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Found 28 results

  1. We’ve got something to share… We recently received a lot of requests for support with a client password reset in the WHMCS admin area. As always, you said it and we acted on it. We are excited to introduce our new module for admins to reset passwords on the WHMCS platform - Reset user password module. With our Reset user password module, admins can now securely reset passwords for clients without compromising their privacy. We understand the pain of recovering and resetting passwords for clients and have ensured that you can go through the process smoothly. Buy the module https://whmcsglobalservices.com/reset-client-password-whmcs-module/ here today. In case of any queries, you can find us here https://whmcsglobalservices.com/contact-us/ Always here to serve all your WHMCS needs.
  2. Hi, I'm using SMTP. My WHMCS sent me notification mail. I open the original mail and discover that the message ID always contaion @localhost instead of my domain name. It showing something like that, Message ID <fkfasdfwerkasjdfiasdfkjadfiasdfaef@localhost> But it should be like, Message ID <fkfasdfwerkasjdfiasdfkjadfiasdfaef@domain.com> When I sent email manually from WHMCS it showing the domain name on the message ID. New client also get my WHMCS mail on spam folder for the first time. But if they mark my mail report not spam it's goes to inbox. I have a fewer clients and my WHMCS sent few email. I have valid SPF, DKIM, DMARC records. My server IP isn't blacklisted. I search everywhere but I didn't find the solution for this. Is there any one can help me?
  3. Domain Search is not working for some domain I am using WHMCS 8. When i am trying to search for .org domain it's showing unavailable. i have tried to fix this. not working... how can I resolve this issue? here is a Screenshot of my problem.....
  4. hello everyone ... Today i have just update WHMCS to 8.3.1 and after update, when i try to login to admin or even as a client, on clientarea.php shows an error like this : Whoops\Exception\ErrorException: Module 'apcu' already loaded in Unknown:0 Stack trace: #0 /home/..../public_html/hub/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Utility/Error/Run.php(0): WHMCS\Utility\Error\Run->handleError(32, 'Module 'apcu' a...', 'Unknown', 0) #1 [internal function]: WHMCS\Utility\Error\Run->handleShutdown() #2 {main} when i reload the page for several times, it redirects to "mysite.com/login" and gets user/password and then when i enter the user/pass again shows the same error ...!!!! i have tried a lot to find something but nothing is out there ! ! ! would you guys please help me solve this problem !? Thanks in advance
  5. I hope someone has knowledge about this .. I find very little information about it. I hope someone helps me. I am trying to prevent users from being able to change some fields in their profile. I found the following function: https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/everything-else/#customfieldsave <?php add_hook('CustomFieldSave', 1, function($vars) { return array('value' => 'overridden value',); }); this prevents any field from being editable, however, how can I select a specific field? img: someone posted an idea in 2019. however it doesn't work, because fieldid and relid return NULL from $vars any idea? I just need to select the fields that I want to prevent from being edited.
  6. The information you’re about to submit is not secure Because this form is being submitted using a connection that’s not secure, your information will be visible to others. https://ibb.co/9pT6QNK when user trying to login to their account from client area login panel. but the problem is showing that error. i checked at https://www.whynopadlock.com/ and here is the result..... A form with the action of "http://example..com/dologin.php" exists in the source code of the tested page. This form needs to be updated to use "https://example.com/dologin.php" or another secure URL for your padlock to return. https://ibb.co/dQnfFpy How can i solve this error? i am using updated WHMCS!
