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  1. Hello I'm improving the callback file, if possible, could you let me know hints on how to get the id from the response JSON. am able to get the Success using strpros in PHP but since the JSON is in a very different format am not able to understand it how to actually pull our the id from it. {"data": "Success \"c723d42a-c3ee-452c-940b-3d8e8b944868"} I need this. c723d42a-c3ee-452c-940b-3d8e8b944868 I'm using WHMCS___ SMS gateway module for SMS. For Success; I'm doing this : if(strpos($response,'Success')) { @steven99
  2. Yes that you have understood that now. What exactly I have the issue about. May I know if you share a post with example snippet that can make a custom session and then retrieve the session on the page2 (landing page), and it can determine if the session is true ? (For WHMCS), or if you can let me know that the pure PHP code can work also in WHMCS without using any specific library. or module.
  3. Thank you @steven99 for such an brief response. I admit that the gateway should have the transid for each transaction, unfortunately, the callback receive the response in GET method, that is likely unsecured too, the url can be tempered if left unsecured without API checks. yesterday after replying I tried check the SERVER REFERRER and able to find a solution with regular expression by comparing URL with the response HTTP referrer URL., it seems to be helpful returns false if the request is triggered by POSTMAN or browser. That is true, the variables, if not; at least transaction id should not added in the response params. Exactly, I' m really thankful to you for this, I appreciate your words. as it feel the file is secured and if I needed I will reply on this. Please refer me post in the community or snippet that can work in callback file.
  4. i have uploaded the reply in a link, there whmcs.community is showing error of 403 again and again
  5. https://privatebin.net/?f413213209b03aa7#5V53TYoskAdy1ujhMvFQR4xWw54tq3BWf6T5VozDRrPM 403 error again and again
  6. How do I create a session in gateway file and then retrieve the values in callback file. after redirecting to callback. Mainly, To do this https://www.w3schools.com/php/php_sessions.asp in WHMCS like dummies
  7. I'm using the 3rd party payment gateway has a callback file, however the callback file is not too much protected due to IPN response from the gateway, since I wanted to know if I can make the $CUSTOM_SESSION['invoice_id'] in view invoice as client page , then check the invoice id at callback file.
  8. Is there some has a example code that can create a cookie or session on viewinvoice.php and then after payment it can be matched on callback file. @Brains
  9. I will also prefer if someone in community response for it.
  10. I'm able to find out some details about that. and also installed that too. What about the reverse fee. Should I make necessary code to amend the code to work as gateway_reverse module ?
  11. @Brains You're good always. let me find out if that can be done via the GitHub module.
  12. @sentq use this ActionHook:InvoiceGatewayChange to check the current gateway selected by user, then apply/remove your discount to his invoice using API:UpdateInvoice along with DB query, it might be tricky but it could be done. I read your feedback in different topic/post about it, Could you help me with some API that can activate specific promo code on Action Hook : InvoiceGatewayChange and Update the invoice??
  13. Hey Guys. Loved this community. What if I am looking for a script idea + hooks + API that can help to activate the promo code based on the specific gateway or if I am selecting some Gateway between 2 option. For instance; if incase am offering customers to pay with Paypal. and they get immediately 20% in total invoice. (specified by promo code) I prefer if I can get an idea with some sample code.. API
  14. {if $smarty.get.paymentsuccess eq "1" or $smarty.get.paymentsuccess eq "true"} how to wrap the code with above if statement.
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