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  1. I ran a few tests on our test environment. Looks good. I didn't find any issues so far. I appreciate the quick resolution @WHMCS John!
  2. We're looking for a company that can develop a WHMCS template for us. Proven track record. We're looking for companies who have done this before. Maintainability. WHMCS upgrades should be possible without too much hassle. Git is a requirement. Simplicity. It needs to fit our corporate brand. Some features need to be removed. We prefer Sass. Our website is based on Sass too. Experienced in integrating 3rd party software / modules in WHMCS. We're not looking for just a header and footer integration. Do you have any recommendations?
  3. They are giving you two options. down to the nearest 0.1 p – for example, 86.76 p would be rounded down to 86.7 p; or to the nearest 1 p or 0.5 p – for example, 86.76 p would be rounded up to 87 p. WHMCS has chosen to round to the nearest penny. This is not necessarily incorrect but it should be an optional setting so you can choose where rounding should take place. Our accounting software for one can't deal with this change and I have asked them to provide us with a similar option, but to be fair, they haven't changed their VAT calculation in the middle of the game. @WHMCS John this is something WHMCS needs to address. I have also mentioned this in the conversation we had via email. Instead of proactively helping us to find a solution for this, for which I even offered to pay, we were told to get different accounting software. I don't feel like WHMCS is taking its customers very serious on this matter. Why is that?
  4. I was pointed at this post by WHMCS as we are having exactly the same problems as others have expressed already. I don't think there is much I can bring to the table apart from to further stress how ridiculous this change has been and how many problems it has been causing us. One thing I did find is that in our attempts to work around the issue by illegally changing the VAT-amount is that WHMCS puts it back when customers pay their bills. Yes. WHMCS forces this change throughout the application even at points where it should't. This leaves corrected invoices marked as unpaid with 1 to 20 cents or more depending on the number of lines on the invoice. Both changes were illegal and punishable by law, but hey, so far WHMCS doesn't seem to care much. You have taken two (for us) foreign accounting companies and based your decision on them to pick a standard. What kind of research is that? We were told to switch accounting software as a solution. After 8 years this is the only suggestion you get. This is absolutely shocking. As I've also pointed out in the ticket I raised with WHMCS we understand that calculating tax per invoice line is the way forward. There's nothing wrong with that. Though you should have made rounding tax at the invoice line level optional or something that can be adjusted through a hook or other means. You're leaving your customers to dry and that's something I don't appreciate after working with WHMCS for so long now. I'm really disappointed in how this case is being handled and the lack of priority it seemingly gets.
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