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  1. CodeCo

    Friendly URLs Issue

    Are you using a custom theme?
  2. CodeCo

    WHMCS in Subdomain

    No problem.
  3. Hey everyone! I'm currently working on a WHMCS module to allow reselling of our services, however, I need some suggestions on how I can use the renew function? How our system currently is planned to work: Reseller's customer orders Reseller WHMCS module orders from our API Our API adds a new order on our WHMCS on the reseller's account (attempts account balance/credit card capture) and returns its service ID Reseller WHMCS module stores that in the database Terminate from reseller opens a cancellation request on service at our WHMCS Cancellation request from reseller opens a cancellation request on service at our WHMCS I am trying to figure out how I can only renew on our WHMCS if the renew function is called from the reseller module, then to our API (which contacts our WHMCS API). Currently, it will just auto-renew monthly like normal. I thought of constantly having a cancellation request, and only removing it when the renew function is called but that forces all renewals to have to be be done before the day that it is due, and doesn't allow like 7 days of being suspended. Thanks in advance!
  4. CodeCo

    Logout constant

    Do you use Cloudflare or any other reverse proxy?
  5. CodeCo

    WHMCS in Subdomain

    1. Your website and WHMCS can run on the same IP. cPanel should handle that for you. 2. You can install it on a subdomain. 3. That's your choice. Make sure whatever VPS provisioning tool (like SolusVM and Virtualizor) you use supports backups. 4. Unless you configure NAT, VPS will need their own public IP.
  6. CodeCo

    Wish List for WHMCS v8

    I guess so. 😂 When I first started using WHMCS, I pretty much hated the software entirely for its design in a year as recent as 2018 and the awful URLs, and a bunch of other reasons however I just have this feeling that this year something might change? Who knows, might be entirely wrong, 7.9 was riddled with bugs on release, same with 7.8 as you said.
  7. CodeCo

    Wish List for WHMCS v8

    I guess I have too much hope for the WHMCS management team. I hope they can prove me right by the end of the year. 😄
  8. CodeCo

    Wish List for WHMCS v8

    I tried looking into making a custom admin area theme however its a lot less customisable. If they were to make it fully responsive, they could make it a progressive web app so that it acts just like a native app.
  9. CodeCo

    Wish List for WHMCS v8

    It is very unlikely that they'll remove the post. Also, If you're unhappy, there are other softwares out there. While I agree that there are numerous issues with WHMCS, they are working though them still. I hope that WHMCS v8 brings on a bunch of new features that have been requested, and so it's much more well tested compared to current releases which generally need bug fix updates shortly after.
  10. Might be hard to do, but you could try and convert all your data in Excel to SQL in the format that WHMCS uses. Alternatively, you could code something to use the WHMCS API.
  11. It seems that Nginx isn't sending the request to the whois.php file.
  12. CodeCo

    QBO -> WHMCS Sync Module

    Are you referring to the ModulesGarden one? (https://www.modulesgarden.com/products/whmcs/quickbooks-online)
  13. Hello everyone. I've been heavily theming my instance of WHMCS but I've run into an issue while trying to retheme confproducts.tpl as the summary card is entirely handled by JS. The JS file posts the selected inputs and gets a preformatted reply with all the classes to fit the default WHMCS theme and just replaces a div with a specific ID in the summary tab with that, although I want to modify the design of that. Here's the response from the POST request. https://file.properties/host/raw/SlgrOiYz.png <span class="product-name">Game Test</span> <span class="product-group">Minecraft Baseline</span> <div class="clearfix"> <span class="pull-left">Game Test</span> <span class="pull-right">$2.00 USD</span> </div> <div class="summary-totals"> <div class="clearfix"> <span class="pull-left">Setup Fees:</span> <span class="pull-right">$1.00 USD</span> </div> <div class="clearfix"> <span class="pull-left">Monthly:</span> <span class="pull-right">$2.00 USD</span> </div> </div> <div class="total-due-today"> <span class="amt">$1.52 USD</span> <span>Total Due Today</span> </div> This is what we would like it to look like. https://file.properties/host/raw/LtUyWTxb.png <div class="summary-container" id="producttotal"> <span class="product-group">Game Test</span><br> <span class="product-name">Minecraft Baseline</span> <div class="d-flex justify-content-between mb-3"> <div> <small> Game Test<br> Setup Fees:<br> Monthly:</small> </div> <div class="text-right"> <small> $2.00 USD<br> $1.00 USD<br> $2.00 USD </small> </div> </div> </div> I've taken a look into the hooks but can't seem to find one that might be able to help. If anyone has any suggestions on how I could go about modifying the output, I would be very grateful.
  14. Heya everyone, I'm currently working on cleaning up the URL structure to be a lot more SEO friendly (clientarea.php?action=services to /client/services). One issue I've come across is that I can't seem to find how I would go about changing the URL structure of generated URLs for things such as the recent tickets list within the client area home. For example, I need to change the links for the highlighted part in the following image from /viewticket.php?tid=441355&c=fOjtLlGW to /ticket/441355/fOjtLlGW. If someone could point me in the direction on how I could change URLs that WHMCS uses for the internally generated stuff, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  15. CodeCo

    Wish List for WHMCS v8

    I can agree that there are certain parts of WHMCS which are not appealing. I also agree that SEO friendliness in WHMCS is rather awful in terms that the only changed URLs are the announcement URLs, knowledgebase URLs and then a tiny amount of market connect URLs. I think WHMCS could have done a far better job at them and I sure hope that they do for WHMCS v8. I've gone out and made a whole list of what the URLs should be when "full SEO friendly URLs" is enabled. Added with @Kian's feedback, I feel like SEO friendliness in WHMCS would be far better increased which is important, especially for an online store. https://file.properties/paste/enukocicem To end my feedback, I finally think that WHMCS should be using a far better admin design out of the box. It's upsetting that V4 is flatter and follows newer design looks than Blend. A complete neatened redesign to be flat and modern is also something that I think should be done and maybe looking into stuff such as Vue, etc.

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