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What do you think?

I think you've spelt the word "Guarantee" wrong on all your products. :)

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Your site is showing an error:


Fatal error: Uncaught BadFunctionCallException: mysql_escape_string is not supported in /home/dewlance/public_html/client/includes/dbcompatfunctions.php:0 Stack trace: #0 /home/dewlance/public_html/client/includes/hooks/geolocation_hook.php(63): mysql_escape_string(NULL) #1 /home/dewlance/public_html/client/includes/hooks/geolocation_hook.php(121): geolocation_getCurrencyId(NULL) #2 /home/dewlance/public_html/client/includes/hookfunctions.php(0): unknown() #3 /home/dewlance/public_html/client/includes/hookfunctions.php(0): loadHookFiles() #4 /home/dewlance/public_html/client/includes/functions.php(0): unknown() #5 /home/dewlance/public_html/client/init.php(0): load_hooks() #6 /home/dewlance/public_html/client/index.php(0): unknown() #7 {main} Next BadFunctionCallException: mysql_escape_string is not supported in /home/dewlance/public_html/client/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Terminus.php:0 Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: WHMCS\Terminus::whmcsExceptionHandler(Object(BadFunctionCallException)) #1 {main} thrown in /home/dewlance/public_html/client/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Terminus.php on line 0

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Your site is showing an error:


Fatal error: Uncaught BadFunctionCallException: mysql_escape_string is..


PayPal gateway IPN was not working with PHP 5.6 and sometimes it show error but it everything was fixed within 1 hour.

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      We have released the new version of our ClientX WHMCS Client Area Template.
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      Codegaurd page added in store Available Credit Balance can be seen on the Invoice, Add Funds Page New Pad Locks Added in SSL Products and Services Improvements
      RTL improvements Side Menu Bar Links Can Now be Open in New Tabs Bugs Fixed
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      I found a old pretty cool script and i would like to perform him because like as been reported before the hook put the admin area with infinite loops
      <?php add_hook('ClientAreaPage', 1, switch_language($vars)); function switch_language($vars) { $country_to_language = array( 'default' => 'english', 'AR' => 'arabic', 'AR-DZ' => 'arabic', 'AR-BH' => 'arabic', 'AR-EG' => 'arabic', 'AR-IQ' => 'arabic', 'AR-JO' => 'arabic', 'AR-KW' => 'arabic', 'AR-LB' => 'arabic', 'AR-LY' => 'arabic', 'AR-MA' => 'arabic', 'AR-OM' => 'arabic', 'AR-QA' => 'arabic', 'AR-SA' => 'arabic', 'AR-SY' => 'arabic', 'AR-TN' => 'arabic', 'AR-AE' => 'arabic', 'AR-YE' => 'arabic', 'AZ' => 'azerbaijani', 'CA' => 'catalan', 'ZH' => 'chinese', 'ZH-HK' => 'chinese', 'ZH-CN' => 'chinese', 'ZH-SG' => 'chinese', 'ZH-TW' => 'chinese', 'HR' => 'croatian', 'CS' => 'czech', 'DA' => 'danish', 'NL' => 'dutch', 'NL-BE' => 'dutch', 'EN' => 'english', 'EN-AU' => 'english', 'EN-BZ' => 'english', 'EN-CA' => 'english', 'EN-IE' => 'english', 'EN-JM' => 'english', 'EN-NZ' => 'english', 'EN-PH' => 'english', 'EN-ZA' => 'english', 'EN-TT' => 'english', 'EN-GB' => 'english', 'EN-US' => 'english', 'EN-ZW' => 'english', 'ET' => 'estonian', 'FA' => 'farsi', 'FR' => 'french', 'FR-BE' => 'french', 'FR-CA' => 'french', 'FR-FR' => 'french', 'FR-LU' => 'french', 'FR-MC' => 'french', 'FR-CH' => 'french', 'DE' => 'german', 'DE-AT' => 'german', 'DE-DE' => 'german', 'DE-LI' => 'german', 'DE-LU' => 'german', 'DE-CH' => 'german', 'HE' => 'hebrew', 'HU' => 'hungarian', 'IT' => 'italian', 'IT-CH' => 'italian', 'MK' => 'macedonian', 'NO' => 'norwegian', 'NB' => 'norwegian', 'NN' => 'norwegian', 'PT-BR' => 'portuguese-br', 'PT' => 'portuguese-pt', 'RO' => 'romanian', 'RO-MO' => 'romanian', 'RU' => 'russian', 'RU-MO' => 'russian', 'ES' => 'spanish', 'ES-AR' => 'spanish', 'ES-BO' => 'spanish', 'ES-CL' => 'spanish', 'ES-CO' => 'spanish', 'ES-CR' => 'spanish', 'ES-DO' => 'spanish', 'ES-EC' => 'spanish', 'ES-SV' => 'spanish', 'ES-GT' => 'spanish', 'ES-HN' => 'spanish', 'ES-MX' => 'spanish', 'ES-NI' => 'spanish', 'ES-PA' => 'spanish', 'ES-PY' => 'spanish', 'ES-PE' => 'spanish', 'ES-PR' => 'spanish', 'ES-ES' => 'spanish', 'ES-UY' => 'spanish', 'ES-VE' => 'spanish', 'SV' => 'swedish', 'SV-FI' => 'swedish', 'SV-SV' => 'swedish', 'TR' => 'turkish', 'UK' => 'ukranian', // NOTE: You can add more below ); if(!isset($_SESSION['switch-language']) && $_SESSION['uid'] == false) { $_SESSION['switch-language'] = true; // prevent from redirecting back again in this session } $current_country = strtoupper(substr($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'], 0, 2)); $language = $current_country != '' && isset($country_to_language[$current_country]) ? $country_to_language[$current_country] : $country_to_language['default']; if(!isset($_SESSION['Language']) || $_SESSION['Language'] != $language) { $location = '?language='.$language; if($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] != '') $location .= '&'.$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']; ob_clean(); header('location: '.$location); die(); } } ?> some one have one idea to do a work arround, he give so many loops on admin area like this
      so there is any suggestion to fix this old good script he works great for client area but no for admin area ☹️
      credits for, 
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