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  1. Yeah I think redirecting is more common, but now I'm kind of thinking it might earn more trust with the customer, and be less likely to have any errors with just an invoice. Maybe....
  2. We have two credit card processors. One is only for existing customers and one is for new sign ups. I was wondering if we could disable a processor just in the public checkout, but still have it for existing customers that have a product. Basically disable a processor in the main checkout, then have it when adding products after the customer has a product.
  3. I normally use Automatically take the user to the invoice, just wondering which is more common and maybe some feedback on why.
  4. Awesome, yes it's 7.9.2 Is there a way to update the new settings right away? Or should I wait for the cron to kick in?
  5. I've noticed WHMCS shows much more space used for customers than what's in cPanel. For example, today a customer has an over space limit message and WHMCS shows Disk Space 8.91 GB 5 hours ago But when I enter cPanel it shows: Disk Usage 322.07 MB / 4.88 GB (6.44%) From 322MB to 9GB is a big difference and it's an issue that customer sees an over space limit error. Any idea how to fix this and or remove it from showing the error in the customers panel.
  6. Every once in a while we get a customer that I guess just likes contacting us and send 50-60 tickets a month, several are the exact same question we have no control over. It's flattering but also border line abuse. Can we limit this? Not the email tickets but normal where you open the ticket from the account manager.
  7. I hate to reply to a super old thread but I have this same error with .pro domains at onlinenic. Anyone know if there is a solution yet? domaintype and domain do not match For now we have to go to Onlinenic and manually renew certain domain types.
  8. Thanks but I'm looking to just disable auto termination for VPS servers. Not all services. The option you posted is for everything.
  9. When I click any of the cPanel module commands it just tints the screen and covers the button to do the action. If I'm mobile and have to do something quick I have to get to a PC to do any of these. Can we please get this fixed. A normal pop up would work like the one that asks to delete an invoice. I use the default theme and the latest WHMCS version.
  10. I'm a little weary with the possibility of auto deleting the VPS servers. Can we disable this so we have to manually terminate any past due accounts? Hopefully with a global settings.
  11. I clicked to show on order form (normally this processor is only for customer with established accounts). But now we have the billing method on our cart where do not want it. 1. Any ideas how to force it off the cart but keep it working for existing customers for now until the bug is fixed? 2. Also on the invoice payment when I click use new card, it doesn't open the option to add it. It just shows the radio button for cards on file. I think this is a template issue though.
  12. Any updates on this? I have the same issue with Authorize.net. I added the hotfix but the same. RuntimeException: Card number is required in /home/xxxx/public_html/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Payment/PayMethod/Traits/CreditCardDetailsTrait.php:0 Stack trace: 0 /home/xxxx/public_html/includes/ccfunctions.php(0): WHMCS\Payment\PayMethod\Adapter\CreditCard->validateRequiredValuesPreSave() 1 /home/xxxx/public_html/creditcard.php(0): updateCCDetails(124, 'Visa', '123412341234...', '123', '0122', '', '', '', '', ' AND gateway ...', NULL, 'test', '0') Also from the admin when I try to add credit card I get the message: But it's activated and working fine before the update. I have a ticket in but no reply today so far about it. It also does not save the credit card correctly and removes it after 5 minutes. And when I click add new card it doesn't open the option on the page. I have to wait for it to remove the card on file that did not save correctly to test it again.
  13. Awesome, the reply code worked. I also was able to just use the noreply for the mail email in WHMCS which changed the template. I didn't know you can change the email per template. That's awesome too! Thanks!
  14. 3. Right now when a tech reply's to a ticket it just says login to see the reply in the customer's email. How can I have the reply been seen in the email sent to the customer? And also still have a link to login and reply. We don't have email piping and require a login to reply but it would be better if they could read the reply in the email without needing to login. 2. Also can I have the reply to email for tickets be: noreply@webhost.pro Not sure where to change this. I did System Emails From Email but the ticket still shows the main email. I guess I have to change the main email type SMTP settings?
  15. Something about the top of the cart body seems off. Do you have any ideas how I can make it look more natural and clean? Maybe the squareness of it or the shadow. It just doesn't seem to blend in. It could be me 😕 Thanks for you feedback.
  16. In the bulk email tool if you click Product/Service, but click no services. Will it send to the accounts that have no services? I would like to send an email to the registered accounts that have no purchases anything yet.
  17. Any idea what hook I can add to remove these side bar ads? I'm still selling these products? I just don't want them on the side bar right now. I might add them back later. I checked my current hooks and non seem to line up with these sidebar ads. I assume I need to add a new hook to remove these. Thanks for any help.
  18. Just working on our new site to be launched later this month! Visit and let us know what you think! Web Host Pro

  19. My onlinenic reseller account auto locks all new domains yet the lock toggle is not clicked in WHMCS. So it says not locked when it is locked. So when you try to change the lock status, it won't let you because it's not matched. Any idea how to fix this? If I could even change the locks status in WHMCS that would be better than needing to log into onlinenic and changing the lock status there to match WHMCS like I do now.
  20. We recently raised our domain price a little and was wondering how to update all the prices on the domains already registered. Obviously new domains have the new price but already purchased domains are not changed.
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