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  1. Have you added you IP address to Reseller club as allowed to use the API ? Have you checked your f/wall rules allow your server to talk to theirs ?
  2. Hook to remove dates from the invoice line before sending and custom cron to read the tag-change emails from the registrar and fill in the dates are the 2 obvious solutions 🙂
  3. Are they ordering a "bundle" or have you added a 3rd-party "bundling" module ? Did you at some point "reset" your whcms and not have a conflict between the products tables and something else ?
  4. I have no issue with our clients who have paid-for modules repurposing / learning-from / expanding what they've paid for - every coder has to start somewhere - although redistributing our code as their own is a licence violation. Sadly we've had instances of people reselling our modules - doubly annoying when the end-user then starts contacting us for support 😞
  5. Type of Other is probably right, create the products as hidden and stock of 0 will stop people ordering them, but not stop admins doing so 🙂
  6. You'll want to check there are no unpaid invoices for that domain _before_ changing the period, otherwise when the invoice gets paid it only adds 1 year not the number of years they paid for. You also want to check that the domain TLD is in 1 year increments (rather than say 2 for .gr) - really you want to set it to the min-years you've set a price for 🙂
  7. If you're still looking for some WHMCS consultancy - to perform an audit, config/setup help, general training etc - it's something we've been providing for years 🙂 https://www.astutium.com/company/contact-us.php
  8. You'd be in breach of all sorts of domain rules&regulations by changing the nameservers on a domain - whilst you may be able to do this if that specific domain isn't paid for, you can't hold them hostage or payment for something else
  9. Did you mean something other than *CLIENT* in that, as your clients' do not get to see any of the /admin/ pages ?
  10. For a *very* basic finance tracking system you could always add yourself as a cliet and just put "outbound" transactions into WHMCS :)
  11. Not sure it matters, but the recaptcha on the screen-sht is not 'completed' so may be preventing the submission.
  12. There is a setup option for 'delay' number of days after invoice payment before the comission is withdrawable The 0.00 implies the invoice isnt paid or the %age/amount on the product is zero
  13. You're being misinformed about what GDPR is and how fines/checking by the regulators will work You do not need "consent" to reply to someone contacting you. You do not need permission to ask for the details necessary for providing a service. You do need consent if you are going to use those details _for_anything_else_ (and you must explain what else they will be used for before asking for permission), that consent can be witheld, an it cannot be a condition of supplying the service, and even if granted initially must be able to be revoked by the consent giver at any time in the future
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