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Found 31 results

  1. WGS Halloween Sale Is Now Live! Get Flat 30% OFF on all WGS WHMCS Modules and WGS WHMCS Themes. Use Copon Code - WOO30 to avail the discount.
  2. Hello I was thinking a manner to increase WHMCS website security, find on google some tips for web security: 1- KEEP YOUR SOFTWARE UP-TO-DATE 2- ENFORCE A STRONG PASSWORD POLICY 3- ENCRYPT YOUR LOGIN PAGES - use SSL 4- USE A SECURE HOST Microsoft, google, amazon are technically capable to run WHMCS? 5- KEEP YOUR WEBSITE CLEAN (delete plugins, old modules that are not in use or uot of date) 5- BACKUP YOUR DATA 6- SCAN YOUR WEBSITE FOR VULNERABILITIES 7- HIRE A SECURITY EXPERT Some of those advice's we all do, but I was thinking a way if WHMCS could be run on those cloud system like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, or Google Computing to INCREASE SECURITY, or any other Advice shared from other in this community?
  3. Hi there After searching on this community and did not find a similar post, I made this one, perhaps could be also others doubt. Buying open source modules worth it? A module needs update on every WHMCS updates 7.7.x to 7.8 (for example), so a module should follow in accordance. So scenario 1: If we buy a module open source, we pay one time, and developers will provide all necessary updates free that will be need for this module work stable on every new future WHMCS update? Considering that open source modules are expensive it is like developers will assume risks of being continuously provide updates, once you already had assume risks paying a great amount without knowing how tomorrow will be. In what scenario will be a bad business buying an expensive open module sources? Modules compatibility regarding PHP upgraded version will be covered by developers providing updates? You are welcome to post your best advice, and help a lot in this community. Developer are also welcome. PS: we want to learn, so please no comments that can cause WHMCS Staff to close this threat. 👍
  4. MONSOON OFFERS at WGS > Flat 50% OFF on HostX WHMCS Template - No Coupon Code Required > Flat 50% OFF on ClientX WHMCS Template - Coupon Code: X50 > Flat 30% OFF on All WHMCS Modules - Coupon Code: MONSOON > Flat 30% OFF on Open Source WHMCS Modules - Coupon Code: MONSOON
  5. US Independence Day Sale - Flat 30% OFF On All Products Coupon Code: US30
  6. We just finished updating the Cancellation Addon to v3.2.0 to work on WHMCS v7.3 and PHP 7 Find out more about Cancellation Addon from WHMCS Screenshot: Click Here Sale Price: Owned License: $20.99 USD Click Here Click HereTo View All WHMCS Addons By WHMCSServices Do You Need Custom Development? Click Here Latest Release: Client Notifications 5.0.3 Client Limitation 3.0.0 Email Verification Extended 6.0.1 Gateway Fees 3.2.1 SMS Manager 5.1.0 Coming Soon: Ticket Number Restriction 2.0.0 PayPal Extended 4.0.0 Backup Module 1.0.0 Our Social Media: WHMCSServices on Facebook WHMCSServices on Twitter
  7. Welcome to the entire WHMCS community! We are bringing even more great news today. We have compiled a short list of modules for WHMCS that we would like to develop in the near future. All of them are equally important to us so we thought you might help us with deciding on their release order. Be sure to stop by our Forums and vote for your favorite options! The poll is open to everyone and no account is required to join in. But of course, we will be delighted to have you in our ranks!
