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  1. It means they have banned your server IP for further queries because you have exceeded the limit. It's not really a problem with WHMCS but the Whois server you are using for .ng queries.
  2. The license is registered to a domain name, not an IP address. Make sure the IP address resolves to the same domain name you purchased/issued the license for.
  3. If all you need is invoicing and billing, there are many services that can do that or free softwares. Just search for 'open source billing'.
  4. What makes you think most still are? Just see how this community has almost died. I suspect most active WHMCS users are not using the software anymore and some are still trying to migrate away. The activity here in the community if you check active users shows clearly, they had a massive drop in users if that is any indicator. In other communities there is also little talk about WHMCS in general but to be fair, the small hosting company market is shrinking fast with big cloud providers taking most customers and the time of individuals hosting their personal website/blog is also over that most of them just moved to Instagram, Facebook, etc. In the past they promoted events and things on their own websites, now all of them use social networks for free because that is where the users are. And adsense from Google is also mostly gone which was how most individual financed their websites.
  5. I suspect that is true for most hosting companies as people started to move to big cloud providers like Amazon, Google and Microsoft. This is actually not WHMCS's fault, but the entire hosting market has shrunken as cloud providers are growing. I suspect this is why cPanel, WHMCS keep raising pricing to make up for the lost customers as companies are closing down or getting smaller.
  6. I guess his point is that if you are small enough the cost is not justified because WHMCS still has an additional cost to maintain besides the subscription license. I can completely understand that not everyone needs instant automation and are just fine doing stuff manually until they can automate those tasks.
  7. WHMCS uses the database to store basically everything. The only exception is modules that use API calls which means that data is actually stored by the provider that is giving you that service. I'm pretty sure you can export everything that is inside your WHMCS database.
  8. You don't need Linux, as long as you can run PHP or MySQL you could probably install it on anything you like because WHMCS being a PHP software does not care about the running operating system. I don't think it interacts with the operating system in anyway, its just requires PHP and MySQL/MariaDB. Or it should. If its actually checking or requiring something specific in an operating system, (which I would not be surprised) its clearly a fault in the software. As for Linux, there are gazillion variants. Some people installed WHMCS on Windows Servers as well. The extensions are in listed in the documentation. Not sure what exactly are you missing from the documentation.
  9. The documentation already states what is required. If you mean documentation on how to install specifically for Nginx, or MySQL, well, you should check the documentation for those softwares, since they are not developed by WHMCS. The operating system is irrelevant, so is the web server. But its preferable since its more widely used and tested under Linux and Apache.
  10. Its right there on the documentation under PHP extensions: System Requirements - WHMCS Documentation It's basically MySQL+PHP+Webserver Any web server will work as long as its serving PHP code. What do you mean with co-existing with Magento? The same server? As long as you don't mix files that is fine, you can run other software, but don't put other PHP files in your WHMCS installation, it should go into its own folder. This applies to any software, not just WHMCS.
  11. Just a reminder to everyone that PayPal and major credit cards do not allow to pass the customer the extra fees or advertise them. I don't agree with those policies since those are indeed extra fees over your product cost, but it is what it is sadly. Use this at your own risk. Here is some reading: https://creativegeniuslaw.com/why-you-cant-charge-clients-paypal-fees-what-to-do-about-it/
  12. WHMCS can't do that. There is a module gardens addon that can do this, create the DNS zones automatically for new domain registrations which is probably what you need in order to set them to the parking page server. WHMCS basically can set the default nameservers, but you still need to activate the domain on a server in order to show a welcome page.
  13. What do you mean without the knowledge of the customer? You don't want someone paying from knowing their payment was successful?
  14. That is actually not correct, most people using Stripe only sell digital items like software or services. They usually reject illegal services, in the case of IPTV is very likely the content is not legal so even PayPal once they find out will close the account or as soon as they start to receive alot of disputes. This is actually true for Stripe or any other merchant as well, even if you sell legit stuff if your dispute or chargeback rate is high, they consider it a risky account and might close it. This is why its so important to make all the fraud checks to avoid them but in the case of pirated content its very likely that those type of business already attract alot of fraudulent people that either dispute the payment or are using stolen payment cards or accounts and the real owner contacts their bank once they see the charges. I'm pretty sure that PayPal and no other payment company allows illegal content to be sold on their services. If it's working for someone it's just because the volume is low, and nobody reported it to PayPal yet. The only way to sell stuff like that and accept payments online is crypto currency. Of course, if you are a selling a legit service that is perfectly fine as IPTV is just a way to say television trough IP, if you have the content licensed, you own it or its not copyrighted then that is perfectly fine and payment provider will work but they might very suspicious which means you probably have to provide them with all the documentation or evidence that the content is completely legal.
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