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  1. Thanks so much Brian! That hook is exactly what I was looking for and works perfectly.
  2. Hey guys, Is anyone aware of a way to remove the cancelled/terminated services from the related services dropdown menu of step 2 of the submit ticket page? Some of our clients have a lot of terminated or cancelled services that they don't want listed and I can't see a way to remove those. Thanks
  3. This looks great! One question, is the Labs feature similar to Uservoice/Useresponse? Letting customers post feature requests and others can vote on them?
  4. Daniel

    Complete Order taking over 7 min.

    How long does it take to manually create an account on the server (not using WHMCS)? Assuming it's cPanel/WHM do you have clustered DNS or and post account hooks setup?
  5. Hey, It seems that using the OpenTicket API call doesn't send an email to the customer, it just silently opens a ticket under their account without an email notification. Is this intended behavior or have I missed something? Are you also supposed to use SendEmail afterwards to send a separate email? If this is the case how are you supposed to get the ticket ID and link for inclusion in the message body and subject? Thanks for any help
  6. Daniel

    whmcsmoduleshop seems to be dead

    I'm using support extended and seems to be working fine. I can't see the attachment you've uploaded, just shows as a broken link (forum settings broken?). What problem are you having with it?
  7. Daniel

    whmcsmoduleshop seems to be dead

    Which ones? I'm using a few of his and they all seem to work fine here.
  8. Hey, Since upgrading to 7.2.2 we've had a strange issue with new orders. From the client side everything is normal however once an order is submitted WHMCS shows 'No Invoice' on the order review page: Checking the invoices tab for the client I can see the invoice is created normally but it isn't showing on the order. Is this a known bug? Thanks
  9. Hey, Just tried upgrading to version 3 of the WHMCS Reseller License Manager addon and am getting a blank white page. Enabling errors I see: Fatal error: composerRequire379604d3b8f4acb31fd79a657f58cb41(): Failed opening required 'IONCUBE__DIR__/../../lib/functions.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/path/to/our/whmcs/clients/modules/addons/whmcslicenses/vendor/composer/autoload_real.php on line 0 Deleting hooks.php brings WHMCS back but I'm not sure what would cause this error? Thanks
  10. Hey, I'm using productsinfo.php to add prices to our website but need to change the formatting slightly. The formatting I'm looking to get is: <span class=“dollar”>$</span>2<span class=“dec”>.49</span> Any ideas how I could format this? Being able to split the output into dollars and cents would be fine or adding the styling into productsinfo.php directly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Daniel

    DNS clustering

    This isn't really WHMCS related but would be done through cPanel DNS clustering: https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/CKB/Guide+to+DNS+Cluster+Configurations
  12. Daniel

    Stopping abuse of subdomains

    I'd guess as it's a very limited environment with only a Wordpress install and no FTP access it's quite hard for anyone to abuse it and upload phishing sites.
  13. Expecting a developer to list every limitation or requirement of a third party is unreasonable, it's up to you to do your own research too. Twilio charge $1 per month for a phone number and $0.0075 per SMS.. if that's really "too heavy" for you then I don't know what to say.
  14. A limitation of the Nexmo API is hardly the fault of the module developer. If Nexmo isn't working for you just use another provider, Twilio works great.

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