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Found 18 results

  1. We have released a more stable and feature-rich version 2.1.0 of the HostX WHMCS Theme. V 2.1.0 is now more stable and responsive than the previous versions. We have not left any stone unturned in this version, want to know what's new in this version? New Features 3 New Variations Introduced New Mobile Menu Introduced Mobile Menu Domain Search Introduced 7 New Blocks Added New Banner Images Introduced Fully Responsive DNS Management, Get Epp Code, Manage Contact, Email Forwarding and Private Name Server options added in Client Area. Product detail page add a button for Cpanel login, webmail login, cancel service, etc Overall UI Enhancements SEO Manager and OG Tags now supports Multiple Language Top Menu now supports Multiple Language Improvements & Bugs Fixes Responsive Improvements UI/UX Improvements Add Funds Issues Fixed TLDs Showcase pricing issue fixed VPS Page Checks has been fixed Stability of the theme has been enhanced Security of the theme has been enhanced New Versions Overview View More
  2. A powerful and beautiful WHMCS client theme by SwiftModders Take your customer’s user experience to another level with the most powerful and customizable WHMCS theme available. The Allure Theme comes with a custom-built WHMCS module that allows full control over the look and feel of your WHMCS client area. With 20+ editable options, easy adjustments for over 20 different colors, built-in favicon support, RTL, and much more! Learn More | View Demo | Documentation | Order Now Feature Highlights Additional Features Fully Responsive: This theme comes with a fully responsive design framework built around Bootstrap 3 and an easy to use mobile menu. SwiftModders Theme Installer: Easily manage all of your SwiftModders WHMCS Themes from one module. The Theme Installer will offer you insight into available updates, problems with your install, debugging tools, and much more! Fast & Friendly Support: One of my missions is to ensure that every client who purchases this team is well-supported and most importantly, happy! Favicon Support: Take advantage of the excellent service over at RealFaviconGenerator and add favicon support quickly and easily to your WHMCS client area. Menu Manager: As of version 1.1.0, you can now manage your WHMCS menu directly from the Theme Installer! This powerful feature comes FREE with all WHMCS Client Theme’s and makes customizing your WHMCS installation even easier. Unencoded TPL Files: There is nothing more annoying for a developer than not having access to source files. Luckily this theme offers unencoded TPL files. Three Custom Order Forms: This theme provides its own set of custom order forms that are integrated into the look and feel of your customizations. Automatic Updates: As of version 1.3.0, you can automatically update your SwiftModders WHMCS Themes from the Theme Installer. Save your time, save your effort, and leave all the work to the module! License Pricing LIMITED TIME OFFER: We’re keeping the summer season hot with 35% OFF all SwiftModders products! No promotional code required. Personal (1 Site) - $70 $45.50 per year Pro (5 Sites) - $175 $113.75 per year Agency (Unlimited Sites) - $315 $204.75 per year Personal+ (1 Site) - $140 $91 one-time Pro+ (5 Sites) - $350 $227.50 one-time Agency+ (Unlimited Sites) - $630 $409.50 one-time ORDER NOW All licenses will remain active for the lifetime of the product. All non-"+" licenses will require a yearly subscription for continued access to downloads and support. Before purchasing, be sure to read our License Agreement. Need Help? Available Services Theme Installation ($15): If you're not confident in your ability to install the theme yourself, I can do it for you! Give yourself peace of mind by hiring me to do the process for you. It's quick, easy, and best of all inexpensive. Theme Customization ($100): Want to make sure that your client theme matches your branding? You can hire me to adjust your theme settings to match your brand colors, fonts, logo and more. The "Theme Customization" service is NOT an integration service. I will not integrate anything from your current website design. I will match your brand colors, logo and additional style assets. Nothing additional will be done outside of that. Refund Policy You will find the refund policy for all SwiftModders products in the License Agreement. Browser Support Microsoft Edge 12+ Google Chrome 29+ Mozilla Firefox 29+ Apple Safari (iOS) 9+ SwiftModders does not provide technical support for older, outdated browsers. Please update your browser and browse safer.
