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  1. Hi, I'd like to check who would have the same context as me and if there is a better way to configure my WHMCS for this : Several of our clients have an automated renewal option chosen by credit card or bank transfer (initiated by us ie SEPA) so they have nothing to do to keep the services. Those payments are processed in the last day of the month though, and some domains expire at the registrar before that, hence if we do nothing the domain can be expired/suspended before the automated payment confirming the renewal is processed and therefore automatically renews the name at the registrar. Right now we just suspend the registrar API with the domain, renew it manually so it continues working, and once the payment arrives we reconnect the registrar API so that the name is not renewed once more for free. Any better way to do that ? Thanks for your attention.
  2. Thank you for the explanations, I'll consider that option. - - - Updated - - - Thanks for that tip, interesting option to reduce the required technical management, we'll consider that.
  3. Newbie question here even though I've been using WHMCS as I cannot seem to find the answer in faqs nor in the forum: Is it possible to use/configure WHMCS so that client are organised based on a trademark/service they subscribed to and not the unique WHMCS site name ? My case is that I created a hosting site over 10 years, so it got its own reputation, colors and brands, and clients for that service know it even more than our official company name. However I also have other types of clients who do not know that original service and do not need it, as they buy different types of services from our agency or new different online service we launched. All those are therefore operating under the same legal entity, but I really need to put forward the name they know: ideally as a "template" for the messages they receive, invoices looks etc, or at least as an obvious business name in messages they receive. I had in mind, and started to, run a separate WHCMCS site for each of the (so far) 3 services we have, but this has improven way too heavy in terms of updates, management etc - for example for bank transactions I had to synchronize some tables from databases several times a month with custom scripts etc - just not feasible when all clients and invoices could be in one central place ? Thanks for infos and advice !
  4. Hello, *Very* old subject I know (I could not even post a follow up in that thread), but after many searches on this forum as well as WebHostingTalk, I was wondering why there still only seems to be a WHMCS module for VirtualMin Pro only ? Not possible to create one for Webmin or the GPL version of VirtualMin ? Anybody else interested ? I also take it for granted that this list of module is up to date ? My goal is to use Webmin only, I like VirtualMin Pro a lot but its cost does not make sense in my current need to create hosting account for a non-profit organization on my server. Thanks. - - - Updated - - - By the way, older threads seemed to underline Webmin did not offer an API - maybe not at the time, but apparently now it does.
  5. Hi all I ordered the Android module addon with a new licence, but cannot see where to get it. It is listed as an addon to my licence but w/o a link. Did I overlook something ? Thanks.
  6. Hi, We use and have customized PDF invoices, but would like to create a PDF contract after an order, as in some cases we required a signer paper. My idea is to create a custom hook, but could I use the PDF functions used to create the standard invoices ? (Re: http://docs.whmcs.com/PDF_Invoice) The reference site http://www.tcpdf.org is currently down (http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/tcpdf.org) Has anybody else created PDF documents outside of invoices ? Thanks !
  7. Hi, Very interested in that thread. We currently use another provider but would be happy to test your services, if integration with WHMCS is fast and simple. Please keep me updated ? Regards.
  8. Based on the options I see, we could only choose a monthly period, hence not the custom number of days you seem to need...
  9. Hi, I have searched both the forum and doc, but cannot seem to find if and how I can create a product that's free for 1 month and then has a monthly price. How could I configure such an offer ? Cheers !
  10. I could not find if and how I could do the following: I have a special product that will require a specific contract to sign, and will trigger a custom hook on being ordered. Is it possible to have a PDF and custom message emailed to a client ordering that product, on top of triggering our custom hook not on payment for that order, but just on ordering it no matter if it's paid ? Thanks.
  11. Is that thread still followed by its creator ? I'd also like a confirmation on adapting your EPP module for another registrar.
  12. Hi Our current DNS config requires that we setup 6 nameservers, ns10 through ns15. Enom lets us do that with 4 ns fields by default, and an Add Row button to add two more. However the WHMCS interface has 4 fields max to enter such crucial infos, so we are compelled to open up a browser and go to our enom interface to setup a domain. More annoyingly, as our WHMCS admin interface only lists 4 nameservers for a domain that actually uses 6, I'm afraid it would lose the extra required 2 if we were to save the domain infos from WHMCS as it would only transmit to Enom the 4 it lists ? Anybody else experiencing that, and any workaround ? Regards.
  13. Which browser are they using ? I have win7 on one machine where I have tried the client area many times, and see no reason why an OS could interfere with a login form.
  14. How are you sending that reminder, from your admin interface, or the client area ?
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