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  1. upalm

    Hide menu in Lost Password Reset

    Wow! That just did the trick. Thank you so much for the help and support 🙂
  2. Hi, Before we used to use the function though js to hide the menu's in 'pwreset' and now it does not seem to be working as WHMCS 7.8 and above is using the index file instead of the old 'pwreset'. I tried hiding it through the index filename but that seems to be breaking the styles on the pages without the '.php' extension and it is just showing only the text instead. Here is the code we were using: {if $formaction == 'dologin.php' || $filename == 'pwreset' || $filename == 'register' || $filename == 'login' || $filename == 'clientarea' && !$loggedin} Can anyone help me around this as converting it to a normal page without hiding the menus works perfectly but I really do not want the non logged in users to see the inside content without signing up.
  3. And do not forget to mention the custom directory on your 'configuration.php' as it is recommended from a security point-of-view.
  4. If the cron is setup properly (pointing to the correct directory) then try changing the php timezone to the correct one.
  5. upalm

    TPL is missing

    Blind me, thank you so much. It worked!
  6. After updating to WHMCS 7.9.0, we have come across an error while checking out using the Stripe payment gateway. Error log: Smarty Error: Unable to load template 'file:D:\xxx\xxx\xxx/xxx/xxx/invoice-payment.tpl' Where does the 'invoice-payment.tpl' even exist? As the template six does not have it. Even while attaching the new PayPal gateway it throws an 500 error after signing in.
  7. Edit: Oops my bad, I had chosen terminated by mistake. All fine here. Great work on the hook!
  8. upalm

    Cancellation Request Logic

    @yomyyo Hey, could you please share the simple Immediate Cancellation hook ( CancellationRequest) that cancels the service right after the billion period is over? It would be very kind of you. Does it auto cancel the immediate cancellation requests as well? As I do not have any module attached to the service and this hook would automate the major tasks.
  9. @brian! Thank you so much for the quick reply and contributing to the work on the amazing hook 🙂 You are amazing ^^
  10. @brian! Hello, first of thanks for this amazing script. But is there a way to hide the expired products under 'Submit Ticket's' too? As the expired products just clutters the 'submitticket.php'
  11. upalm

    2CheckOut Issues

    Could it be because of this? https://docs.whmcs.com/Changelog:WHMCS_V7.7.1 API CORE-13101 - Return replyid in replies data of GetTicket API CORE-13138 - Ensure currency data is provided in response of GetInvoices API Also known as: CORE-13047 CORE-13138 was recently added in the 7.7.1 version. Maybe downgrading it would solve the issue? 
  12. Edit: 2Checkout makes it so confusing for it's customers.
  13. Just follow this: https://knowledgecenter.2checkout.com/Shopping_cart_integration/Integrate_WHMCS They seem to have it updated for their new system. God I so hate this new system 😐
  14. upalm

    2CheckOut Issues

    Nope, we have our very own coded template built from the scratch which just calls one module to change the type of login pages, that we have made. Other than the just one being added, I don't think it should not be any payment related thing. And yup that hotfix was updated on the April 5th and yet it did not solve this issue. And trust me I had even re installed the entire WHMCS 7.7.1, tried it without the hotfix plus with it. Did not notice any change. Maybe 2Checkout had some API changes? Please post a fix here too if you find it, it would be highly appreciated by us 🙂
  15. upalm

    2CheckOut Issues

    EXACTLY! This. My exact same issue. Thank you so much, finally somebody gets it. 2Checkout would never even bother to help me as it is the entire idea of running a payment gateway runs over their head.

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