  3. MONSOON OFFERS at WGS > Flat 50% OFF on HostX WHMCS Template - No Coupon Code Required > Flat 50% OFF on ClientX WHMCS Template - Coupon Code: X50 > Flat 30% OFF on All WHMCS Modules - Coupon Code: MONSOON > Flat 30% OFF on Open Source WHMCS Modules - Coupon Code: MONSOON
  4. We are glad to announce our product of the year i.e. One Step Checkout Orderform Template for WHMCS Users. This is one of the best order forms that has ever been released. What makes our One Page Orderform unique than others in the market? 1. Unique Approach to Register a Domain 2. Set Payment Gateways According to Country You can set payment gateways according to a specific country and the payment gateways will auto-assign seeing the current location of your website users. 3. Set custom payment gateway icons from the WHMCS admin. 4. It has inbuilt GeoIP Currency Changer 5. Supports Multi Currencies 6. Detailed Order Summary View 7. Showcase Products, Billing Cycle and Addons in Style 8. Mini Cart Specially Designed for Mobile Devices You can purchase the orderform from WHMCS Marketplace or directly from our website: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/custom-template/one-step-checkout-whmcs-orderform-template/ To view demo visit: https://demo.whmcsglobalservices.com/cart.php?carttpl=WhmcsOneStepCheckout&systpl=six
  5. Hello, I hope this is the correct community to post this in. SCENARIO The below is all explained in this documented article by WHMCS: Order_Form_Templates I have created a child order form of of the "modern" order form theme. I have created the theme.yaml file with the following contents as instructed: config: parent: modern I have created an empty style.css file inside my new child order form template. I then logged on to my WHMCS backend and navigated to Setup -> General Settings -> Ordering I selected the new child theme as the Default Order Form Template. PROBLEM Adding ANY css to override the parent styling is not taking effect. It keeps pulling the styles from the original parent style.css completely ignoring my custom css. If I use the browsers developer tools, I can't even see my style.css loading at all. If anyone can explain this I would appreciate it. Thanks Brett
  6. Odin Dark WHMCS Hosting Theme just released! Compatible only with WHMCS 8.1 for now. About this new theme: Odin is a dark-theme html/php template designed only for hosting companies which sell web space & servers. It is modern, unique and completely integrated with WHMCS giving a nice dark-vibe for your clients. HTML/PHP live preview: https://aalayer.com/preview/index.html#odin Pages included in HTML/PHP theme: Homepage Web Hosting VPS Dedicated Servers Terms of Service What you will get: An unique and modern hosting theme 2 folders, one is HTML theme and the other WHMCS theme 1 year free support Do you want Odin in your brand's colors?We will edit it to fit your brand's colors completely for a small extra fee. https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/5784-odin-dark-theme https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/odin-whmcs-dark-theme/
  7. Magna - Supreme WHMCS Hosting Theme Comes in 3 colors[Red, Purple or Blue] + Day & Night mode switch by default. Theme features: Comes in 3 different colors Day & Night Switch Mode Unique and super modern Integrated with WHMCS 8.0.x (all 3 colors) 1 year free support PHP/HTML Pages: Homepage Shared Hosting Reseller Hosting VPS Dedicated Servers Game Servers Terms of Service Privacy Policy ... and an awesome WHMCS integration in all it's 3 colors. No live preview? Where can i see this theme even more? https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/magna-whmcs-hosting-theme/ Do you want Magna in your brand's colors?We will edit it to fit your brand's colors completely for a small extra fee. Purchase it now for only 69$! https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/5709-magna-supreme-theme
  8. LowEndHost - modern hosting template that comes in three colors and totally integrated with WHMCS in all three colors! Download - > https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4656-lowendhost-hosting-template Live preview of HTML template: https://aalayer.com/templates/lowendhost/green/ - Green Version https://aalayer.com/templates/lowendhost/blue/ - Blue Version https://aalayer.com/templates/lowendhost/red/ - Red Version It contains these pages: Home Web Hosting VPS Dedicated Game Servers and Terms of Service This template has been released time ago, although today i did some final updates and fixes for the latest 7.10.1 version. Didn't get my hands on 8.0 since it's still in beta, should be fine for now! Give it a try and let me know what you think! : ) - Armand
  9. Hi, I'm fairly new to editing the WHMCS theme files and wondered if maybe someone could help me? I've gone over the theme guide over at the developer portal but i'm still fairly lost. Which files and which line of code do I need to open and edit to add my own navigation menu's, logos etc. at the top and also the footer at the bottom to match the main website template? I hope i'm making sense. Basically I want to add my own template around WHMCS itself so it looks all professional. Thanks in advance.