  7. Hi Team, Suddenly not showing Browse our Products/Services not showing. how to enable it ?
  8. I would want to access my product moduleConfigOption1 inside CustomFieldSave hook add_hook('CustomFieldSave', 1, function($vars) { $customFieldValue = \WHMCS\CustomField\CustomFieldValue::firstWhere([ 'fieldid' => $vars['fieldid'], 'relid' => $vars['relid'] ]); // this works $client = $customFieldValue->client; $customField = $customFieldValue->customField; $customFieldValue->service; // this is null $customField->product; // null here too }); According to the document https://classdocs.whmcs.com/8.1/WHMCS/CustomField/CustomFieldValue.html CustomFieldValue has a public property name service, but it's null in my code so I can't do this:
  9. Hello, community. in whmcs v8 this logic for user / client authorization doesn't work $ _SESSION ['uid'] = $ entry-> id; $ _SESSION ['upw'] = \ WHMCS \ Authentication \ Client :: generateClientLoginHash ($ entry-> id, '', $ entry-> password, $ entry-> email); and I check the SESSION array after login as owner from admin section and find new parameter "login_auth_tk", in older whmcs versions this parameter does not exist [login_auth_tk] => { "id": uid, "email": user_email, "password":?, (should be the database password (tblusers-> password) or something else?) "userip": userip, "timestamp": time (), "hash": \ WHMCS \ Authentication \ Client :: generateClientLoginHash ($ entry-> id, '', $ entry-> password, $ entry-> email) } I was unable to authorize my clients after a successful reply from a social network. Maybe someone knows what needs to be done, what to transfer / put into the session to authorize the user in the system and redirect the user to the clientarea page? thanks for the help
  10. WA module will add additional notification for your clients using Whatsapp Messenger. Module source code is unencrypted. Feel free to view and open possibility to self-customize. Some notifications which are currently available: Login Alert Password Reset Invoice Information Payment Confirmation Payment Reminder & Overdue Notification Invoice Cancellation Service Activation, Suspension, Reactivation and Termination New Client Registration/Greeting Ticket Notification to client and admin/support team Account Anniversary Additional capabilities: Notification when Mobile Phone used for notification is offline Reminder to recharge if battery is low Autoreply (if not using WA Business) Separate autoreply message template for unsubscribe keyword Forward incoming message to another Whatsapp number Notification Template can be set for dual language (for local language and general/english) NEW! Send Invoice PDF to your client's Whatsapp (optional add-on) API Call to send Whatsapp Message from other application Available in two modes: Realtime (using remote SQL), or Pooling mode (can be used without remote SQL) Compatible with WHMCS v7.10, v8.0 and 8.1 WHMCS Whatsapp Notification Module - Developed By BUANA dotnet
  11. Hi Team, After the successful update of WHMCS 8.2.1, the Facebook and Twitter social login does not work properly. Showing this warning message only "Please complete sign in with your chosen service provider." This is our portal https://clubits.com/
  12. Dear WHMCS community, I am getting a 404 page every time an order is placed successfully on my website : hogionline.com I tried to change the website twice, reinstalled whmcs many times but i'm still getting the error. It seems like the system is trying to generate the invoice then fails. The link i am getting is : https://hogionline.com/whmcs_bridge/viewinvoice.php?id=2&systpl=six But when I log in the client area, the invoice is located there. Any idea on how i can fix the issue!? Regards,
  13. I'm a Domain name and Hosting Reseller; I've integrated the WHMCS that takes order and run module commands on successful transaction; We're happy with the business but it feels now that we should expend the business by offering different services to the vendors, or act as a vendor store; 1) What the modules in the market that offers WHMCS to act as a vendor store? To take opportunity of developed modules; What modules are widely used? e.g. if you find good module to offer registration of the events through WHMCS ( Get webinars ID)
  14. Hello, I have a WHMCS install in which we're using the API to embed an order form in another application. With WHMCS 8x, we're using the CreateSsoToken API function to authenticate the user. This same code is working an another WHMCS install, both of which are on 8.1.3. Users/Clients are being created properly in both installs, but only in the other install are those users being redirected to the cart; in this one, I'm getting this error: {"error":"access_denied","error_description":"Single Sign-On has been disabled for this account."} I did find this community post about the error, but we're not using cPanel application links, I double checked the value in the tblclients.uuid table, and ensured the client had SSO enabled. Here is the function we're using to build the SSO token request. This section, and the callwhmcsapi() function it references, are the same between this install (that's throwing the above error) and the other install that's working fine. I've also double checked that this is the proper path for the product. function whmcssso($client){ $params['client_id'] = $client['client_id']; $params['destination'] = 'sso:custom_redirect'; $params['sso_redirect_path'] = 'cart.php?a=add&pid=1'; $result = callwhmcsapi("CreateSsoToken",$params); return $result['redirect_url']; } Any help would be appreciated, thank you. Best,
  15. Hello. Hook file contain this code,. to retrieve the values from the database, With latest version of WHMCS 8 am unable to access the variable through the following code; $invoiceData['merchant_id'] = Capsule::table('tblpaymentgateways')->where('gateway', 'MODULE')->where('setting' , 'ppmerchantId')->get(); if echo $invoiceData['merchant_id'] returns; [{"id":58,"gateway":"MODULE","setting":"ppmerchantId","value":"7247821a8601xxxxxxf862bc00d51df36f8b7f4c7cbc503fdf06e54cc41d09798d3a74513ff8d6ac8c","order":0}] How to retrieve the value in PHP code? Version : Most Latest WHMCS. PHP 7.4
  16. Hello I have a variable that is printed with {debug} in the tpl template. however I want to get the result in php of this variable. I need to get $customfields from a hook. how could you access $customfields that is printed inside a product @brian! could you help me?
