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  1. Hello! No anymore, but I need another module. If you are developer I can send you documentation.
  2. Hello Ənvər! No, I want order it.
  3. Hello! Need to create custom payment gateway module for WHMCS. I must put technical details here or in any other platform?
  4. Hey @brian! Hope all is good. I don't know why, but our hooks doesn't work also. I don't know why. We don't touch hooks, don't touch /logos/ folder and also I can get URL with image. It's ok. But it's not work. Version is 8.1.3 and PHP 7.2.
  5. Hi! Yes, of course. For example we use 8.1.3 and don't change to montly subscribe. And we still use legal version. But also, hooks doesn't work for me now :). Why? I don't know. We don't change anything.
  6. I may not understand it, but a person can pay for a legally purchased WHMCS every time a new version is released, as it was before, or simply stop renewing the subscription as it is now and use the old version. For example, after changing the company's policy and switching to a subscription, we did not extend the license period. This does not make the user a pirate. Maybe I misunderstood, but I'm one of the first people who was helped in this topic by Brian for displaying logos on the site, but it doesn't work for me now either. I absolutely don't understand why.
  7. Hi! Client area promotions (Martket place) is still must edited by hooks?
  8. Can you tell me more about BitPay if you work with them. How I understand you must have 500 USD balance for withdraw money?
  9. Hi. I don't finished processing in BitPay. It's verification in progress. So, I haven't test it. But I getted full verification from coinpayments.net. They have module for WHMCS and all looks like great. You can check if interesting.
  10. It's good solution but doesn't work for "Announcement" page. When you read some article in english and try change language for example, to Azerbaijani you get back to homepage.
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