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Hook file contain this code,. to retrieve the values from the database, With latest version of WHMCS 8 am unable to access the variable through the following code; 

 $invoiceData['merchant_id'] = Capsule::table('tblpaymentgateways')->where('gateway', 'MODULE')->where('setting' , 'ppmerchantId')->get();

if echo $invoiceData['merchant_id'] returns; 


How to retrieve the value in PHP code? 

Version : Most Latest WHMCS. PHP 7.4


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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, Waqas Saeed said:

How to retrieve the value in PHP code?

Not sure I understand the question.  You have the value in that object you mention and you just need to access it like other objects -- via  "->property_name".  So in this case, you would use $invoiceData['merchant_id']->value  or am i missing something? 

Another option is using:

$Value = Capsule::table('tblpaymentgateways')->where('gateway','gateway-name')->where('setting','setting_name')->first()->value;
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if I echo this, it returns something like that



I need the value here, the actual from the database. 

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Correct, that is the value from the database.  Though it does look sorta long for a merchant id and more like token or perhaps it is encrypted by the module when it is saved -- though still seems long for just a merchant id that is encrypted. 

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So, What is the code to get the params of module 'jazzcash' into hook file, if that is the scenario;  

Not like that. 

  string(96) "a2df9e0803d65f234d6192946800295b977d5a377d0d197631899f91d18a5108dcd335f1194597f1bee82f5db5bce7bb"
["pp_Password"]=> string(96) "Password123342"

If you could help me with the sample code? @steven99 Please

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To get all values, probably easier to use the getGatewayVariables function.  Search for that on the community as it wont allow me to post any code for it. 

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OH! thanks a lot, it worked, now i can feel, the pending voucher transaction has been marked paid from the hook that works by AfterCronJob. SOAP module. 


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