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  1. steven99

    Stripe Changes

    Their documentation page also says this for subscriptions. Do update on Stripe's answer.
  2. steven99

    No Overdue Notice

    The notice should show in their emails if you view their client profile -> Emails tab . Is it there? If so, it could still not have reached them and a mail log dive would be needed to see if it did go out or not and if not what the error was.
  3. Two methods depending on what you want. You can edit the template you mentioned and place the link where you want but then that needs to be done for any updates. The other method is to use hooks such as: <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaPrimarySidebar', 1, function (MenuItem $primarySidebar) { if (!is_null($primarySidebar->getChild('Already Registered'))) { $primarySidebar->getChild('Already Registered') ->addChild('Contact Us') ->setLabel('Contact Us') ->setUri('contact.php') ->setOrder(100); } });
  4. steven99

    Stripe Changes

    It would be an issue for any other gateway also as long as 3DS is involved.
  5. steven99

    Stripe Changes

    From my understand, yes that is correct. Basically any time you want to charge a card that is "3DS required", it needs to go through the 3DS process. There cards that are 3DS "supported", which means they support 3DS but wont block if 3DS isn't provided. Though for those countries requiring merchants to do 3DS, I would imagine there is a regulation for cards to be 3DS required also.
  6. steven99

    phpmyadmin now in latest release

    It isn't the actual phpmyadmin, but rather a part / package of it called sql_parser. If you look in to the phpmyadmin folder you will see just the folder for sql_parser and nothing else. Or do you mean that package has had issues?
  7. steven99

    Stripe Changes

    At this point it may be to late for you, but what you need to do is use use Stripe with Elements so that Stripe uses the pre-filled SAQ-A form . The current Stripe module in WHMCS uses the old Stripe.js v2 and they require the full SAQ-A-EP. with that usage. According to this request it is in progress for the built-in module.
  8. steven99

    Apple email sending problem

    As sending via the mail client on the same SMTP works it isn't likely an issue with SPF or DKIM but would suggest to double check those just in case. Also, double check that WHMCS is set to SMTP and not php mail. And lastly, have you tried to contact them via the email they list on that page?
  9. steven99

    How to block free domain name extensions like .tk?

    Right that was the behavior I had mentioned above. So it generally works, but the error display doesn't.
  10. The transactions list / transactions in general are to record the payment transaction and its details such as the ID. So any transaction that passes through a payment gateway for example should be recorded. Since you mentioned account funds, I am guessing you mean the add funds option where someone can add $10 for example to their account for future invoices? If so, that first transaction will be recorded in the transactions list. However, the applying of credit to an invoice would not be recorded in the transactions list as the funds transaction was already recorded. The credit being applied to the invoice is noticed in the invoice's own transactions list. Also, adding those credit being applied transactions would make the monthly transactions report more than what actually came in. Basically think of the transactions as a record of funds going in and out (refunds for example) of WHMCS.
  11. steven99

    How to block free domain name extensions like .tk?

    In that case, check this hook would be better as you can add the TLDs to the array instead of duplicating: add_hook('ShoppingCartValidateDomain', 1, function($vars) { $BlockedTLDS = array('.tk','.free','.nomies','.mmmm'); if (in_array( $vars['tld'], $BlockedTLDS)) return array(".tk Domains are not accepted for services. "); else return false; });
  12. steven99

    How to block free domain name extensions like .tk?

    I'm guessing you want to block the service domain from being a .tk domain and not like the customer's contact info. As such this hook should do the trick: add_hook('ShoppingCartValidateDomain', 1, function($vars) { if ($vars['tld'] === '.tk') return array(".tk Domains are not accepted for services. "); else return false; // validates }); Though on testing it doesn't return the error but some generic error and tried it with a string and array as docs say it takes both.
  13. steven99

    Update failure!

    https://docs.whmcs.com/Updating#Performing_a_Manual_Update should help . Basically take backup, unzip files on your computer, connect to ftp, upload files with overwrite on, and complete other steps.
  14. @jeffuk are you able to use the old sub domain to do redirects /rewrites? For example, if you can add the sub domain as an alias of the new sub domain and do a rewrite so that access to the IPN address goes through but any other access redirects to the new address.
  15. steven99

    multisite addon

    Yes, though it did go to the topic of if that is even allowed in the license.
  16. steven99

    multisite addon

    @Kian you make even more of a point for not having domains tied to the license. My main point is that in this setup, the license can be revoked at any time. Even if they have a policy of not enforcing section 2.3.2 of the EULA , the fact remains the license can be revoked with cause as it is in the license. Rub a staff member the wrong way on the wrong day and they want to "get back at you"? License revoked with cause. Or say they implement auto checking of domains that are looked up in the verification page fail or found on google searches and are able to determine the license, then it could be revoked. After that point, you will need to spend time to get the license back. I am merely warning of the potential of licenses to be revoked in this setup even if it is allowed by them not enforcing the license clauses.
  17. steven99

    multisite addon

    It doesn't. For this setup, you point all domains to the same location, add the domains as an alias / addon domain to the primary domain so that all domains use the same directory.
  18. steven99

    multisite addon

    Well, if it is allowed by the license then they should update their license page saying as such as well as removing the domain checking bits or allowing to add any domain to the license.
  19. steven99

    Stripe Changes

    From what I have read on Stripe's 3D secure docs is that any automated payments done to a 3D secure required card must be authenticated again by the client. They call this off-session transactions. According to Stripe's migration docs for subscriptions and SCA, this includes subscriptions. Basically, the client has to go in their client area and authenticate the payment by paying the invoice manually. So no more automated payments for these types of cards and I hope most will have the "supported" card types instead of required. Also, existing customer tokens may not work for automated payments unless they use both the charges API and paymentintents API and decide which to use based on token. This is because the paymentintents API requires both the customer ID and the payment method ID and only the Stripe customer ID is stored with the current module. The PaymentIntents API is used for 3DS so they will need to provide both and store both. (hope this info helps the dev responsible for updating their module )
  20. steven99

    WHMCS and Microsoft Pay

    You could always develop the gateway module in house.
  21. steven99

    plesk error

    Make sure the firewall on that plesk server is allowing the connection.
  22. steven99

    Apple email sending problem

    if you are getting a rejection / bounce back message, what exactly does it say?
  23. steven99

    Modify Transactions export report

    If you need someone to do a module for this, you're best bet would be to post in the requests community.
  24. steven99

    multisite addon

    I know it is possible, wasn't saying otherwise. My point of the license verification failing still stands though and you can test it out yourself: https://www.whmcs.com/members/verifydomain.php as that would compare against their license records and unless the address is there it will fail. Might not be much to say regular customers but I know of at least one web hosting community that requires the license to be valid for the domain if you are doing ads there.
  25. steven99

    multisite addon

    Perhaps @WHMCS ChrisD can clarify, but I am pretty sure that goes against the licensing per https://www.whmcs.com/members/index.php/knowledgebase/14/Can-I-use-my-WHMCS-license-on-more-than-one-domain.html . This has come up before and don't recall seeing an answer. Also license verifications on the other domains would fail unless you get them added to the license. Modulesgarden has a similar module.

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