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  1. A service domain, as I term it at least, is a domain that is specific for providing services -- not selling them. Using a service domain instead of your business's domain isolates clients services from your own a bit further. If your domain has issues, client services are not affected. If you want to change something on the domain, like the nameservers, client services are not affected. It also helps if you want to offer white label type hosting but that only comes in to play with reseller accounts. Another usage could be if you want to sell the hosting part of business and keep the rest, you just sell the service domain and clients do not have to change nameservers -- until they are moved at least.
  2. Using sub domains is a pretty standard method for naming servers and scales fine. You could use multiple domains as the service domain if you wanted to do separation of different services. You'll still need to use server.example.com as server addresses should follow that naming convention. For the domain part, I would recommend using a "service" domain and not like your business domain.
  3. You need to check your automation settings and ensure automatic credit card charging is enabled. Check the "Process Days Before Due" and set it to 0 to charge on the due date. At stripe, check under Profile -> Email preferences and ensure notices you want to receive are checked.
  4. There's your problem. You need to request the host / data center you're using for that server to setup the rDNS record for so it points to your mail server address or hostname for the server -- depending on what you have in the mail server's HELO.
  5. Ah that sounds like you used the test API key, then that client put in their info, and then you changed to the production key. Test and production / live keys enter information in to different systems and don't cross over. So unfortunately you'll need to clear their payment method in WHMCS and have them reenter the details.
  6. Not sure about you, but I did not agree to profit sharing. Someone having 10, 100, 5000, or a million clients does not mean WHMCS loses money because their costs do not go up when mine do. The only potential for costs on their side going up is support and if that is the case then they can simply limit the number of tickets per month or per year. Plenty of businesses that do software limit the number of tickets and I would prefer that over seat pricing any day. Seat pricing is needed in some cases, like where the demand is low for a product.
  7. Indeed. Honestly the only business / person you can trust not to screw you over is your self and at times that might not be the case. 😉
  8. Short term, month to month yes monthly is cheaper but I was looking at long term, years out -- look at my math again. Over 5 years if paying $19, it is $1140 compared to $624 . They lost over $500 in potential income for one owned license during that time. And thus is why owned / lifetime / one time pay licenses mean jack cheese to me and have not used them and with this probably wont. I'd rather pay them that $500 and perhaps then the company may not do stuff like this. (but obviously each company is different) Not sure if that is directed at me, but I never claimed it was or wasn't deception. I think stopping renewal of support / updates is a bad / wrong move -- unless they are discontinuing WHMCS it self. I do not disagree with you and I have posted on other threads here or WHT about SaaS WHMCS. At that point, if I am still using WHMCS, I would be switching to Blesta or something else -- even if I have to spend money or time and build modules or even building the system I have been thinking about for a while. Heck I can barely stand them having call homes as it is. Even before this I had started building modules that could potentially be used within other systems with coding to their own ways of doing stuff. For my use case, Blesta would only need 2 or 3 modules built to cover everything in use now and could probably get away with just 1 and figure something out for the other.
  9. So lets go off your screenshot, btw can you date that? If you bought the one time payment unbranded license at $324 and lets say that was 5 years ago and yearly renewals was $60, that is a total of $624 to date. Now lets say the monthly was $19 for majority of those years, you would have paid $1140 or more over those 5 years just for the monthly license. So the one time is actually quite cheaper. Right but if you see in the above, owned license only includes the first year and after that you need to renew the update subscription. They just did away with that part and not the whole license. Sure you can no longer update, but I have read that security patches would still be available. I have not yet seen anywhere that updates were for life also. Honestly this whole thing has turned me off of owned / lifetime / one time payment licenses as they aren't that way. Though I have not used owned licenses before.
  10. Try out one of the default templates and see if that works there.
  11. The difference though is the owned / lifetime license still works but you just can't get updates. In this case, you would have to show they took something away that was in the owned license or that was expected (by industry standards, reasonable person tests) to be in the license.
  12. Would agree with @yggdrasil on getting a system admin to do it. Just to be clear, those should be: curl.cainfo = /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt openssl.cafile= /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt (without the ";" in front)
  13. In php.ini, ensure that curl.cainfo and openssl.cafile point to the certificate authority roots. In that curl command, it gave that as /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt .
  14. Seems like something is up with the server and not whmcs as even the main page is slow to load. Also, I would recommend to have whmcs in its own sub domain and not just directory for security and to isolate any rewrite issues.
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