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Found 9 results

  1. This hook is similar to the one that assigns clients to groups based on purchases. This time we're assigning clients to groups based on registration date or more precisely on user seniority. Let's take this code as example. $groups['1'] = '90'; $groups['2'] = '180'; $groups['3'] = '365'; They key of $groups array (eg. ['1']) represents the ID of the group while the value user seniority (days between registration date and current date). According to the above configuration, here is what happens: Customer A registered 34 days ago. No change Customer B registered 90 days ago. He goes to client group ID 2 Customer C registered 364 days ago. Still group ID 2 Customer D registered 500 days ago. He goes to client group ID 3 Optionally, you can turn on any of the following features to add some restrictions: $activeCustomers rules apply only on Active customers (boolean true or false) $oldestPurchase rules apply only on if customer has a product/service or domain older than the given number of days (integear) The hook runs with WHMCS daily cron job meaning that tomorrow the customer C of the above example will move from group 2 to 3. Get the Code »
  2. Hi Everyone, My name is Bakiiwa and I am new here. I am not sure if this would be the appropriate community for my question (if not, please direct me and thanks in advance). I was wondering if anyone knows how to hide - other than making them optional, certain fields of the registration form? for example, I only wanted to collect Username/Email address and password input from the customer/client and after the client registers, they would have to confirm their email address and upon their sign in, to make it mandatory for them or keep a notification open for them to complete all the other profile fields within the client area? I read somewhere that there was/is a way to accomplish that by defining a value as N/A or notavailable and "hidden" but that doesnt work for me, I am using WHMCS v 7.10.2. Any ideas might help. I am looking forward to learning from anyone. Thanks, Bakiiwa
  3. Hello everyone, Real quick, I installed Namecheap API and configured WHMCS to auto register domains after payment are received. I did several test registrations with some fails and other successful. I’m now getting live registrations from my existing customers and payments go smoothly with no issues, customer even receives the purchase invoice and domain registration confirmation, but on Namecheap side things are really weird. Checking on the modules log I see the ‘response’ for the actual transaction and apparently the API is not using the correct command or method to create and register the domains. It just checks for the domain. And I say really weird because if I perform a manual registration of the same domain my customer is trying to buy, the registration goes though and it’s updated on my Namecheap account as well. I have to do it a couple of times until it works. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem or maybe documentation I can check. I contacted Namecheap support team several times but all the say is that the API is using the wrong command and that I should update the code 😞 Thank you, - ED
  4. When ever I try or a client tries to register a client account or by checking out on the order form no matter what country they select, or even default USA they get the error The following errors occurred: Please choose your country from the drop down box I am using Chrome 78.0.3904.108 And WHMCS 7.7.1-release.1 When I use MS Edge browser it works fine
  5. Hi, Not sure when or how but the registration page got really messed up. I can't tell what template file it uses because the page is encoded. https://webhost.pro/register.php The phone number icon is not on the top and the entire footer is too short which I think just needs a </div> to close the body tags Thanks for any help.
  6. I want offer free private whois, but I want it to just use our whois details instead of the users or the domain registers privacy service. Basically if they choose privacy it will use the registration details of our choice. Thanks,
  7. With domain registration instead of asking for the image code every time, is it possible to have it just start after say 3-5 times? http://webhost.pro/domain-registration.html when I try to use the form here it always asks for the code and needs the code to check the domain. This makes the customer do two steps to check the domain. It would be nice to have at least the first try to not use the code or the first couple would be fine. Thanks,
  8. So, I'm finishing a medical management system that'll be sell for some hospitals here in Brazil. Can WHMCS "sell" a subdomain and charge a installation fee (cause every hospital has different needs, so I'll have to set up it in a different way for every client). And if the client doesn't pay access to that subdomain would be blocked? I don't need auto setup and neither of this stuff, cause there's no way that I can automate this process… As I said, every client has different needs. Also, is it possible to integrate WHMCS with WordPress? My main website is WordPress based and I really don't want to migrate all my clients, content and other stuff from WP to WHMCS manually. Thank you in forward, Sergio Morganti.
  9. Hello! Now i'm fully upgraded to WHMCS 5.2.7 I was hoping to find the reporting facilities extended to cover Domain Name Registration, Sales and Renewals. Unless I am missing something, I cannot find any way to get any report at all in this area. Does anyone have a method or custom module that I can use for this purpose? If anyone has developed an option I am willing to pay for your efforts! Thank you in advance!
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