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  1. We ditched cPanel after their price hike. Looks like WHMCS wants to repeat history. Blesta it is!
  2. @Kian The point you're missing by over a mile is that once you have a ticket, you respond to it. And if you have a product, support it. If you can't do any of the above, just quit and do something else. When you start a business, you have to commit yourself to it regardless of the circumstances. I posted a ticket to you months ago regarding an urgent matter and to-date there has not been a single reply. I even sent a reminder on another platform but to no avail. Rant over.
  3. When a User goes to: clientarea.php?action=details and wants to change his "Payment Method" using the Payment Method Dropdown, his entire profile resets (Name, Email address fields are emptied) and he gets the error: " You did not enter your email address " Anyone else experiencing this issue? Thanks!
  4. Found this hook and code snippet for Gravatar support at the link below but it doesn't work for me: https://github.com/PhaseHosting/whmcs-gravatar Would be grateful for advice on what code to enter and where to get it to work like in the screenshot below: Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks 🙂
  5. Thanks @Pixelhomes! This is a design flaw and whmcs should fix it. Most of the users nowadays use mobile phones to access client area. We will lose these users if whmcs doesn't display properly on mobile screens.
  6. Cheers, Brian!!! The thing is people trust you and your judgment on all things whmcs. Just inboxed you 😊 Be well,
  7. Well to my disappointment, WHMCS has confirmed that misalignment of "View Cart" and "Currency" is normal, and that it won't be fixed. This is clearly a design flaw. How are we supposed to rely on WHMCS user interface?
  8. @brian! You seem to have disabled the direct messages 😔
  9. Ah cheers, Brian! The knight in the shining armor 🙂 Need your advice. Please see my PM.
  10. That's good advice, @Damo Thank you 🙂 For now I had to revert to SIX. Will use a child template as per the link you shared, as soon Twenty-One template's design issues are fixed by whmcs. Waiting for a 8.1 maintenance release with bug fixes. Be well!
  11. It works fine. I had just forgotten to change the theme from Six to Twenty-One. 😅
  12. Thanks for replying. This is the code I modified in header.tpl. <div class="container"> <a class="navbar-brand mr-3" href="{$WEB_ROOT}/index.php"> {if $assetLogoPath} <img src="{$assetLogoPath}" alt="{$companyname}" class="logo-img"> {else} {$companyname} {/if} </a> I changed "{$WEB_ROOT}/index.php to my own URL. Cleared the cache too, but no luck. Any ideas?
  13. Hi Gents, I tried changing {$WEB_ROOT}/index.php to my own URL in the header.tpl on the new Twenty-One theme but the URL remains unchanged. Any idea how to change the URL of the Header Logo please?
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