  17. 1. Products Reseller For WHMCS 1.1.0 The module we have put through quite a shake-up recently is our crowd-pleasing Products Reseller For WHMCS specialized in effortless reselling of products and services of absoluetly any kind, and in absolutely any platform. Result? A couple of powerful new features within just a single 1.1.0 update! For starters, the tool has embraced a well-deserved label confirming its unblemished support for the WHMCS 8.1 environment. Another compelling argument why Products Reseller For WHMCS may mark a turning point in your career? The module’s freshly established integration with GoGetSSL For WHMCS and GoDaddy SSL For WHMCS which opens up a whole new way of using its extensive toolkit to resell SSL certificates. Let your offer gain worldwide recognition with Products Reseller For WHMCS 1.1.0! 2. Live Dashboard in new MetricsCube! Tried all possible ways to keep your WHMCS data in apple-pie order and under regular check, but nothing really worked quite as you expected? It is a perfect moment then to discover the impressively updated MetricsCube! In its most advanced edition, MetricsCube doesn’t just compile in-depth reports and statistics. It gathers all the most important data your business produces right here and now, and organizes them into eye-pleasing widgets with charts and statistics straight on the spanking new Live Dashboard! To keep our free MetricsCube Connector For WHMCS up to speed with the latest developments, the module received a solid 2.2.3 update that ensures its perfect harmony not only with the all-new Live Dashboard, but with the major WHMCS V8.1 release as well. Pilot your company to dynamic growth with MetricsCube! 3.Stay plugged-in on other modules promoted to a new version recently: DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS - v3.4.4 WordPress Manager For WHMCS - v1.5.4 Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  18. Today, we're pleased to announce Digit, which is fully compatible with WHMCS v8.0.2! View in the marketplace: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4613-digit-responsive-whmcs-client-area-template Features WHMCS Template v8.0.2 Gravatar Support SASS Support Auto Detect Dark & Light Modes Dark & Light Versions RTL Support Valid and clean code Bootstrap Based Grid System and Responsive Design Free Live Chat SEO Optimized Google Fonts Support All Pages are Redesigned Mouse Hover Prepared Support Font Awesome PRO & Glyphicons fonts icons jQuery Enhanced Neat and Clean Cross Browser Support All Files are Well Commented View in the marketplace: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4613-digit-responsive-whmcs-client-area-template
  19. Hello, I would like to know the following before my team updates our WHMCS to the latest version - v8. The only reason we're held back is due to the fact that WHMCS does not handle canceling the invoice when the service is cancelled / terminated automatically (maybe due to the client not renewing / simply cancelling the service at end of due date). We're currently using a module to handle this function. It seems odd that this feature wasn't in till now. I would like to know if this is available straight out of the bat in WHMCS 8 or is there any alternatives like modules to handle this. (The current module does not support ver 8 seems like) Thanks for help in advance.
