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The following errors occurred: Stripe error: Remote Transaction Failure. Please Contact Support.

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When trying to update a card I keep getting this error:

The following errors occurred:

  • Remote Transaction Failure. Please Contact Support.

I have gotten a couple times before. This transaction was an AMEX if that matters.

I'm using the latest stable version of WHMCS and most other payments go through fine. When I check stripe the transaction never makes it to their system because they have never record of it.

Any idea how to trouble shoot this? Maybe an error log with more details somewhere?

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To eliminate templates as a possible cause, try to do it by accessing a standard template directly.

So add the following to the end of your URL


Also, WHMCS built in Stripe module has a problem imo.  I consider it a bug but they apparently do not.

If the default payment method is set to PayPal (I am assuming the same applies to any alternate payment method), then WHMCS tries to save credit card numbers locally instead of on Stripe.  I believe it can also generate errors like what you are seeing because the last 4 digits of the Stripe stored number are saved locally and show up in that change credit card view, however, I do not think it tries to update the remote information when the default payment method is set to something else and then you get that error.

That is not how it worked with the 3rd party ServerPing Stripe module which never had this problem.  This seems to be a PCI compliance issue but WHMCS doesn't seem to think so.  Probably not related to your problem if you have default payment method for the customer set to Stripe. 

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Not sure if it is related, but I am noticing stripe issues now. When a client updates their card, it deletes the customer on the stripe side.

This can lead to error messages like what you stated.

The work around is to clear the card details in the whmcs admin area, and add them manually. This should create the customer again in stripe.

Its annoying but I am hoping they will fix this. There seems to be a forum post underneath here that is related judging the first line,, but I dont have access to it for some reason, probably because i get WHMCS via a hosting company: https://whmcs.community/files/file/1-module-6487-allow-credit-card-update-with-stripe/


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I did the hot fix but now I get this: Capture Error
The capture was not successful. Please check the gateway log for more details.


So I checked the log and it says the card expired. But the card is listed as expired in 2020!

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On 11/6/2017 at 11:12 PM, WHMCS ChrisD said:

/files/ is a test environment at this time which is why you can not answer it, not sure why its showing up in search results, i'll investigate this

In the meantime please continue to use the HotFixes Thread for this where the file is attached


Thanks for this... I am going to keep my eye on this thread and see what turns out to be the issue with @Web Host Pro before I try the hotfix in case it makes it worse...

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I added the hotfix but it's the same issue. Didn't make it worse though.

It looks like the error now each time is:

Invoice ID => 12345
User ID => 123
Amount => 89.91
No such customer: cus_hyu5g6u7he6 (not the real code, just an example)

No such customer. I manually added the customer with Stripe but that did not help


I noticed the local customer Remote Gateway Token is not the same as what's in Stripe.

I updated the token in phpmyadmin and sent an invoice to see if the customer can pay now. Fingers crossed.

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