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  1. Apparently, this problem still hasn't been resolved in the latest WHMCS version. Not all products show in the "Cross-sell" drop down. Did anyone get this to work?
  2. Thank you. This was much needed. Wondering if there's a way to disable "Stripe" cookies too which are activated by default for every visitor.
  3. I tested it on my site and yours. The radio buttons/checkboxes work fine.
  4. Update: We have case CORE-17527 open with WHMCS development team around improving the responsive display of client area domain/service and case CORE-18368 open regarding the currency sidebar. For other issues, they want us to go and vote for features at: https://requests.whmcs.com
  5. Thanks @AladdinJ None of these hooks work on my TwentyOne template. Not sure why. Are you using TwentyOne too?
  6. Hey Aladdin 🙂 Thanks, buddy!! I tried your hook but the duplicate/extra Choose Currency menu still shows on mobile and tablet screens. Please could you check and re-post the hook? Happy holidays!
  7. Dear WHMCS Users, Hope you're enjoying the holidays. The next WHMCS update is around the corner, so I sent this message to WHMCS support fix the following issues in TwentyOne template in the upcoming release. These issues are detrimental to the user experience. I also highlighted some small improvements that can make a big difference. ISSUE # 1 - DUPLICATE CURRENCY DROPDOWN ON MOBILE & TABLET SCREENS On mobile/tablet screens order product page, there are two "choose currency" drop downs. When user clicks on the first "choose currency" dropdown, it is empty. The first dropdown is also useless, as there's a second currency dropdown below that which works unlike the first dropdown. The second dropdown also takes up extra space on small screens. Please advise how to remove the first useless dropdown, or fix it in the upcoming release. Please see the screenshot here: https://snipboard.io/CVYA5e.jpg ISSUE # 2 - NON RESPONSIVE DOMAIN SETTINGS IN CLIENT AREA On mobile/tablets screens, the Domain Settings page (/clientarea.php?action=domains) is not responsive. You can see in the screenshot below that some of the domain options and dropdowns are going outside the screen area. Screenshot here: https://snipboard.io/eHk0LX.jpg ISSUE #3 - TEMPLATE HEADER TAKING TOO MUCH SPACE On TwentyOne, instead of a single header row, there are three header rows which take up too much space on a device. For example, on TwentyOne template header, the top row/bar is for "Notifications" and a useless "Logged in as" link. Below that, there's Logo, Search, and Cart Header Bar. And then there is a third row which has a Menu Bar, and logged in User bar. WHMCS can improve TwentyOne template and save valuable screen space, by having all these elements on a single Header bar (logo, cart, menu, notifications, and logged in user). The top bar with "Logged in as" is totally useless. Six template header was much cleaner and better organized in that respect. REQUEST #4 - LOGIN SCREEN Current Login screen can be modernised by adding options to add images on the side, promo slide-shows, and latest updates. An example can be seen here: https://platform.cloudways.com/login?ref_id=web_navbar REQUEST #5 - LOGGED IN USER PHOTO Pull users photo from their social media, and give the option to add their own photo and display it in client area below the welcome greeting. REQUEST #6 - MARKET CONNECT PROMO BANNERS INSIDE CLIENT AREA TwentyOne template can improve client area user experience manifold by simply providing an easy way to edit existing Promo Banners, and adding new custom banners. Please consider this. REQUEST #7 - MARKET CONNECT PRODUCT SELECTION FOR WHMCS USERS Market Connect products are not really useful for WHMCS users. I know many WHMCS users and hardly anyone is using any of them. Please do add features (fixing upgrade of products with configurable options and others) that will add real value to WHMCS and help its users. On a separate note, WHMCS users will want to promote Market Connect products only if they can be PRIVATE LABELLED. For example, you guys are adding NORD VPN to Market Connect. If it can be private labelled/white labelled, I'd love to offer it to my clients. These improvements won't take much time but they'd really help improve user experience on WHMCS. Happy holidays!
  8. Thanks, John. I had updated from the previous version to the current. The file permission was ok. I replaced it with a copy from 8.6.2 per your advice and that fixed the problem. Cheers.
  9. I suggest you reach out to whmcs support and ask for this feature to be included.
  10. Has anyone figured out how to add new promo banners in client area? Please share your advice . Also please vote for this feature: https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/custom-promotional-banners
  11. @mbrando Welldone! Did you also run the "install.php" installer, or just copied the files over manually?
  12. After updating to v8.6, I have also run into cron problems. Not sure what's causing them. Please share your feedback if you manage to get anywhere with this.
  13. We updated our WHMCS successfully to v8.6, yet the WHMCS "PHP Version Incompatibility Utility" shows the following files to be incompatible with PHP 8.1. downloads.php above-root directory/whmimport.php The above two files' "last modified dates' show they're from year 2018. I downloaded the WHMCS 8.6 Zip file to check these file's dates and found these files have newer dates. Does this mean, despite WHMCS auto update v8.6 being successful, WHMCS actually did not auto-update correctly? Also, is it safe for me to delete these old files and replace them with the newer ones manually? Lastly, whmimport.php is not in the whmcs 8.6 package that I manually downloaded. As such, it seems this file is from older versions. Can I delete this file too? Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂
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