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Found 51 results

  1. Certain companies have different departments. In this case, there is a gentleman who bought our product in his name for the company, so his account is set up on WHMCS, he now receives all emails and invoices. How does one set that the invoices get sent to a separate email? Like the accounts department. I see there is a tab where you can add a sub contact in the contact itself but i do not know how to use it. Would that be the solution?
  2. Is there a way to send recurring invoice (quarterly) X days in advance before its invoice date?
  3. Hello, I want a hook in whmcs which will be triggered when the invoice status is changed. For example Invoice status changed to Paid Invoice status changed to collection I was looking at the following hook index but couldn't find any hook which does this. Please suggest me which hook is possible here. https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks/hook-index/
  4. jdiaz

    Domain not synced

    Hi everyone, sorry for the noob question. I noticed after a customer notified me this, that last year, the domain didn't sync and was marked as expired, so the new invoice was generated only for one service and the domain was not charged. For now, I manually marked it as active because on her profile was "Expired" but on Resellerclub, the domain is still active and being used and also tied to the same customer. So my question would be, what can I do so after I manually renew it this year, it also starts to be a billable item for the customer from now on as it was before something happened? Thanks in advance!
  5. Blasgo

    Customer Invoice Mail

    Good morning community How do I make all the services to be renewed appear on the "Customer Invoice"? In all "Customer Invoice" emails I only see that the hosting service appears and does not add the domain, both services were purchased the same day. The domain renewal is sent in different mail. I will greatly appreciate your help Greetings.
  6. Tengri

    Stamp on Invoice

    Hello! For some reasons sometimes our banks don't accept invoice from customers without stamp, name of CEO and signature. Is there any way that when the user chooses payment via a Bank under the invoice had the name of the Director signature and stamp. Thank you!
  7. sokalsondha

