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  1. Mauwiks

    Profit and Loss Report

    It shows on the Reports Section but when I tried to click through it, it returns an error.
  2. Mauwiks

    Profit and Loss Report

    Great @brian! Thanks, Buddy!
  3. Mauwiks

    Profit and Loss Report

    Does this work until today? Please enlighten me. Thanks
  4. Hi there, I totally agree with you. Anyway, in regards to the Amount Out, I am using the Fees section to input the expense. Are you using yours with Amount Out? Do you input that with a client? Thanks by the way. 🙂
  5. Hi Everyone! Hope you're doing great today. I have a concern in regards to adding a manual transaction in WHMCS which the scenario is that I've been using Transactions Functionality to track my expenses manually via my personal account as a user client and record all of my expenses there for tracking by listing the expense transaction as Fees alone w/o the Amount In and Out. The problem recently is that I could not do it anymore. Do you know how to fix this? Anyway, assuming it can't be done anymore, I wonder how do you track manually your expenses or other reports that needed to track the Income Statement of the Business while using WHMCS. I would like to ask an idea about a format via excel to extend the limitation of the reports included in WHMCS like the expenses and the bank cashflow. Don't we have an add-on reporting for tracking the gateways transactions? Thanks Guys for your help further. More power to your businesses!
  6. Mauwiks

    Addon for Tracking Expenses

    Hi there. Can you elaborate on this strategy? I am using Transaction as well recently but now it's not working anymore. It's returning an error like when I setup Fees, it asks for the amount in or out.
  7. Thank you all the info. Really hope to get back the favor soon.
  8. Alright but can you give an example why I should use transaction functionality aside from the docs of WHMCS? What option do you mean? The transaction or Add New Order (Manually)? This is what I did to my recent order and what I did was to edit the products after setting it up. The amount due cannot be changed in the Order info. although I already have set changes to it and OH! I didn't know about the Auto Calculate thing. Thanks!
  9. Go it. thanks! But I'm confused about this: https://i.imgur.com/CcpWX81.png and how do we recur for unlimited times? https://i.imgur.com/C8UPHJ5.png Update: I already know about the recurring times https://i.imgur.com/rNL0ASx.png
  10. Hi @brian! So it's not possible to add a new order instead (https://i.imgur.com/mqssjmv.png) via a monthly basis for new clients, right? or use the billable items function https://i.imgur.com/AcMzZB3.png Just want to confirm. 🙂
  11. Hi everyone. Hope you're all doing great. I just want to know if are we able to charge a recurring monthly payments for a specific client for a product which was created default Annually or beyond terms of payment? Scenario: I have a product which can be avail thru the site by Annual and beyond terms but what if I want to charge a monthly recurring term for a spefic client alone and I do not want the public to have the ability to purchase lower the an annual term of this product? Can I use the Billable items function to addrrss my concern or something else? Please enlighten me. Thanks further! Regards
  12. Thanks for the idea everyone. Another thing. How do you manage an add fund transaction with offline payment? Should I use the transaction listing or the add funds invoice thru the client's summary info.? And what about order from clients that have an available funds on their account? Should I use the Add Order functionality or transaction? One more thing. Scenario is that I have a client who would like to pay for a monthly term but I only offer my product for annual payments. When I use the Add Orfer functionility, it is safe to choose the monthly recurring payments. Will l don't get a problem with this idea?
  13. Thank you very much! Is confusing error of the login page part of this hotfix?
  14. Yeah. Thanks a lot. It's a simple statement but it needs a clarification on my end. 🙂

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