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  1. Thanks a lot bear for the tip. I ended up just enabling the Google reCaptcha instead of the default captcha, and it's put a complete stop to the spam mails coming in from the pre-sales contact form.
  2. I've been dealing with incoming spam tickets for years. Usually I would only get a few per week, so I would just delete them and block senders. Over the last year it's gotten far worse, as I might get several spam tickets in the course of an afternoon and far more than usual. This has been getting very annoying. So yesterday I configured all my support departments to require tickets be opened by registered users. This immediately helped eliminate these spam tickets. The issue I am having now is that some spam still gets through from the pre-sales contact form, even with the captcha enabled. Have these spammers gotten so sophisticated that they are able to design bots that bypass the WHMCS captcha on the contact form? I am skeptical that it's some random user, as I've already received around 6 such spam messages via the contact form since yesterday. How are you guys dealing with these spam issues?
  3. Thanks Steven! Modulegarden looks interesting, but wow, they are very expensive. At $229 annually for their add-on -- I got the actual QuickBooks desktop product for less than that! I couldn't find anything else for desktop in Marketplace.
  4. Thank you good sir. Do you or anyone know of a good alternative provider of such module?
  5. Does this support QuickBooks Pro 2019, and do you offer a trial of your product? Also, what is the minimum version of WHMCS required?
  6. Thanks Steven. For anyone interested, I found the following article which sheds a little more light. Apparently the main issue was that Google Chrome 66+ now distrusts any Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte & RapidSSL certificate issued before June 1, 2016 (certs issues after this use the DigiCert PKI instead of Symantec's). The full article is at https://www.thesslstore.com/blog/symantec-re-issue-thousands-of-ssl-certificates-will-be-distrusted-tuesday/ Speaking of "The SSL Store", is anyone reselling SSL certswith them? They have a module for WHMCS, and you can sign up as a reseller for free. I don't know how their cost prices compare to MarketConnect. The nice thing with MarketConnect is you can also resell Weebly, and refill a single deposit account. Whereas if you used the SSL Store, you would have yet another deposit account to fill strictly for reselling SSL certs.
  7. I heard something not long ago about Google and/or Firefox no longer trusting Symantec/Geotrust SSL certs. I am not sure if this is still the case, but I have my WHMCS configured to sell these certs through the MarketConnect module. Is this still a viable means to sell them, or is there currently an easier or more profitable way to sell basic SSL certs through WHMCS? I noticed the prices and selection for basic certs from ResellerClub aren't that great either. eNOM had some decent prices on RapidSSL, but I no longer deal with eNOM. Anyway, I haven't been keeping up with the latest on selling SSL certs through WHMCS so if anyone has any input it would be much appreciated!
  8. Thanks John for the update. Well hopefully PsiGate considers this suggestion, otherwise they stand to lose new business from signups who want to use their service with WHMCS.
  9. This is a great addon, and I just want to say thank you very much to the developer for making this and especially providing it for free. I recently moved all my domains from eNom to Resellerclub, and this addon will help greatly. The bulk tld/price sync alone is priceless. Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!
  10. I was considering signing up for PSIGate and am pretty discouraged by this thread. WHMCS - per the post from twshosting has this been applied? I am one of the users paying yearly support, are you guys not going to fix this? It's already 06-04-2014.
  11. I also encountered this issue. And same solution here, switching mail encoding from 8bit to quoted-printable and back fixed it.
  12. Just curious why users would need this module if WHMCS already includes a payment gateway module for InternetSecure. Doesn't the included module already provide these services?
  13. Othello - Thanks for confirming, that's what I was afraid of. James & Scurrell - that's excellent, thank you! Well at least I can go in and select IP protection on those domains only, so that will clear up the confusion and make things much easier.
  14. Let's say you have a customer who purchases a domain name and pays $12 for it. WHMCS sets the recurring amount to $12 as usual. But along the course of the year, you lower or raise the price on that particular tld. When it comes time to renew domain, customer is told to pay the recurring price instead of the new price of the domain. If you manually change the price of the domain on the invoice (to reflect the new updated price you are selling it for), when the order is completed you still have the old value in the recurring field on the domain record. Customer gets the domain renewal confirmation email, and there is an out of date or incorrect price listed as the renewal price. Customer might get confused by this. So I am wondering, are we always supposed to manually update these recurring prices all the time? If your prices never change, or if you have very few customers, I can see it as manageable. But what if you have lots of customers, wouldn't it be a tedious job to have to regularly review all the recurring amounts? Perhaps I don't have a good grasp on how I should go about this process when prices change, so it would be nice to hear some input from you guys.
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