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  1. steven99

    Need suggestion

    Hooks can't be run directly because they do not have the needed files or variables. Toss that file in to the includes/hooks directory of the WHMCS install directory. After that when a client registered / new client orders, it will fire that hook.
  2. steven99

    Virtualmin Module Custom Port Issue

    Try adding the port to the hostname also as mentioned in https://docs.whmcs.com/Virtualmin_Pro
  3. steven99

    OpenTicket API - text formatting issue

    My dev that I tested on is 7.6.1 also. So seems to be something special with your dev setup.
  4. steven99

    Need suggestion

    The orderpaid hook could be used and then you just do your webhook action as needed.
  5. steven99

    Output tickets

    This is probably better off in the developer corner as I am presuming by "building a help centre" you mean like an addon. If so, you would use the API to get the tickets https://developers.whmcs.com/api-reference/gettickets/ . Just pass it the clientid, the status of "All Active Tickets" and it should return the tickets and then you output that however you want. Or are you looking to use the built-in ticket view and only show active tickets?
  6. steven99

    OpenTicket API - text formatting issue

    Using that example code works for me except the attachment doesn't come in. The word "sample" is bold as expected though. What version of WHMCS are you using?
  7. steven99

    Addclient api not working as expected

    What exactly is the return you're getting if not a success? What type of module: server or addon? Since the code works without the ajax call, how are you doing the ajax call and handling it different from the non-ajax call?
  8. Not built in. You could try modulegarden's plesk extended server module. Or build your own server module that does the tasks you want.
  9. steven99

    WHMCS payment issue - shows my card info

    That is odd behavior. Does that continue if you switch to the standard six template if you're using a custom one? Though that shouldn't allow them to see an invoice for a different client. Do you have any other modules (addons, etc) ?
  10. steven99

    WHMCS payment issue - shows my card info

    Are you using the built-in Stripe module in WHMCS or a different one? Also, when you see your card info and invoice, are you sure you are logged in to that different client and not still logged in to yours?
  11. steven99

    Add existing domain to whmcs

    Under the WHMCS admin -> Client profile, hit "Add new order" and input the services and domain in question. At the top, uncheck the three checkboxes for send email, generate invoice, etc and set status to active. Then submit the order. On the next page, go to each product and service and change their next due date to the correct ones. For domains, change their expiration dates also.
  12. steven99

    ticket not mention

    Are you using the standard WHMCS admin template? If not, try changing to that and see if that continues.
  13. A 500 error generally means a PHP error error or an error within server configuration or .htaccess directives. For PHP errors, are you also seeing an "oops something went wrong" page? If so you need to enable display errors . If you are seeing a blank page, then need to enable display errors for PHP . If you are seeing a page with just "500 internal error" message, then you need to check your .htaccess directives. Generally the first place to start looking is in the server error logs for apache and PHP .
  14. I have not tested it in 7.7, however, it should work with both. It is an standalone module and does not overwrite or replace the built-in one.
  15. Where does this have to show? Just in the PDF for example or like in even on your admin side? If just the PDF / invoice page, you could change the template files and add {$clientsdetails.country} to where the invoice number is shown.

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