  20. We are giving an extra 30% off on already discounted WHMCS one page orderform template. One Step Checkout Order Form WHMCS Template : $99 at $40 ClientX WHMCS Client Area Template : $79 at $55 Use Coupon Code: COV19
  21. 1. 60-Second Survey For cPanel Users The recent decision of cPanel to introduce yet another price increase has evoked mixed feelings across the web hosting community, to say the least. Would you call it a change for the better? Devote just 60 seconds to answering a few simple questions, and by doing so give us better understanding of how we can help with what your business goes through due to the controversial cPanel pricing policies. We will be happy to compensate for your time with an exclusive 10% promo code on the entire range of ModulesGarden software gear! Sounds appealing enough?* Share your cPanel experience with us! 2. Buzzworthy Reveal Into WHMCS V8.0 If you are with us for a while, you already know that we often like to spice things up. This time we have chosen to add some extra thrill to the ongoing WHMCS V8.0 vogue by sharing our very personal viewpoint on the novelties packed into this major update. Curious to find out what we really think about its all-new features, and how much they will contribute to transforming our WHMCS offer? Sneak a look at our latest Blog publication for some straight talk! 3. Proxmox Reselling Revolution - 50% OFF! If you are toying with the idea of reselling your Proxmox servers directly through WHMCS or any other platform of your choice - there is no time like the present! With the outstanding promotion we have just put in motion, you can join the powers of your Proxmox VPS For WHMCS with our newly developed Products Reseller For WHMCS module at a colossal 50% discount, equal to $100! Worried that such a huge deal will slip you by because you are not into Proxmox offerings? Cheer up, Products Reseller For WHMCS has got you covered on all fronts, as it allows you to resell products and services of other types as well - and you can still indulge your business with an appealing cost-cutting offer! Ready to brainstorm this concept some further? 4. Amazon EC2 For WHMCS v1.3.0 We are pleased to announce that recent efforts of our Product Development team have led into the quality update of Amazon EC2 For WHMCS. There are several new implements that the module’s 1.3.0 version bears to make the provisioning of Amazon EC2 instances nothing short of a pleasure: Clients are now able to inject their SSH keys for the already existing machines The SSH key will be from now on auto-generated, and accessible in the client area, in case it was not provided by the user during the ordering proces The subnet into which the instance will be launched can be currently chosen in the product configuration Be sure to have a taste of other improvements this noteworthy release has been powered with! Learn more exciting details about Amazon EC2 For WHMCS v1.3.0! Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  22. Hello Everyone! I have just auto updated whmcs 7.x to 8. Everything looks perfect but one major issue that iam facing is that when we click on order now button of any product it will redirect to this path(whmcs/index.php?a=add&pid=18) instead of (whmcs/cart.php?a=add&pid=18). I have tried it with my custom theme and with six theme as well. Looking for a solution. Anyone ?
  23. What is MailChimp? Mailchimp is an all-in-one Marketing Platform for small businesses. The vendor says its goal is to help small businesses market smarter so they can grow faster. Mailchimp aims to be the backbone for customer relationships, with AI-powered, user-friendly tools. Mailchimp is designed to put the audience at the center so users can send marketing emails and automated messages, create targeted ad campaigns, build landing pages, send postcards, facilitate reporting and analytics, and sell online. The vendor reports that millions of businesses and individuals - from community organizations to Fortune 100 companies - use Mailchimp to connect with their audience with the right message, at the right time, in the right place. Founded in 2001 and based in Atlanta, GA, Mailchimp has 1000+ employees and is privately held. Mailchimp Transactional Email enables developers to send hyper-personalized emails that reach inboxes. Why do you need MailChimp Mail Provider? The unofficial MailChimp Transactional (Mandrill) Mail Provider module give WHMCS the ability to send emails through MailChimp Transactional (Mandrill) SMTP service by going to Configuration > System Settings > General Settings > Mail tab > Click Configure Mail Provider and activate the MailChimp Mail Provider How it works? After activating the MailChimp Mail Provider module for WHMCS you need to register at MailChimp Transactional (Mandrill) website https://login.mailchimp.com/signup and get the API Key by navigate to the settings page of your transactional email account and look for the API keys section @ https://mandrillapp.com/settings then copy the API key after that enter the API key in the MailChimp Mail Provider module also you can test configuration before saving the API key. Features API Key Test configuration Configuration confirm message Error activity log For more details and screenshot visit the product page https://www.hardsoftcode.com/products.php?p=product&a=mailchimp-mail-provider What is MailJet? Mailjet is an email solution designed for both marketers and developers. Mailjet allows them to create, send, and track marketing and transactional emails via a user interface or APIs. Mailjet’s user interface is available in 5 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian) and enables marketing teams to create, test, and send emails. Its drag & drop email builder helps users create responsive emails. The user management and content locking enables companies to better control their brand image and accounts. Mailjet’s infrastructure can send up to 15M emails/hour (per user) via their Email API, even during peak sending periods. The proprietary architecture of Mailjet is based on low-level optimized code and a distributed cache strategy, which allows it to achieve the rapid processing. Mailjet is ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant. Why do you need MailJet Mail Provider? The unofficial MailJet Mail Provider module give WHMCS the ability to send emails through MailJet SMTP service by going to Configuration > System Settings > General Settings > Mail tab > Click Configure Mail Provider and activate the MailJet Mail Provider How it works? After activating the MailJet Mail Provider module for WHMCS you need to register at MailJet website https://app.mailjet.com/signup and get the REST API by navigate to Account settings > Master API Key then copy the API key and secret information after that enter the API information in the MailJet Mail Provider module also you can test configuration before saving the API key. Features API Key and secret Test configuration Configuration confirm message Error activity log For more details and screenshot visit the product page https://www.hardsoftcode.com/products.php?p=product&a=mailjet-mail-provider What is SendPulse? SendPulse is an integrated messaging platform providing user communication that includes emails, SMS, Web Push, SMTP and more. This solution includes 15,000 free emails per month. SendPulse also includes tools to manage users. This solution can be used on all devices. SendPulse is a cloud-based marketing solution that allows users to manage email, text messaging and push notifications through a single platform. It is suitable for small and midsize businesses. SendPulse's email features allows users to set up emails with a drag-and-drop editor and ready-made templates. Why do you need SendPulse Mail Provider? The unofficial SendPulse Mail Provider module give WHMCS the ability to send emails through SendPulse SMTP service by going to Configuration > System Settings > General Settings > Mail tab > Click Configure Mail Provider and activate the SendPulse Mail Provider How it works? After activating the SendPulse Mail Provider module for WHMCS you need to register at SendPulse website https://sendpulse.com and activate REST API by navigate to Account settings > API then setup the API to get the ID and Secret information after that enter the API information in the SendPulse Mail Provider module also you can test configuration before saving the API key. Features API ID and secret Test configuration Configuration confirm message Error activity log For more details and screenshot visit the product page https://www.hardsoftcode.com/products.php?p=product&a=sendpulse-mail-provider
  24. Hi everyone, I am looking for a few recommendations on trustworthy developers who can convert a few scripts from WHMCS v6.x to WHMCS v8.x? I asked Brian! however he seems to be busy and is not reading any of my private messages unfortunately. So maybe someone has experience with this and can put in a few recommendations? Thanks in advance. Regards
  25. Buckle up! WHMCS V8.0 has entered the Release Candidate stage, and we all know what that means - the stable release is only a matter of time now! What makes this news even more exciting is that we are more than halfway through labeling our WHMCS products as finely compatible with WHMCS V8.0. More powerful updates are headed your way! Meanwhile, check which modules have been confirmed to work well in the new environment most recently: Domain Allocator For WHMCS - v1.0.8 Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS - v3.5.3 Hetzner VPS For WHMCS - v1.3.1 Office 365 For WHMCS - v2.2.2 Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS - v2.1.7 Product Auto Upgrade For WHMCS - v2.0.7 Time & Task Manager For WHMCS - v1.4.11 SolusVM Extended VPS For WHMCS - v1.9.3 Cast a quick look at the full record! Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
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