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  1. No. You have to set the path where you location is. Of those 2 folders attachments and download
  2. Just got another update. The storage is only for download and attachment folder So we still need to add to configuration.php This line if you move your templates_c to a secure path. Sorry but first support told me.to use storage then they said it's the old way for templates_c and for securing crons folder So we don't need the download and attachment folder snippets in configuration.php we need to use the storage settings for those folders. And change the drop-downs to the correct path. We only need to follow directions to secure templates_c folder if we move it and crons folder as we did prior. $templates_compiledir = "/home/username/templates_c/"; Sorry for all the writing maybe you can change my posts to refoect the.priper settings to secure download folder attachment folder templates_c folder and crons folder So now I finally have it correct. Though 🙂
  3. Hi, I was stumped until I received a support reply about what we need to do to to secure folders under public_html Downloads , attachments, template_c folders. Still waiting on reply about crons folder if we still follow the old directions for that So here is the update to secure those 3 folders if someone has an issue with seeing insecure warnings As of WHMCS 7.7, these settings are now configured under Setup > Storage Settings and the old variables for the configuration.php file are not used. We will be updating the documentation to reflect that. Hope this helps someone else in tye mean while as they update there documentation for how to get rid of the warnings and proper setup of moving those folders to a secure location under public_hrml folder. Just move the folders as you normally would under the public_html folder Create a secure path for these folders to move them too something like below. /home/username/whmcs/downloads /home/username/whmcs/attachments /home/username/whmcs/template_c And then go to setup> Storage settings > configuration and change the path to where you have placed these folders After in storage settings you can add the path to template_c and configure each folder path. Then you can delete the old paths from storage settings being careful to delete the correct ones. 🙂
  4. Hi all Im kinda new to whmcs, I really do think its awesome and cant wait to learn even more Spiro G have patience if I ask a question, while I learn more and then I can return the favor for someone else that needs help 🙂
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