  10. A new patch of the HostX theme is rolling out. The new patch makes HostX compatible with the latest WHMCS 7.10. All users are requested to download the new update patch from the client area and implement the same. Here is the detailed procedure to apply the patch file. For more information, visit: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/webhosting-template/hostx-whmcs-theme-template/
  11. Sorry I know this is not WHMCS core related but I thought maybe the main template uses the same js file to run the tables and someone might know the name of this font awesome icon that's missing or how to replace. If I knew what it was I could at least track it down that way. So far I can find where it is called from, what it is, or even how to remove it from showing it.
  12. Hello WHMCS Community! I'm having a little challenge on a custom theme. I need to override some translations in a specific theme through the language file. This need is to be able to meet the need of the theme in changing words in the translation that help the user in the products that will be displayed in this theme, but this could not change the standard translation used in other WHMCS themes. Is it possible to create a translation file that is used only on a specific theme?
  13. I'm proud to announce the first PHP template for WHMCS. This template comes with all of the benefits of our HTML templates but also features with many benefits that I will highlight in this thread. Fusion is also available as a HTML & WHMCS template. We recommend that you compare all formats to see which one is best for you and your business. Save $10 using coupon code: buythirdgen during checkout! -- Learn More | View Demo | Order Now Unique features - Automatic WHMCS sync - We include a optional WHMCS integration template which can be selected during checkout. The integration is clean and best of all it automatically syncs with your PHP pages so changes to the header/footer/images/CSS are automatically updated throughout all PHP and WHMCS pages making your website quick to edit and consistent. We've also implemented a logged-in/out toolbar menu which syncs perfectly between the PHP and WHMCS pages, it's also editable in a single file for all pages. - Easy 1 file edits - These templates use PHP includes allowing you to update consistent parts of the template (such as the menu, footer, head etc) in one file. Changes made to the include files are automatically updated on all pages including WHMCS. - Animations - We've implemented clean but powerful animations throughout the template bringing focus to the most important areas of each page such as the plan tables & call-to-actions. - Sticky menu - A sticky menu has been highly requested by our customer's so we've implemented it on the main menu on all pages. The menu will now stick to the top of the browser allowing your visitors to easily navigate throughout your website. We've also added this feature to the steps bar on the cart pages allowing your visitors to easily follow the checkout process. General features - Responsive & fluid - This template is fully responsive and fluid so instead of responding at certain breakpoints (e.g the iPhone) it responds when the design needs to so it will support all modern devices including those that are currently un-released such as the new iPhone. - HTML5/CSS3 - This template is coded using the latest and greatest languages. The code is also clean and properly indented making it easy to edit - Pricing tables & feature boxes - It comes with custom pricing tables which support 1-6 columns and also feature boxes which support 1-6 boxes (can be customized easily to support a unlimited amount). - CSS mega menu - It also features a integrated fully CSS based (no Javascript) mega menu which also responds perfectly - Lots of HTML snippets - I've included multiple custom made elements including pricing tables, feature boxes, login boxes, data tables, buttons, feature grids & domain checker. All of these elements are responsive and integrate perfectly with the template out of the box. - Social integration - includes Facebook, Twitter & Google+ buttons - PSD files - it includes PSD files which are already the exact size as used in the template such as the logo, banners etc How does the integration work? The PHP template is used for your main pages and then the matching WHMCS template along with WHMCS itself is installed in a separate directory allowing you to support the functionality of the software while maintaining the look and feel of your main PHP pages. domain.com - your PHP pages (e.g domain.com/index.php, domain.com/web-hosting.php) domain.com/clients/ - WHMCS with the integrated template we have created With this setup you can promote your services/products using PHP pages so they are lightning fast and then link the order button(s) to the products which are created in WHMCS. So your visitor views your PHP page, clicks on the order button and they are taken to WHMCS to purchase while the design of WHMCS matches your main PHP template. The images/style/header/footer/menu contents comes from the PHP template so changes to these sync automatically between all of your PHP and WHMCS pages. Customization This template will require HTML experience to edit but with that experience it'll allow you to get setup quickly. All you'd need to do is customize the text, menu and pages to suit your needs. PHP experience isn't needed as PHP is used sparingly in the template and is easy to understand with HTML experience. Why TemplateGenie? 1) We're passionate - We have a great passion for the web hosting industry and making the best templates for your business. 2) We provide support based on our experience in the web hosting industry. 3) We listen to your feedback 4) We have a proven track record in providing WHMCS based services/products. 5) Our templates are constantly updated to keep up with the ever-evolving hosting industry. We look forward to hearing from you If you have any questions at all feel free to reply to this thread or contact our sales department at sales (at) templategenie com or contact me personally at jack (at) templategenie com Thank you for showing interest in our services and have a great day! Warm Regards Jack Curtis - CEO Templategenie.com Templategenie.com is a sister-website under the same ownership and management as Zomex.com, both are owned by Gold Fusion Ltd.
