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Don't have QuickBooks Online? No problem. Use our easy QuickBooks Desktop Sync module to export any WHMCS data into an IIF file for easy import into any Quickbooks app on Mac or PC!

Works with Quickbooks Desktop for Mac or PC! Easily export specific WHMCS data from any time range into an easily importable IIF file.

Export clients, invoices & payments to an IIF file
Easily import IIF file into your Quickbooks Desktop
Select any time range of data to export
Select any time range of data to export Select any time range of data to export
Export clients by first name, last name or company name
Compatible with Mac or PC
Import into any QuickBooks Desktop application
Multi-Language Support

Screenshots:  Click Here

Sale Price: Owned License: $21.99 USD Click Here

Click Here To View All WHMCS Addons By WHMCSServices

Do You Need Custom Development? Click Here

Our Social Media:
WHMCSServices on Twitter


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Fixed Payment and invoice export

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Fixed Payment and invoice export

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    • By sohouk
      I’m confused about theWHMCS Crons and what is needed and what is redundant.
      Unfortunately the docs are not really clear and it would be helpful for me and maybe others to know what is required and what is not.
      In the WHMCS docs there is a reference to domainsync.php as automatically checking and updating the Status and Expiry date of domains names against the domain registrar.
      My confusion arises because I see that each registrar also has a cron script in their relevant folders.
      For example for Enom this is: \whmcs\modules\registrars\enom\enomsync.php
      The questions I seek the answers to are therefore:

      Does the domainsync.php script undertake the updating the Status and Expiry date of domains names against the domain registrar?
      Does it do this for multiple registrars we may be using ?
      Are the individual cron scripts for each registrar redundant?

      Finally, there is a general cron script that allows the automation features to run and sends out invoices etc. This is located at /whmcs/admin/cron.php and therefore is it safe to say that users of WHMCS need only the two basic cron scripts;

      The administrative script /whmcs/admin/cron.php
      The registrar script whmcs/crons/domainsync.php

      Is my understanding of this correct ?
    • By mvpro2
      Introducing MXhost. Fast and Ultra Responsive Wordpress+WHMCS theme from Cmsbased.net
      MXhost is powered by mobile Bootstrap 3 framework and includes responsive WHMCS client area design. Control WHMCS sidebar menus and buttons via Wordpress widget area and appearance menu controls.


      NEW Yoast SEO friendly breadcrumbs
      NEW Shortcodes for WHMCS sidebar
      NEW 100% Full Width Template (wide backgrounds)
      Responsive Layout
      Automatic WHMCS Design Sync
      2 matching WHMCS carts.
      Lightweight and Fast
      Shortcodes for Quick and Easy Customizations
      Responsive Advanced Wordpress Slider (drag and drop support)
      1 year of Priority Support and Updates

      Price: $89
      Order Details and Live Demo:
    • By basforum
      We developed a solution that can read all payments of Exact Online and sync them to WHMCS. In WHMCS the status will get paid, with a log of payment. We also offer other solutions or custom
      Also we developed a script where we can export a csv file for both customers and invoices to import in Exact. We also offer a solution that does this automatically.
      All syncs are done trough the Exact and WHMCS api's.
      If you are interested you can email us on sales@onsweb.nl. Also see our website http://www.onsweb.nl.
      Please send what you want exactly and we will send you a quote.
      Our company developed a lot of custom scripts for WHMCS, so if you need customization let us know.
    • By DS-Dennis
      I just recently switched from a competitor so I monitor how WHMCS works closely.
      Now I noticed (I did enable sync domains) a domain was automated renewed according the TLD requirements.
      Then the cron runs and updates the domain expire date to November 2015 but the bill has yet to be paid by the customer.
      Now it is to be expected that if the customer does pay his bill, the system is going to renew the domain at the registrar. Which results his domain will expire November 2016 at the registrar, then after the cron runs the expire date will get updated so he is not going to be billed next year?
      I am just trying to foresee things as I am new to WHMCS or am just to worried and need some more confident in this system? If I am correct in this matter, what are the best options to avoid this behavior? Should I just disable the cronjob that syncs domains? Why would such sync be in place at all if it causes such havoc in terms of renewals?
    • By hostservice_71
      I've been looking for an option or tick box at the domains section where I can turn off the domain syncing for that specific domain.
      Where do I state what domains to exclude from syncing?
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