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  1. Is it fix in WHMCS 8.2? I've said it before and I like to repeat myself, this bug is bad for all our business! The case insensitive issue is really 🤬 and the manually function"Ignore Error & Import" is not working too! We have no chance to import the blocked Mails!
  2. Hello, I now had to find out that with the payment method STRIPE (directly from WHMCS) no payment confirmation is sent by email. With bank transfer and PayPal it works without any problems. At first I thought it would only be the case with Stripe SEPA, but no, it can also happen when paying by credit card too. Could anyone confirm this? Is it a bug? WHMCS 8.1.3 with all hotfixes
  3. What? Isn't that a joke? You release 3 - 4 versions in a year and do not get a "feature" implemented immediately? Roll it back, it isnt a Banking Software! Everyone can write us an email! We live from it! @brian! You are the last hero here! Is is possible to write a hook so that all emails are imported again? WHMCS seems to want to harm its customers instead of letting them succeed!
  4. Wow, it is not a bug it is a feature! You are becoming more and more dubious! It was all great, why do you change something that worked well ?! I predict that nobody will update to 8.1, they will wait until the "new features" will be released.
  5. CORE-16265 - Correct import of replies to tickets not associated with a client Is this a fix about this Bug or is this only the Hotfix?
  6. @WHMCS John please released a hotfix for this! With us there are many Mails not import by whmcs. This is unacceptable!
  7. Many Thanks @brian! Maybe you also have an idea how to deactivate it that it is in the activity logs that you have logged in as admin as a client. That was not the case in the past. And it is irritating that you don't know whether the admin or the customer was logged in.
  8. Ok I have now found a solution. Hook: $availableGateways = $vars['availableGateways']; $stripe = 'VISA / Mastercard / American Express'; $stripe_sepa = 'SEPA Lastschrift'; $gd3 = str_replace(array ($stripe_sepa,$stripe), array ('','',), $availableGateways); return array("availableGateways" => $gd3); And then change the template viewinvoice.tpl to: {foreach $availableGateways as $gatewayModule => $gatewayName} {if $gatewayName == ''} {else} <option value="{$gatewayModule}"{if $gatewayModule == $selectedGateway} selected="selected"{/if}>{$gatewayName}</option>{/if} {/foreach}
  9. Ok, the problem was the template. In six it was: <form method="post" action="{$smarty.server.PHP_SELF}?id={$invoiceid}" class="form-inline"> {$gatewaydropdown} </form> and in twenty-one: <form method="post" action="{$smarty.server.PHP_SELF}?id={$invoiceid}" class="form-inline"> {$tokenInput} <select name="gateway" class="custom-select" onchange="submit()"> {foreach $availableGateways as $gatewayModule => $gatewayName} <option value="{$gatewayModule}"{if $gatewayModule == $selectedGateway} selected="selected"{/if}>{$gatewayName}</option> {/foreach} </select> </form> Is it a secuity issue to need the $tokenInput? Or I can change back to {$gatewaydropdown}?
  10. I dont know, but is it a bug? The variable $gatewaydropdown has: $gatewaydropdown Origin: "Smarty object" Value "<input type="hidden" name="token" value="5af58813bf2507ab639cb9c0418f98961db8..." but not the <option>
  11. mhhh, it looks like this won't work anymore in 8.1.1 with twenty-one. function viewinvoice_gateway_removal_based_on_loggedin_status_hook($vars) { $client = Menu::context('client'); $paidinvoices = $vars['clientsstats']['numpaidinvoices']; if ($paidinvoices == 0) { $gatewaydropdown = $vars['gatewaydropdown']; $stripe = '<option value="stripe">VISA / Mastercard / American Express</option>'; $stripe_sepa = '<option value="stripe_sepa">SEPA Lastschrift</option>'; $gd2 = str_replace($stripe,'', $gatewaydropdown) ; $gd3 = str_replace(array ($stripe_sepa,$stripe), array ('','',), $gatewaydropdown); return array("gatewaydropdown" => $gd3); } } add_hook("ClientAreaPageViewInvoice", 1, "viewinvoice_gateway_removal_based_on_loggedin_status_hook"); Have you a idea @brian! why it no longer works?
  12. Just where? I haven't found it yet.
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