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  1. They can still only renew for 9 with most registries / registrars even if they have allowed it to pass the current expiry date - all the main reseller focussed registrars will reject a renew period > 9
  2. >How has this never come up as a common problem? Because WHMCS doesn't talk to *registries* or gTLDs, it talks to *registrars* who already handle the autoreew/autodelete for you 🙂 However there are plenty of issues with whmcs default handling of domain lifecycle, especially for cctlds
  3. >When would that query and invoice run? January or December? It wouldn't matter, just use today+1Y (or today+1Y+1d is 28th feb) - any domain coming up for renewal within the year will be on that, and any new registrations or gtld domains moved in will have dates of next year, so pickedup on the next years' run > What happens in case someone does not want to renew some domains? They mark them as do not renew / turn off autorenew in the client area as normal and WHMCS takes them off the invoice automatically.
  4. That's a standard feature - you just set the due-date to be the same on them all 🙂
  5. on the client summary page, tick the box next to each domain click "invoice now" (or whatever your version calls it) no need to change dates
  6. delete the line item from the invoice cancel the invoice delete the cancelled invoice change the due-date back 1 day on the product change the due -date to it's original date on the product change the billingperiod and tick the recalc on save on the product and save on the client summary page click generate due invoices (or wait for the cron if doing multiple)
  7. Sounds like you have something in your theme/modules/etc that is "calling out" to somewhere you've firewalled off.
  8. The (mostly correct) existing fields are defined in /resources/domains/dist.additionalfields.php you can add a /resources/domains/additionalfields.php to have your own
  9. You can "hide" the signup section by editting your viewcart.tpl
  10. Do you mean the link at the top or the News text at the bottom ?
  11. Have you added you IP address to Reseller club as allowed to use the API ? Have you checked your f/wall rules allow your server to talk to theirs ?
  12. Hook to remove dates from the invoice line before sending and custom cron to read the tag-change emails from the registrar and fill in the dates are the 2 obvious solutions 🙂
  13. Are they ordering a "bundle" or have you added a 3rd-party "bundling" module ? Did you at some point "reset" your whcms and not have a conflict between the products tables and something else ?
  14. I have no issue with our clients who have paid-for modules repurposing / learning-from / expanding what they've paid for - every coder has to start somewhere - although redistributing our code as their own is a licence violation. Sadly we've had instances of people reselling our modules - doubly annoying when the end-user then starts contacting us for support 😞
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