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Found 13 results

  1. debugging with Smarty debug Console I notice that $currency Smarty object is no more present on v8 on v7 this is accessible on any output hook as $params['currency'] array. WHMCS 8 is manipulating the current currency in another way?
  2. Hi, We have setup our WHMCS in AED currency but we need to change to USD now for the automatic exchange rates to work properly. The problem is that we set manually (in the database) the USD with default=1 but USD has id=3 on the database and it messes up with the automatic exchange rates so we we need to replace AED to USD on id=1. I need assistance with the following (with the right MySQL commands) if anyone can help? 1) Make USD as the default currency but with ID=1, replacing AED currency - this is easy and I can do it manually in the database. 2) Create AED as ID=4 (doesn't exist yet) but I can easily create under the admin area 3) ADVANCED level now: make a mass change in the database to change all currencies from ID=1 to ID=4 so they can keep the exact same currency. Is the command something like this? UPDATE `tblclients` SET `currency` = '4' WHERE `currency`=3; There is no need to update any other clients' currencies, we can do this manually as there are not that many. The only problem / concern is that I would like all invoices / quotations as they are (no change of currency) which I think it won't affect, right? As far as I know, the currencies will only affect the products pricing and the clients preferred currency, but please confirm if this is the case. I highly appreciate your help and suggestions. Thank you a lot
  3. Hello everyone, Hope you all doing good. as WHMCS update with version 7.7 and its included crypto currency payments. So i am trying to configure it in my whmcs grapyhost. but i am facing some issue or maybe a bug. check below screenshot. I have added Bitcoin currency and trying to fill up product with respective crypto prices. but its not accepting value. as one product monthly annual price is $16.83 so it will be 0.0047 BTC . but its not accepting btc value. Please suggest some to fix it. Thanks Madan
  4. Seems there is currency issue. Latestly I have added 3rd currency USD (ID:5) Gateway has Convert to EUR The transaction marked has got currency ID=0 http://prntscr.com/kyxm4l I think should be 5 ID I have whmcs 7.6.1
  5. Hello I'd like to sell domains with different price and currency for customers who visit from outside my country. I'm thinking to use OrderDomainPricingOverride hook to change price for non local customers, I plan to differ local and non local customers by their IP. But before I start, thought to ask here, maybe there's a better built in way of doing it that I couldn't find. I see I can add another currency to WHMCS but it says: Customers who visit your site can then choose to shop in their local currency. I don't want customers to have to choose currency, I want local ones to shop with local currency and non local one with non local currency. I still can differ it manually by IPs I know, just want to know if WHMCS has some extra features for it that I can use.
  6. Hi there, Today I faced something weird in WHMCS. It does not allow prices more than 8 digits! Some of our prices are more than 8 digits in local currency. Has anyone ever faced similar issue? How to fix this?
  7. Dear All: The "group" solution that WHMCS provides to assign payment gateways results in a lot of unnecessry work -- as every product that s offered in two different (or more) currencies needs to be duplicated. It is further flawed, as this does not work at all for domain registrations! Under version 5.3 of WHMCS we had the below edits working to take care of this, but it does not work anymore in version 6.3.1, and I can't figure out why not. Does anyone understand, and how to fix this? We use "six" and the "modern" shopping card ... the code below is a simplified version with just two currencies and two payment gateways. .../[whms]/templates/orderforms/modern/viewcart.tpl ------------ (...) {/if} <h2>{$LANG.orderpaymentmethod}</h2> {if $currency.id == 1} <p><input type="radio" name="paymentmethod" id="pgbtn1" value="paypalbilling" onclick="hideCCForm()"{if $selectedgateway eq "paypalbilling"} checked="checked"{/if} /> <label for="pgbtn1"><b>PayPal</b></label><br /> <input type="radio" name="paymentmethod" value="authorizecim" id="pgbtn2" onclick="showCCForm()"{if $selectedgateway eq "authorizecim"} checked="checked"{/if} /> <label for="pgbtn2"><b>Credit Card</b></label><br /> {if $currency.id == 2} <input type="radio" name="paymentmethod" value="dwolla" id="pgbtn1" onclick="hideCCForm()"{if $selectedgateway eq "dwolla"} checked="checked"{/if} /> <label for="pgbtn1"><b>Bank Transfer</b></label><br /> <input type="radio" name="paymentmethod" value="coinify" id="pgbtn2" onclick="hideCCForm()"{if $selectedgateway eq "coinify"} checked="checked"{/if} /> <label for="pgbtn2"><b>Bitcoin</b></label> {/if}</p> (...) ------------ Any ideas? Thanks! John
  8. Hey everyone, I have been an active developer for a few WHMCS addons which I have sold. I used to run a business full time which these addons were a part of but I now have a full time job and don't feel like I have enough time to work on these. Therefore I am open sourcing my code for these addons with the hope of maybe getting some help keeping them updated. I still plan to work on them when I have time but I don't want to charge anything for them. Customers who have paid for these addons/scripts can still get premium support via support@anveto.com. Free users can open issues on Github and I will do my best to answer them and take care of any issues. WHMCS Affiliate Anywhere WHMCS Slack WHMCS Currency Rates WHMCS EU Cookie Law Compliance WHMCS Licensing Addon C# Tester Visit the releases page of each project to download the latest version of the addon or script. Addons will no longer be sold on the Anveto website and have not been sold there for some time now.
