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Domain register with Greek characters not working

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Hi, I am using a custom api from easy.gr for registering domains.


My problem is when T try register a domain with Greek characters. When I search for a domain with Greek characters, the result is always 'Invalid characters'.


Does anybody know how I can make this work correctly and display the availability of Greek domains?

Should I ask for help the company who provides the api?


Thank you in advance.

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Hi Chris,


The error occurs when I use the domain searcher.

In the following screenshot, you can see the Greek domain name and the error.


The error is: "The domain you entered is invalid. Domains must begin with a letter or number"




Thank you.

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I just did it and the domain δοκιμη.company is available. It's only with .gr domains that I get the invalid error.

then it might be worth a ticket to easy.gr support to check that their API supports IDN lookups from whmcs.


though slightly worrying that their WHMCS logo guy looks like Donald Trump! :)



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I'd also recommend creating a Custom WHOIS Server for .gr domains as well http://docs.whmcs.com/WHOIS_Servers

Chris, I don't think you realistically can for .gr domains - it's one of those TLDs that effectively uses a private whois server (like Spain and Malaysia) where I believe you have to submit your IP first or be a reseller - I don't think the default entry for .gr in WHMCS has worked for years... plus their web whois uses captcha so that's ruled out as an option - unless you can find a third-party whois source, you're left with using an API solution.

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