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  1. @Achraf as indicated by brian, this isn't something that can be done out of the box nor something our ImpotAssist tool could assist with you may find a third party module on the MarketPlace Alternatively please refer to https://docs.whmcs.com/Migration_Guide#Manual_Entry for the manual entry process.
  2. @Ramin Ramesh WHMCS Does not provide the Namesilo module, they provide this themselves, with the domain pricing however it is possible for developers to add this into their own module by following these steps https://developers.whmcs.com/domain-registrars/tld-pricing-sync/
  3. @SistemasyServicios Yes you are correct Setup > Application Links - https://docs.whmcs.com/Application_Links_and_cPanel_Quick_Start_Guide
  4. Thanks for your feedback, I'll raise this with the team for further review.
  5. That's not correct @EvolveWebHosting the new PayPal Checkout Module does support Subscription payments please refer to https://docs.whmcs.com/PayPal_Checkout#Supported_Payment_Types Supported Payment Types One-Time Payments Subscriptions Carts that have One-Time payment items only will immediately see the Express Checkout buttons as described below. Carts that contain at least one recurring item the client can proceed through the standard WHMCS checkout routine and select PayPal as the payment method upon checkout. Upon placing an order they will be redirected to PayPAl to create a subscription.
  6. Are you using our default stripe module or a third party gateway @justaserverguy?
  7. Hi Helmuts, If you do not enable these the clients will not be able to buy in those currencies, what you could do us enable them, the go to Setup > Payments > Currencies and click "Update exchange pricing" then run the update product pricing button to update all these details.
  8. This is indeed odd thinksynergy, can you confirm you have setup your cPanel server with the details outlined at https://docs.whmcs.com/CPanel/WHM#Adding_a_cPanel.2FWHM_Server including the setup of an API Token? When creating an account from WHMCS what logs are showing under Utilities >Log > Module Log (Ensure this is enabled before running a test)
  9. Are you having issues sending any other emails from WHMCS @mohamed.aly? IT seems to be indicating the module is having an SMTP Error. With this error are you seeing it on screen when performing actions in the control panel or is it an automated task?
  10. @josephr could you please provide more details around where you are seeing this error, the step/screen you are getting this on? A screenshot would also be helpful in this case.
  11. Out of the box, not really, you may be able to achieve it with a customisation I'll move this to our 3rd party development board so 3rd parties can provide you with some advise.
  12. Welcome to the community @awakemedia whilst we no have an intergration to do this ourselves i'd recommend checking marketplace.whmcs.com for a third party app that may be able to help you achieve this.
  13. Hello, I took a quick look at https://marketplace.whmcs.com/search but was not able to find one, I would recommend reviewing the Marketplace yourself to see if you are able to find a compatible 3rd party module that meets your requirements.
  14. Hello GoogieHost, Thank you for getting in touch with WHMCS Technical Support. Clients, when signing in with Social Logins will need to either associate it with an existing WHMCS Account or create a new account, this is the expected behaviour and there is not a way to change the way this functions at this time.
  15. @VirtualWorldGlobal thanks for your post, at the moment there is not an integration with Front Account out of the box, and I do not see one in the MarketPlace at this stage, would you like me to move this to the service requests board so people can quote you for this module?
  16. @tronyx Thanks for your post, as you are using cPanel, not Plesk opt/plesk/php/7.2/bin/php will not work for you. Instead ask your host for the path to PHP 7.2 it will be along the lines of "/opt/php72/bin/php" making your cron command /opt/php72/bin/php -q /path/to/cron/cron.php
  17. Check out https://www.supportpal.com/integrations/whmcs-integration & https://docs.supportpal.com/current/WHMCS+Integration I've used it myself in a past life and it practically looks the same as WHMCS support its all nicely embedded in and has a similar look and feel as WHMCS Support Tickets, as an admin you would answer the tickets from the SupportPal UI
  18. What version of WHMCS are you running? The fact its not outputting anything indicates the cron is not running, if you navigate in your WHMCS Admin Area to Setup > Automation Settings does your cron command you are using match what it shows on there also its -F not --F
  19. Hi @mycheapnet The errors would display on screen when you execute the cron can you please look at that output rather than the System Log
  20. Please try /usr/bin/php -q /home2/myuser/whmcsdata/crons/cron.php -F all -vvv
  21. @Jafar Muhammed Yes, enable the module log, then try to replicate the product creation and see what shows in the log
  22. Are you using the default six theme? Is your client area behind Cloudflare? Have you tried uploading a fresh copy of the Six Theme?
  23. What is your setting on the setup tab for the product @Afees98 do you have it set to only provide access after the payment is made?
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