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  1. @Aiman H I believe you already have a ticket in and I'm working with you.. Can you confirm?
  2. @Aiman H Write a ticket in pre sales at https://clients.bestphpscripts.com
  3. mfoland

    Hello All

    I can help! I develop php scripts, and I also use the WHMCS Licensing Addon! If you have any questions, let me know 🙂 Welcome Aboard!
  4. mfoland

    Hello from North Carolina

    WHMCS is a powerful billing and automation system! If you develop PHP scripts, you can purchase the Licensing Addon! If you use the Square Gateway, and would be interesting in trying out the API, send me a PM 🙂
  5. mfoland

    LicenseAddon Verify Hook

    I found a solution that works by using the $addonarray part of my code! if (in_array("Active", $addonarray[BrandingRemoval])) { $bReq = "N"; $brandRemov = "Yes"; } else{ $bReq = "Y"; $brandRemov = "No"; } It works 🙂
  6. mfoland

    LicenseAddon Verify Hook

    @WHMCS Peter Any ideas? It seems like it wants to rely on one of the statuses. Not sure what else is going on. Even though the status is in the loop right, and the array, I'm not sure what else could be going on here. I'm at a loss. This one is tricky!
  7. mfoland

    LicenseAddon Verify Hook

    Well here's the array... array(3) { [0]=> string(18) "name=SupportAccess" [1]=> string(22) "nextduedate=2019-03-12" [2]=> string(13) "status=Active" } array(3) { [0]=> string(21) "name=Branding Removal" [1]=> string(22) "nextduedate=0000-00-00" [2]=> string(13) "status=Active" } It's weird because for Active it still says Branding is required, and if suspended it's still showing required. So I'm not sure what the heck is going on. I find this REALLY ODD! I use to name my products the original product name.. so in the case of the radio CMS, it would be Monthly WaveCMS Standard or Owned WaveCMS Standard . I use to do Unbranded or Branded at the end. I'm thinking of possibly going back to that! This is really weird haha. I'm going to continue to figure this one out.
  8. mfoland

    LicenseAddon Verify Hook

    @WHMCS Peter Array ( [SupportAccess] => Array ( [nextduedate] => 2019-03-12 [status] => Active ) ) Now I have Branding Removal gone out of the license.. but it still shows ENABLED in my script
  9. mfoland

    LicenseAddon Verify Hook

    Here's what the actual Array looks like when I var dump addon array.. Array ( [SupportAccess] => Array ( [nextduedate] => 2019-09-09 [status] => Active ) ) Array ( [SupportAccess] => Array ( [nextduedate] => 2019-09-09 [status] => Active ) [Branding Removal] => Array ( [nextduedate] => 2019-03-12 [status] => Suspended ) ) That part knows what it's suppose to do, based on the above script, so not sure why I would be having the issue 😞
  10. mfoland

    LicenseAddon Verify Hook

    @WHMCS Peter Changed the lining to $addonarray = array(); $addonslist = explode('|',$results['addons']); foreach ($addonslist as $addons){ $addondata = explode(';',$addons); $addonname = $addonnextduedate = $addonstatus = ""; die(var_dump($results[status])); foreach ($addondata as $addon){ $addonnvp = explode('=',$addon); if($addonnvp[0] == 'name') $addonname = $addonnvp[1]; if($addonnvp[0] == 'nextduedate') $addonnextduedate = $addonnvp[1]; if($addonnvp[0] == 'status') $addonstatus = $addonnvp[1]; } I went to do $addonname and it gave a 0 string. For the results[status] i'm getting Active, and when I try to do $addonstatus there's no data. Not sure why it's giving an issue. Here's what my Addon Array looks like: string(117) "name=SupportAccess;nextduedate=2019-09-09;status=Active|name=Branding Removal;nextduedate=0000-00-00;status=Suspended"
  11. mfoland

    LicenseAddon Verify Hook

    @WHMCS Peter While on the licensing topic... I have this code: //--Check Addons validity $addonarray = array(); $addonslist = explode('|',$results['addons']); foreach ($addonslist as $addons){ $addondata = explode(';',$addons); $addonname = $addonnextduedate = $addonstatus = ""; foreach ($addondata as $addon){ $addonnvp = explode('=',$addon); if($addonnvp[0] == 'name') $addonname = $addonnvp[1]; if($addonnvp[0] == 'nextduedate') $addonnextduedate = $addonnvp[1]; if($addonnvp[0] == 'status') $addonstatus = $addonnvp[1]; } $addonarray[$addonname] = array("nextduedate"=>$addonnextduedate,"status"=>$addonstatus); $hisAddon = array("$addonname"); $arrlength = count($hisAddon); for($x = 0; $x < $arrlength; $x++) { $addonFinal[] = $hisAddon[$x]; $addonStat[] = $addonstatus[$x]; $hisAddon[$x] = $hisAddons; //$hisAddons = "$hisAddon"; }} //-- Branding Option Force 9/6/18.. Completed 9/8/2018. $astat = str_replace("A", "Active", $addonStat[0]); $bname = "Branding Removal"; $badd = $addonFinal[0]; if ($badd == $bname && $astat == "Active") { $bReq2 = "N"; $brandRemov2 = "Yes"; } else { $bReq2 = "Y"; $brandRemov2 = "No"; }*/ //--Ends Force Branding //--Do we have Support and Updates Allowed? $lkey = $license_key; $key = explode("-", $lkey); $bstat = str_replace("A", "Active", $addonStat[0]); $cname = "SupportAccess"; $cadd = $addonFinal[0]; if ($cadd == $cname && $astat == "Active") { $supportUpdates = "Yes"; } else { $supportUpdates = "No"; } What's going on, is If I suspend one of the addons they both show Not Allowed, and if I have one of them enabled, both are enabled. I was working with the license key portion to automatically say Monthly has Support Access (which would of been what the hash was for to get the updates). But why in the world would both be active or suspended, if one of them were and the other was an opposite status? This is so mind boggoling Thanks!
  12. mfoland

    LicenseAddon Verify Hook

    Perfect. I was thinking it could do this: switch ((int)$productID) { case 0: return [ 'Hash' => 'error', ]; break; case 31 - 32: return [ but then I got to looking on that! Thanks so much!
  13. mfoland

    LicenseAddon Verify Hook

    @WHMCS Peter could I assign multiple cases so I can do it for multiple product ID's since some are Owned and Monthly? Thanks for your help! 🙂
  14. mfoland

    LicenseAddon Verify Hook

    So I'm working with the licensing addon, and attempting to figure out the hook part.. add_hook('LicensingAddonVerify', 1, function($vars) { return [ 'Hash' => 'Hash Here', ]; } ); The hash actually shows in the license how it should, but I'm trying to do it since I make several softwares, and not only one, so what I'm trying to do is something like if ($productid == "prodID number") { add_hook('LicensingAddonVerify', 1, function($vars) { return [ 'Hash' => 'Hash Here', ]; } ); } else -- run get different product It doesn't retrieve the product id at all.. What am I missing here? The hash is basically there to tell the system if a new version has been released. Thanks

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