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  1. Hi Guys, WHMCS says WHMCS does not work with any caching tools. Have you used "Zend Opcache" on cPanel to improve WHMCS performance? If yes, did it cause any problems with the operation of WHMCS?
  2. That's right, Kai. It didn't get a mention in 8.4.0 beta 1 release. According to WHMCS, it was an oversight and that the actual issue has been fixed in this release. Here is their response: Looking forward to your findings 🙂
  3. UPDATE: #CORE-14055 didn't get a mention in the 8.4 GA. Worried, I checked with WHMCS if this was fixed as promised. Their response was that, #CORE-14055 didn't get a mention due to an oversight. I take it that it did get fixed. Hopefully someone can verify and confirm here.
  4. Guys, please also post tickets and follow up on them to increase the chance of this getting fixed in this life time.
  5. Cheers, Kai 🙂 Thanks for always making a new track through the wild wild country that whmcs is. xx
  6. Just got the confirmation that this problem is finally getting fixed in upcoming 8.4 release. I am glad we reported it over 2 years ago and followed up on it. Cheers đŸģ
  7. That's so true, my friend. We're using Hexonet. This issue was raised with WHMCS over TWO YEARS AGO. I don't think I'll be able to run a serious business with WHMCS in this lifetime. ☚ī¸
  8. It's been more than two years since we have been struggling with "premium domain transfers" and "pre-owned/afternic/sedo" domains on WHMCS. WHMCS has a bug when adding Premium Domain transfers into shopping cart as they just display the standard domain transfer price (and renewal price). As a result of pricing mismatch, the domain transfers don't work. In December 2019, WHMCS had created a #CORE-14055 bug case for this back as far as I know. Since then there hasn't been any resolution whatsoever. This also means we cannot also register 'premium domains'. I have already pulled my hair out over this and am wondering if anyone else has done the same.
  9. I sent a lot of emails to clients from "WHMCS admin area >> Clients>> Profile >> Send Email" only to find out later that the hyperlinks didn't show as they should do making us look unprofessional. The hyperlinks were sent like this: XXX has discontinued XXX and replaced it with more useful [Product name](https://product.com). For your XX to continue to work, we need to upgrade you to YYY. Please login to [your client area](client area link) and pay the invoice. Is this me or has anyone else also encountered this embarrassment.
  10. Hello mate 🙂 Were you able to add parking pages/offer and contact forms for domains on auction?
  11. True that. Let this thread be the new tombstone of this essential feature to look back at another 7 years later.
  12. WHMCS Support provided this response. Please vote for this feature to be included in the next update. If a client already has signed up for 2 or more Seats in one Product, he would still need 2 Seats when he upgrades to 2nd Product. If a Product Upgrade means, he will lose 1 seat means he will lose data set up with that one lost seat. The way things are, WHMCS Users will have to chase clients asking them to log back in to client area to increase Seats in "configurable options" once again after the upgrading their Product. This is impractical and cannot work. As example of this problem is a client signing up for 5 Email Accounts in PRODUCT 1, and the client upgrades to PRODUCT 2 to increase their web disk space. The result would be client losing 4 Email Accounts immediately after the upgrade. Hopefully WHMCS will fix this soon.
  13. Apparently, upgrading a Product does not take into account the 'Seats' in its 'Configurable Options'. Crazy that this feature is missing in WHMCS.
  14. Create two Products (each with its own Configurable Options) Price for 1st Product with 1 Seat is $1, and 2 seats is $2. Price for 2nd Product with 1 Seat is $4, and 2 seats is $8. Client buys 1st Product with 2 Seats. Total paid $2 Client then wants to upgrade 1st Product to 2nd Product Total price for 2 seats for 2nd Product is $8 WHMCS should show price for upgrade as $6 (because client has already paid $2) But WHMCS shows upgrade price as $2. Looks like WHMCS is not considering this is a 2 seat upgrade but as 1 seat upgrade which is why it's showing price for 2nd Product for just 1 Seat, instead of 2. The correct behavior should be as follows: An upgrade from 1st Product with two seats, to 2nd Product should be for two Seats not one Seat. Am I missing something?
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