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  1. No, we have custom Nginx rules though it should be the the equivalent of what the htaccess rule would do. I've been working on our template since WHMCS 7.4. I found that URLs are prettier without that awful useless .html at the end, and simply changing that from the theme works.
  2. I'm fine with it being public. https://dashflo.net At one point I handled friendly URLs completely custom on my side using a lot of rewrite rules, so things like /service/<id>/cancel etc but as of right now it's nearly all just WHMCS handled friendly URLs. The whole website runs on top of WHMCS.
  3. WHMCS's "Full Friendly Rewrite" works completely fine for me, and many other people I know who use WHMCS. I think you're misconfiguring it.
  4. I believe the product/service status is included in $params array.
  5. If you're not including the version of Font Awesome shipped with WHMCS and instead using it from their CDN, just add this to one of the templates and WHMCS won't automatically add that. <!-- /css/fontawesome-all.min.css --> https://developers.whmcs.com/themes/css-styling/
  6. I highly doubt a long password causing a DoS attack is something you need to worry about. Loading this page probably has more characters in the html sent to the browser than most very long passwords.
  7. Setup 301 redirects within cPanel on the WHMCS site (whmcs.oursite.com) using htaccess, or cPanel's interface. That'll save you a lot of money instead of using page rules.
  8. Hello everyone! I was wondering if it's possible to remove cancellation requests through the WHMCS API? Theres an endpoint for adding cancellation requests but not removing them. Do I need to edit the database manually for this? Thanks
  9. You can setup a rewrite rule in your web server to make this possible.
  10. Sessions are stored in the database in the latest versions of WHMCS. I don't think the session cookie it generates works across domains though.
  11. Your site looks nice. 😀 The copyright in the footer shows 2019 though.
  12. For that, edit header.tpl in your theme folder.
  13. Basically anyone who hasn't got a lifetime license, which would be the majority (I think, I wasn't around back then) can use the dev license. It's annoying but fair they restrict it to customers of their new business model.
  14. I think you'd need to contact WHMCS to buy the source code. If you don't have the money to.di that, post on the feature request page.
  15. 1. You probably need to edit your theme files. 2. Setup a redirect or rewrite rule on your web server.
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