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  1. I know this post is old but what is the final approach to remove this from the client area products page? Hide it with CSS, hooks or both? Its over half a year and WHMCS did nothing to fix this mess.
  2. yggdrasil

    SSL Monitoring does not work.

    There is nothing wrong with something old that is stable and works. There are no security risks because Red Hat patches them. As for PHP 5, Red Hat has alternative packages. Installing PHP 7 or any other version is easy and you don't need to replace or use the base version. The reason they don't just upgrade packages on every new release is compatibility reasons. This is why Red Hat is the most widely used operating system in corporate environments and business servers. They usually support their softwares for 10 or 15 years. I prefer this approach because you can always safely update servers and nothing breaks. Base RPM's that come from the official distro should always be preferred and should take preference unless there is absolutely no alternative. If someone wants the latest and greatest they could always go for Fedora Server instead. Personally, I prefer stability on production servers, hence CentOS is my choice. Its surprising to see PHP code that does not work with the default server functions and requires its own package. Its not normal.
  3. yggdrasil

    SSL Monitoring does not work.

    That is a pretty bad. WHMCS not being compatible with one if not the most widely used server operating system in the world. Almost all major servers use some distro based out of Red Hat. They back port all security patches so there is nothing wrong with the default packages. I should not be forced to use another repository and put my server at risk just because WHMCS has issues with the default packages. This feature should had been optional from day one. People need to hack the code to remove it, that should tell WHMCS how unwanted it is. Its not even working with most WHMCS installations. I'm surprised it passed the beta testing.
  4. Here: https://www.how2shout.com/how-to/install-wamp-server-windows-10-step-by-step-tutorial-guide.html Then: https://docs.whmcs.com/Installing_WHMCS
  5. yggdrasil

    Another bug on domain transfers

    That is right. I will probably just modify the template to indicate its only required for some extensions. This will avoid users sending emails or asking what they have to fill on that field for domains that don't support it.
  6. yggdrasil

    Another bug on domain transfers

    You are right but it still confuses users because the field is there and it tells them its required. I don't think most users try to submit the form with that field blank as they read its required on the form. Maybe when a user types an extensions that does not support the code, the field should be hidden automatically with JavaScript in the future. Or change the message that the field is actually not required but optional depending on the extension.
  7. It seems the latest release always requires an auth code on domains transfers, even if that TLD does not support one. I'm sure this was not the case before. If you unchecked the option to require an EPP code for a domain on the admin side. The field was hidden and not required on the user theme. But now its always visible confusing users for domains that don't support auth codes.
  8. Just like you would on any other server, assuming you have a web server and all the required software installed (LAMP) on your local computer. Make sure you are on a fixed IP with your ISP for the license check and that you have punched all the ports (firewall) on your network. This alone is just a terrible bad idea for security reasons. You should never turn your personal laptop or personal system into a public accesible web server unless you know exactly what you are doing. If your question is if WHMCS can work offline, not it cannot. It requires eventually an Internet communication for the license check. You can use Xamp or Wamp for an easy way to deploy a local server for testing. But even for testing or developing you still require a valid license from WHMCS. You cannot use WHMCS without a license, that includes developing.
  9. yggdrasil


    Obviously, bigger will always be better. If your site is small just start with the basic one and then upgrade in case of issues. Just take into account that a VPS is a full server and will require the same amount of work in terms of patches, upgrades, security, as a normal server. In that regard you will have to manage everything from the operating system to the network configuration. If you don't have a system administrator for those tasks, get a fully managed system.
  10. You can also directly export from the database assuming you are using a proper software or tool for database management. Most will let you export data and even create reports in what ever format you like, even do this programatically (automatically). But if you need to automate this, I would rather have something custom build that then runs with a cron and exports the data you want.
  11. yggdrasil

    [Locked]Unlicensed Installation

    This. They either don't have money, so you don't actually lost a potential customer because they just don't have the resources to pay for the license every month or they do but don't see any value on paying. Either way you cannot force someone into paying something they don't want. They have to see value in order to put their greens out. You don't want people paying by force and be upset, they have to be happy while paying otherwise they are bad customers and are going to leave your product/company the second they have an option out.
  12. yggdrasil

    [Locked]Unlicensed Installation

    I'm not entirely sure what solution that is since nobody was able to come up with a way to solve piracy. You just deal with it and make it part of your business, trying to convert them into customers. There is something worse than people pirating your product, nobody using it. Piracy means its popular and people want it. No piracy means its garbage and people are not even interested on using it, even for free.
  13. yggdrasil

    SSL Monitoring does not work.

    Since this community post was published on January, almost 5 months ago what you said is most likely correct. It will take a year or more before they even fix this or put an option to make it optional.
  14. yggdrasil

    Customer Account on WHMCS.COM bugged

    The status is ok, what is not ok is that those are software licenses, addons, a SSL icon should not appear at all. That is my point. Why should I have an SSL status check on the Android Addon license for example? It has no domain!
  15. Looks nice. So this creates smarty TPL templates on your existing theme? If yes, you should consider restricting this to staff permissions as I'm not sure if everyone wants to give access to their staff to create pages on their site.

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