  8. Easter Offer is Running at WHMCS Global Services, it is the best option to invest in the open source modules or templates at WGS. We are offering Flat 30%OFF on all open source versions. Use coupon code to get the discount: EASTERBUNNY Visit: http://whmcsglobalservices.com/
  9. We are excited to announce that we have begun updating our modules to full compatibility with the recently released WHMCS V7.7! Once the modules have gone through all the necessary testing steps and their full support for the 7.7 version is confirmed, they will be included on the special list on our Forums. Be sure to refresh the page on a daily basis to view the current progress! https://www.community.modulesgarden.com/announces/whmcs-v7-7-support-modules-list-t2798
  10. Hello, community! I have developed the WHMAUTIC, a new plugin that Integrates WHMCS with Mautic. What does this module do? The WHMAUTIC Module integrates your WHMCS with Mautic, synchronizing your customers directly into the Mautic marketing automation platform and enabling you to identify business opportunities, automate marketing campaigns, and segment your customers based on your interests and products. Track the WHMCS shopping funnel to help you identify campaign performance through Mautic and improve your sales conversion. With this module you can: Synchronize your WHMCS customer data with Mautic contacts Track all pages in the WHMCS client area with the Mautic pixel Track the WHMCS sales funnel to identify opportunities Target Mautic contacts based on WHMCS information Automate marketing campaigns for your WHMCS products See all features and screenshots in the link https://market.eunarede.com/whmautic-whmcs-mautic-integration/
  11. 50% OFF sale at WHMCS Global Services will end today, don't miss the chance to avail this biggest discount today. Use coupon code: BLACK50 Shop at: http://whmcsglobalservices.com
  12. WHMCS Administration: Please remove all WHMCS Global Services' modules from your marketplace. About a week ago, WGS sent out an e-mail telling it's clients to run a php script to patch an issue with their license server. It ended up not being from WGS. It was a hacker, who had gained access to their system. WGS' client database has been leaked, along with their creditcard hash, and instructions on how to hack ANY host which uses "ClientX" theme. It includes a list of the hosts which use this theme. License servers have been down as well for WGS, so if you are paying for their modules, you can't use them anyways. Here are some pastes which show the hackers' activity, WGS response, and a timeline for this entire event. <removed from community by moderation team> Please, any hosting companies that use their services, delete the modules from your system. You are at risk.
  13. Hello to every WHMCS enthusiast! It is an immense pleasure to announce that following the WHMCS V7.6 release, ModulesGarden team is setting about upgrading our WHMCS gear. Once all the necessary compatibility adjustments have been made, we will be putting the already tested products on a list. That way you will easily see which modules can be safely installed in the WHMCS V7.6 environment. Head over to ModulesGarden Forums for the freshest updates and follow the progress regularly!
  14. Hello I use OrderDomainPricingOverride hook to change some domain price manually, I need two registrars to use this hook, but when I add hook file to the second registrar's folder I get blank page and the whole site shuts down. I don't use any registrar function in the file, I just check domain's sld and tld and generate price, how can I manage to use the hook for both registrars ? this is my whole hook file: <?php /** * WHMCS SDK Sample Registrar Module Hooks File * * Hooks allow you to tie into events that occur within the WHMCS application. * * This allows you to execute your own code in addition to, or sometimes even * instead of that which WHMCS executes by default. * * WHMCS recommends as good practice that all named hook functions are prefixed * with the keyword "hook", followed by your module name, followed by the action * of the hook function. This helps prevent naming conflicts with other addons * and modules. * * For every hook function you create, you must also register it with WHMCS. * There are two ways of registering hooks, both are demonstrated below. * * @see https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks/ * * @copyright Copyright (c) WHMCS Limited 2016 * @license https://www.whmcs.com/license/ WHMCS Eula */ // Require any libraries needed for the module to function. // require_once __DIR__ . '/path/to/library/loader.php'; // // Also, perform any initialization required by the service's library. /** * Register a hook with WHMCS. * * add_hook(string $hookPointName, int $priority, string|array|Closure $function) */ add_hook('AdminHomeWidgets', 1, function() { return new SampleRegistrarModuleWidget(); }); add_hook('OrderDomainPricingOverride', 1, function($vars) { // Perform operations to determine price // logActivity('OrderDomainPricingOverride 900', 0); $domain = explode('.', $vars['domain']); $sld = $domain[0]; $tld = '.' . $domain[1]; $domain_name = explode('.', $vars['domain']); if(count($domain_name)==2 && strlen($domain_name[0])==2 && $domain_name[1]=='ge'){ return 900.00; } }); /** * Sample Registrar Module Admin Dashboard Widget. * * @see https://developers.whmcs.com/addon-modules/admin-dashboard-widgets/ */ class SampleRegistrarModuleWidget extends \WHMCS\Module\AbstractWidget { protected $title = 'Sample Registrar Module'; protected $description = ''; protected $weight = 150; protected $columns = 1; protected $cache = false; protected $cacheExpiry = 120; protected $requiredPermission = ''; public function getData() { return array(); } public function generateOutput($data) { return <<<EOF <div class="widget-content-padded"> Your widget output goes here... </div> EOF; } }
  15. Hello, I searched the marketplace and couldn't find anything and I'm surprised even searching the forums something didn't turn up. Is there such thing as a module we can associate to a product/service that links the customer to an external URL when they click on it? For example, if you have a hosted product that uses the plesk module, they currently click to "open control panel". I'd like to have a product so they have the option to click and it goes to AnyURLxxxwhatever.com Is there such an animal? Thanks in advance! Ken
  16. It's the best time of the year to keep up with most talked about season. Don't miss our biggest Black Friday deal ever. Save 50% on all our products. Use promo code BlackFriday50% at checkout. Now through Thursday, November 30 Our Products Page Click Here
  17. battles

    Duplicate enom domains

    We've set up the ENOM api connection and mostly all is going well. Except occasionally I see there's a couple "Pending Module Actions" on our WHMCS dashboard and in that sections there's always a failure: Enom/ RenewDomain There is already an open order for this domain. When I go to that client's info. I see 2 of the same domain in their "domains" section. How might I correct this? TIA!
