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  1. Hi there, The hotfix for CORE-16265 is included in v8.1.2. This ensures that guest email replies to guest tickets are imported and assigned to the ticket, providing that the reply is made via the same email address that originally opened the ticket. Emails from an email address unknown to the ticket (ie. not the requestor, client account, user, contact or in the CC Recipients list) will still not be imported. An entry is made in the Ticket Mail Import Log, the sender does not receive a notification of this. To allow replies from another email address to be added to a ticket, please add it as either a Contact, User on the account. Or to the CC Recipients list just an individual ticket. We are investigating a few different options in this situation. At present we're leaning towards implementing a new behaviour to import email replies from unknown senders as a new support ticket. This should still give the necessary indications that the message came from an unknown email address. Operators/Admins can then evaluate and merge the tickets together if appropriate, create a Contact or add the sender to the ticket's CC Recipients list. This will be a new feature and therefore implemented in a future feature release.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    An issue has been identified in the 8.1.1 release - published on 10th February 2021, that can result in invoice payment attempts via the client area using a tokenised payment gateway, to encounter an error condition. The client will see errors upon submitting payment: You did not enter your first name You did not enter your last name You did not enter your address (line 1) You did not enter your city You did not enter your state You did not enter your postcode You did not enter your phone number New orders, automatic charge attempts and staff capture attempts are unaffected.
  3. This week's unprecedented bad weather continues across the entire state of Texas. Utility outages are less widespread today (power, internet, water, natural gas) but continue to have a tangible impact on our staff. As such you may experience: An increased wait-time for customer service & support responses. Staff (working remotely due to COVID-19) are unable to work without power or internet connectivity. Please use the following resources to self-serve where possible: Help Guides Video Tutorials Documentation Community Forums Our reduced support team are working to answer all tickets as soon as possible. Power and water supply issues are predicted to last for several days. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, and thank for your patience whilst we make all efforts to ensure our staff are safe.
  4. @Richardmax, My recommendation would be to use the Module Debug Log to capture the API error details during the TLD Pricing Import process. Then open a new support request with ResellerClub providing that API request and response data to them for review at their end. Do not mention WHMCS in your message to ResellerClub support.
  5. Hi there, To follow up with a resolution in the event somebody else comes across this thread. This error indicates the saved Storage Settings values are no longer valid (possibly following a server move). First test that your Storage Setting configuration are valid at Configuration > System Settings > Storage Settings > Configurations tab using the play icon If not, please update them per this guide: https://docs.whmcs.com/Moving_Storage_Locations If yes, then the values may just need re-saving. To do this: Select the Settings tab Toggle each of the storage settings dropdown menus to a different option, and then back to the original value Click Switch and confirm Repeat for each storage setting
  6. Hi @J-B, The introduction of the Users and Accounts system in v8 implements additional verification that ticket replies originate from an authorised person. Meaning that when a ticket belongs to a Client Account, it must be updated by a User or Contact associated with that Client Account. It is no longer sufficient just to know a Ticket ID to email a reply. If there are multiple permutations of the user's email address, they can be added as a Contact on the Client Account with the Support email notification option.
  7. Hi @J-B, This Status will occur if the sender's email address does not match a User or Contact on the account to which the ticket belongs. Please ensure there is a User or Contact associated with the Client Account in question which matches the "From" address exactly as shown in the Ticket Mail Import Log.
  8. Hi @Vander Host, I can see that in your ticket, the analyst suggested uploading a fresh set of the WHMCS files, overwriting the existing files. This is another potential cause of this error as you encountered a permissions releated error attempting the automatic update process: https://help.whmcs.com/m/updating/l/679709-automatic-update-failed-identifying-the-problem WHMCS staff did not recommend removing or deleting files en-mass. My apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  9. Hi @Vander Host, The error you have reported here has been observed to be caused by an outdated Geolocation Hook addon from the developer ModulesGarden. In certain WHMCS v8 versions this can cause the above error. You would either need to remove this hook from your installation, by deleting/moving aside the file at /includes/hooks or contact the vendor direct, who should be happy to supply you with an updated version of the file in order to fix this issue.
  10. Hi there, With WHMCS MarketConnect services you are our customer, the vendors would not recognise you as the billable party. This enables us to use the combined might of the WHMCS user-base to negotiate preferential prices with vendors and pass that on to you, that individual organisations would be unlikely to achieve without committing to significant volumes or upfront costs. The services provided by WHMCS MarketConnect are hosted by the vendors themselves, so there is no requirement to install specialist software or infrastructure on your systems once WHMCS is up and running.
  11. Hi there, I'd suggest submitting a feature request if this is a feature you'd find helpful in future: https://requests.whmcs.com If a plurality of other users agree, we can potentially cconsider it. In the meantime WHMCS provides backup codes in the event of device loss.
  12. Hi there, Whilst a support ticket may be close indicating the end of the particular interaction with the support team on a matter. The case opened with the development team remains open independently and will be addressed according to the severity determined by our team. In this particular case, a default FTP backup password value has been assessed as not representing a security vulnerability without an accompanying hostname or password. However we're certainly appreciative of the report and will address it in a future update. Thanks for your bug report. We encourage and reward responsible disclosure of genuine security concerns via our bounty program:https://www.whmcs.com/security-bounty-program/ For information on how we handle bug reports, please refer to: https://docs.whmcs.com/How_we_handle_Bug_Reports
  13. Version 1.0.0


    An issue has been identified in the 8.1.1 release - published on 10th February 2021, that results in support ticket replies via email being held for manual import.