    Set next invoice date

    Hello community... I came back again. Can someone help me with my system. What happened is.. We sell yearly service. Let's say client bought service 01/04/2018 And his next due date is 31/03/2019. Now system generate invoice on 15/03/209 But he didn't paid. He decide to pay on may.. I knw the service will be suspended. But it's not a problem. Now if he pay on may .. I see his next due date will be 31/03/2020 not 01/05/2020 So he is loosing a month when he didn't used the service in April. Can we have a hook to update the next invoice date the customer paid+365 days? Please help me
  8. Im trying to use Githubs version of AutoAuth: https://github.com/JonTheWong/whmcs-autoauth-invoice I've followed the steps in the description, but are getting wrong login credentials error. Below you can see the different steps and the code that i have; To install this script you need to place all files in your root directory of WHMCS example: /home/user/public_html/domain/whmcs/ Generate a hash and enter it in configuration.php above the last ?> $autoauthkey = "REPLACE-WITH-SYSTEM-KEY"; Also include it into the script. You can generate a hash using; openssl rand -hex 32 on linux. Then add this value to the top of your email template; {assign var='hash' value=$client_email|cat:"REPLACE-THIS-PART-WITH-SECRET-KEY"} Then add this link anywhere in your email template. Login Auth: {$whmcs_url}lauth.php?email={$client_email}&zmkey={$hash|md5} Invoice Auth: {$whmcs_url}iauth.php?email={$client_email}&invoice={$invoice_num}&zmkey={$hash|md5} Quote Auth: {$whmcs_url}qauth.php?email={$client_email}&quote={$quote_number}&zmkey={$zmkey|md5} Notes Quick not for version 7+ Due to security settings, you have to modify configuration.php and add the following code to the bottom, above the last ?> $smarty_security_policy = array( 'mail' => array( 'php_modifiers' => array( 'md5', 'time', 'sha1', 'urlencode', 'header', ), ), ); In the config file: $hash = "302BEA0FDBC6ADB8F8A25919318B532D"; $autoauthkey = "Correct_password"; $smarty_security_policy = array( 'mail' => array( 'php_modifiers' => array( 'md5', 'time', 'sha1', 'urlencode', 'header', ), ), ); ?> In the iauth file: <?php /* Created by JonTheWong @ Zenith Media Canada - www.zenithmedia.ca Visit our public repo - https://github.com/JonTheWong/whmcs-autoauth-invoice */ $whmcsurl = "https://www.webbsnacks.se/whmcs/dologin.php"; /* replace with your url */ $autoauthkey = "Correct_password"; /* same as in configuration.php */ $secretkey = "A_new_key_generated"; /* generate a new key for this script */ if (md5($_GET['email'].$secretkey) != $_GET['zmkey']) die('Något fel har skett, vänligen kontakta oss på info@webbsnacks.se för att gå vidare.'); $email = $_GET['email']; $timestamp = time(); $hash = sha1($email.$timestamp.$autoauthkey); $goto = "viewinvoice.php?id=".$_GET['invoice']; $url = $whmcsurl."?email=$email&timestamp=$timestamp&hash=$hash&goto=".urlencode($goto); header("Location: $url"); exit; ?> Do anyone know what the issue might be? Since im not getting the "die" text, there should be nothing wrong with the hash, correct?
  9. I'm using WHMCS 7.7.1 & WordPress. I have integrate WordPress with WHMCS using whmcs-bridge. Problem is, a client register for hosting and domain & complete the payment for the invoice but after his payment the invoice still showing unpaid. Note that: After payment client redirecting to client area this one working fine. Only invoice showing unpaid Please help me to solve it
  10. Hi Community, Anyone help me regard this when our client is the visit our invoice in our website prohosty.com then Rupees Symbol is working Fine See this screenshot http://prntscr.com/myl1j4 and if client download invoices then rupees symbols change into "?" symbol see this screenshot http://prntscr.com/myl1r8 Please help to fix it
  11. Hi all i need to solve a problem with a wrong invoice ( obv paid from my client ) due a wrong data insert in registration from client. in my 7.5 whmcs version there's checked "Store Client Data Snapshot" option and it's working correctly, i need so ( i think that is the only way ) modify wrong data from db table mod_invoicedata.customfields and mod_invoicedata.clientdetails but value that i need to change is into a big array and i don't know how touch correctly it. Someone has some suggestions or workaround to solve this problem that i think could be really common after whmcs upgrade system and changing ? Thank you so much. Regards
  12. Hello everyone, Well i forget to put the Cron Job task in my Cpanel runing every 5 minutes so, and now after 2 month many invoices as not sent and not due or generated automatically ,the right question is how can i generate all the invoices the cron task usually create for all clients ? Because now all the 2 month automatic invoices is not here only the transaction ID from PayPal and CoinGate, but the invoice is not created/generated by the automatic system and i have more than two thousand clients so how can i generate again all invoice and put all has payed marked pay and others unpaid if unpaid ? I only found this issue after 2 month so now i many "automatic" invoice is not here, there is a way to generate all invoice again ? and mark payed if the transaction is on that month, or a smiliar way ? Very Important Regards Screamfox
  13. Version 1.0.0


    An issue has been identified in the 7.4.2 release - published on 9th January, 2018 - that can result in tax being rounded down in certain circumstances when a negative line item is manually added to an invoice. This can result in the tax being calculated at 0.01 too little on some invoices.
  14. Hello Quick question... in the backend/admin area of WHMCS, where can I edit the invoice and the invoice logo that is attached to an email that is sent. I have installed an Invoice Style add-on, however, it seems to not be affecting the attachment invoice that is sent to clients. Where can I edit that logo and where does it take the logo from? Thank you
  15. Original invoice amount is $100 Payment of $50 applied But the invoice amount still stay $100 on notices, admin and client area etc even while the amount due is now $50 and correct in all calculations. While not a problem by itself it cause unnecessry support calls and misunderstandings when the invoice is still for $100 and not $50 Even if the PDF invoice can't be changed, surely the notices and outstanding invoices can show the DUE AMOUNT for that invoice instead than original invoice amount?
  16. Hi All, Has anyone had any experience with a hook updating an invoice? I want to use InvoicePaidPreEmail to append a credit card fee to the invoice. I understand WHMCS is not willing to budge on per Gateway charges, but I can disclose to my customers that there is a credit card fee of x% and then send the right payment value to the bank, once it returns as approved I can then append it to the invoice and prior to the email being sent it will now include the charge on the invoice. Any help with this is appreciated.
  17. wellconnit

