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UpdateTransaction API, do nothing?

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Hello, community!


I'm doing some experiments with the API UpdateTransaction  but it looks like it is not working with any combination of parameters.

I used the required parameter transactionid and tried to update the fee and description, but nothing happens. The API returns success.




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Hi there!

Thanks for posting. Due to the sensitive nature of some information we'd require to troubleshoot this with you, could you open a Support Ticket with us? We'd like to take a closer look in to what is occurring here.

When submitting the ticket, could you please provide all parameters that you have sent and their values, access to your WHMCS installation and FTP/Web Hosting Control Panel access if possible.

This will allow us to assist you in the most effective way.


Technical Analyst


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    • By WHMCS John
      An issue has been identified in the 7.4.2 release - published on 9th January, 2018 - that is causing the GetProducts API command not to return product data in the expected format.
      Data is incorrectly returned as:
      Array ( [result] => success [totalresults] => )  
    • By wellconnit
      Hi All,
      I've written some PHP to extract client files from the WHMCS database because it's not a native API call.
      Just opened the thread to share it with anyone who may want to use it.
      I'm working on another to update the Last Login details also.
      Create the SQL Connection then
      Get the Files List - Pass $userID as the clientID - While loop ensures all records are put into the arrary
      function getfiles($userID)
      $conn = new mysqli('DBAddress', 'DBUser', 'DBPW', 'DBName')
      $result = $conn->query("SELECT * FROM `tblclientsfiles` WHERE userid = $userID");
          $rows = array();
          while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) {
              $rows[] = $row;
       return $rows;
      $filesData = getfiles($userID);
       for ($counter = 0; $counter < count($rows); $counter++)
                  $split = explode("_", $filesData[$counter]['filename']);
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      That should be enough for people to be able to extract the files list and display it through the API.
    • By wellconnit
      Hi All,
      Has anyone successfully worked out a way to generate a forgotten password email from the WHMCS API?
      It's all good to be able to login to the system but if the user has forgotten their password it's pointless getting them to sign into the WHMCS version of the site when you're using the API to make sure they don't hit that site in the first place?
      It seems strange that this isn't native to WHMCS already as it aligns with the login process of the normal page?
      Any help with this is greatly appreciated..
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      Hi All,
      Does anyone know if it is possible to make a payment through a custom gateway from outside the WHMCS system?
      I want to let users pay with a credit card using my custom payment gateway through my own website rather than the WHMCS website, since the API does not have any function built in for payment of invoices from the remote API I was going to try and reference the payment gateway file directly. Is there a clean way to pass through the variables that the payment gateway is looking for or should I $_POST the variables and then just overwrite whatever the gateway file is looking for so that I don't need to change the gateway code that currently functions?
      Not sure if I will have to manually run the remote API command to AddInvoicePayment to the system depending on whether it is processed or not.
      Thinking about it like that could this be seen as a functional way of completing a payment?
      If someone has a cleaner/simpler solution I'd be happy to hear it?
      Thanks in advance
    • By wellconnit
      Hi All,
      I've been looking for a while to find a solution to how I can display users files in a remote API session.
      Just wondering if anyone has any experience accessing the database across the remote API, I'd rather not write into the page credentials to access the DB, as secure as it may be.
      As the API seems to have a few gaps in functionality, I'm planning on running
      SELECT * FROM `tblclientsfiles` WHERE userid = apiuserid   Which will give me the information I need to display links to each of the files and their titles.   Any help or examples on how to interface with the DB is much appreciated.
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