for that particular value?
  23. Hi all, I'm pleased to confirm the connection tester was adjusted to use an API command available to resellers too in the 7.7 series: https://docs.whmcs.com/Changelog:WHMCS_V7.7.0_Beta_1#Maintenance
  24. WHMCS John

    Microsoft Authenticator

    Hi @Chad, Yes you can use the Microsoft Authenticator app with the Time Based Tokens option. I use it myself 🙂
  25. Hi @IamAQ, This indicates that the files from an unsuccessful auto-update attempt are present on your server. It sounds like the new files have been partially extracted, but not yet copied to the new location. The auto-updater failed at this point because it couldn't extract all the new files. The files are located at /vendor/whmcs/whmcs/ and can be safely removed.

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