    PDF Invoices via API

    Hi Guys, A much asked for feature over the last few years for API users has been the ability to retrieve PDF Invoices from the system. I stumbled across a link from The Wandering System Admin who has done a great job at dissecting the system and getting it to spit out a PDF invoice. (http://thewanderingsysadmin.net/?p=35) However I'm having a bit of trouble getting it working. I've created the request and passed it $username,$password & a static invoice ID of 10 however I'm getting a response of, I've created the api request file in /includes/api/genpdffile.php however it's still not working. Happy to drop the working code once I get it, because I know a few people are looking for it on here, and WHMCS support are yet to implement this natively. Thanks to anyone with any ideas. Anyone can follow the ticket if they want to keep updated on the issue.
  18. How do I add 2CO recurring payment (subscribed without WHMCS) to WHMCS invoice?
  19. HarryAdney

    Change invoice to monthly DD

    I have a client who pays very unreliably. He currently gets invoices from me fore renewals which he should pay off, but only the domain name being lost or his website not working gives him the prompt to pay up. (This happens every year!) Is there a way to change his payments to a monthly direct debit? Will I need to setup a new service?
  20. Hello, Has anyone implemented a way to show the card type and four digits of the credit card used for invoice payments? We would like to do three things: If no card is on file display a note on the PDF invoice / email template / print invoice. If a card is on file display the card issuer and 4 digits on the PDF invoice / email template / print invoice. As for #2 display the same information in the transactions table below the transaction ID. I was not able to find any template variables so suspect it may be a direct call to the database to look this up. Thanks, as always.
  21. I need to check for valid invoice id from an array of ids. Problem with checkCbInvoiceID is, it kills the script (die()) once it find one invalid invoice id. So I can't run it through the array. Is there any alternative function to check invoice id, which will not kill the script?
  22. Hi, i was using an external app to modify tblhosting table but it messed on some nextinvoicedates columns (nextinvoicedates increased). Is it safe to set nextinvoicedate = nextduedate or it can be some side effects like duplicate invoices? Thank you
  23. Hi, sometimes I have many items on an invoice and the invoice became longer than 1 page. That's fine. But I need a page number somewhere on the top if possible that says: "page 1 of 3" for example. It is mandatory by law here if more than one page. It is possible? I think should modify the invoice template. Thank you, bye. Lek
  24. Hi, We want to offer free DNS Management inside the Client Area, that are influance the DNS settings by our registrar. But by default this option is not enabled by WHMCS and when it is enabled it creates an invoice for $0,00. So I would like to solve this. 1: The best solution will be, to enable DNS Management by default, when a new domain is registered. This should also not create an invoice, because we offer it for free. Is this something I can achieve by an action hook? And if so, how should that action hook look like. 2: The other option that is possible, but that is not a very nice way, is to disable the invoice when enabling the DNS management inside the client area. So when a client use the "Buy this option for $0,00" inside the domaindetail page, it should only enable the DNS management and should not create an invoice for this. How can I solve this issue?
  25. Hey everyone! Today we prepared for you two very interesting updates of our popular modules strictly connected with billing, quotes and payments collecting in WHMCS. 1. One of our bestsellers - Advanced Billing For WHMCS - the module, created in 2012 and picked by hundreds of our customers so far, is now available in version 3.1.0 with entirely new inbuilt extension designed to enable both administrators and clients to view and customize resource usage graphs! Changelog - v3.1.0: New Extension: Graphs - display resource usage in graphical form to administrators and clients Bug Fix: Resolved error occurring upon removing files of an unused extension Bug Fix: Calculate resource usage of the 'highest' type Bug Fix: Calculate resource usage without set up price Find Out More About Advanced Billing For WHMCS! 2. Quotes functionality in WHMCS is used by many. Why not to squeeze out more of it and improve your whole ordering process a great deal? Check out our Quotes Automation For WHMCS 1.2.0 with a rebuilt core and tons of new features! Changelog - v1.2.0: New Feature: Toggle redirection to invoice after quote acceptance New Feature: Override and discount the item price on a quote Improvement: Loading quote template triggers redirection to a new quote Changed: Hide 'Admin Only' custom fields from quote Bug Fix: Edit template saved using correct source quote Bug Fix: Create a quote without any predefined product or domain Find Out More About Quotes Automation For WHMCS! See what's on the list of latest releases: Discount Center For WHMCS – v1.1.1 Unban Center For WHMCS – v1.7.4 Account Synchronization For WHMCS – v1.5.4 Coming soon: Client Area Popup For WHMCS - Brand New Module Coming Out Next Week! IP Manager For WHMCS – v2.3.0 DNS Manager For WHMCS - v2.5.0 Report Generator For WHMCS - v3.0.0 Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!

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