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  1. Hello everyone! I was wondering if it's possible to remove cancellation requests through the WHMCS API? Theres an endpoint for adding cancellation requests but not removing them. Do I need to edit the database manually for this? Thanks
  2. You can setup a rewrite rule in your web server to make this possible.
  3. Sessions are stored in the database in the latest versions of WHMCS. I don't think the session cookie it generates works across domains though.
  4. Your site looks nice. 😀 The copyright in the footer shows 2019 though.
  5. For that, edit header.tpl in your theme folder.
  6. Basically anyone who hasn't got a lifetime license, which would be the majority (I think, I wasn't around back then) can use the dev license. It's annoying but fair they restrict it to customers of their new business model.
  7. I think you'd need to contact WHMCS to buy the source code. If you don't have the money to.di that, post on the feature request page.
  8. 1. You probably need to edit your theme files. 2. Setup a redirect or rewrite rule on your web server.
  9. With Stripe Payment request button, it only shows Google Pay if using Chrome. However, they also show Apple and Microsoft Pay. It is possible for a new tab/window to open where you can pay using Google Pay without requiring Chrome.
  10. On Cloudflare, change the cache time to be something longer.
  11. If you have a load balanced setup, WHMCS allows a license key to be used on multiple instances and IPs but force the same path and domain. If you're just trying to match against a single company then I think license keys are the way to go (assuming they are hashed or you make a checksum of it or something) as they probably change less often than the domain, path or IP.
  12. Are you using a custom theme?
  13. Hey everyone! I'm currently working on a WHMCS module to allow reselling of our services, however, I need some suggestions on how I can use the renew function? How our system currently is planned to work: Reseller's customer orders Reseller WHMCS module orders from our API Our API adds a new order on our WHMCS on the reseller's account (attempts account balance/credit card capture) and returns its service ID Reseller WHMCS module stores that in the database Terminate from reseller opens a cancellation request on service at our WHMCS Cancellation request from reseller opens a cancellation request on service at our WHMCS I am trying to figure out how I can only renew on our WHMCS if the renew function is called from the reseller module, then to our API (which contacts our WHMCS API). Currently, it will just auto-renew monthly like normal. I thought of constantly having a cancellation request, and only removing it when the renew function is called but that forces all renewals to have to be be done before the day that it is due, and doesn't allow like 7 days of being suspended. Thanks in advance!
  14. Do you use Cloudflare or any other reverse proxy?
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