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  1. Hello, i need the variable to get the countrycode in ClientAreaPageCart. Does anyone know how to get the country in the shopping cart via a hook script? function ($vars) { if ($vars['templatefile']=='viewcart'){ ... if ($vars['viewcart']['country'] === 'Deutschland') { ... } } } add_hook("ClientAreaPageCart", 1,);
  2. @DennisHermannsen many thanks from you! It works.
  3. Bad! This was the most helpful member on the community.
  4. @brian! do you have a idea or solution?
  5. Hello, i want to get the countrycode of the user in the viewinvoice. If the user is from "DE" then do something. <?php function viewinvoice_loggedin_status_hook($vars) { $countrycode = $params['clientsdetails']['country']; if ($countrycode == 'DE') { .... } add_hook("ClientAreaPageViewInvoice", 1, "viewinvoice_loggedin_status_hook"); Anyone an idea what's wrong?
  6. Done. Found someone to code it for me.
  7. Hello @all, I am looking for a solution to separate EU and non-EU invoices. Is it possible to use/create a hook to rename invoices (created by cron) that are created with "Tax Level 1 Rules" with an abbreviation EU- in front of them? Like EU-Invoice-111111.pdf or Non-EU-Invoice-2222222.pdf. Anyone an idea?
  8. Why are you making life so difficult for us? Do it as it was! We want all mails. We don't even use a spam filter so that we really don't lose any email. Email is our Business! Or please offer a option to disable this feature (or bug) and allow all emails.
  9. Thx WHMCS for nothing. You get more money, but do nothing for it! Again, this is a urgent Bug! Why don't you understand?
  10. Has anyone try WHMCS 8.2 and can tell me if this bug is fixed?
  11. Is it fix in WHMCS 8.2? I've said it before and I like to repeat myself, this bug is bad for all our business! The case insensitive issue is really 🤬 and the manually function"Ignore Error & Import" is not working too! We have no chance to import the blocked Mails!
  12. Hello, I now had to find out that with the payment method STRIPE (directly from WHMCS) no payment confirmation is sent by email. With bank transfer and PayPal it works without any problems. At first I thought it would only be the case with Stripe SEPA, but no, it can also happen when paying by credit card too. Could anyone confirm this? Is it a bug? WHMCS 8.1.3 with all hotfixes
  13. What? Isn't that a joke? You release 3 - 4 versions in a year and do not get a "feature" implemented immediately? Roll it back, it isnt a Banking Software! Everyone can write us an email! We live from it! @brian! You are the last hero here! Is is possible to write a hook so that all emails are imported again? WHMCS seems to want to harm its customers instead of letting them succeed!
  14. Wow, it is not a bug it is a feature! You are becoming more and more dubious! It was all great, why do you change something that worked well ?! I predict that nobody will update to 8.1, they will wait until the "new features" will be released.
  15. CORE-16265 - Correct import of replies to tickets not associated with a client Is this a fix about this Bug or is this only the Hotfix?
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