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    Hello, Unfortunately, the functionality you're looking for here is not something that is currently offered by the WHMCS API. However I can see how an API call to retrieve client notes could be useful. Therefore I would encourage you to please submit a request to our feature requests tracker where other users can contribute to and vote on your idea. Ideas with the most votes and activity do get reviewed by our team. http://requests.whmcs.com In the meantime, you could use a query such as: SELECT * FROM `tblnotes` WHERE `userd` = 'WHMCSCLIENTID'; Naturally, you'll need to replace "WHMCSCLIENTID" with the ID of a client (tblclients.id)
  2. WHMCS Peter

    Error after update to 7.6 on admin login

    Hi @arobo, Thanks for posting in the WHMCS.community! I can confirm that when you are presented with an error like this, the first PHP error is usually the most helpful. In this case: Error: Call to undefined method WHMCS\\Admin::getRoleID() in /xxxxx/widgets/system_overview.php:156 This shows that there is an undefined method in a specific file. As this file is located in /modules, this indicates that it is likely one of two things, an outdated file or a problematic third-party addon. In this case, this file is outdated and no longer shipped with WHMCS. EDIT: This is a very old Admin Dashboard widget was shipped with WHMCS v6.x - This has been replaced by the overview.php file. You should create a new directory called ".disabled" in the same directory that the file lies and then move the file specified in to .disabled - Moving this file from /xxxxx/widgets/system_overview.php to /xxxxx/widgets/.disabled/system_overview.php disables the file but does not remove it, just in case you need it later. I'm happy to confirm that it is safe for you to permanently delete this file. (/xxxxx/widgets/system_overview.php) I hope this helps.
  3. WHMCS Peter

    Many of the new fa fonts broken

    Hi @tap0le, I'd recommend checking out our latest GitHub commits, linked in our Release Notes under "Template Changes". This shows all of the updates required to templates to ensure they work correctly with WHMCS at the latest version. You can find the v7.6 Release Notes here: https://docs.whmcs.com/Version_7.6.0_Release_Notes Each time we release a new version, we list in our Release Notes if we have made any changes to our stock templates which will affect WHMCS functionality so that custom templates may be updated too.
  4. WHMCS Peter

    Update from v7.5.2 to v7.6 don't work

    Hi @redit, We're glad that you've got this resolved. We find that sometimes users upload the files as root and then forget to change the ownership (chown) to the user in which the webserver runs under. Because the files are uploaded as root, they are owned by root until such time those permissions are updated. Again, we're glad you got it resolved and thanks for the update!
  5. WHMCS Peter

    Slow Database after upgrading to 7.6

    Hi all, As per @WHMCS John's message above, please enable the slow query log in MySQL and share the results. If you're not happy sharing the results here, please feel free to submit a ticket. The slow query log allows us to effectively troubleshoot if MySQL interaction is causing the slowdown of WHMCS on your servers. @yggdrasil - Please feel free to share your ticket ID and I'll be happy to take a look at it. If you'd be happy to, it would be great if you could also provide the output of a MySQL slow query log to ensure we effectively troubleshoot the issue.
  6. Hi Jan38, Thanks for posting in our v7.6 forum. It sounds like your server isn't able to process "Full Friendly URLs" correctly. Please review the following troubleshooting guides for assistance resolving this: http://help.whmcs.com/m/80786/l/949908-troubleshooting-problems-accepting-eula-after-update http://help.whmcs.com/m/73533/l/814258-troubleshooting-a-404-error-after-updating
  7. WHMCS Peter

    DecryptPassword API broken

    Hi Nathanael, Client passwords are (and have been since around version 6) hashed and encrypted in an irreversible manner. This was done to protect the security of said passwords. The DecryptPassword API call is designed for decrypting service passwords. There is no longer any way to decrypt Client passwords as the reversible encryption functionality was removed from WHMCS entirely. In short, I can confirm that this is by design. I hope this helps.
  8. WHMCS Peter

    Can't login as admin

    Hi @Lazzari, This certainly looks like some missing files. I'd recommend downloading a fresh copy of your version of WHMCS and re-uploading them. It doesn't matter if you overwrite any files already there. We don't ship a configuration.php file (We call it configuration.php.new) and so the new files should see your configuration file immediately and work without issue. (Don't forget to delete the /install folder again!) If that fails, try renaming any .htaccess files to .htaccess.bak in the WHMCS directory and any directories going "up" from there. I have seen this cause some issues before with our internal routing system. Please let us know how it goes.
  9. Hi @slim, Thanks very much for your assistance with the updates from eWay support. I'll continue to monitor the situation and update our case if eWay's changes do resolve this matter. Your feedback in confirming this will be much appreciated. Should the error persist, rest assured that our internal case is still being worked on. Best Regards, Peter
  10. Hi all, We do have an internal case open with our Development Team to have this reviewed for future releases. The case ID is #MODULE-6783. Until recently, it was not necessary to explicitly define the "IsActive" property in the API call. Although our development team are working on this, I'd be interested to know if EWAY do in fact roll out a fix for this so that I can update our internal case. @slim - Thanks for reaching out to EWAY! Once you have confirmation that the EWAY fix has been pushed, could you please test processing a payment from the Admin Area and let us know if it's working again for you. I can then do some internal testing. Keep an eye on those change logs over at https://changelog.whmcs.com for the case ID to see when we've rolled out our own fix to this issue. If you all have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us via a Support Ticket. Best Regards, Peter
  11. WHMCS Peter

    Product accept

    Hi @zirohost, To troubleshoot this effectively, I'd recommend enabling the Module Log in Utilities >> Logs >> Module Log. Once you've done this, try to accept the order again. Although the error should occur again, the module log will now record details of the error so that you can rectify the issue. The most common issue is a "Permission Denied" issue. This indicates that the user that WHMCS uses in Setup >> Products/Services >> Servers does not have the correct permissions to perform the task required. In this case, createacct If you still have issues after doing this, post the output of the Module Log here (Redacting any sensitive information) and we'll be able to assist in rectifying this for you.
  12. Hi @swopty, I'm glad this was resolved for you. If you're happy to provide the ticket ID, I'd be happy to check and with your permission, provide the resolution so that others on the boards can see this in the future.
  13. Hi @swopty, This issue is likely one that we'd need to look closely in to. Could you open a support ticket with us, providing WHMCS Admin Area and FTP access details (To the ticket) and we'll be happy to troubleshoot this for you. Best Regards, Peter Technical Analyst I
  14. WHMCS Peter

    User Self-Refund button

    Hi @frazras, Usually, I'd recommend the API for a task like this. However, the functionality you're looking for here is not something that is currently offered by WHMCS. I can see how an API function to process refunds could be useful and I've found a similar request that's already been submitted to our feature request tracker. I would suggest you add your vote and any additional thoughts & comments you have to that request. Ideas with the most votes and activity do get reviewed by our team. https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/api-action-to-refund-a-payment-transaction-on-a-paid-invoice
  15. WHMCS Peter

    Please help

    Hi, Please make sure that when you do this, you are copying the "six" folder in /templates to a new folder name of your choice. This is because as WHMCS updates in the future, the "Six" directory will be overwritten and you will lose any changes. Any custom templates remain untouched.

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