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  1. Version 1.0.0


    An issue has been identified in the 8.4.0 release - published on 17th December 2021, that can cause a ModelNotFoundException error on systems with Client Data Snapshot and Tax Support features enabled.
  2. The following MarketConnect partners provide public Service Status pages for updates during service outages and planned maintenance: SpamExperts Service Status Digicert Service Status
  3. WHMCS has been made aware by OX App Suite of scheduled maintenance which beginning Thursday, March 09th, 1:00 a.m., EST. Open-Xchange will update the environment with the latest version of OX App Suite v8.10. New Versions: - Open-Xchange App Suite Frontend v8.10.2 - Open-Xchange App Suite Middleware (Backend) v8.10.67 - Open-Xchange Dovecot Pro v2.3.20 Enhancements to the OX Cloud platform in this release include: - Improved "Connect your Device" Wizard It is now possible to connect your iOS or macOS device with IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV at the same time with one QR code. - Introducing “OX Sync App” now available inside the “Connect your Device" wizard The OX Sync App for Android is a native mobile phone app built specifically for Android smartphone users who have a valid OX App Suite account. The app is designed to let users sync OX App Suite appointments, tasks and contacts directly with the native mobile phone clients. It also integrates seamlessly with the standard Android calendar, task and contacts apps. Maintenance Time Window: During the period, there is the possibility of brief interruptions (5-15 minutes) to certain services as specified. Please note that a complete suspension of all the services during the whole period is unlikely. Thursday, March 09th, 1:00 a.m., EST till Thursday, March 09th, 06:00 a.m. EST. There will be up to a 5 hours period of time in which short interruptions can occur. Affected services: - Web Single users might lose their session and be forced to login again. Web UI performance might be slowed down. Single users might face short connection timeouts. - Email Single users might lose their session and forced to login again. Single users might face short connection timeouts. Single login attempts might fail. Mail Round Trip times might increase. - Provisioning Single Provisioning calls might fail (create, change or delete users).
  4. @PapaKai, We've not been able to replicate an issue with hook points not being triggered in version 8.7.rc-1. Please start your troubleshooting with these steps: https://help.whmcs.com/m/troubleshooting/l/1407765-troubleshooting-debugging-hooks We are collecting feedback on the Release Candidate in our Pre-Release board at https://whmcs.community/forum/595-whmcs-87-beta-discussion/
  5. Hi all, Thanks for letting us know. I've raised the matter with the sysadmin team to see if the relevant security rules can be tweaked. In the meantime, please do use a service like pastebin or attach a .txt file with the code instead.
  6. Hi all, To help block these automated submissions we recommend enabling Google Invisible reCaptcha on the following forms: Contact Form Ticket Submission https://docs.whmcs.com/Google_reCAPTCHA#Enabling_Invisible_reCAPTCHA These messages are not being imported in via email, meaning the Spam Control filter rules do not apply.
  7. Hi @sonuyos, Can you please review the uncaptured pre-authorisations in your Stripe Dashboard on the Payments page, and confirm whether they were blocked by a Radar rule or a failed 3DSecure attempt? Occasional uncaptured payments are to be expected under normal operation in the event that a client's card is declined due to a Radar rule on your Stripe account. Such pre-authorizations will automatically expire after 7 days: https://stripe.com/docs/payments/place-a-hold-on-a-payment-method
  8. Hi @KNK, ImportAssist can certainly be used to import data into a fresh database, and it'll assign new IDs to everything. All the data points itemized in the documentation here will be imported: https://docs.whmcs.com/ImportAssist#WHMCS_8.0_and_later It is not currently possible to selectively import data; most things are relational, so you'd need most of it anyway.
  9. The documentation which details how to remove credits is located at: https://docs.whmcs.com/Adding_and_Working_With_Credit#Adding_or_Removing_Client_Credit
  10. Hi @thisismatt, Please open a support ticket so we can review the data: https://www.whmcs.com/submit-a-ticket/
  11. Hi @thisismatt, The entries in the tblupdatelog table from the time of performing the-update may provide some indication of the root cause of the problem. Please do share them here for us to review.
  12. @Mecanik, That is the "PayPal" module which uses the latest CheckOut APIs. The "PayPal Basic" module uses the traditional Website Payments Standard payment buttons.
  13. Hi @thisismatt. Glad to hear the issue is now resolved. With regards to the auto-updating issue; what error did you experience, please? Some of the most common errors are detailed at: https://docs.whmcs.com/Automatic_Updater#Troubleshooting https://help.whmcs.com/m/updating/l/1136003-resolving-a-down-for-maintenance-message
  14. Hi @Mandalorian, whmimport.php is an old file no longer in-use, and can safely be deleted. downloads.php is a current file, that it should show incompatible is unusual. Which version did you update from? Does your copy of downloads.php have any restrictive permissions or ownership which might prevent a PHP script from overwriting it (eg. owned by root, or CHMOD 400)? I recommend replacing it with a copy from the 8.6.2 Full Release download from https://download.whmcs.com
  15. Hi all, I can confirm this issue was resolved in v8.6.1: https://docs.whmcs.com/Changelog:WHMCS_V8.6.1
  16. Hi @Craft, A Retry Every Week For of 0 weeks means that WHMCS will attempt capture every day. Set a value in this field to reduce the capture attempt frequency to once per week. Documentation: https://docs.whmcs.com/Automation_Settings#Retry_Every_Week_For
  17. Hi @Hilmi, Is there a record of the terminations occurring in the Configuration > System Log? If not, then we can say for certain that the termination was not initiated via this current WHMCS installation. Check for other WHMCS installations you may have run elsewhere in the past, and make sure they are removed: https://docs.whmcs.com/Uninstall_WHMCS If you no longer have access to the old locations, you can change/revoke your web server credentials/API keys, and only update this current WHMCS installation with the new credentials on the Configuration > System Settings > Servers page.
  18. Hi @Robert West, Yes absolutely. Our Customer Service team will be pleased to help arrange that with you, please get in touch via https://www.whmcs.com/submit-a-ticket/
  19. Hi @thisismatt, Can you please confirm whether you're running v8.6.1? We addressed an identical error in the latest release for PHP 8.1 environments: https://docs.whmcs.com/Changelog:WHMCS_V8.6.1
  20. Hi @Jrock, We suspect this may be a limitation of the M365 Graph APi for email sending. We have case CORE-18328 open internally to investigate potential solutions. Once we resolve cases and push features they are available at our change log, here: https://changelog.whmcs.com/ I apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this.
  21. Hi @rugg, You should just need to add CloudFlare's IPs to the Trusted Proxy Settings, and the visitor's IP address will be forwarded to WHMCS: https://docs.whmcs.com/Trusted_Proxy_Settings
  22. Version 1.0.0


    An issue has been identified in the 8.6.1 release - published on 30th November 2022, that prevents admins from switching the Mail Provider from an external mail provider (Eg. SMTP, Microsoft, MailGun etc.) back to the default PHP Mail option.
  23. Version 1.0.0


    An issue has been identified in the 8.6.1 release - published on 30th November 2022, that causes an Oops error when viewing the Monthly Orders report in PHP 8.1 environments: Error: Undefined constant "tbladdons" in /path/to/whmcs/modules/reports/monthly_orders.php:81
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