  14. I've cloned the new six theme and I now want to add some custom Javascript. I see there is whmcs.js added in the footer, but I don't want to add custom code here as it will get overwritten with updates. Is there an accepted method of adding your own Javascript? I was thinking of just adding a custom.js, storing it alongside the other JS files and linking to it from footer.tpl. Thanks
  15. Is it: paper_lantern or paper lantern This is in the module settings under products.
  16. I have been looking into consolidation several sections of WHMCS into a single page so that my customers don't have to click through so many pages in order to do simple things like access cPanel for their hosting services, or to view all domains on their account. The problem I found is that one cannot simply merge the tpl files for these sections as the smarty variables are not defined for those pages --- Example: If you combine `clientareahome.tpl` with `clientareadomains.tpl`, you will not get a list of the domains on the account on the `clientareahome.tpl` page. Instead, you will get errors. I dug a bit deeper, and I could not find anywhere to force the variables to load the appropriate information for these pages --- most likely because the files that control the flow of this data seem to be all IonCube encoded. I am seeking assistance with this as I (and my customers), have found WHMCS client area to be unnecessarily excessive on the amount of clicking necessary in order to reach common information. This makes the 2 clicks from my home page seem horrendous when you count the 4 clicks to get to cPanel for a particular hosting package (Login, View, View Details, Login to cPanel). I am just using the cPanel button as an example of distance from user entry to action. This applies to other things such as Domains, SSL control, Profile editing, and so on, which could be consolidated more efficiently. I have sought out third party assistance from 'theme integrators', however they only migrate the header/footer html, and do nothing with the actual content itself. I have restyled everything using Bootstrap3, and modern components (if I could hack the tables, I would use a jQuery sortable table rather than the one that requires a page reload on every sort change -- which supports filtering as well). Any assistance in this would be fantastic -- or if the only way is to have the source for the 'clientarea.php' file, instructions on how one may obtain a source license would be great.... even if it is just the client area sources. I can put up with the nuances in the administration area, so I am really just concerned about UX/UI for the user area.
  17. Today we have a major new release for 2014. Its our second this year, and its a big one. You may have noticed we have had a new theme on our site for a few days now, and now we have it ready for you guys and girls to take advantage of it. The new NHP 2014 Theme is available for purchase and it has some amazing new features. We arent going to go through all of them here as we have a dedicated product page for you to view here: NHP 2014 Theme. Some of the key features include: Less Css development Optimised for SEO Customisable theme settings, including primary color usage Twitter Bootstrap CSS Framework Rewritten templates from scratch Built in Lightbox script Built in Cart templates Template overrides folder Why not take a look at the full theme features here: NHP 2014 Theme.
  18. Hello I have recently installed the NHP2014 Theme It may be coincidence, but not I am unable to login to my admin account. I am prompted for my credentials which I enter, and am then presented with a blank page at URL ../admin/dologin.php I don't know what to try? Please help if you can
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