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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, As WHMCS support couldn't reproduce the issue, I want to check if someone has experience this 'odd issue'. Simply, when a domain check query has been entered, either as direct in the domain check box, or as a link like https://domainxxxxx.xxx/cart.php?a=add&domain=register&query=somenewdomain.net it takes WHMCS between 6-8 seconds just to respond to a query. In all, it can take up to 14 seconds to load the result. I've minimized the auto search to just one TLD, and I've also disabled spotlight TLDs. 3 independent online speed test tools, return following results: I'm using the default templates, both for orderforms and design. Load time: 6.89 s Fully loaded: 13.811s Fully Loaded Time: 8.9s I'm getting about 400ms as a TTFB. I don't have any ideas left to try. I would appreciate any constructive input. Thanks in advance! WHMCS 7.7.1 PHP version 7.2.19 PHP Memory Limit 1024MB
  2. Anyone have idea, how to show other domain registration in modern tpl? Thanks Madan Malhotra
  3. Hi, Since yesterday every .me domain are displaying as unavailable. My whois server for .me is ".me|whois.meregistry.net|NOT FOUND". There isn't any change in the code. My WHMCS version is 5.3.14. Any help is appreciate. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all, Is there a way to have a domain search bar on the front page of my site, that actually returns domain results/recommendations, or does this have to be done in the WHMCS cart? The only WHMCS "Integration Code" code I have is: Clients Login, Domain Ordering, and User Registration. The "Domain Ordering" code does in fact create a Form you can submit, but all it does is re-direct to the shopping cart page with the domain ordering bar (you even have to re-enter the domain you were wanting, as the original form didn't return anything). Seems like that "integration code" just re-directs to the cart. I'd really like a search bar that returns results and recommendations right there on the front page of my site (outside of WHMCS) - is this possible? Can somebody share some code that works? Thanks -Sean (using enom)
  5. Hi, I am using a custom api from easy.gr for registering domains. My problem is when T try register a domain with Greek characters. When I search for a domain with Greek characters, the result is always 'Invalid characters'. Does anybody know how I can make this work correctly and display the availability of Greek domains? Should I ask for help the company who provides the api? Thank you in advance.
  6. With five template we had the ability to add this option but with six we can't use-add any more this option Is there any way to add this with six template?
  7. rockhost

    TLD Pricing Table

    Hello, I'm really liking the new WHMCS. Feels fresh. Anyway, I'm having a problem customizing the default cart.php page. As you can see the TLD table is missing prices here: https://my.rockhost.com/cart.php However, all kinds of neat pricing options appear at the search url: https://my.rockhost.com/domainchecker.php Can someone help me connect the dots? Everything else is in order. Let me know if you see otherwise. Thanks!
  8. DNPric.es

    Bulk domain name transfers

    Would like to enhance the bulk transfer screen [ e.g., https://my.dnpric.es/domainchecker.php?search=bulktransfer ] 1. If there are empty lines provided, currently the system returns: """ One or more of the domains you entered above was invalid and so has been ommitted from the results """ Ideally WHMCS should skip the empty lines and not to display this warning. Any idea how to hook into it? 2. Many clients want to provide domain names with EPP codes inline. I.e. this input will come from <textarea name="bulkdomains" rows="8" style="width:60%;"></textarea> Then WHMCS would need to proceed the list like: domain.name.1 eppcode1 domain.name.2 eppcode2 domain.name.3 eppcode3 domain.name.4 eppcode4 domain.name.5 eppcode5 domain.name.6 eppcode6 ... and after pressing [Order now >>] button, the following screen https://my.dnpric.es/cart.php?a=confdomains should already have EPP codes, so no tiresome copypasting is required. Any idea how one would implement this? Thank you. P.S. Have googled/searched for: * site:forum.whmcs.com bulkdomains epp * site:forum.whmcs.com domainchecker.php?search=bulktransfer but found nothing relevant.
  9. Hey All, I'm trying to add an attractive way to add domain names... When you look at other providers such as 123-reg and 1and1 etc when you check domain names and try to buy them its a very attractive, colourful way to do it, however the basic whmcs way isn't very user friendly nor very nice so I was wondering what people have done to have the domains checker etc really try to sell domains? Cheers
  10. Hello WHMCS fans, The domain name landscape is changing dramatically with the introduction of more than 1000 new TLDs. As well there is a significant shift towards the secondary market. Taking these factors into consideration, we decided to develop a new Domain Checker Module for WHMCS. Key Features: - Support for the new gTLDs (.BIKE, .EMAIL, .SEXY, and many others ...) - High-performance Domain Availability Checks using our registrar API - Support of NameMedia Aftermarket premium domains - Support of Donuts Registry premium domains - Support of RightSide, .BUILD, .CEO & .MENU Registry premium domains (coming soon) - Categorization of the TLDs in 2 levels for an improved user experience - Various performance optimizations - Ajax driven search (no page reload) - Easy to install We're looking for individuals around the world who are interested in beta testing our new module. If you are interested, please send an email to support@hexonet.net and we will send you all the required information. A public demo site is available at: http://try-whmcs.hexonet.net/ User / Pass: demo / demo Thanks in advance. Your HEXONET Team
  11. Is it possible to change the "Choose a Domain..." field on the index to choose your sub-domain? (see attached image) What i'm wanting to do is when clients come to my site instead of them choosing a domain i would like them to choose their chosen sub-domain on the main index instead, then once the sub-domain is chosen they will be directed to the order page for a specific hosting plan to complete the order. From this To somthing like this.
  12. Anyone else getting this message when clicking on the WHOIS after a domain search: The crazy thing is I AM clicking from the domain checker page!
  13. Hello all, Just been doing some testing and came across what seems to be a bug when searching for a domain. With the Default Captcha enabled I searched for a test domain from /domainchecker.php. After completing the Captcha and hitting 'Check Availability' it worked normally, so it showed the result of my search, however I then entered a different domain to search, entered the new 5 character verification code and again hit 'Check Availability'....this failed...it came up with the error 'The characters you entered didn't match the image shown. Please try again.' I completed the exact same test a number of times, all with the same result....it only allows one time search for the domain. As soon as one search is completed even though it does change the Captcha code one has to refresh the page and enter the code for a successful search. Can someone else confirm this? Thanks
  14. fiberit

    checking domain available

    I get domain unavailable for extensions: .eu .be .aero .gr I have check this issue with some long names and always get "unavailable".

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