  18. We just finished updating all our free modules to work on WHMCS v6 and v7 also support PHP5.6.x and PHP7 you can see a list of all 12 modules below. We also offer each module source code you can find out the prices in each module page Register Notifications https://www.hardsoftcode.com/product/29/register-notifications Editors Switch https://www.hardsoftcode.com/product/28/whmcs-editors-switch URLs Redirector https://www.hardsoftcode.com/product/25/url-redirector Scroll Up Manager https://www.hardsoftcode.com/product/5/scroll-up-manager Cart Items and Pricing https://www.hardsoftcode.com/product/20/cart-items-and-pricing SEO Manager https://www.hardsoftcode.com/product/24/seo-manager Snow Falling Effect https://www.hardsoftcode.com/product/27/whmcs-snow-falling-effect Sticky Menu https://www.hardsoftcode.com/product/19/whmcs-sticky-menu Terms of Service https://www.hardsoftcode.com/product/23/terms-of-service Favicon Manager https://www.hardsoftcode.com/product/34/favicon-manager Privacy Policy https://www.hardsoftcode.com/product/22/privacy-policy Social Media Manager https://www.hardsoftcode.com/product/26/social-media-manager
  19. At this very special time of the year we do wish all of our valued Clients a very happy and holy Christmas. We've had a great 2016, and 2017 is set to be just as exciting - get ready for new releases, new features in the new year. From everyone here at HardSoftCode, we hope that you have a fantastic Holiday season and wish you all the best for 2017. You can use coupon code XMAS-2016 to get 50% discount on all our products sale ends December 31, 2016 View all our works and Products
  20. Black Friday %50 just started at HardSoftCode for all our WHMCS modules use discount code BlackFriday it will start November 20 until November 25 View all our works and Products
  21. We are celebrating Saudi Arabia 86th national day and we have prepared 50% discount code for all our customer so you can celebrate this day with us. The promotion code will start from 23, September 2016 till 1, October 2016 Use Discount Code KSA86YND2016 View all our works and Products
  22. hello... i have a big problem (i am new in WHMCS) First... what is the difference between create hooks and modules? Second: I want to implement the next process ¿how i can to place the domainchecker of the register or tranfers in the same page of register the contact? that is to say, where you can register and consult a domain all in one page this can to do by hooks or modules? i am confussed
  23. Hello Folks! I'm developing a gateway module that integrate the Brazilian payment gateway "Pagseguro" with WHMCS. The Pagseguro has an API that make possible store the subscription ID for capture payments automatically for future invoices. It's possible use the subscription id parameter in the product information in attempt to capture the payment with the function merchantgateway_capture in my gateway module instead the CC number? Thank you very much!
  24. Are you ready for the biggest sales of the YEAR? Cyber Monday is our favorite day of the year, so we’re offering the best specials EVER on our WHMCS modules all day Monday & Tuesday ONLY! Get 50% off all module purchases with the code CYBERMONDAY! Get 60% off all source code purchases with the code CYBERMONDAY60! [table=width: 100%] [tr] [td][/td] [td]WHMCS PayPal Billing Module - Charge your clients’ PayPal accounts on-demand using token-based billing, and avoid subscriptions forever![/td] [/tr] [/table] [table=width: 100%] [tr] [td][/td] [td]WHMCS QuickBooks Sync Module - Sync your WHMCS clients, invoices, payments and more in QuickBooks - and avoid double entry while using QuickBooks to handle your WHMCS accounting![/td] [/tr] [/table]
  25. Hi i have create 1 group under this group have 2 products. i would like to execute some of my own script This script i will proceed to input Username, Password, Email, domain/subdomain to another database. beside that it will create subdomain and including ordering for new domain from my registrar account after they already paid and we manually AcceptOrder. This script only ran if user order under this 2 products. may i know how to write this sample code? thanks in advanced. i'm confusing for Hooks & Modules. should it create and upload under server folder ? or payment folder?

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