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  1. mfoland

    discount license

    Boy a discount license would be nice! @WHMCS ChrisD I found a comparable billing system for cheaper... and the codebase is almost all open source except for the licensing... I submitted a ticket in myself to billing. Do you think you guys could do a price match, especially since I already bought the license manager with my WHMCS, and I wouldn't want to re purchase if I switched to the competitor.
  2. @Kian I made a school closing system that actually uses the WHMCS licensing system, and does what you are wanting it to do.. to check if the license is valid before the install. I can help you do that! I also have IonCube if you'd like help encoding your project :) Sorry it took me so long to reply. I moved out of state to a new state and had a ton of things going on! I'm back and more than happy to assist you!
  3. mfoland

    Adding / editing cPanel servers: FAILED ARRAY

    Perfect, glad you got it working 🙂 Turn on auto updates!!!
  4. mfoland

    Adding / editing cPanel servers: FAILED ARRAY

    Try re-issuing the API Key. Turn on log errors as well and let me know what happens.
  5. mfoland

    Adding / editing cPanel servers: FAILED ARRAY

    Which type of server? CPanel? I'd make sure you have an API key valid to connect.
  6. Using wordpress: https://www.bestphpscripts.com/ We also use the License Verification system to for scripts we're building! https://www.bestphpscripts.com/clients.html?ccc=index&m=licensing Clients is https://www.bestphpscripts.com/clients.html?
  7. mfoland

    Licensing Module Configurations

    $adName = array("$addonname"); $arrlength = count($adName); for($x = 0; $x < $arrlength; $x++) { echo $adName[$x]; echo "<br>"; $adName[$x] == "$hisAddon"; } before the closing } to license.php I was hoping that this would work on the licenseinfo.php page I'm doing, and it only echos via the addons via license.php. What am I missing? I tried doing the whole array on the licenseinfo.php but still no go. @nhudson's script does work though with license.php -- which is the sample_code.php for the license manager. I've been making several updates to the license call. Any help to get the $hisAddon, which is the $adName[$x] to show on my licenseinfo.php script would be great. Of course I AM including license.php as well.
  8. mfoland

    Wish List for WHMCS v8

    How about we take out the need for Smarty on Custom pages? I've been trying to make a module for sale that uses a custom page, and I'd like to encode it..but encoding with IonCube with smarty.. EH... I'm still trying to figure it out.. They should just make some of it open source!
  9. mfoland

    Square Payment Gateway

    Does anyone have a Square Payment Gateway module? I had found this one: https://github.com/BoxneNetwork/Whmcs-Square-Payments It's free, but when added to the payment gateways, it doesn't even show or anything... Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂
  10. So it works? It worked on the original configuration for me even in my web folder. Not sure why the system health would show otherwise. I've never received that error. Glad it works though!
  11. Hey guys, I am working on setting up a special feature to show enabled productive addons on a licenseinfo.php Thus far, I have separated the values of the active addons since I had two fake ones in my product called Premium Product and Branding Removal. The Branding Removal will become a real available addon. For the sake of testing 2 different addons, I added the Premium Product addon. So in the if ($results['status'] == "Active") { I added THIS: $results['checkdate'] = $checkdate; $results['addons'] = str_replace("|", " \n", $results['addons']); $results['addons'] = str_replace(";", " \n", $results['addons']); $results['addons'] = str_replace("=", "= ", $results['addons']); so in my echo it has each addon on a new line as defined by replace the " with the " \n" for new line. The problem I'm running into is trying to make an array to pull the name of the addon out of the name= and display if status= Active. I'd like to make a php array loop for this. I have tried this to no avail.. including $array = array("$results['addons']"); $length = count($array); for ($i = 0; $i < $length; $i++) { print $array[$i]; } Any guidance and support would be greatly appreciated 🙂 I'd like to have options show for if addon xyz is enabled, and obviously hide branding if branding removal is set to no. I'd set default branding for my product! Thanks guys and gals! Any help from any of the guru would be appreciated as well!
  12. mfoland

    WHMCS Licensing Add on Help!

    While right now I do know the way to do, is to change the license manual.. but I suggest @ModulesGarden as they could build a plugin to do that automatically. I think we should make a request to WHMCS to develop a module for this in the next Licensing Module Upgrade! @WHMCS Aaron can you guys pipe up about this one?
  13. I have my memory set to 128M. @BladimirF give that a whirl.
  14. mfoland

    Licensing Addon for Wordpress

    Alrighty! I am actually working on a solution... In theory, you'd call the license check before loading the page! Let me know if you have questions @seandnz

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