  9. Hello All, There is a critical bug in WHMCS related to multiple currency gateways. I've had a ticket open with WHMCS for months now... but their usually good support has disappeared and is no longer replying to my request for any updates. It seems odd that they would acknowledge a bug and then just ignore it... but anyway... I'm hoping that maybe someone here has a creative solution or hack to get this working. I have two gateways, US$ and CAD$. Both gateways use a token system for security. The US$ gateway is first in the list, so I guess it's my default. I have an account that paid their first invoice using the US$ gateway. When they paid that invoice, I can see in the log "Credit Card US$ Remote Storage", which is good. Then the customer requested they be changed in Canadian dollars. Everything in their account, including the general "Profile" and specific "Product/Service" is now setup for CAD$ gateway. On the "summary" page I click "Credit Card Information" and CLEAR all the details. (Just in case these details were married to the US$ gateway.) I then input a new credit card. Upon their next renewal, the transaction is declined. In the Gateway Log, I can see it's using the "Credit Card US$ Remote Storage". It should have used "Credit Card CAD$ Remote Storage", but it did not. So, the big bug and big question is why is it still using the US$ gateway? Everything on this account is setup for the CAD$ gateway. This does not make any sense... and banging my head against the keyword has not produced the solution, hehe. It's like WHMCS is just calling the wrong gateway for some reason. I would assume that when WHMCS sees that everything on the user's profile is setup for the CAD$ gateway, it should know to use CAD$ Remote Storage. Any ideas?
  10. Is there any way I can update the bitcoin exchange rate automatically? Perhaps change whatever source that WHMCS uses to my own source with the same output?
  11. So my WHMCS installation uses USD and JPY for user payments. In the affiliate system, I give each user USD25.00 when they signup as an affiliate and then 10% of each subsequent sale. However, for JPY users I want to give them JPY3000 upon signup and also 10% of each sale. I understand that USD is default and USD25.00 will always be static, but my JPY users can't see a static JPY3000. Instead they see the daily conversion of USD->JPY (which today is about JPY2950). Is there a method to ensure the JPY users will also have a static JPY3000 upon signup? I understand some of the forex problems creating static numbers for each currency can create (i.e. users could possibly arbitrage my system to generate millions of dollars on the forex changes), but I am unconcerned about that currently. My goal is to be able to set static figures for the initial amounts a USD and a JPY user are granted upon affiliate signup. How can this be done?
  12. Don't forget folks if you use the namespinner alternate domain suggestion tool. And you have added other currencies. It will default to the last currency you added. I just discovered this, i added MXN and now the price is thru the roof when someone looks up a name. I am currently working on the fix to either set it to the first currency in the table or allow them to choose. I will keep you posted on the fix.. In the mean time if anyone has already done this fix to namespinner please share to save me some time.. Thanks
  13. Hello, I use multiple currencies and an affiliates scheme in WHMCS. When WHMCS lists affiliates signups, it seems to convert signups to a default currency(all good) but keeps the original currencies sign. E.G. (Affiliates default currency is £GBP; assuming £20 == $30) Product#A £20 Commission £2. Product#A $30 Commission $2. This appears both in the Referred Signup tab in the Affiliates section of the Admin Panel and the Clients affiliate display. Has anyone else come across this problem? If so do you know of a fix? Thanks
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