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  1. Another update, it's not a theme issue. I tried swapping to the "Six" theme and I'm having the same issue.
  2. Hello, I was seeking some guidance. My clients are unable to register when going to the registration page, they'll go to the page and fill out the registration form, but they never show up in WHMCS or are unable to login, it's like the registration form isn't sending the information over to the database or something, I'm unsure. As of now, I'm having to manually register them through the WHMCS backend. Here is our registration URL: https://webtems.com/portal/register.php I believe it may be an issue with the theme I'm using, if so, do you guys know how I can fix this issue without going back to the default theme? UPDATE: Just an update, after testing, I AM able to create an account in my browser on a PC, this seems to be an issue that is happening on mobile as I was able to replicate it in my phones browser, any idea why WHMCS would prevent mobile users from registering? I fill out the form, click Register and it redirects me to the login page. I check the backend, and still no sign of the account. Thanks
  3. Hello, I was hoping you guys could shed some light on my issue. My clients are being redirected to the client area after clicking "Pay Now" on their invoice. The payment method is Stripe if that has anything to do with it, hoping you guys can help me out!
  4. Thank you for this answer, that seemed to work. I had figured it was controlled by the cPanel module and not the theme.
  5. Thank you, I actually figured out how to remove that on my own, but I'm still struggling with the "Log In To cPanel" button.
  6. Thank you, I got that part. Any idea for removing the button?
  7. I'm a web designer and we use WHMCS to invoice and keep track of clients, I don't want clients messing with cpanel in their account so I've disabled the quick shortcuts and the sidebar options, but I'm unsure on how do disable this button, could someone please help. While I'm at it, I'd like to remove the "Register New Domain" option as well.
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