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Found 19 results

  1. I found a old pretty cool script and i would like to perform him because like as been reported before the hook put the admin area with infinite loops <?php add_hook('ClientAreaPage', 1, switch_language($vars)); function switch_language($vars) { $country_to_language = array( 'default' => 'english', 'AR' => 'arabic', 'AR-DZ' => 'arabic', 'AR-BH' => 'arabic', 'AR-EG' => 'arabic', 'AR-IQ' => 'arabic', 'AR-JO' => 'arabic', 'AR-KW' => 'arabic', 'AR-LB' => 'arabic', 'AR-LY' => 'arabic', 'AR-MA' => 'arabic', 'AR-OM' => 'arabic', 'AR-QA' => 'arabic', 'AR-SA' => 'arabic', 'AR-SY' => 'arabic', 'AR-TN' => 'arabic', 'AR-AE' => 'arabic', 'AR-YE' => 'arabic', 'AZ' => 'azerbaijani', 'CA' => 'catalan', 'ZH' => 'chinese', 'ZH-HK' => 'chinese', 'ZH-CN' => 'chinese', 'ZH-SG' => 'chinese', 'ZH-TW' => 'chinese', 'HR' => 'croatian', 'CS' => 'czech', 'DA' => 'danish', 'NL' => 'dutch', 'NL-BE' => 'dutch', 'EN' => 'english', 'EN-AU' => 'english', 'EN-BZ' => 'english', 'EN-CA' => 'english', 'EN-IE' => 'english', 'EN-JM' => 'english', 'EN-NZ' => 'english', 'EN-PH' => 'english', 'EN-ZA' => 'english', 'EN-TT' => 'english', 'EN-GB' => 'english', 'EN-US' => 'english', 'EN-ZW' => 'english', 'ET' => 'estonian', 'FA' => 'farsi', 'FR' => 'french', 'FR-BE' => 'french', 'FR-CA' => 'french', 'FR-FR' => 'french', 'FR-LU' => 'french', 'FR-MC' => 'french', 'FR-CH' => 'french', 'DE' => 'german', 'DE-AT' => 'german', 'DE-DE' => 'german', 'DE-LI' => 'german', 'DE-LU' => 'german', 'DE-CH' => 'german', 'HE' => 'hebrew', 'HU' => 'hungarian', 'IT' => 'italian', 'IT-CH' => 'italian', 'MK' => 'macedonian', 'NO' => 'norwegian', 'NB' => 'norwegian', 'NN' => 'norwegian', 'PT-BR' => 'portuguese-br', 'PT' => 'portuguese-pt', 'RO' => 'romanian', 'RO-MO' => 'romanian', 'RU' => 'russian', 'RU-MO' => 'russian', 'ES' => 'spanish', 'ES-AR' => 'spanish', 'ES-BO' => 'spanish', 'ES-CL' => 'spanish', 'ES-CO' => 'spanish', 'ES-CR' => 'spanish', 'ES-DO' => 'spanish', 'ES-EC' => 'spanish', 'ES-SV' => 'spanish', 'ES-GT' => 'spanish', 'ES-HN' => 'spanish', 'ES-MX' => 'spanish', 'ES-NI' => 'spanish', 'ES-PA' => 'spanish', 'ES-PY' => 'spanish', 'ES-PE' => 'spanish', 'ES-PR' => 'spanish', 'ES-ES' => 'spanish', 'ES-UY' => 'spanish', 'ES-VE' => 'spanish', 'SV' => 'swedish', 'SV-FI' => 'swedish', 'SV-SV' => 'swedish', 'TR' => 'turkish', 'UK' => 'ukranian', // NOTE: You can add more below ); if(!isset($_SESSION['switch-language']) && $_SESSION['uid'] == false) { $_SESSION['switch-language'] = true; // prevent from redirecting back again in this session } $current_country = strtoupper(substr($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'], 0, 2)); $language = $current_country != '' && isset($country_to_language[$current_country]) ? $country_to_language[$current_country] : $country_to_language['default']; if(!isset($_SESSION['Language']) || $_SESSION['Language'] != $language) { $location = '?language='.$language; if($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] != '') $location .= '&'.$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']; ob_clean(); header('location: '.$location); die(); } } ?> some one have one idea to do a work arround, he give so many loops on admin area like this administator/?language=portuguese-pt&language=portuguese-pt&language=portuguese-pt&amp;lang... so there is any suggestion to fix this old good script he works great for client area but no for admin area ☹️ credits for, @webix @Remitur @brian!
