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  1. I used this on version 7 on a tiny database, and it takes around +30 seconds to even start loading. So yes, it's not your installation or server, but just how WHMCS works. Normally, it would take almost a minute for a user to log in using that WHMCS API call. Then again, WHMCS is not known to be fast or performance, and their API calls are certainly not fast to process either. It's not your server, it's the code.
  2. Are you sure about this? As far as I'm aware, they stopped the option to allow owned license holders to renew support and update to newer versions unless they moved to the subscription model. Of course, they had to honor anyone that had support paid upfront for several years but I remember they removed the option precisely to prevent someone from buying, for example, 10 years of support to avoid moving to the subscription model. If what you said is true, either it was a glitch in your account or WHMCS decided to back pedal and owned license holders can keep using their software with newer updates without moving to a subscription plan. I'm confused as everyone here in the forums discussed this and said they have no option but moving to a subscription plan to keep receiving updates. That email was years ago, which means you would have been stuck in version 7 like everyone else, I'm very confused how you purchased updates last year: Your WHMCS owned license will continue to function as it does today. You may continue to run your WHMCS installation using the owned license for as long as you would like. • You will not be able to purchase or renew support for your owned WHMCS license, effective immediately. • If you have an active support agreement with WHMCS for your owned license, we will continue to honor that support agreement until its expiration. If you do not have support for your WHMCS owned license, and you require product support or you would like to upgrade to a current version, you will need to upgrade to our standard license model. You can obtain a standard license by logging into the WHMCS customer portal (https://www.whmcs.com/members)
  3. I see, you had support pre-paid for the future I assume because if memory serves me right, they did not allow owned customers to renew support anymore.
  4. You mean 7.3.2? Or did you upgrade to version 8 with an owned license?
  5. The irony is that now that WHMCS supports PHP 8.1, PHP 8.2 is out which means 8.1 is already an older version... 😂 Most people are still on PHP 7, and anyone that decides to do a major server upgrade will do from v7 directly to 8.2, not PHP 8.0, or 8.1 PHP: PHP 8.2.0 Release Announcement
  6. It's not possible to create a plan that selects a different control panel by default because when you create a plan you select a specific module for that plan. It means it uses the API for that specific server control panel. This could be done with some coding, example, you have a custom module, for all plans, and that module then uses the selected control panel module depending on the cart selection, but it would require a specific module that acts as a proxy or gateway. Out of the box, your only option is creating a different plan for each control panel. You could create a product category for each one, example, cPanel Plans, DirectAdmin Plans, and let customers pick. Then have the same plans for each one but the only difference is the type of server they will use.
  7. That is how API calls work. They only do one specific thing, in your case Add Payment. You would need to do a second API call to log it using: LogActivity - WHMCS Developer Documentation
  8. How are you uploading files? Normally .php files are uploaded as ASCII (text files) but that is not actually true for Ion Cube files as they are encoded files. In my experience they can get corrupted when you upload them as ASCII with some FTP/SFTP software. Trying switching to binary. If your FTP client is changing something in the file, the entire encoded Ioncube file is now corrupted.
  9. That link is not related to licensing WHMCS. It's just an addon for existing WHMCS customers that need to sell software and license it to their own customers. To get a WHMCS license you go here: Pricing Plans | WHMCS Then click on Get Started for the license type you want. Old licenses are not sold anymore, you can't purchase or download them anymore.
  10. I think you are a bit confused about WHMCS works. WHMCS does not actually do anything related to services. Its modules do that. And when someone orders something WHMCS does the action, you have configured for it, depending on what you have setup. In your example, when someone ordered a domain name, WHMCS executed the module that registers the domain. Hence the domain is registered. But it does not execute a hosting module, in your case Plesk. If you merge a customer with a domain to another one, its just an internal merge inside WHMCS it will not execute anything on the modules. If you want both the domain to be registered, and created in Plesk, those are 2 different actions, A ) Run the domain module, B) Run the Plesk module. Which means, you need to create a package that after ordering executes the Plesk settings you want. If the user only orders a domain name, without that package that runs the Plesk module, then it will never add anything to Plesk. I advise to read the documentation entirely and you will have a better understanding on how WHMCS works. Domain registrations are just that, a registration of a name, but Plesk is actually a control panel to manage hosting on a server, hence if you want the domain to work right after ordering, it has to be activated in your server. A domain alone will not start working unless its created on your server. WHMCS does not actually create the domain, or the hosting either. Its just a billing automation software. It only holds your customer data, and some settings. But services are actually executed outside WHMCS. You could say its a billing automation software, since the idea is that if can auto provision or execute those external services after payment, or manually, or however you want. Depends on what you want and how you have everything configured. Hope that helps but based on those questions I suspect you are very new to WHMCS which might confuse you a bit on how things work. The best you can do is actually read the docs and it will clear many questions on how everything works together. Before putting live products, its important to know how everything works to avoid mistakes or things you later misconfigured.
  11. It means they have banned your server IP for further queries because you have exceeded the limit. It's not really a problem with WHMCS but the Whois server you are using for .ng queries.
  12. The license is registered to a domain name, not an IP address. Make sure the IP address resolves to the same domain name you purchased/issued the license for.
  13. If all you need is invoicing and billing, there are many services that can do that or free softwares. Just search for 'open source billing'.
  14. What makes you think most still are? Just see how this community has almost died. I suspect most active WHMCS users are not using the software anymore and some are still trying to migrate away. The activity here in the community if you check active users shows clearly, they had a massive drop in users if that is any indicator. In other communities there is also little talk about WHMCS in general but to be fair, the small hosting company market is shrinking fast with big cloud providers taking most customers and the time of individuals hosting their personal website/blog is also over that most of them just moved to Instagram, Facebook, etc. In the past they promoted events and things on their own websites, now all of them use social networks for free because that is where the users are. And adsense from Google is also mostly gone which was how most individual financed their websites.
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