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  1. If they do, people that don't use the Juniper theme will complain and then they have the same problem. I suspect they are not going to change it since people can change the icons to their own preference based on the cPanel theme they use. Is it really that hard to upload a few icons into your server? If you expect WHMCS to do this for you, you might as well wait months or years.
  2. I don't think that is correct. PayPal basic is not EOL and its widely used and probably the most used option at this time. The new PayPal checkout is very new.
  3. If English is set as default in your installation, all pages will be in English by default. The only exception is when a user manually changes the language from the dropdown, which you can hide if you don't want them to change the language. Another way is to pass the language variable in the URL to the ticket and force the language automatically.
  4. I don't think there is one. If there is one in the database, you could try modifying the value manually, but if it's hardcoded into the code, you are out of luck since you are not able to change encoded code.
  5. Yes, WHMCS has an option to cancel PayPal subscriptions automatically if you can cancel the product. No, the subscription is not paused in PayPal if they disable automatic billing in WHMCS. The option Force Subscriptions is inside the payment gateway configuration for PayPal in the WHMCS when you configure PayPal for the first time.
  6. You can replace them. I don't remember the path now, but they are in your WHMCS installation. Just replace the images.
  7. You already have that option. Unless they removed this in a newer version. My WHMCS PayPal configuration had an option called "Force Subscriptions". With this option turned off. Your customers will be able to pay with PayPal without a subscription which is probably what you want if your pricing can change from one month to the other.
  8. The underling architecture should make no difference on WHMCS because the question really depends on how PHP or your database (MariaDB, MySQL, Percona...) performs under that OS. WHMCS relies on those 2 main platforms which means it will perform as fast or as slow as those software perform in your server. You would need to rather ask how PHP or Percona works in ARM64 in that regard since WHMCS is just an end application. The deal breaker is that WHMCS requires Ioncube loaders for PHP, so you will have to make sure there are ioncube loaders for your operating system based on ARM64. Unless you plan to use a Raspberry PI, I don't think they support many operating systems under ARM64.
  9. That is how PayPal works for fixed subscriptions. So yes, if you keep changing prices, or if you plan to bill people different amounts every month, or they upgrade, or add addons and the price changes. Then this will not work for you. While I have no idea if PayPal allows to change subscription prices from their API (I don't think it allows that) WHMCS certainly does not change a PayPal subscription amount once its created. It can either create a new one and cancel one but not change the amount in one that was created already. The way other companies do it is they use PayPal billing agreements instead, which allows you to charge a specific amount from a PayPal's account, but I don't think WHMCS uses that. And that option is also very limited since most international PayPal accounts or most PayPal accounts that only use them with credits (with no linked bank or card) cannot use that option at all which means if you are forcing them to a PayPal agreement on payment, they will just not be able to pay with PayPal, as opposed to subscriptions which is more basic. Actually, if you force a subscription on PayPal payments, you are also limiting users as that option is also not available for some PayPal accounts. To resume, this is actually a limitation on how PayPal works and not WHMCS. WHMCS is limited to the options PayPal offers for billing and developers' integrations. If you are constantly changing pricing on products do not offer the option for people to subscribe with PayPal. Just use the option that forces them to make a payment manually every month. As for what happens in your example? WHMCS is at least smart enough to detect a PayPal payment from an account. So if your invoice was $12, and the subscription was $10, WHMCS will apply $10 to that invoice and it will remain unpaid for the remaining $2. If the invoice was already paid by the user, and the subscription comes in, WHMCS will just credit the $10 as credits to the account since there is no open invoice which is nice since you are not missing those payments.
