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  1. Happy to announce that version 1.2.6 is now available which provides support for WHMCS 8.3.0. You can read the changelog here: https://swiftmodders.com/changelog/
  2. A powerful and beautiful WHMCS client theme by SwiftModders Take your customer’s user experience to another level with the most powerful and customizable WHMCS theme available. The Allure Theme comes with a custom-built WHMCS module that allows full control over the look and feel of your WHMCS client area. With 20+ editable options, easy adjustments for over 20 different colors, built-in favicon support, RTL, and much more! Learn More | View Demo | Documentation | Order Now Feature Highlights Additional Features Fully Responsive: This theme comes with a fully responsive design framework built around Bootstrap 3 and an easy to use mobile menu. SwiftModders Theme Installer: Easily manage all of your SwiftModders WHMCS Themes from one module. The Theme Installer will offer you insight into available updates, problems with your install, debugging tools, and much more! Fast & Friendly Support: One of my missions is to ensure that every client who purchases this team is well-supported and most importantly, happy! Favicon Support: Take advantage of the excellent service over at RealFaviconGenerator and add favicon support quickly and easily to your WHMCS client area. Menu Manager: As of version 1.1.0, you can now manage your WHMCS menu directly from the Theme Installer! This powerful feature comes FREE with all WHMCS Client Theme’s and makes customizing your WHMCS installation even easier. Unencoded TPL Files: There is nothing more annoying for a developer than not having access to source files. Luckily this theme offers unencoded TPL files. Three Custom Order Forms: This theme provides its own set of custom order forms that are integrated into the look and feel of your customizations. Automatic Updates: As of version 1.3.0, you can automatically update your SwiftModders WHMCS Themes from the Theme Installer. Save your time, save your effort, and leave all the work to the module! License Pricing LIMITED TIME OFFER: We’re keeping the summer season hot with 35% OFF all SwiftModders products! No promotional code required. Personal (1 Site) - $70 $45.50 per year Pro (5 Sites) - $175 $113.75 per year Agency (Unlimited Sites) - $315 $204.75 per year Personal+ (1 Site) - $140 $91 one-time Pro+ (5 Sites) - $350 $227.50 one-time Agency+ (Unlimited Sites) - $630 $409.50 one-time ORDER NOW All licenses will remain active for the lifetime of the product. All non-"+" licenses will require a yearly subscription for continued access to downloads and support. Before purchasing, be sure to read our License Agreement. Need Help? Available Services Theme Installation ($15): If you're not confident in your ability to install the theme yourself, I can do it for you! Give yourself peace of mind by hiring me to do the process for you. It's quick, easy, and best of all inexpensive. Theme Customization ($100): Want to make sure that your client theme matches your branding? You can hire me to adjust your theme settings to match your brand colors, fonts, logo and more. The "Theme Customization" service is NOT an integration service. I will not integrate anything from your current website design. I will match your brand colors, logo and additional style assets. Nothing additional will be done outside of that. Refund Policy You will find the refund policy for all SwiftModders products in the License Agreement. Browser Support Microsoft Edge 12+ Google Chrome 29+ Mozilla Firefox 29+ Apple Safari (iOS) 9+ SwiftModders does not provide technical support for older, outdated browsers. Please update your browser and browse safer.
  3. I will certainly be evaluating our options when it comes to WHMCS competitors I will support. My initial dealings with Blesta have been promising and they're open to supporting many of the developers who have been abandoned by WHMCS. I also plan to look at HostBill, ClientExec, and WiseCP. It wouldn't be feasible for me to offer themes for all of them, but I may choose two different platforms to work on this for. It's frustrating for sure. I was closing in on a major product reveal for WHMCS that featured a full-site CMS. I'll still continue with the product, but now the prospects of ROI on such a product have been greatly diminished due to this trust issue with WHMCS.
  4. Absolutely disgraceful. As a developer of WHMCS products, you've not only hurt your clients but also handicapped developers with these outrageous fees. Will be re-evaluating many aspects of our business and our support for WHMCS moving forward.
  5. Hi Guys, Just curious if we'll be getting updated class docs for 8.1? Currently it only has 8.0 as the latest available. https://classdocs.whmcs.com/8.0/index.html
  6. Version 1.1.0 is now available to download! This release is fully compatible with WHMCS 7.10+ Changelog: Support for WHMCS 8 Improved the navigation selector function and minimizer Updated FontAwesome to 5.14.0 Consolidated Dark Theme & RTL into single CSS file (Improves compilation time) Add custom favicon folder option to help with the upgrade process LIMITED TIME OFFER FOR THE FALL! Save 45% on any SwiftModders WHMCS Theme and Module! This offer does not require a promo code and is active immediately. This offer cannot be combined with any active promo code. Order the Allure WHMCS Theme | Learn More
  7. Haha, yes, it's a simple utility function that determines if the current version of WHMCS is higher than 8.0.0. 😉
  8. Yes, I created a WHMCS 8 detector function to adjust the way module handles specific situations. I also checked the classes doc and the User class is accessible in WHMCS 7 as well. So, I can simply just check if 8 and handle logic for users.
  9. @WHMCS Peter Thanks, but this is only available in WHMCS 8, correct? This is not available in WHMCS 7.10.2 or earlier. I am trying to find a way to have a single addon that supports both WHMCS 7 and 8. Interacting with the session data is all I have available to me.
  10. @WHMCS Peter, Just a general question regarding user/client session data. Will the UID always match the ID set in the login_tk_auth session data if the logged user is the account owner?
  11. I'm glad this will be documented. I already came up with a workaround (simply because I'm trying to have my module support both 7 and 8).
  12. Hi Dennis, I actually ended up trying something similar initially, but it didn't work all of the time. Mostly, when logging out. If I unset the uid and login_auth_tk session variables, it didn't actually work the way I wanted to. In my case, I was trying to read the current menu items available to a logged in or guest user. Instead, I simply leveraged the "Login As Client" and logout options. My workaround is not pretty either, but it was a more consistent check of a logged in user vs guest. Ah and yes, if it ends up in "please put in a feature request" territory, it'll never see the light of day.
  13. I was wondering if there has been a change in the way SESSION data is recorded for WHMCS users. I know that we now have "clients" vs "users" and I wanted to make sure my application supports both instances. I am trying to pull in the latest menu items for guest vs logged-in users (client or not). Before, it was as simple as passing the UID into the SESSION data, but now that's not working. Is there a different way to do this in WHMCS 8?
  14. Has this been fixed? I have been experiencing this as well.
  15. Hi Guys, I am working on updating one of my modules to allow file attachments. What is the recommended way to do this? Are we free to upload files how we see fit or should I try to leverage the file storage system WHMCS provides? I didn't see any documentation regarding file uploads for developers. I just wanted to make sure I was creating something that would be easy for my customers. Thanks in advance for your feedback and suggestions!
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