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  1. Hi there, It sounds like you're seeking a stream-lined experience for your customers of some kind. Can you provide some more information on exactly what you don't want customers to edit? For example do you want to prevent customers from changing the nameservers and DNS on a domain name registration? If so, then that is certainly possible with WHMCS; the software is templated so you could remove links and pages you do not wish to with a bit of HTML and PHP know-how.
  2. Hi there, At the time of writing WHMCS doesn't integrate with Network Solutions' APIs. I checked our Marketplace, but it does not appear a third-party has create a module either. With some PHP know-how you could certainly create your own registrar module for WHMCS which interacts with the Network Solutions API. Our developer documentation for this is located at https://developers.whmcs.com/modules/
  3. Hi @Arf, Thanks for your suggestion. During research and development we found that overwhelmingly disk space allowance was being allocated and used on the GB scale these days, so given the choice of one scale, GB seemed the best option. Would you be able to share a little more information about your use-case in which seeing disk space usage in MB would be beneficial?
  4. Hi all, In 1.0.5 we've added a new feature; Ticket Reply Collision Detection! A slim-lined version of the feature in the main admin interface, in the app you'll see a prompt when submitting a reply if the ticket status changed since opening it. The prompt has the option to go back to reply screen or to post the reply regardless. We intentionally focussed on the ticket status for the collision detection in the mobile app, as that;s most common cause of a collision. Please give it a try and let us know your feedback!
  5. Hi @HardSoftCode, The download is handled via a web browser, so you will need to login at present. If you use the "Remember Me" function in the browser then you won't be prompted to re-login for subsequent download attempts.
  6. Hi all, This has been addressed in 1.0.5. Please give it a try and let us know!
  7. Hi @VirtualWorldGlobal, Updates are published to the Google/App Store, so will be applied per your device settings.
  8. Hi all, We've added the ability to long-press tickets in the list screen in v1.0.5. You can select multiple tickets and a delete icon is displayed in the top bar. Please give it a try and let us have your feedback!
  9. We're certainly open to feedback if there's a consensus of opinion that the swiping mechanic needs refinement or changing. My personal experience of swiping left/right as an Android user is mostly limited to Gmail and Outlook, and I think our current experience compares favourably with those. Happy to hear what others think?
  10. Hi @CassidyDNS, I totally agree, removing the radio option is already on our list 🙂 Swiping left on the profile lets you switch and log out. Swiping left on a ticket lets you Close and Assign. There's some discussion about those options here:
  11. Hi @cyberhostpro, You can now switch profiles by swiping left on the profile you wish to use and tapping "Switch".
  12. Hi @CassidyDNS, We've just published v1.0.2 which should help with the ticket timestamps and timezones. Please give it a try and let us know!
  13. Hi all, Thanks for the warm reception for the new app! The plan is certainly to add client, invoice and order management functionality in the current app. This will be added during the Technical Preview and beyond. We don't have plans for an iPad app, but are working on updates to the main admin area theme to make it more touch-screen friendly.
  14. Hi @zitu4life, Thanks for your detailed feedback as always! An admin user with API access will have access to all API commands. The ability to limit access to API commands is possible via Authentication Credentials: https://docs.whmcs.com/API_Authentication_Credentials Try connecting to the app using an API credential pair with API access restricted to certain commands; the statistics require the GetStats API command, so limiting access to that command in the API Role (System > GetStats) may achieve your desired result. Some experimentation may be required to get the level of access with which you're happy.
  15. Hi @CassidyDNS, Thanks for providing this feedback on the iPhone Dark Mode. I've logged this with visual display issue with our developers to look at improving in future.
  16. Hi @cyberhostpro, Thanks for your feedback. I agree the switching profiles could be a little more elegant, so we're looking to move it to a swipe option on the "Manage Profile" screen (next to Log out option). The loading time when switching profile is dependant upon the time needed for your server to provide the data to your phone. A loading spinner should be displayed throughout so you know that's occurring. If the spinner isn't displayed in any case, please do let me know so we can investigate.
  17. Hi @weelow, By definition an API cannot use two factor authentication, so the API Access Key was introduced to provide that second level of security for situations where an IP restriction is not practical. As a mobile device's IP address is likely to change frequently, it would be necessary to login to the admin area on a full-screen device and update the whitelisted IP address. That would seemingly negate the convenience of the app? I'd be interested to learn more about your use-case where IP restricted access to the app would be more useful, and thoughts on how we might adjust the Add Profile Screen UI to accommodate both scenarios?
  18. Hi @CassidyDNS, Thanks for taking part in the technical preview and providing your feedback! If you could share which device you're using, it will be most helpful for us to validate all your reports. We've investigating the date/time issue; is the Date/Time in the top-right corner of your main WHMCS Admin area, in the same timezone as your phone? I've also opened a case to truncate long ticket numbers on the ticket screen header, to prevent this kind of overrun.
  19. Hi @jamshed_11946, Thanks for your suggestion; you're in the right section! I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts on the quick actions we currently have in place when you swipe left on a ticket; Close and Assign. We felt these were the most common actions an admin would need. Would most people find Delete more useful? If so, which option should it replace?
  20. Hi @bear, The API Access Key you specify when connecting the the app is the alternative to requiring IP-based authentication to the API: https://docs.whmcs.com/Mobile_App:_Connecting_to_WHMCS Provided this is correctly configured and entered into your connection profile in the app, you will not need to change your IP whitelisting to accommodate your device's IP address.
  21. Hi there, The support ticket functionality of the WHMCS app does require the built-in support features. You'd need a separate Supportpal app to answer tickets in their platform (if available). Perhaps we could look at an option to dismiss this notice permanently?
  22. Hi @bear, To benefit from the attachment features, we'd recommend using the app with WHMCS 7.7 or above. The current plan is for the current functionality (Dashboard and Support Tickets) to remain free. Access to other areas will necessitate the appropriate addon to your WHMCS license, current iWHMCS/aWHMCS addon holders will automatically be included at the current price.
  23. Hi previewers, I'm sure you'll have questions about the WHMCS App Technical Preview, and we've got answers! The app features at preview launch are: Dashboard overview of business performance Guided on-boarding/connection setup Browse, manage and respond to tickets Rich-text formatting support Attachment support Face ID/Fingerprint Biometric Lock Support for Dark Mode Additional functionality will be added during the technical preview period, such as client and order management. Your feedback will be important in helping us guide the direction of these features, so please don't hesitate to start a thread and share your ideas! Please ask any other questions you may have about the Technical Preview in this thread.
  24. Hi previewers! During the development of the app, we're testing on a range of iOS and Android devices. To help ensure a great experience of phones of all shapes and sizes, please let us know what device you're using. For example: Phone Manufacturer: Samsung Phone Model: Galaxy S10e Operating System: Android Operating System Version: 10 View Mode: Dark Mode
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