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  1. I was referring to version 8 when I mean they are moving too quickly. And in 3 months I guess they will launch 8.1 that again has new features even without fixing first all the previous bugs. They think if they keep moving forward with new stuff it will give them more customers which is a mouse and cat game as older ones will just move on if bugs are hurting their business. All software's will always have bugs, true, but it's a different story when you let them accumulate and focus the coding force on new features instead of fixing the existing ones. Therefore, most software's introduce new features very slowly and carefully, as they must play together with everything else. And this is not only about features in a technical way but also from a business logic perspective. On the positive side at least the first patches are being released which means they are aware and fixing stuff. 😂
  2. Therefore, I don't understand why they are moving so quickly with releases as people are not catching up with changes, with people I don't just mean WHMCS customers but also WHMCS developers. Even its own coding team is not catching up with other changes they are introducing. The issue is likely a discoordination issue as the person/s that wrote one part is not the same introducing changes in another section. I'm not sure if this is happening because they work remotely or they are not properly coordinating weekly meetings to discuss what everyone has changed but it seems to me issues like that happen because one hand is not aware what the other one is doing. This is of course is no excuse to whoever has to do the testing (assuming they even do that and not just rely on beta users). All they have to do is check logs, which includes WHMCS logs, server logs, php logs to find most hard bugs.
  3. .htaccess rules will not have any effect in some future as they are now routing things internally on the PHP framework. I suspect they will completely drop .htaccess in version 9. I would not bother much with rules because as they change to the new format you will not be able to identify unique products, or users, or anything else that was usually posted with the URL as a parameter. Unless of course WHMCS uses slugs on the URL's. They are not doing this as far as I know with the new format. The new format is not using slugs for ID's and identification like the old format did everywhere. They store values in the PHP session which means .htaccess becomes useless and pointless. Even if you modify a request on the fly with .htaccess, it will still be useless on any URL on which a user does an action (which is almost everywhere) because you cannot control to where the routing (redirection) is going after the action.
  4. As Brian said, this seems to smell like the URL friendly routing. You can look up my past posts on this. They started doing this with version 7 but only for a few basic URL's. In my case, it broke .htaccess rules permanently to the point of no return that I had to add hooks and code to detect URL's and redirect them to the URL I wanted. Basically faking the browser directions. I suspect in v8 they even changed more URL's to the new format. This will cause havoc among many modules and third party addons in the future. The real problem is that the old URL's, even while ugly had functionality on them with quite easy POST and GET parameters on the URL. The new ones does not, it relies on sessions. You cannot simple access variables on the URL. But this is not the biggest offender here. The old style was hardcoded into the smarty templates. That means you could URL's and paths as desired for anything, login, user registration, whatever. But now with the new Laravel format they don't give you access to links anymore. The URL rerouting is behind Ion Cube code, you cannot alter or change this, and I don't think you will ever be able to change its deep in the framework. What I'm trying to say, is that you are out of luck. You will never be able to change or reroute URL's as you want, even if you find a hack today, they will break even more things in the future, it means it will only work temporarily. This is the new WHMCS style format URL's and they are not going back. They took away the feature on which you can access and modify links and URL's on your WHMCS site. You cannot decide anymore to what URL's a form will point, or a link, or a product. Or anything. All WHMCS installations are being standardized and every site will look the same in terms of URL structure. This a big nasty change in a bad way (less customization) and while I started complaining about this almost 2 years back, I suspect only slowly people will realize how limited they are and how negative the change is. I guess all in the new of SEO which is going to be worthless anyway as all sites have the same structure and links making it even less search friendly as you lost uniqueness now.
  5. That was most likely a bug as some people probably expected the opposite, that the API should properly validate the input or fail. Since you are entering something else into that field, then the API is not what you want to use for this. The idea of the API is not to just save data to the database but sanitize and validate. Otherwise it would just be a fancy way to insert SQL queries to WHMCS. This is what you want. You want a custom hook or code, that instead of using the API call, inserts the order directly to your database. This will need more work on your side but it's the only reasonable way I see to insert other things into a field, like emails into the domain field. I assume you are not doing this from the user side but using it for your own internal purpose? Because if you do, assuming someone is filling a form or something on their side that is executing this, then you will need to make sure it properly validates the input before inserting to the database or you could be open to SQL injection attacks. I don't think WHMCS will fix this if this was a previous bug. I'm surprised reading this, that it was possible to just insert anything into the domain API order field which kind of defeats the API purpose. And what you described also seems another bug. The API call should fail if a field if missing, not add the order with missing data unless of course that field is optional in the API call.