  2. In continue of all previous posts about Greek Language Files, i would like to inform you that we have completed the translation of the latest WHMCS client area into Greek (el) for everyone. WHMCS Language File - Greek (el) - v 7.1.1 Download Link: here Submit Edits: here Contributors: here Please Note: This language file is been translated by the contributors and therefore it will not be updated by WHMCS Limited in future updates. We recommend that you use overrides to customize the text displayed in a way which will be safely preserved through the upgrade process. Every new update will be posted to this thread. In progress: Translaction of admin area. No ETA
  3. Hello WHMCS Community! I'm having a little challenge on a custom theme. I need to override some translations in a specific theme through the language file. This need is to be able to meet the need of the theme in changing words in the translation that help the user in the products that will be displayed in this theme, but this could not change the standard translation used in other WHMCS themes. Is it possible to create a translation file that is used only on a specific theme?
  4. Hi, I have seen a lot of hooks and solutions to redirect customers to specific language based on geolocation. As I want to focus more on UK customers and based on this that this is Multicultural country it would made more sense to detect browser language and redirect user to specific language on WHMCS. People do travel and live everywhere this days. Why would WHMCS be shown in Spanish just because person open this page in Spain? That could be English person living there. Is there any Hook or module to buy?
  5. Hello everyone, Hope you guys doing good. I came up with something new or maybe old . I want to implement whmcs lang from English to Hindi. for my indian customers. So i will convert each and every English Words to hindi words. Already 50% done. but please anyone tell me how to Add a extension ex- Hindi in header dropdown menu and target it to my Hindi lang File. Check the screenshot for more info, So i have added a Hindi.php file in Lang directory but in dropdown its showing English 2 times. Sorry for my Bad English. Here is all. Thanks Bagful International
  6. In the former community we had dedicated boards for International discussions. The eagle eyed amongst you might have spotted that these no longer exist in the new community. Never fear however! We've migrated these boards over to a new section of the WHMCS Community called Clubs. Clubs are a new way to group users with similar interests and we'll be using them for all kinds of things in future. For now all previous international discussion posts have been moved into the appropriate club.
  7. Sorry if this is in the wrong section; does it matter how the code of language files is organised? For instance, Could I put all of the page titles together, then subheadings together? Or page by page, so that all of the home page content is together, then all of the about us page, and so on? Or does it not matter? TIA.
  8. I am developing an addon module, and it also uses a hooks.php file. I have two hooks: AdminAreaFooterOutput and AdminAreaHeadOutput. My module also includes a lang/english.php file, and I have that working for the main part of my module, now i need to get it working for the hooks file. I have searched the forums and have found many posts relating to the use of Lang::trans. However, in pretty much all cases it says the language string needs to be added to the Language Overrides files. Since this is a module, I'd like it to work without needing any modifications to the main language overrides files. I would rather use the language files distributed with my module for this purpose. So how can I use the text strings from my module/lang/ folder in my hooks.php file?
  9. SwiftModders LLC