  10. Well, good luck with that approach. Personally, I don't think that is a proper plan since it's based on assumptions that you can either patch your installation or WHMCS is going to do it for money (which they will not since they want to stabilize users into similar versions and not having to keep maintaining different software releases...). And about removing the encoding... How is that going to work? Are you going to pay to remove every single file until you find the one that has a security hole? To some obscure fraud online service which doess piracy and can just run with your money? Even assuming you even know which file that is since WHMCS is not going to tell you exactly what the security hole or fix is either. You now have to basically audit your own WHMCS version for security bugs which is going to be more expensive than to just subscribing to WHMCS. If you can actually maintain your own old WHMCS version, then it's going to be more expensive in development than something that works. And the decoding of Ioncube is far from perfect, most classes and functions are not the same and it just assumes how some things work and you will have to recreate the code to make it work properly. And while there are some decoded versions online for WHMCS they are not actually decoded but the source code leaked which is why they work and they are very old releases plagued with many security holes that you would be insane to even try to put on a live production site, not to mention most things in WHMCS already changed to use newer API's for domain modules, payments, etc., in that ancient release they will not work properly anymore or again, you will have to recode them to upgrade them. If you actually have that sort of resources, you might as well just create your own WHMCS software from scratch since maintaining someone else's code is probably more work than creating your own. Believe it or not, the subscription to WHMCS is still cheaper than any of the options you proposed. And if you don't want a subscription, your only option is to migrate to something else. I'm not trying to be negative here, I'm just being realistic. I suspect many people have explored their options and I do know one thing. Staying on an old WHMCS version for ever is absolutely no business plan or option for anyone. I know that, WHMCS knows that. If you want to use WHMCS, your only options are to subscribe or move to something else. Personally, I'm not sticking around until a security hole hitting the door next month, or next week or tomorrow. If you value your business, it's like playing with fire if you don't upgrade software on a regular basis. It might work for some time, but you will have to upgrade at some point.
  11. Is anyone with an owned license still running it on a public website? I'm seriously curious what they will do in one of the following instances: 1. You receive an email about a security hole from WHMCS. You are screwed, since you cannot fix the code. You will be forced to subscribe in order to get the updates to the security patches, and since you are on older version it's going to probably take more work than usual. So far, it seems those owned users are still lucky that no such thing has happen...yet...that mail is coming anytime. 2. You will eventually need to upgrade PHP, or MySQL on your server. Your owned license probably does not support PHP 8. Again, you are screwed since you can't update the code to make it compatible. Again, you need to upgrade WHMCS. Ioncube the company is more or less going down the pipe, they don't even have their software compatible with PHP 8 for over a year, this ironically is now also screwing WHMCS as they can't make their software compatible for PHP 8 for that reason. The rumor is that Ioncube is going bust...as they can't really make their encoders work well with PHP 8 (performance seems horrible and they can't still make it secure either...) That would be a real irony since just like we depend on WHMCS for the code, WHMCS now depends on Ioncube to keep selling their software. I hope everyone understands that the owned licenses were never owned in the first place. You don't own the code, you don't even get to see it, you can't secure it, you can't upgrade it, you can't fix bugs or change it. It's not your software, never was. People had no issues with this model for years because WHMCS was a cheap PHP software and it had many competitors. But they also changed as a company. Running a website that process customers data and payments outdated, and you are going to probably be liable once your customers data is stolen, or their billing info stolen, or someone orders spam services or just breaks your whole installation. It's not a question of if, but when... I don't think owned licenses have any choice except: 1. Upgrade to a subscription WHMCS plan 2. Move to something else. I'm curious who here is actually still on an owned license. I suspect most have already moved or upgraded to a subscription. It would be crazy to keep running WHMCS on a very old release. Owned users probably still have a few more months but time is not on their side. They probably have to come up with some decision to 1 o 2 before the end of this year. Anyone here with an owned license reading this, be warned, if a security hole is found, you will have no choice but either upgrade WHMCS to patch it right away (hours, not days) since bots will either already know your site or scan the web to find it or you will have to take the whole installation offline until you can either upgrade or migrate to something else. Both scenarios take time, and this is not something you want to be doing under pressure, on a weekend or out of the blue. I suspect most people already planned a move or upgrade but since someone just asked this I suspect many people still think their owned licenses are receiving security patches. Well, the question is no. And they will not receive one either.
  12. You need to post your request here: https://whmcs.community/community/137-service-offers-requests/
  13. Read the documentation here: Hooks - WHMCS Developer Documentation If you don't understand the docs, I would advise to look at the developer section in this community and hire one to build this for you.
  14. You can edit the template and disable the section code which saves credit cards.
  15. Yes, you can make a hook that does that.
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