  14. Hi @Asheville Web Hosting, What output do you see on that page please? It looks like the success_redirect_url isn't being set quite right. This is a variable defined by the Plesk login routine itself, not something we specify on our side. So I'd suggest checking with Plesk support on the next steps to investigate and resolve.
  15. Hi @WeaveStudios, We'll automatically update any stock email templates when applying a WHMCS update which requires a template change. If a template was customised they'll be skipped by the update routine so as not to remove your customisations. All the stock email templates are located in /resources/sql/install/tblemailtemplates.data.sql.
  16. Hi @Nova, An "Invalid CSRF Protection Token" could be caused by a few things: You logged out in another tab, Your login session expired since the page was loaded, Your connection's IP address has changed since the page was loaded, A PHP Session misconfiguration on the server A misconfiguration of your proxy/WAF/CDN is causing the IP provided to PHP to change frequently If it wasn't triggered by the first three operator actions: Start by reviewing the Configuration > System Health page for any PHP Session configuration warnings, and address those. If your website is behind a proxy, make sure it's properly configured to pass the visitors IP address consistently through to PHP scripts. If you can temporarily disable the Proxy/WAF/CDN on your website, you can configure the Trusted Proxy Settings at the script level, telling WHMCS to expect your proxy. This is discussed in depth here: https://docs.whmcs.com/Trusted_Proxy_Settings
  17. Hi @Biswas Host Ltd, This error sounds like a misbehaving action hook. Could you please ensure there are no customisations present on your installation as these can often change the way WHMCS operates. These are typically located in the /includes/hooks and /modules/addons directories. Once the issue is resolved you can add them back one-by-one until the problem begins again - at which point you have identified the troublesome customisation and can contact the vendor directly for assistance resolving the problem in their code.
  18. Hi, So that the Password Reset Validation email template contains the timed reset link, ensure it contains the relevant merge field: <a href="{$reset_password_url}">Reset your password</a> This is located at Configuration > System Settings > Email Templates
  19. Hello, In v8.0 and above we introduced a significant update to the authentication and authorization system for accounts and users in WHMCS. Client Accounts no longer have passwords, authentication is now done via Users. v8.0 and above intentionally does not expose or permit direct manipulations or display of User passwords via the UI or in emails. Instead an email-based invitation and reset process is used in line with current best-design and security practices. This paradigm is common to many modern SaaS systems. If some users are unable to receive the reset email, your admins would assist the customer by updating their email address via the new "Users" tab to one which can receive emails. You can then send the password reset email to them also via the Users tab: https://help.whmcs.com/m/v80/l/1301340-where-is-the-reset-send-password-option If no users are receiving the password reset email, then please follow these steps to troubleshoot email sending issues: https://help.whmcs.com/m/troubleshooting/l/1261469-troubleshooting-email-sending-problems So that the Password Reset Validation email template contains the timed reset link, ensure it contains the relevant merge field: <a href="{$reset_password_url}">Reset your password</a> This is located at Configuration > System Settings > Email Templates
  20. Hi @Komiser, Where are you seeing the client's IP in the WHMCS client area please? Could you share a screenshot perhaps?
  21. Hi @Stuart Newton, Your website is loading successfully from here! Is there any caching, load-balancing or networked storage on your environment? If so, perhaps the updated files hadn't yet permeated out to everywhere or were part cached?
  22. Hi @ManagedCloud-Hosting, DirectAdmin have an API which you could potentially leverage in your custom code: https://help.directadmin.com/item.php?id=523 This isn't currently a function that's implemented in the DirectAdmin module, but is potentially something we can look at if there's demand in future.
  23. Hi there, We prefer to have a direct relationship with you, so don't offer a geographic network of resellers. Please do sign up direct here: https://www.whmcs.com/pricing
  24. Hi @Stuart Newton, Those logs indicate the update process completed successfully. So the /install directory can be removed. To troubleshoot the Oops error without admin area access, please follow these steps: https://help.whmcs.com/m/v80/l/1301352-troubleshooting-a-blank-page-oops-error-message#via-the-configuration-file
  25. Do you love working with internet technologies and helping people? Do you know WHMCS and Website Hosting? If so, we want you to join team WHMCS! As you can see from the photo, we're a friendly bunch, and we are looking for a new Technical Analyst to join our team --> The type of applicants we are looking for should be passionate about helping customers resolve issues & answering queries they have. Excellent written communication, advanced problem solving and troubleshooting skills, and being able to work independently are a must. Having experience with PHP development, and having the ability to review & understand PHP code is a bonus. We are looking for applicants based worldwide for this remote position. Because of that a stable internet connection required. Experience: Experience with troubleshooting and debugging PHP and MySQL Installation and configuration of PHP Applications within Linux and Windows environments Familiarity of WHMCS software, configuration and implementation Good working knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript Eligibility Requirements: High School diploma or equivalent; One year of web hosting industry experience or other related work preferred Previous experience building addons, hooks or modules for WHMCS preferred Familiarity of web hosting control panels or payment gateway APIs preferred If that sounds like you, send us your resume: CLICK HERE TO APPLY! We can't wait to hear from you.
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