    Language ISO Declaration in HTML

    I've noticed that the language declaration in the HTML for themes is always "en". Since WHMCS has the ability to change the language for their clients, the HTML declaration should reflect that change so that when the content is indexed it's not counted as duplicate content. http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_language_codes.asp Would it be possible to record the ISO codes for each language in WHMCS so that an easy to use variable could be spit out to place in the template?
  10. solver80

    User default Language

    In admin panel I can change language for each customer: Customer > Profile > Language This language change language of emails sent to customer and also display language for logged in customers. The problem is that each time customer change language on the page that also overwrite that language setting in admin control panel. I have written hook that detect browser language and based on that displays page in same language. If customer open website not on own computer than that will change language of his emails from preferred one to English. Is there any way to disable this automatic language change and make this as an option in settings, same as in any other system?
  11. In continue of all previous posts about Greek Language Files, i would like to inform you that we have completed the translation of the latest WHMCS client area into Greek (el) for everyone that needs it. Link: http://go.cubric.gr/m Changelog: - Remove unnecessary tags from previous WHMCS versions - Import and translate new tags of 5.2.15/5.3.2 version - Spellcheck and correct previous translated tags Please Note: This language file is been translated by the contributor and therefore it will not be updated by WHMCS Limited in future updates. We recommend that you use overrides to customize the text displayed in a way which will be safely preserved through the upgrade process. Every new update will be posted to this thread In progress: Translaction of admin area. No ETA
  12. Am i missing anything or WHMCS dont allow products descriptions in more languages? I mean i have: /template/default_czech /template/default for my different template language files, but in WHMCS admin area i can still set only one description? Or can i anyhow go around it? My alternative language is "czech", "cs" so far my Czech clients can only see English product (hosting) descriptions :-(
  13. A very important feature is missing from WHMCS, the language fallback. It's impossible to able to translate all custom stings to all languages, so best scenario is to load the default string translation, for example "english". This is the hook code of "languageFallback.php", the code seems OK but does not effect the loaded language. Any suggestion? /* Developer: Stergios Zgouletas Web-site: web-expert.gr License: GNU GPL v2 */ if(!defined("WHMCS")) die("This file cannot be accessed directly"); function languageFallback($vars){ $defaultLanguage='english'; //Fallback Language $currentLanguage=strtolower($vars['language']); //Current Active Language global $_LANG; $current=$_LANG; if($defaultLanguage!=$currentLanguage){ //Load default language file $default=array(); if(file_exists(ROOTDIR.'/lang/'.$defaultLanguage.'.php')){ require(ROOTDIR.'/lang/'.$defaultLanguage.'.php'); $default=$_LANG; } //Load default override language file $defaultOverride=array(); if(file_exists(ROOTDIR.'/lang/overrides/'.$defaultLanguage.'.php')){ require(ROOTDIR.'/lang/overrides/'.$defaultLanguage.'.php'); $defaultOverride=$_LANG; } //Load module's language $module=array(); if(isset($_REQUEST['m']) && !empty($_REQUEST['m']) && file_exists(ROOTDIR.'/modules/addons/'.$_REQUEST['m'].'/'.$defaultLanguage.'.php')){ require(ROOTDIR.'/modules/addons/'.$_REQUEST['m'].'/'.$defaultLanguage.'.php'); $module=$_ADDONLANG; } $_LANG=array_merge($default,$defaultOverride,$module,$current); return array('languageFallback'=>1); } return array('languageFallback'=>0); } add_hook("ClientAreaPage",0,"languageFallback");
  14. Need to replace: $moduleactionsuccess to $LANG.moduleactionsuccess $serverchangepasswordsuccessful to $LANG.serverchangepasswordsuccessful - - - Updated - - - $status displayed only in english.
  15. We have an ajaxcart orderform. We also have some custom field in the product which is validated by a validation string. The language tag which is called for this is $_LANG['customfieldvalidationerror'] For example, the current error message for a custom field with the name "Age" is "Age Value is not valid" however we want to change that to "Please enter a valid Age". Thus we need to change the pattern the customfieldvalidationerror is shown. Which tpl file is calling this message that we can alter? Or perhaps it needs to be changed somewhere else. We already changed the $_LANG['customfieldvalidationerror'] however the pattern shows the name of the custom_field first. For example the message is shown right now is "Age Please enter a valid".
  16. My site is a multi-lingual, and i want that when i change the language of my main site, the language of the whmcs should also be changed. I am updating the "language" variable in session which is used by the WHMCS, but it is only showing the selected language in the dropdown, but contents are not changed. Also i have tried to call a script like cart.php?language=french using ajax when the site main language is changed, but no luck. Also there is another issue, that when i change the language using the WHMCS language dropdown, the language of that page is changed, but as soon as i navigate to another whmcs page .. the language of the page changed to default one. Any guide line to resolve this issue or is there any way that we can force the whmcs to use a specified language by settings some variable in the template files? Domain: http://www.wesellanyname.com Looking for your support.
  17. Hi, The word "Order Now!" should be translated. <a href="'.$value2['link'].'" class="classodernow'.$featureordernow.'">Order Now!</a> i tried it like this, but that did not work <a href="'.$value2['link'].'" class="classodernow'.$featureordernow.'">{$LANG.odernow}</a> what did i miss?
  18. Guru GeoIP Screenshots Manager Interface Create new country/language combination Language Detection Automatic Language Detection With this module you can localize visitors on your website to enable automatic language detection on all your pages. It allows you for example to automatically display the Spanish version of your frontend to all visitors from Spain, Argentina, Venezuela... Of course they can still choose another language by using the very well known dropdown of WHMCS or even a custom one which has been made in line with the specifications of WHMCS. When the module geolocalize a visitor it also stores a cookie in his browser so that it no longer needs to geolocalize him again. Manage countries/languages combinations Guru GeoIP comes with 177 country/language combinations already set but in the backend you can easily update combinations or create new ones with a very simple interface. For example you could set Switzerland to use French instead of German or associate China to work with English. The module also supports a default language to display in case it can't geolocalize a visitor or if there's no language set for his country. Smart language and countries detection WHMCS officially supports 20 languages and probably you are wondering if this module can work even with your custom language file. Short answer: Yes. Let's say that you want to add hindi.php and japanese.php file in your /lang directory. The module will automatically add Japanese and Hindi languages in the interface so that you can immediately combine Japan with Japanese and Hindi with India. Lastly the list of countries is the same used by WHMCS. Display content based on geolocalization Yes, it's possible. There's a variable you can use for this. It always returns the country of the visitor in the ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 code (e.g. IT, FR, US...). Order now You can purchase the module for 49.90 € from gurucube.com/guru-geoip.
  19. Some email templates were overriten after upgrading to 5.2.6. Now, clients that should receive related emails in different languages are receiving them in English despite English is not the default one in this installation.

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