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UpdateTransaction API, do nothing?

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Hello, community!


I'm doing some experiments with the API UpdateTransaction  but it looks like it is not working with any combination of parameters.

I used the required parameter transactionid and tried to update the fee and description, but nothing happens. The API returns success.




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Hi there!

Thanks for posting. Due to the sensitive nature of some information we'd require to troubleshoot this with you, could you open a Support Ticket with us? We'd like to take a closer look in to what is occurring here.

When submitting the ticket, could you please provide all parameters that you have sent and their values, access to your WHMCS installation and FTP/Web Hosting Control Panel access if possible.

This will allow us to assist you in the most effective way.


Technical Analyst


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    • By axgriffiths67
      So I recently noticed a weird bug. All of a sudden, I was getting an invalid IP error from the WHMCS API. I checked all my configurations, the IP was in the WHMCS admin panel under Setup > General > Security in the white listed IPs, I even manually checked the database to make sure I wasn't accidentally connected to the old database. After trying what I thought was everything, I rebooted the server, and to my surprise. It fixed the problem. But now, it has happened again, and again, rebooting the server has solved the issue. This has happened twice within the last few hours and I have no idea why. Anyone have any suggestions, locations for error logs, literally anything that helps me figure out why this is happening?
      Here's a copy of my Health Check if that helps
      WHMCS Health Check ================================================================================ error: * The system cron does not appear to have completed successfully within the last 24 hours. Check your activity logs or learn more about enabling the cron in our documentation. * Your configuration file is writable. This can be a security risk. We recommend setting the permissions to read only. .trimmed-dir-list li { text-decoration: underline dashed; } The following directories are owned by a different user from that which is executing WHMCS. This indicates a potentially insecure configuration:crons You can learn more about this in our documentation. * Your system is set to display errors. While this is useful for some debugging situations, it can interfere with some operations and is a security risk. For more information please refer to our documentation. warning: * - Automatic Updates require a writeable directory for staging files during an update. You must provide a directory via the Updater Configuration before you can update. * Your PHP memory_limit value 64M is lower than recommended. WHMCS recommends at least a 128M limit, however your value is higher than the minimum requirement of 64M. You can change this in your php.ini with the set_ini command. * Your PHP version 7.2.30 is supported by WHMCS. The PHP 7.2 branch no longer receives regular bug fixes and will only receive critical security updates until it reaches its end of life. Please see our documentation for more information. * The following PHP extensions are recommended for best performance and trouble free operation. While optional for core WHMCS functionality, certain modules and addons may require them to fully function as intended: - soap - xmlrpc - zip Please review the current system recommendations and search our documentation for the specific modules you use to learn more. * We have detected that your WHMCS installation is currently using the default template names for one or more of the active templates. If you have made any customisations, we strongly recommend creating a custom template directory to avoid losing your customisations the next time you upgrade.You are currently using a default template in the following locations: - Cart - Client Area Please review our documentation on making a custom theme for help doing this. notice: * Sensitive directories cannot be accessed from the web. * Your system is setup to not log unnecessary error levels. * Your PHP installation has all extensions loaded and enabled required for WHMCS to operate. * You are using custom paths for all the recommended WHMCS directories. * Your PHP installation has all required functions enabled for WHMCS to operate. * PHP session support is enabled.Session autostart is disabled.The PHP session save path /var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php72 is writable. * Your PHP environment uses a valid timezone. * You currently have version 7.70.0 of cURL installed. This version uses a secure cipher list. * cURL reports that it does support SSL * cURL reports that it does support Secure TLS 1.1 and 1.2 * A verified SSL certificate was detected for your site. * You are running MySQL version 5.7.30. This version supports all features required for full compatibility with WHMCS. * Your system is running "Apache" web server.  
    • By ModulesGarden
      1. Over the past years, we have celebrated many diverse milestones with you by our side. Today the moment has come for another sumptuous celebration but this time is somewhat different. This time, our dear clients, it is all about you – your presence, trust and support we have been endowed with at every stage of our software development journey. We are truly humbled for the privilege of being the number one software house for over 25,000 business customers so far!

      For this rare honor to be celebrated with a due bang, we have decided to make this event all about you. Without further ado, let us invite you to join our joyful promotion launched especially for this memorable occasion consisting of not one, but a pair of delicious treats – 25% price cut for virtually every single module and the possibility to receive $25 for any purchase at ModulesGarden.

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      Fasten your seatbelts as there is one more extra surprise to top off this week’s news!

      During the last couple of months, we carefully listened to our customer’s precious feedback and forged ahead with the development of a completely novel module that we have the pleasure to bring to life today – Products Reseller For WHMCS!

      Following the example of some other module that we offer – Domains Reseller For WHMCS – we aimed at granting web hosting businesses the same freedom and comfort in managing their reselling operations but focused exclusively on products in this instance.

      Let us take you on a quick sightseeing tour across the module’s functionalities:
      The possibility to define custom product pricing rates for each reseller group individually and handle all their details right within your WHMCS. Dynamic statistics in the dashboard page summarizing your total income as well as earnings from specific products generated in a chosen time period. Advanced API documentation enabling your resellers to create custom integration submodules to deliver products to end clients by means of any other platform than WHMCS. For further specifics you should definitely hit the blue link below that will take you to the product’s dedicated page in a matter of seconds. Go carefully through the entire changelog and let the module settle in your business routine for good – especially when you can get hold of it for a mere fraction of its total price, only until the end of this week. How? By combining the splendid 15% Early Bird Sale with the ongoing 25k Customers Promotion!

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    • By Kamran
      I want to perform some tasks that require the service id on a hook(specifically invoice creation) the paramters there are limited all I get is the invoice id.
      Is there a way to fetch service id using that invoice id any indication/help/solution would be highly appreciated. The hook must trigger either before or after invoice generation.
      Thanks. 👍
    • By onehat
      I have been working with the API for a couple months now and am finding that much of the functionality available through the WHMCS dashboard is simply missing in the API. It's as if the functionality available through the API is a limited subset of the functionality available in the dashboard. Can someone please confirm that this is the case? 
      Thank you,
    • By onehat
      I want to be able to add pay methods through the API, but the functionality seems to be broken.
      I can successfully use AddPayMethod through both the localAPI and also the external API.
      $command = 'AddPayMethod'; $data = [ 'clientid' => 490, 'type' => 'RemoteCreditCard', 'gateway_name' => 'stripe', 'card_number' => '4111111111111111', 'card_expiry' => '0320', 'set_as_default' => '1', ]; // { // result: "success", // clientid: 490, // paymethodid: 52 // } The pay method then appears in the database in tblpaymethods, albeit with wrong payment_type and no gateway_name.

      HOWEVER, then calling GetPayMethod retrieves no results:
      $command = 'GetPayMethods'; $data = [ 'clientid' => 490, ]; // { // result: "success", // clientid: 490, // paymethods: [ ] // } And there are no pay methods in the WHMCS dashboard for this client.

      NOTE: I have tried this with all kinds of permutations of real credit card numbers (rather than the test cc#, shown above), and also using type: 'CrediCard' and no gateway_name. The results are always the same. The API says, result: 'success', and it saves it to the DB table, but GetPayMethods never returns anything, and the actual WHMCS dashboard shows no pay methods for that client. If I manually add a PayMethod via the WHMCS dashboard, then that will appear in the results for GetPayMethods.
      How am I supposed to add a PayMethod via API?
      Thank you,
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