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  1. EU VAT Rates 2018

    Croatia dont change the VAT rate to 24%?
  2. Hey @brian! thanks a lot for your work! I have test it and it works!
  3. @brian! Thank you for agreeing! Thats look like very unprofessionell! That isnt a option for me. I am not a coder to to realize that That is very sad that WHMCS dont accept this bug. I am very unhappy. When WHMCS want to be only a system for UK and US market, that whmcs must tell us this!
  4. my answer: WHMCS answer:
  5. Hi, I have report this Bug to WHMCS but WHMCS dont accept it and say to me to submit a request to the feature requests tracker. If I want to pay a invoice with my credit, I must use the format 12.23 in the input field. But I have configured my Currency Format (admin/configcurrencies.php) to 12,23 (with comma NOT point). So, we in germany dont use Point (.), we use comma (,). In the clientarea under viewinvoice.php?id=XXX the customers see the Credit in right Format "€65,45EUR" but the customers cant use this format in the Input field to pay the invoice. The customers goes crazy, why he cant pay this invoice. The customers are trying the format with the comma. How should the customer know that he must use the (US/UK) format with point here? That is a terrible Bug and I dont know why WHMCS dont accept it?! I can not expect that the customers must use a mix of formats.
  6. Yes. Here are my settings: In the logs I see that WHMCS had Terminate.
  7. That is really crazy! This option is disable for me, but it still enable Auto-Terminate End of Cycle. WHMCS 7.1.2 Like a Bug?
  8. Hello, I am searching how to disable the "Auto-Terminate End of Cycle" by default if a customer cancel this product. Any idea?
  9. Not possible to my registrar, it use always the WHMCS default Nameserver.
  10. Hi all, anyone a idea how I can use 2 registrar with diffrent Nameserver? I dont have found a modul and I'm totally amazed, why WHMCS isnt support this? Domain registration is a main part component of WHMCS. WHMCS offer a lot Registrar, but you can only use one of them. Why?
  11. I have do it, but when I try to pay with the credit card I get the error: Can be the Problem that I am using the Test Secret Key from Stripe? *** Edit OK, seems that only the LIVE Secret Key is working.
  12. Stripe Gateway Modul

    Hi, is it possible to use the Stripe Gateway Modul for other Payment Method as only for Credit Card? Stripe is offering more than credit card payments, like SOFORT, Giropay or SEPA Lastschrift in a lot europe countries include switzerland.
  13. I have contact modulesgarden via twitter! It seems to be Amazon the customer of the Modul and modulesgarden only the developer. Modulesgarden say to me that I must ask Amazon for more informationen. The Module isnt compatibel to v7
  14. Hi, I have see that modulesgarden offer a free Amazon Payments Gateway Modul. -> https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/3022 Anyone know when it is available for 7.1? I am waiting so long for Amazon Payment Modul.
  15. Not really an error. I always must disable this lines ... That is why i use a custom standard_cart.

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