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  1. Hello @jmginer Thank you for this thread, I will come back to you with further information in due course, in the mean time, with the topic you have opened is that a feature request topic?
  2. Thank you for contributing to the WHMCS 8.0 Release Candidate Discussion Board this has been one of our most active BETA boards! We have now moved to General Availability and the WHMCS 8.0 Release Discussion Board is now available for new posts. The WHMCS 8.0 Release Candidate Discussion Board is now closed for new posts, existing posts may be replied to for the next 24 hours after which time we will be retiring the board.
  3. Hello Vikash, Thank you for your post. When a customer has more than 160 TLDs in their WHMCS application, they may be unable to save settings on certain, what seem to be random TLDs. The reason for this is due to a setting in PHP called `max_input_vars`. By default it is set to 1000. This setting truncates forms that contain more input fields than the setting and results in some TLDs being saved and others not. To correct this, you cannot change the setting at runtime (ie in configuration.php using ini_set) but you can set it in a php.ini or .htaccess file. In the admin folder create an .htaccess file if it doesn't already exist and add: php_value max_input_vars 10000
  4. @Hostsails Thanks for your question, we use our own in-house built solution.
  5. @steph.hope please do not remove content from the community regardless of if you solve this or not, its important that we keep solutions in tact for users searching if they have the issue in the future.
  6. Hi Tad, I can see that you are using the PayPal Basic module, below are the details around the API Credentials to be used for this module. API Fields Used for issuing refunds within WHMCS (saving the need to login at PayPal). These credentials can be accessed with the API Credentials tool found in the Tools > All Tools section of the PayPal Business dashboard. Alternatively, they can be accessed directly by navigating to https://www.paypal.com/businessmanage/credentials/apiAccess For more information refer to Automated Refunds
  7. Are you using the default blend theme or a custom theme @santiago.l.f? Do you have any errors in your Browser Console?
  8. Hi Xfireteam1 This is a plain text box, it's not possible to add a QR Image in here I'm afraid.
  9. Hi @jacksony Out of the box, no there is not a way to disable this as a standalone product you would only be able to disable the free plan. The other option might be to use a hook however would you like me to move this to a board where someone may be able to assist you with hooks?
  10. Hmm, that does seem odd would you mind sending a private message to me with a screenshot of this
  11. @serverhosh it may be best to open a support ticket via www.whmcs.com/submit-a-ticket or www.whmcs.com/reseller-support
  12. Glad to hear that this is now resolved for you @EvolveWebHosting! Thank you for the update
  13. Does the invoice show both payments @SDB
  14. Are you seeing any errors in the System Activity Log @DV8? If you review one of the emails in the admin area that was said is it showing your email in the BCC?
  15. @unixcommerce Not an addon that I am aware of but I will move this to the developer boards where third parties can share links to their modules.
  16. This isn't something that WHMCS provides support for out of the box, however I'll move this over to the developers board to see if someone has any clever ways to achieve this.
  17. Glad to hear you got to the bottom of it @kdhosting I'm sorry to hear that you had an issue, its not one I have seen before but will loop this back to the team.
  18. Hi everyone, Thank you for your feedback around Bootstrap 4, we certainly appreciate that you’d like to be able to take advantage of the newer versions of Bootstrap and we do understand this. As with every release, we do work hard to implement a range of improvements that are of benefit to all WHMCS users. As our development team works on new releases we have to prioritise what we deliver in each new version against our roadmap and the feedback we get from users via feedback in all forms including support tickets, feature requests, social media and of course WHMCS.Community alongside the time commitments we have available for a release With version 8 being our next major release this affords the opportunity to ensure we can provide a solid and refreshed foundation to base our future development efforts off, as you’ll see in the beta we have made changes such as introducing User & Client Accounts. If you haven't had a chance to check out the recent What's coming in WHMCS 8.0 blog it gives a good indication of the thinking behind this release. Specifically, and in regards to upgrading to Bootstrap, we understand this is a pain point for some clients and work has commenced on ensuring we can introduce support for Bootstrap 4, although I can not provide a time frame today, it is something the developers are working on. We also need to be aware that for a number of users the upgrading of Bootstrap is a significant undertaking, there is a significant level of backwards incompatibility that will impact users of customised themes and we’re committed to ensuring we make the path as smooth as possible for users. Whilst I know this is not the exact answer you are looking for, I will keep you updated on the process as we work to bring the upgrade of Bootstrap in a future WHMCS release.
  19. @BackupAddict could you please enable Display Errors and navigate back to the page to check for any more detailed error information please.
