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  1. You'd be in breach of all sorts of domain rules&regulations by changing the nameservers on a domain - whilst you may be able to do this if that specific domain isn't paid for, you can't hold them hostage or payment for something else
  2. Did you mean something other than *CLIENT* in that, as your clients' do not get to see any of the /admin/ pages ?
  3. For a *very* basic finance tracking system you could always add yourself as a cliet and just put "outbound" transactions into WHMCS :)
  4. Not sure it matters, but the recaptcha on the screen-sht is not 'completed' so may be preventing the submission.
  5. There is a setup option for 'delay' number of days after invoice payment before the comission is withdrawable The 0.00 implies the invoice isnt paid or the %age/amount on the product is zero
  6. You're being misinformed about what GDPR is and how fines/checking by the regulators will work You do not need "consent" to reply to someone contacting you. You do not need permission to ask for the details necessary for providing a service. You do need consent if you are going to use those details _for_anything_else_ (and you must explain what else they will be used for before asking for permission), that consent can be witheld, an it cannot be a condition of supplying the service, and even if granted initially must be able to be revoked by the consent giver at any time in the future
  7. When you click 'view credit card number' on the client profile, does it show the f/pay id ?
  8. Several emails to clients use it or include it WHMCS cron uses it to change the status from Active to Expired It's needed for the new post-expiry fees And most of the registrar modules need it to be correct or renewals cannot be automated So no, dont leave it as 00/00/00
  9. Looking at the Transactions List will be the quick method Querying the tblaccounts table slightly more complex Creating a custom report if neither of those give you it in a way you want to use if the slowest solution
  10. >>I don't know of any registrars that offer whois protection for free Several of us offer it for free, although now ICANN believe they can control privacy/proxy services, accredit and charge them thousands of $ per year (as wee as set policies on how they work, who they much give data to etc) it's unlikley any registrar will be able to (or allowed to) operate a free version moving forward. However part of the policy will be to force registrars to stop dealing wit unaccredited proxy services (like you're describing you are planning) - so essentially all registrars will be banned from dealing with you and you'll lose the ability to register or manage domains. So it's a case of use your registrars version, or nothing
  11. We've tried to use a couple of the pre-created modules for specific projects. In both cases they're nowheer near production ready, stable or functionally complete. For one we ended up writing it ourselves. For the other I'm still tempted to buy the source of theirs to kickstart things, but the implementation isn't mission critical, so have just left it hoping that later versions fix the glaring fundamental errors.
  12. For now you can just do "update tbldomains set userid=n where id in (list)" if moving multiple domains
  13. why do you want to delete something as vital as details of an order ?
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