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  1. Funny, and maybe "good" for WHMCS, is the ioncube wait would hit Blesta -- because of its license bits being encoded. I don't think 7.0 was that bad or not as bad as 5.0 .
  2. To get json in to WHMCS's chain / given variables and thus in to its hooks and supported module functions, you would need to pass it as a POST variable in the ajax request. If the whole POST has to be a json post, then this requires a separate file you can post to and that php file would expect php://input to be json -- can't give example due to web filters but a google search should for that should show the code. That file then needs to include the init.php file and such if it wants to access parts of WHMCS . What would be the use case here?
  3. The AddCredit API call could be used within an addon module or even a hook that has product ids hard coded to add credit to the client account when a order is accepted that has the product id.
  4. That would be PHP not responding and so the issue would be your dedicated server. Most likely you are using php-fpm and do not have enough workers available. Changing the pm.max_workers (or is it max_children) to a quarter more may help. It could also be if you're using cloudlinux or another such resource controller, you are actually hitting a limit.
  5. Sometime after ioncube releases loaders for PHP 8 and when that happens is a question for them.
  6. I figured it out! They want to have bank level security... you see the bank I use for business supports multiple users but I as the account owner can't change the password, security question, or do a password reset. All I can do is enable or disable a user, yay for me. I don't even think I can change the email address come to think of it. Granted, this is probably a good thing for a bank but for WHMCS?
  7. You can't show what is not there -- the fields are completely gone from the form. If you right click the area and go to inspect and expand the "td", you will see they are empty . There might be a javascript that checks for that class and removes them on document ready.
  8. Don't think there is a logic for pending and no hook to intercept it seems . I think doing your own refund logic might be needed here. A new refund tab or like "pre-refund" button on the refund tab that kicks off the first stage . Then the whmcs refund checks the API for refund status and completes if successful . That is presuming their API supports checking refund status. You basically need to visit the refund tab twice in this case, once to kick off the process and once to complete whmcs side. I am actually not sure there is an WHMCS API that can do refunds. UpdateInvoice with status of refunded might work but not sure.
  9. None out of box and doesn't seem to be any on the marketplace. Using Twilio's SMS gateway, an addon module could be done for this. The tricky party comes when identifying what ticket a message should go to. Doing one ticket for each client's SMS might be the way to go or like one ticket a day or something like that. Reason being that SMS wont hold the email headers or subject line that has the ticket id.
  10. How did you do the transaction exactly? From what you have posted, I am guessing via the Transactions tab -> Add new Transaction and if so, that wont fire any gateway calls. That is mainly there for manual entry of transactions that were done outside of WHMCS. Creating an invoice and capturing payment would be the way to go for this.
  11. Well, yes sorta . In this case it is more of a developer helping developer. Now if someone that I know says "yeah they abandoned ship", I will gladly post a hook. But yes, code posts have gone down and @brian! noted that in a post a while back.
  12. Not a full solution without you confirming the Change User Password module at https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/5645-change-user-password does indeed not work and the developer is not supporting it. An answer but still vague would be: use AdminAreaHeadOutput hook, check if file is clientsprofile, return javascript that will append the td where the password field should be.
  13. Can confirm that works, for now. A hook could be done that injects that field in.
  14. I have confirmed the code works within a addon module's hooks.php file. So if it isn't showing up, there could be errors or indeed not in the expected location or otherwise can't be read by WHMCS.
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