  20. What's new in WHMCS 8.0 Users and Client Accounts - Users are the new way to log in and share access to accounts New Look Admin Area - A simplified, refined and optimised admin experience Email Delivery Providers - For increased email reliability and deliverability New Email Campaign Tool - Giving you more powerful bulk email functionality Improved IDN Support - Accept orders for a broader range of domain names Improved Currency Support - Support for 3 decimal places in tax rates Time-Based Token Two-Factor Improvements - Providing a better UX around second factor security Easier Cron Setup & Automation Management - A simplified cron experience with proactive alerts for issues OAuth2 for SMTP - Ensuring compatibility for upcoming changes from email services Transaction Reporting - Giving you greater insights into business performance New Minimum PHP Requirement + Library Updates - WHMCS 8.0 requires PHP 7.2 or later For more information about the new features in WHMCS 8.0, visit the What's New in WHMCS 8.0 Microsite New System Requirements WHMCS 8.0 and above requires PHP 7.2 or later. You must be running PHP 7.2 or later in order for the Automatic Updater to show WHMCS 8.0 as available to install. If you are running PHP 7.1 or earlier, to update to WHMCS 8.0 via the Automatic Updater, you will first need to upgrade to PHP 7.2 or PHP 7.3, and then Check for Updates and perform the update. Once you are running WHMCS 8.0, you may upgrade to PHP 7.4 if desired
  21. As with any new release we craft a range of new documentation heres an overview of our new documentation for WHMCS V8 Email Campaigns Mail Providers Configuring Mail Providers Users And Accounts Email Sending Issues (Updated) Mail Tab (Updated) Users Tab Sign-In Integrations (Updated) Product Groups (Updated) Products and Services (Updated)
  22. Version 8.0 is going to be the next Major version of WHMCS. A major version increment such as this gives us the chance to make more significant behind the scenes changes, as well as undertake major feature work that we've been unable to complete and deliver in shorter release cycles. Here are some important notes on the Removals and Deprecations introduced in Version 8. Removed Legacy PHP Support Product support for the legacy PHP 5.6, 7.0, and 7.1 environments is removed. To install or upgrade, you must run PHP 7.2 or higher. Removed PHP Extensions Requirement The IMAP extension is no longer required. The GD extension is no longer required for some features, but is still required for WHMCS as a whole. Deprecated v4 Theme The v4 theme for the Admin Area is deprecated. If no admin accounts currently use this theme, upgrading will delete it. If the theme is in use, it will remain available for selection. However, admins who are assigned to this theme will move to Blend when you upgrade. Deprecated AutoAuth AutoAuth was announced as deprecated in WHMCS version 7.10, including an option to enable or disable the feature. When you upgrade, the feature is disabled regardless of its previous value. We will remove AutoAuth in WHMCS version 8.1. Removed Boxes and Modern Templates The Boxes and Modern templates have been removed. If products or groups use one of these, upgrading selects a new template that emulates the deprecated template. The system assigns the new template to everything that previously used the deprecated template. Newly-created child templates are based on the Standard template. This upgrade will not touch custom themes. Removed Modules PayMate.eu, PayMate.nz, GameCP, Kayako LoginShare modules. Removed Legacy Files We have removed whois.php from the Client Area file set. The pipe directory was deprecated and has been removed. Use crons/pipe.php instead.
  23. New Minimum PHP Requirement + Library Updates WHMCS 8.0 requires PHP 7.2 or later In version 8.0, we've bumped the minimum PHP requirement to PHP 7.2. This lets us update many of the 3rd party libraries and dependencies shipped with WHMCS. For you, this means we're taking advantage of more modern PHP versions and coding features. In many cases, this means better performance as well as stability improvements. For developers, it's important to read the release notes for full details on how these changes may impact you and your code. Our Updated System Requirements can be found here. We'll also add more information to this thread as we progress thru the Beta Period! If you have any questions around these changes please let us know below!
  24. Users and Client Accounts Users are the new way to log in and share access to accounts In WHMCS 8.0, we've introduced a new concept for end user login management. Account holders gain more control, while Users with access to multiple accounts gain flexibility and convenience. Replacing sub-accounts, in WHMCS 8.0, Users represent any individual with access to log in to the WHMCS client area. Users can be invited and managed via a new dedicated User Management interface, with permission based controls and a simple email-based invite workflow. As a user who needs to access and manage services within multiple different client accounts, WHMCS 8.0 makes it easy and convenient to access and manage services for multiple client accounts with a single login. On upgrade to WHMCS 8.0, no action is necessary to maintain the current configuration. (You must perform several steps when you choose to connect users and accounts.) Contacts will remain associated with each account. Sub-Accounts will become user accounts that can access their associated account. The primary client account will also become a user. Our team have created two new help documents to help you understand this new feature information on Users And Accounts can be found here and steps on Adding and Managing Users can be found here. User and Client Accounts is an important aspect of our testing and we welcome all feedback on this new exciting enhancement to WHMCS!
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