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  1. Tengri

    Stamp on Invoice

    <?php # Logo $logoFilename = 'placeholder.png'; if (file_exists(ROOTDIR . '/assets/img/logo.png')) { $logoFilename = 'logo.png'; } elseif (file_exists(ROOTDIR . '/assets/img/logo.jpg')) { $logoFilename = 'logo.jpg'; } $pdf->Image(ROOTDIR . '/assets/img/' . $logoFilename, 15, 25, 75); if ($paymentmethod == 'banktransfer') { $pdf->Image(ROOTDIR . '/assets/img/imza.png', 15, 25, 75); } Image path is correct.
  2. Tengri

    Stamp on Invoice

    I change URL name of file to my own. System name is "banktransfer" too. I'm sure, because we with brian! help change logo of gateways.
  3. Tengri

    Stamp on Invoice

    Thank you very much. I add this code: <?php # Logo $logoFilename = 'placeholder.png'; if (file_exists(ROOTDIR . '/assets/img/logo.png')) { $logoFilename = 'logo.png'; } elseif (file_exists(ROOTDIR . '/assets/img/logo.jpg')) { $logoFilename = 'logo.jpg'; } $pdf->Image(ROOTDIR . '/assets/img/' . $logoFilename, 15, 25, 75); if ($paymentmethod == 'banktransfer') { $pdf->Image(ROOTDIR . '/assets/img/yoursignature.png', 15, 25, 75); } But no effect.
  4. Tengri

    Stamp on Invoice

    Hello! For some reasons sometimes our banks don't accept invoice from customers without stamp, name of CEO and signature. Is there any way that when the user chooses payment via a Bank under the invoice had the name of the Director signature and stamp. Thank you!
  5. This is interesting. I fix it this: set from "Use this server until it's full and then go to the next one" to "Add to the least full server". How, why? I don't understand. But now problem is solved.
  6. Hello. We add new server with cPanel/WHM, add another group and test connection. Is successfully. But, when I try set from module package to another cPanel/WHM server, I get error: No server found so unable to fetch values. I read some topics about that and I don't understood some moments: 1. WHMCS can use only 1 server which seted default? What if I use 2 servers and both of them cPanel/WHM? If I can't use both then why WHMCS have a group?! And why then WHMCS haven't "location choose" issue? 2. Now we have 2 servers with difference location. Some of our clients want another location and we create this for them. I know that WHMCS doesn't support multiple server location and for this, we create another page, with difference package names and add servers. Result: we don't use another server. Module log: https://prnt.sc/nmvnx8 Hopefully I could explain situation.
  7. Tengri

    Free WHMCS Email Template

    Very beautiful and fully integrated theme. Nice work!
  8. Tengri

    Gateway Fees

    Work good in 7.x version. Thank you for this module!
  9. Tengri

    Gateway Fees

    Hello. Can you upgrade module for WHMCS 7.x version?
  10. Best and beautiful module which ever I seen.
  11. Tengri

    VPN reseller

    Hello! I Googled this question. But found only 3 VPN services who do reselling with WHMCS module. 2 of them don't work now. 1 is vpncash.com but they don't answer to email. Anybody know any solution for reselling VPN via WHMCS module (white label) to our customers? Thank you!
  12. Tengri

    Marketplace translation

    This code is correct? <div class="payment-term"> <h4>Müddəti seçin</h4> <select name="billingcycle" class="form-control"> {foreach $product->pricing()->allAvailableCycles() as $pricing} <option value="{$pricing->cycle()}"{if $requestedCycle == $pricing->cycle()} selected{/if}> {if $pricing->isRecurring()} {if $pricing->isYearly()} {$pricing->cycleInYears()|replace:'Years':{lang key="store.upsell.years"}|replace:'Year':{lang key="store.upsell.years"}} - {$pricing->yearlyPrice()|replace:'/yr':{lang key="store.upsell.yearly"}} {else} {$pricing->cycleInMonths()|replace:'Month':{lang key="store.upsell.month"}} - {$pricing->monthlyPrice()|replace:'/mo':{lang key="store.upsell.monthly"}} {/if} {else} {$pricing->toFullString()} {/if} </option> {/foreach} </select> </div> I add this and nothing changed.
  13. Tengri

    Marketplace translation

    When I add this I get error: "Oops" $_LANG['store']['upsell']['month'] = "Ay"
  14. Tengri

    Marketplace translation

    I change it and add $_LANG['store']['upsell']['years'] = "İl" $_LANG['store']['upsell']['yearly'] = "İl" $_LANG['store']['upsell']['yearly'] = "Ay" string and get this: https://prnt.sc/ky0o3h I have onlu problem with "s" in ends of "İl". "Month" need translate too of course.
  15. Tengri

    Marketplace translation

    One interesting moment. @brian! Some month ago you help me to translate "year" and "years" in order.tpl of store. I change codes to this: if $pricing->isRecurring()} {if $pricing->isYearly()} {$pricing->cycleInYears()|replace:'Year':{lang key="store.upsell.years"}} - {$pricing->yearlyPrice()|replace:'/yr':{lang key="store.upsell.yearly"}} {else} {$pricing->cycleInMonths()|replace:'Years':{lang key="store.upsell.monthly"}} - {$pricing->monthlyPrice()|replace:'/mo':{lang key="store.upsell.monthly"}} {/if} In Azerbaijani "year" and "years" is "İl" and "İllər". When you add number of year, use only "İl". Example: 1 il, 2 il. 3 il and etc. After adding this code I get end of "İl" - > "İls".This is wrong. https://prnt.sc/kxzlz9 And how translate "Month"? https://prnt.sc/kxzpk4

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