  6. It means they still care. If we didn't, that would be sad news for WHMCS as people have moved on. I still wait to 8.1 at least but that is just me.
  7. This is why you have a test installation. First, WHMCS should not assume its users are going to test the software. As a software company they should implement their own lists of checks, you can even automate this and replicate every test when a new release comes out. Besides that, they can also do manual quality checks and tests. Sure, the real bugs are always discovered on production, but some bugs are so easy to pick that sometimes I have the sense they personally did not even tested something by clicking on it. I'm not talking here about hard bugs, but things like missing translation strings that I notice in the code, and they don't, eventually they replace it with the proper string. Things that take a minute to fix. Someone must do the job of testing? Yes, but not me. WHMCS. This is not a free software. We pay for it, why should I or any other customer invest its valuable time to test the software? It's not as WHMCS is paying you for that, they don't even want to make a bug report system for us customers, and this is something we asked for years. Reporting issues is not precisely easy when you must constantly discuss with someone if something is or not a bug. 🙄 You also say that if everyone waited half a year, it would take a long time for a version to become stable. With that argument you are assuming that new versions are not stable. This is a disaster for production installations. Then it means the software is not stable and should stay in beta. For me, it feels that when WHMCS announces a new major version as stable, then it's really beta, and after a month of real people using it becomes stable. This means their beta program is not really working as it such since major bugs are passing to the final release or not enough people are testing the beta releases. You also realize that not even WHMCS is using v8 on its own site? This means, even they wait some time before upgrading.
  8. And this type of bugs really hurt your company and your customers expect something like that to be fixed in days, not weeks. One reason I prefer not to immediately upgrade to new releases.
  9. I personally consider the dates way too short for a business software. Even open source software's offer at least a year before deprecating a previous version. April 2021 is only 6 months ahead. If you add to this that WHMCS takes months to fix bugs, this makes it very, very troublesome when new major features are released. I have no idea why WHMCS is trying to push times this quick when they clearly are aware, they are not equally fast at fixing bugs and issues. If you ask me, it should be a minimum of 3 years before a major version is considered EOL. Calling those dates Long Term is wrong. Long term is usually considered years, not months. My point is that officially you are supposed to move out of version 7 before 6 months. Add to this that you have custom themes, external third party and addons, and many code changes you need to also apply, besides making all the test and making sure the new version works, and changing your support docs to match the new features, and many other things.
  10. After reading all the issues here, I would say wait. Until 8.1 or 8.2 at least. There are many novel changes which change completely how some things work. I would give it 6 months before it goes stable. This would not be such a big issue if wasn't that WHMCS deprecates older versions rather fast which means you cannot stay on 7 for a year or more.
  11. It seems you might be correct and currently WHMCS does not support IDN. If you cannot renew or register domains, what is the point...😁 The reason I state this is the following documentation there: https://docs.whmcs.com/International_Domain_Names Since version 8 is not released yet, this means it's not currently supported. And once they do launch eight, please read that link, as its only limited to specific registrars. I don't think its fully supported if you use something else or a custom module, but you might check on the Beta releases how this is working so far. I suspect this will also be very buggy on launch so if this is critical for you, please test the Beta releases as WHMCS tends to launch new versions without testing them enough. The more testing and feedback they receive, the better.
  12. Thanks, I guess populating the fields with the nameservers is one way to fix it. I was surprised that such a small bug in the user interface caused so many troubles with people. Because they automatically start to complete the custom fields when they should not. It's very confusing to have the custom fields enabled and fillable when someone clicks on default DNS servers instead of just marking them as read only.
  13. I never reported this to WHMCS and I guess nobody else did. They don't even know it exists.
  14. What part is not true? You linked to a site selling SEO services... The URL structure has some weight for Google but as I said it's so tiny its almost irrelevant. Just by changing the URL's in your site will not increase your search engine results even in one position. Let me make one example, your page loading speed has more influence than URL's yet people make their pages heavy and don't care. Errors in your code will also give it negativity score and Google also consider quality...I could mention hundreds of different things a search engine considers, all of them more important than URL's. People think SEO is about how links look and link backs. There is more to it. The ranking benefit is tiny.
  15. See my reply above, that is easily solvable. Just create short URL's that redirect to the long ones and use those in emails, phone, or print.
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